(1937-11-02) Fine Wares
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Summary: Nadya and her young cousin Colton hawk her wares to a Mabel and Gareth.
Date: November 2, 1937
Location: Gypsy Caravan
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Nadya sits on the steps of her caravan, smoking a pipe with a long, slightly-curved stem. She gives distant, coy smiles to the passing students now and then. Beside her is a small, folding table full of various baubles, pieces of jewelry, and nick-knacks.

Mabel is walking down, among some others as the start of Hogsmeade weekend begins, looking a bit curiously over with a nod at the caravan and the lady peddling some pretty things. "Good evening, then," she says.

Nadya smiles up at the young lady between puffs on her pipe. "Good evening," she says in a unusual, mixed accent. "Y' are a pretty thing, aren't yee? Perhaps y' like somethin' y' see?" She gestures to the table invitingly.

Colton comes out of the caravan, shirt off, suspenders hanging down around his thighs. He has a mug in his hand and a straight razor in the other He goes to a bit of mirror that hangs among other bits and bobbles from the caravan and pulls out a barber brush from the mug and starts to lather up mostly his upper lip where he still has the square Charlie Chaplin moustache. "Stupid bint actually thought I was Hitler." He comments in thick thick Shelta accented words to Nadya as if continuing a previous conversation. "Oi, Mabs." He toasts the soap mug in a greeting 'toast' of sorts before he returns to shaving.

Mabel smiles, and laughs, seeming to catch just enough of Colton's drift for that, at least catching the name. "I suppose I should like to see Mr. Hitler in a derby and cane, doing a bit of the old soft-shoe," she winks. "I think you made a fine Mr. Chaplain. Funny, though, I'd always thought you more the Buster Keaton sort."

Gareth comes tromping down the path from the castle, his small tawny owl flapping around him, swooping up into the air, then diving down to narrowly miss his head, before flying up again for another attack. "Oh, will you stop being such a baby?" Gareth snaps at the bird. "I'm not doubting your abilities at all. You're a wonderful owl who's never failed me. It's other owls I don't trust." His steps falter when he sees Colton emerging from the caravan on such an chilly day, and his eyes blink wide. The owl grows bored with being mostly ignored and flaps back toward the castle.

Nadya glances lazily over her shoulder at the boy. "Colton, cover yerself up before somebody thinks something awful o' me." She shakes her head at her little cousin, sighing and taking another puff from her pipe. When her dark eyes spot another customer…er, student…she smiles inviting at Gareth.

Colton looks like he's maybe just fallen into a bit of love with Mabel. He grins the white foam on his face lifting and then dropping onto his bottom lip making him raspberry and spit it away from the ladies. "Be still my heart Mabel! He's another of my heroes. But with Josie…I wanted to make her feel apart of the shindig. So went with Chaplin this year." Yeah, Colton has a huge soft spot for that Firstie, in a Big Brother sort of way. "You made a real pretty Hawk Princess, Mabel. Was pretty jealous of Eamon…" He winks and then turns back to face the mirror and carefully starts to sweep it over his lip. "Oi there Gareth!" Colton spotted the Owl in the mirror and turned it a bit to get a view of Gareth. "We're gypsies coz. They already tink something awful o' ye. They bloody well shut down a Hogsmeade weekend cause of ye poppin up 'ere at first." He goes from the more proper King's English he was speaking at Mabel and Gareth into the quick and musical tones of a thick Shelta Brogue towards Nadya.

Mabel tilts her head a bit at that bit of news, about the reason for the delay of a Hogsmeade weekend, and says, "Well, at least you've relatives close to school. I find myself missing family already this year, what with everything going on." Smiles a bit as Gareth comes along, rather bantering with his owl. "Ah, good evening, Carrow."

"What I think," Gareth says, taking a few steps closer, his eyes scanning curiously over the various bobbles set out, "is that he'll catch a nasty sniffle if he goes about shirtless in this weather." He gives the pipe-smoking woman a nod, adding, "Ma'am," then nods to Mabel as well. "All right, Hawker? Your costume was very elaborate last night. And Higgins, yours was…also elaborate. You and Davies were quite a pair." Clearly, he still has no idea who any of the Gryffindors were dressed up as.

