(1937-11-01) Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme
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Summary: Kaiden's plan to have Gabriel deliver a bouquet to Briar gets put into action a lot quicker than he expected.
Date: 1 November 1937
Location: Club Room

After a long day of sulking and being just all-around sad, Kaiden has come to the Club Room to blow off a little more steam. Well, that was his original intention, though at the moment he is currently sitting on the floor with several different herbs laying around his feet and a bit of thin, colorful wrapping paper set next to them. He's busy arranging the collection of plant life into a lovely bouquet garni.

Gabriel walks into the room with empty hands. Unusual for a little kid that's usually carrying a stack of books or, alternatively, sporting equipment of some kind. When he sees Kaiden he starts looking around for the Athletic Club equipment and not seeing it gives the older boy a confused look,"Good afternoon. I didn't know you were in domestics club too." The last comment is added as he sees the bundle of herbs.

Kaiden looks up at Gabriel and says, "Huh? Oh, yeah, I was coming in here to hit the bag a few time, but I decided I'd take that time to make something for my girlfriend. He picks up a few pieces of thyme and lays them flat on the pile of sage and parsley, scrunching it up and pulling it a bit so that it poofs out at the top.

Gabriel squats to get a better look at the little bundle of herbs, leaning one elbow on each knee. After a few seconds of thought he asks,"I thought girls like flowers? Why are you using herbs? And why do you need to give her a gift anyway? You seem to give a lot of gifts. You gave your pencils to Gabby at lunch the other day. And she didn't seem happy about it which is strange because she likes drawing so I would have though anything that had to do with drawing would make her happy. Why was that?" Well, hello Kaiden, welcome to Gabe-world.

Kaiden looks up at Gabriel and says, "Well, Gabe, once you get older you're going to realize that as a guy, you're most likely going to say some pretty dumb things to girls sometimes. Gifts are a way of making them less mad at you. Plus, I saw these and I thought she'd like them. She really likes herbology and her parents are Muggles, so I figured a Muggle herb bouquet would make her smile. Plus, she can use them for cooking if she wants."

Gabriel sits all the way down, spreading his legs so that he doesn't kick Kaiden or his herbs. With the flexibility of the young he leans down and starts trying to figure out what herbs are in the little bouquet,"Do you have rosemary? Rosemary is good with almost anything." The kid's mind can work on many different tracks at once thought so the old topic isn't quite dropped,"You made them mad? How'd you do that? Gabby doesn't really need to be mad or sad with even more people. And by what you just said a gift doesn't seem to be enough every time. Maybe you can find something to protect them from… I know! I can dye my Phantom costume black and pretend I'm trying to steal their things and you can come in an save them. Then you'd be the hero of the day and they would have to be happy with you again. It would just be plain ungrateful if they weren't." He keeps looking over the little bundle trying to figure out exactly why it would be such a good gift. Girls are stange creatures…

Kaiden smirks and says, "Briar and I have just been arguing a little bit lately and she's upset because I was mean to Gabby." He picks up a few sprigs of rosemary and waves it at Gabriel before he situates it into the bundle. He picks up a short piece of twine and wraps it around the bottom part of it, "Yeah, a gift isn't always the answer, but it always helps a little bit. It's showing that you're regrettful enough to go out and do something special for them." He picks up the wrapping paper that he has personally drawn a series of English townhouses along the bottom of with a depiction of the night sky taking up the rest of it and begins to wrap it around the whole thing, chuckling at Gabriel's idea and saying, "I don't think that would quite work, Gabe. You're not really a hero if you planned the whole thing."

Gabriel tilts his head to the side and starts doodling on the floor with a finger for a moment. "Well, that's the whole point of the disguise now isn't it?" After a few more moments of doodling he looks back up,"OK, well, how can I help? I don't like seeing Gabby in a bad mood and if Briar is mad at you because you were mean to Gabrielle then she's worth making happy too."

Kaiden wraps another piece of twine around the wrapping paper to make sure everything is held in place and smiles at his creation, looking over to Gabriel and saying, "Well, there's not much I can do for Gabby other than just give her some space and let her have time to think." He rubs his chin and says, "Hrmmmmm, you want to give these to Briar for me?"

Gabriel arches his eyebrow then let out a quick little bark of a laugh,"Oooo… You're in so much trouble you can't do it yourself, huh? Like I said, I'll be happy to help." He then taps the side of his head with a finger as he adds,"I've got a good memory. Is there a message too?"

Kaiden smirks and nods, saying, "Aye, pretty much. Made some bad decisions over the past couple of days. Briar pretty much doesn't want to talk to me." He turns the bouquet over and points to the message that he's written on it which reads, 'Just always be waiting for me' over two small figures flying through the night sky. He looks up and says, "It's a quote from Peter Pan."

