(1937-11-01) Who's Taking Care of Who?
Details for Who's Taking Care of Who?
Summary: Eddie offers to bring Keenan food and give him a foot rub after his long at Mungo's. Poor Keenan misses out on the foot rub.
Date: November 1, 1937
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Since he had an idea Eddie would be along soon after he got home, Keenan left the door at the top of the stairs open. His healer robes already hang on the peg near the door, and his shoes are there, too. He pads around the main room of the flat in thick wool socks, top buttons undone of his shirt. He picks up one of the glasses he's filled with whiskey, and goes back to the couch, settling back with a sigh and putting his feet on the coffee table. He takes a sip, then gives a sigh as he leans his head back on the couch, closing his eyes. His wand is on the couch next to him, just in case.

Practically carrying a feast, Eddie has two big brown bags of wrapped up food in her arms as she treads up the hallway and knocks on the door with the toe of her high heel — only to find the door swinging open. "Keen?" She asks with a sudden bit of concern, something tightening in her chest as she pictures he having been broken into, body laying dead on the floor. She peers tired, nervous gray eyes across the tops of the bags and breathes a sigh of relief as she sees him. "Your door's open, you know? Worried me. And DAMN you're hard to shop for.." She nods to the food as she sets it down on the coffee table.

Keenan chuckles wearily, sitting up and lowering his feet to the floor so that he can rest his elbows on his knees and hold his glass lightly between them. "Course it's open, Lindy-lass. I knew ye'd be bringing enough tae feed an army and nae have a hand free tae open the door. I already poured for ye, but I'm nae getting up again, not even to open tha door. Ye can close it behind ye, aye?" He takes a sip of his drink. "It's simple enough tae find if ye know were tae look." He sets his drink down so he can poke through the bags. "Kick yer shoes off, take a seat, relax."

"So…What the hell is happening that you're stuck at work until this ridiculous hour every night?" Eddie asks flatly, a genuine bit of concern crossing her lips and brow as she looks him over, ensuring he's not working himself too much. Eddie then slips out of her shoes, just in an elegant blue chinese silk wrap dress, one of her comfortable things that she puts on after work. She picks up the drink he's poured her and takes a small scent of it, her nose wrinkling just a bit. Her taste for alcohol is fading, it seems.

Keenan pulls one of the containers out of a bag. "Och, Ranjali took one o' her vacations tae India, but she left of a sudden this time, without tha forewarnin' we usually get to set up a schedule around it." He takes in a deep breath and smiles, "mmmm, Lindy-lass, sometimes ye're an angel. Demmed inconvenient timin' though. Seems yer right about me an' chasin'. Can't resist, although this gal…" he whistles.

That comment brings an arch of both her blonde brows as she just sets her glass of whiskey down untouched. That might be the first sign something is wrong. When has Eddie ever NOT wanted a drink? She, instead, sits down on the couch right down from him and tucks one leg up under her body, getting comfortable in the least lady like way possible. "Eat up, and you can tell me about this dame, right?" She winks to him.

"Ha, aye, an' ye can steer me away from talkin' about yer mess o' troubles, whatever they may be," Keenan grumbles good naturedly, shaking one finger at her. "Bet ma life she's pure blood. Bold as brass, an' givin' me tha 'come over here an' let me check ye out, see if ye're good enough fer me' look over her wine glass." He shrugs as he takes a knife and fork to cut into the pastry wrapped corned beef. "So I did, aye? Why not? She was certainly a good enough lookin' lass. All dark hair an' husky voice, an' oozing confidence." The morsel he slices off is probably too big for a polite sized bite, but he manages to stuff it in his mouth nonetheless. "Mmmmmmm…" he closes his eyes in the pure bliss.