Nadya fires back at Colton in that thick Shelta, "Oi, dey figgern I git all kednappy den?" She chuckles, addressing the other students in a clearer (though still mixed) dialect. "Don' mind my little cousin. How are y', lad?" She returns the nod to Gareth, and rises from her lounging position on the steps, moving to the table and lifting up a silver necklace with what might very well be a ruby set into a flower design. She holds it up, squinting toward Mabel as if envisioning the necklace on her. "I think this would look spectacular on you, lovey."

Mabel ohs, and smiles. "I do think we were all rather upstaged by Ria and Lucian, really," she says to Gareth, though, turns to the lady and ahas, at the piece of jewelry, "Oh, my, well, that certainly does look lovely."

Colton winks over at Gareth, "Sweet of you." Then the razor slides over the last remaining bit of his foam covered face and he pulls a towel out of his pants pocket and then soon after it a shirt. The lad has deep pockets! As he's sliding on his shirt without buttoning it up and putting his suspenders back up he wipes his face clean. "They weren't in costume, a blinder an' a soul sucker… nae much different any other day of the week." A playful wink is given and then he pulls a comb out of his back pocket and slides it through his hair before he goes about the process of sitting on the steps of the Caravan and rolling a cigarette. Never mind the fact that he's 15. Shhh!

Gareth eyes Colton again, one brow raising at the cigarette, but he doesn't comment on it. "Ward tried to explain about portraits that don't have sound, but I didn't really understand it. I don't really understand much about Muggles, really." He leans a bit closer to the table, peering at the jewelry. "I don't suppose you have something like…Oh, I don't know, a ring maybe? Perhaps something with an animal theme? A…fox, perhaps?"

Nadya smiles at Mabel's interest. "I would normally ask many Sickles for this. But for yee, one Sickle. It suits yee very well." The necklace is easily worth far more than she's asking, especially if that ruby is real. While Mabel considers, she arches an eyebrow at Gareth. "Ahh…somethin' special?" Her dark eyes narrow discerningly. "For…someone that ye have burdgeonin' feelin's for?" She smiles knowingly, setting the necklace down for Mabel's inspection as she backs toward the steps. "Colton, mind the table. I'll be right back." She gives Gareth a wink before she disappears into the caravan.

Mabel ohs, to Gareth, looking fairly closely at the pretty thing offered her way, "Well, we'll just have to take you to a picture show sometime." She adds, "They're not really alive like wizard photos and portraits, but there's a resemblance, I suppose. The idea, well, it's more as if the people in portraits were performing various plays, but it's really a projection on a wall, light goes through a moving film and it looks as if the images themselves are moving. Like a …what's the word…"

Colton nods and moves over to 'mind the table'. For once Colton looks a bit on the coy side as he looks to Mabel and the necklace she was admiring. "Go on an' take it." He then answers, "Movie. They're called Movies or Films, Cinema. Sort of like shadow plays, but cooler." He grins and then watches Mabel quietly to see if she'll take the gift from him.

Gareth's eyes glaze over a bit as Mabel and Colton both to explain the concept of moving pictures, but he turns bright red at Nadya's words. "Er…yes, I suppose you could say…Yes." He keeps his eyes on the table, not daring to glance up again, lest his color become even darker. "I think the whole school likely knows by now, so there's no point in trying to hide it anymore."

Mabel smiles over to Colton, just a bit awkward at the bit of largesse. "Really? Actually I'd been thinking of my cousins: it'll be Yuletide before we know it at this rate, but it's lovely," she says, just smiling a bit toward Gareth, giving up on attempting to explain films to him, just saying, "Oh, think of them like a theatre show and you're nearly there, really." There's the Ripley factor to consider, of course.

Colton hmms at Gareth, "Whole school knows wha? If ya wanna see a movie, the Muggle Studies professor has a projector now that works at Hogwarts… the Slytherin's were hogging it up for their 'meeting' the other day." Then he's back to Mabel. "Oh, well… go on an' pick something out. Just for you. My treat." He gives a big dopey smile to the girl and then looks over his shoulder. "Quick before my Coz gets back with Gareth's trinket."

Gareth looks up at last, blinking at Colton. "Really? A Muggle moving picture device? I should very much like to see that. I'm very curious to know why they don't have sound. I know Muggle plays have dialogue, because I've read Shakespeare, so why don't their moving picture plays have sound?"