Gabriel grins as he makes the connection to the couples' Halloween costumes,"That's clever." And talking about Halloween costumes,"and what was all the fuss with your costume about? I was wearing tights too and it didn't seem to bother anyone. But people were all ooo and aaah about yours and getting red all over the place…"

Kaiden smiles at Gabe and says, "Thanks, man. I put a lot of thought into it." He chuckles a bit and says, "Don't worry about all that, though. The tights only made them blush because girls are a little crazy, y'know?" He smirks at pats the kid on the back.

Gabriel hmmms at Kaiden then holds his hand out as he sits up straighter,"OK. Where is it going to be easiest to find her?"

Kaiden rubs as his chin and says, "Hrmmm, she might be around the greenhouse. She's all over the place, though. All that responsibility that comes with being a Prefect and all. Gotta keep an eye on the young'n's."

Gabriel responds with a dry,"Sounds like loads of fun." before taking the little bouquet and and giving the older boy a big, bright grin,"I'll find her, not to worry."

Briar comes in with a pair of knitting needles in her hands. Ut-oh, she's armed! Sure there's other people in the room, it's the shared club room, very often there's other people in the room, she doesn't take note of exactly who they are, she just heads over to a rocking chair in the Domestics corner and opens up a basket to pull out some yarn to start her next knitting project.

Kaiden looks up as Briar enters the room and smirks at Gabriel, saying, "Well, there she is. Go on, then." He flashes a bright grin to him and ushers him along his way to be his minion.

No one can accuse Gabriel of lacking initiative. Hopping to his feet he gives Kaiden time to get out of sight if he wants to before waltzing up to Briar with a big smile on his face,"Ms. Crocker? I have a delivery for you." The delivery itself is hidden behind his back for the moment as he walks up to her with both hands behind his back.

Briar looks up and peers very curiously at the first year. "Yeah? What delivery?" She smiles to the first year and sets aside her knitting.

Kaiden stands up along the wall and crosses his arms, watching the adorable Gabriel with the bouquet he made tucked behind his back. His eyes drift over to Briar and a smile creases his lips.

Gabriel pulls his hands from behind his back and puts them back together in front of himself, offering up the little bouquet garni as if it was sitting on an imaginary silk pillow. As he mves the little bundle through the air the room fills with the smells of sage, parsley, rosemary and thyme. "Its a gift from a very contrite young man."

The bouquet gris is wrapped in some hand illustrated wrapping paper decorated with a series of English townhouses along the bottom and a depiction of the night sky behind and above them. It bears a message which reads, 'Just always be waiting for me' over two small figures flying through the night sky.

Briar takes the bouquet and obviously melts. She beams at Gabriel. "Thank you!" He did such a wonderful job delivering. "If you need a job after Hogwarts, you should come visit me at my florist shop." As she lifts the bouquet she smells it and then starts to peek around searching.

And that's his cue. Kaiden crosses the room and pats Gabriel on the back, saying, "You did good, Gabe. You up for playing some baseball later, bud?" He looks up at Briar and smiles humbly.

Gabriel grins at Briar,"Thank you." then he looks up and over at Kaiden, gives him a quick wink then dashes out of the room, leaving behind a chipper "Yep" and escaping the impending mushiness.

Briar still holds the bouquet up to her face and is enjoying the scents and the feel of the herbs against her face. Peeking up at Kaiden through the green her eyes have that old sparkle he was saying that he's missed so much. Though it's also clear that he's still got work to do as she says, "Thank you."

Kaiden gives Gabriel another smile and says, "Make sure you bring something to wrap your hands up in, too. I'm gonna teach you how to box. Just promise to take it easy on me." He turns his eyes to Briar and offers up one of the lopsided grins, saying, "It was my pleasure. You like it, then?"

Briar smiles and turns the bouquet over to show off the paper, "This is my favorite part. Who ever told you about the idea for this is a fuckin' genius." She of course waits to swear when Gabriel is out of the room.

Kaiden keeps the grins plastered on his face and slides his hands into his pockets, saying, "She's pretty smart, sometimes, I guess. Took me a shit-ton of tries to get it right. That paper's so thin, y'know?"

Briar stands up and leans over the bouquet to give his cheek a friendly sweet kiss. "Thank you for this. I needed it. The buttering me up with a cute first year also was quite clever." She pokes him in the belly.

Kaiden smiles at the kiss and says, "You deserve a lot more than that, though." He smirks and remarks on Gabriel, saying, "It's like I know a thing or two about you or something." He looks around and says, "Well, I should get going. Let you get back to knitting." He rests his hand on her arm and leans in to press a chaste kiss to her cheek before saying, "I'll see you around, Bri."

Briar blinks a little bit that he's excusing himself already. Recovering though she smiles and nods to him. "Alright. See ya." She nods and then moves to go sit back down and restart her knitting.

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