When Eddie Malfoy makes a promise, especially the promise of good food after he's had a long day, she keeps that promise. He's got the best of corn beefed wrapped in the lightest of flakey pastries, plenty of chips, sauce, anything he could ever want. Eddie's probably eaten already, as she's not reaching out to pick her own food from the bunch. She does let that glass of booze rest between her fingertips, quietly nursed without actually being drank. "Mm. Pure blooded. Dark hair, husky voice… her name isn't Veruca, is it? Interesting woman.. met her a few times. She seems to hang around these areas. And yes, drop dead gorgeous. Look at you, you old cad… Still got it." Eddie winks teasingly.

Keenan almost coughs on his next bite of food. "Ye know her?" he asks turning to look towards Eddie. He shrugs, "aye, maybe. I don' have her, yet, lass. An' this infernal schedule's puttin' a cramp in ma style. Lass like that, she'll find herself a more available lad 'fore tha week is out, I shouldnae wonder. She's got tha looks an' tha style tae have any man she wants crawlin' tae her feet." He takes another sip, and looks to Eddie's glass, not saying anything at the moment. "A course, she canna be spoilin' me the way ye do. No comparison, there," and he winks as he sets to the potatoes.

A slight chuckle crosses her lips, Eddie shaking her head slowly, "You're my best friend, Keen… I'll always take good care of you. Better care than any other woman, until you find a wife. Then she gets to take the best care… but otherwise, I expect to keep that place in your life." Eddie winks teasingly to him, finally taking a slight sip of her whiskey, but the taste confirms that she simply doesn't want it and she sets the glass down, sinking back a bit deeper in the couch. "And I've met the woman before, won't say I know her… but she was on the prowl even then.. And Elijah was incompetent in keeping her eyes, so you might be in luck1"

Keenan grins wickedly, "so what ye're tellin' me, is tha true test will be tae see who loses interest first?" he winks to Eddie as he continues to stuff his face. He finally has to ask, "what's got ye off yer licquor? Ye may need tha fortification fer rubbin' ma feet ta keep ye from losing yer stomach at the stink."

"Yes, in general. And if no party loses interest ever, well then, you have a wedding." Eddie winks to him once more, teasing and warm, trying to look relaxed as can be. Not really succeeding, but she's trying. His commentary about rubbing his feet and losing her stomach actually brings a momentarily geniuenly nauseated look. She shakes it off a heartbeat later, but she's been weak of stomach over the last few weeks. Embarrassingly so. "…Ahh… I… part of… what I wanted to… talk to you about. It.. I got some… News… this week."

Keenan's eyes widen at the mention of the word 'wedding' and he gives Eddie a mock glare, "'s a dirty word, Lindy-lass," he teases, but then a look of concern crosses his face when she appears nauseated. He sets his food down quickly, but then the look passes. He's still siting towards the edge of the couch facing her. "What kind o'news, lass?"

It's not exactly a nauseated look, but she looks a hint more pale. Rather nervous. She takes in a slow, deep breath, "Wedding is not a bad word. There are reasons for it." Eddie affirms, part of her still trying to avoid the discussion, but the look of Keenan's eyes is enough to make her stop delaying. She drags in a slow, shaky sort of breath. "I… I got myself.. Fuck, Keen, I'm pregnant."

Keenan freezes at the announcement. Of all the things Eddie would say, that has to be absolutely the last thing he expected to here. "Wait, pardon me?" he asks.

Gray eyes drop in a sick sort of shame almost immediately, fingertips knotted in her lap and a deep, slightly shaky breath drawn in. "…You heard me. I… it's.. I'm knocked up." Eddie admits once more. Her hands are so tightly held together her knuckles are white. "No… it's not Sloan's.. he and I haven't… yet…"

Keenan shakes his head with incomprehension. "Lindy, ye've never forgotten tae take yer potions since we were in school," he says quietly. "Did ye let someone else make yer potion fer ya? An'… if ye an' Sloan haven't… then?"