Nadya emerges soundlessly from the caravan, slinks up behind Colton, quiet as a cat, and gives the back of his head a light smack. "Ye'll work dat one off, Colton." But she gives Mabel a warm smile. "Whatever y' like, lovey. A gift from Colton." But for now, it is Gareth that gets her attention. She has something clasped between her hands, as if in prayer. "I knew I had something foxlike. This, you see, was once worn by great warrior of the Fox Clan in Ireland." She opens her palms like a book, revealing a copper brooch. It is in the Celtic style, with knotwork patterns forming a fox chasing it's own tail. "It could make a fine adornment to a strong young man's jacket or cloak." She gives Gareth that knowing smile again, dark eyes dancing.

Mabel smiles to Colton: she surely wouldn't scorn a gift that way, "Oh, I wouldn't hear of it, it's just lovely. I'll find something else for them. That's sweet of you, Higgins. Thanks." She adds to Gareth, "Actually, they're mostly 'talkies,' for some years now. Colton's costume was of a famous silent comedian, though, you see." She ohs, as Nadya comes out with what she found, or perhaps transfigured on the spot, of course. She hrms. "Now, that might just work for …your friend, Carrow. "

Colton starts, "Muggle technology for a while didn't have sound built into it. They would have someone at a piano or a band playing music to the movie off to the side and the dialogue'd be words up on the screen between moments. They were called silent films. They got talkies now-OW!" He is cut off by the smack to the back of his head. He gives his cousin a look, "Wasgonna." He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a sickle to hold up and show Nadya. There's also a bit of 'you're embarrassing me in front of a bird!' expression on his face.

Gareth's eyes light up when he sees what Nadya has revealed, leaning forward eagerly to look at the brooch. "It's lovely!" he says joyfully. "It really would be just perfect for…um…him." He blushes again, shooting a look between the two Gryffindors, then finally just blurts out, "Ripley Fox, of course. After the scene we caused at the dance last night, I'm surprised you hadn't already heard." He looks up to Nadya. "So…er…How much?"

Nadya ignores Colton's embarrassment…or perhaps that's what she's grinning cattily about. To Gareth's question, she arches an eyebrow and looks the piece over. "It is quite old," she starts her pitch. Indeed, it appears to be something of an antique, or a very good forgery. "I don' know if I could let it go for less than five Sickles."

Mabel nods to Gareth, with a wink. "Just wasn't sure you were ready to consider it announced, old boy. But it's not as if nearly everyone doesn't know by now, regardless. Congratulations, by the way. It seems to be doing Ripley a world of good. He'd seemed all cross lately about something, you see."

"Five?" Gareth says, taking a small pouch from inside his robe and poking around through the coins inside. "That's just a bit dear, I think What about four and ten Knuts?" Ah yes, the negotiation. How many times has he seen his father do this? For sympathy sake, he adds, "I do need to have something to buy butterbeers with, after all."

Nadya nods in understanding. "O' course, lovey. Can't have you going thirsty. But it is a piece with considerable history, after all." Her fingers drifts over the table, then nimbly snatch up a simple gold chain. "Four and thirteen Knuts, and a gift for you." She presents the chain along with the brooch now.

Mabel ahs, and smiles between the boys, "Well, after such largesse, I suppose I should pick us up a round or two, anyhow. but for something that'll last, one hopes," she winks. Not, perhaps, much of a haggler, herself, Mabel.

Gareth is trying to be shrewd, he really is. "Four and twelve," he says, eyeing the chain for a moment, though his eyes really light when they fall upon the brooch again. The he breaks down and starts counting out coins. "Oh, very well, four and thirteen. You're very generous, thank you." He gives Mabel a quick grin.

Nadya nods, obviously satisfied with the price. "Four and thirteen. A good number." She gives Gareth a warm smile, holding out a hand for the payment. "Your dear one will be pleased, I think."

Mabel smiles and nods. "Right, then."

Gareth counts the coins twice before handing them over, very sure he's hidden the fact that the small sack has three Galleons rattling around, along with dozens of Knuts. He really needs to stop losing bets to Warren. "I hope so. I've never really done…this before. I hope it isn't too soon for such gestures, but…well, after last night…." And he just goes about blushing once again, a goofy, sheepish grin on his face.

Nadya grins, taking the money, paying no further mind to his additional coinage than a mental note to hit this kid up again in the future. "See you next time, and I hope you both enjoy your acquisitions." She winks to them, and soon returns to her place on the steps of her caravan, taking up her pipe once again.

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