Edwarlinda really can't meet his eyes. She's trying not to cry again, her eyes pressing tightly shut against a sudden moment of tears. She swallows back a touch tightly and resteadies herself. "No…I…I've never forgotten. I always take my potions. Always. I… I don't know how I could have forgotten. But.. fuck. I don't know. I guess it happened. I got drunk… crazy.. I don't know. It must have happened on vacation."

There's a moment of doubt in Keenan's eyes, but he brushes it aside, sliding down the couch towards Eddie, and pulling her into his arms. "Ah, lass, it's all right. I'm here." Probably close to the most inane words possible that he could say, but it's all that he can think of as he holds her, curled up and all if she still is, and strokes her hair gently. "Ye just let it go, yer Keenan's here fer ya, just like always."

Edwarlinda shakes her head slowly, forcing another breath in and sitting up straighter. "I…I'm fine. There's nothing to let go. I was… a drunken idiot and… Somehow got myself into this situation. No… no reason to cry over it now. N-niamh… she… She had a potion. Confirmed it for me… I… I just thought you should… Know." Finally she gets enough strength to force her eyes up to meet his, even if all of her body is a fine line of tension now.

Keenan gives a little snort. "On tha contrary, Lindy, ye've got a lot ta let go. There're springs that aren't coiled as tightly as ye are right now, lass. Ye're wound up much too tight, an' it's nae good for tha babe. Ye could lose it when ye've just barely found ye have it if ye don't let go of somethin'. Ye should be getting checked in with a midwife tae see how yer baby's doin', an' takin' better care of yerself than ye usually do…" he gives her a little smirk. "Ye've never listened tae me tellin' ye tae take better care of yerself before, now…" he baps her nose with the end of his finger, "ye have no choice, Lindy-lass."

"I… god, Keenan, I don't know… part of me thought I… I should just be rid of it. It'd be easier that way, for… For everyone." Eddie admits, though as he shows her more care and tenderness, the walls are starting to crumble. A slight catch comes in her breath, even as she still fights the tears. Eddie's used to being the strong one, keeping it all together, at least when things are really bad. She's trying to still do that.

"If that is what ye really think, Lindy," Keenan says softly. "It's nae easy having a baby under the best of circumstances, an' this doesn't qualify as 'the best', but ye know that Sloan, an' Niamh an' I'll be with ye the entire way. We'll make sure ye get through, an' help ye any way we can." He gives her another hug. "But ye need tae see a healer, soon, lass. For both ye're good, and tha' good of tha babe."

The babe. Every time Eddie hears it, she knows more and more there is no way she can get rid of it. Another slow, unsteady breath is taken in as a few drops of moisture dare escape her eyes. Even if she isn't letting herself fall into open sobbing. "I…I will… soon. Soon as I decide… I will. And I know. S-sloan… knows. He… he said he'd claim it as his… I told him that's not fair to him, but… he insisted. Fuck, Keen, I… I don't know… Fuck.." With that she does, finally, sink into his arms entirely.

Keenan rocks Eddie gently. "Of course Sloan'd claim the babe fer his own. He loves ye, lass, an' he'd do anything fer ye. An' it's not something I expected tae see in him, but when tha man goes all in, he means it." He doesn't say anything more, just rocks her quietly, and lets her cry, or talk, or just try and relax if she can.

"I… I love him too, Keenan. Gods. Madly… absolutely, I love him, and this… it's not fair to him at all." Eddie confesses between a few ragged sobs. She shifts her arm out from between them, wrapping her fingertips against the far side of his ribs, tugging them both a bit closer.

There's a little ragged breath as Keenan pulls her in closer. "Ah, lass. Life isn't fair, an' tha one that'll stick with ye no matter tha mess it throws at ye, that's love, lass. An' it's what ye have… nae matter fair or not, ye're goin' tae make it." He wraps her tightly, resting his cheek on the top of her head.

Nothing is said for a few few minutes as Eddie just lets the tears come. There is no stopping the tears now, her fingertips curling tighter against Keenan's ribs as the tears soak across his shirt. He'll be damp when this is all over. Fortunately, it doesn't last too long. Eddie would never let herself totally fall apart. Not in front of someone. Slowly, she begins to push herself into sitting up straight again, "S-sorry…sorry. I'm sorry."

Keenan doesn't worry at all about Eddie getting his shirt damp, and he slowly lets her go as she starts to push up again. "Ye should be doin' that more often, Lass. Helps more'n'ye think. Bein' tough all the time doesnae help ye at all." He gives her a wink. "Now," and contrary to what he said earlier, he gets to his feet and walks into his kitchen setting some water to boil.

The woman lets him go, catching her breath and wiping one hand across her face to push away a few more tears. Eddie takes a deeper breath that isn't shaking so much, completely steadying herself now. "I… I do it when I need." She finally stands up, after he does, beginning some slow pacing as she pulls her pack of cigarettes out of the hidden pocket on the side of her dress. "…So…sorry. I… I didn't… want to ruin the night, but I wanted you to know… From my lips. No one else's."

Now that will cause Keenan to snort. "Bollocks, lass," he replies. "Ye're so controlled that it's a wonder ye…" he shrugs and sets water on to boil as he can't think of a way to finish that sentence. "Ye've not ruined anythin', ye daft lass. Except maybe yer makeup," he bites his lip as he turns a back to her so she can't see him grinning broadly.

A faint laugh escapes her lips and she dabs at her cheeks again, trying to clean up some of that make up, though the charm keeps most of it together. Once she's certain she doesn't look like a clown, she slides that cigarette between her lips and stiffens her back again. "Alright… alright. Well, now you know. And your food is getting cold. I should have waited until you were done eating…"

Keenan grins at the laugh, and he steeps some tea for Eddie. "I know tea isn't usually yer drink of choice, but I'm guessing between how much ye've been frettin' over this, an' tha natural responses tae the pregnancy, ye don't much feel like eating or drinking anything. This'll help, an' maybe after ye drink it, I can convince ye tae eat a couple of chips."

"No… haven't…haven't really been all that hungry. Tried to drink my worries away the first night but.. just got miserably sick on the stuff. This will be a long year if I cannot drink." Eddie half growls, unhappy with her tummy to say the least. She won't protest the tea, especially not this time of night. "And… I ate some today. I know it would be ridiculous not to. I'm… not… not being self destructive." Not entirely.

Keenan shakes his head. "No, not intentionally, lass," he replies, taking the tea over to her. "But, ye've gotta eat even if ye don't feel like, or nature'll be takin' tha choice away from ye. So, drink up, an' ye're not leavin' here tonight until ye've eaten a little bit."

"I… I came here to take care of you, you know? Not vice versa. Sit down, relax, you've been taking care of people all day, Keen. I can get my own tea and I promise I'll eat. Alright? Promise." Eddie nods him back towards the couch, standing still herself, one hand on her hip and the other holding her now lightly smoldering cigarette.

Keenan still holds the tea out to her, "aye, lass, it's what I do. I take care of people, especially my best friends. So, stop bein' all stubborn, take the tea, an' sit down so I can go back tae eatin'." He raises an eyebrow to her, challenging her to keep butting heads with him.

The tea is accepted with a bit of a huff, "We will both sit down and relax." Eddie insists, levellign eyes with him and then stepping over to the couch so she can settle back into resting there and begin sipping that tea. She gives him one of those 'are you happy?' looks.

Keenan chuckles as she returns to the couch, and takes a seat to continue on with his food. The 'look', if anything, makes him grin broader. "Anyone ever tell ye're lovely when ye get yerself all in a huff, Lindy?"

"Yes. Sloan. And you're both thick headed idiots." Eddie grumbles even more at Keenan, though there is a slight smile under it all. Whether it's because she's thinking of Sloan, or because he's getting through to her, it's not clear… Probably a bit of both. She sighs and sinks back into the couch, slowly, truly beginning to relax.

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