(1937-11-02) Meeting the Gypsy
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Summary: Gabrielle meets Nadya, the mysterious gypsy woman whose caravan is parked by the path between Hogsmeade and Hogwarts.
Date: November 2, 1937
Location: Gypsy Caravan
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Colton is slightly shivering but covering up in a little jog of a dance as he's got his shirt off, (again) suspenders hanging down over his thighs, a sponge in his hand and a bucket in the other hand. Whistling (however chattery) away as he scrubs and washes the Caravan in the ever darkening evening.

Nadya lounges on the steps of her caravan, smoking a long-stemmed pipe. She periodically glances around the corner at Colton. "Y' mess' a spo' dere," she chatters in a thick Shelta brogue. "Don' go lazy on meh now."

Gabrielle will advert her eyes to the shirtless boy, and blush some.Apparently school dress code doesn't reach this far. She'll glance up to the wagon though and tilt her head at Nadya, having never actually seen the woman out and about.

Colton looks like he would love to just reel the bucket back and douse Nadya and her pipe. But he doesn't he just puts on a forced smile and scrubs at the spot she pointed to. When there's crunching footsteps along the path they're parked by he looks up and gives Gabby a wink and a salute with his soapy sponge. "Allo there Gabby."

Nadya follows Colton's gaze to the newcomer, to whom she gives a lazy smile. Dropping the thick brogue, she instead speaks in a blend of accents, but annunciates clearly enough. "Good evenin', lovey. Come to Colton, have ye?"

Gabrielle will blink, "Did you lose a bet Colton?" She's trying to not blush too much, as she knows it'll only give him ammunition. She'll turn to smile at Nadya,"Hello-What? No!" Her eyes bug slightly , the blush returns as her eyes drop and she'll sound slightly panicked, " No…I was just walking and saw people…I didn't mean to disturb you, "And she'll turn to go, quite embarrassed.

Colton chuckles, "Aye, could say that." He gives the girl another wink and then points to the little fire pit on the other side of the stair from him so Nadya's nice and cozy warm but he's still shirtless, wet and in Scotland in November. He's covered in goosebumps and grinning through what must be quite a chilling experience. "Nah need to go a runnin' sit and join. Sure Nadya has a pipe she can spare if ye'd like? Or I can roll you one in a blink." Gypsy hospitality!

Nadya arches an eyebrow, laughing softly. "Y' aren't disturbin' a thing. Come. Warm yourself at my fire. I've got cocoa brewing." She gestures with the stem of her pipe at the pot hanging over the firepit.

Gabrielle blinks again, and pales slightly when the fire pit is pointed out, "Oh….uh…no thank you….I was just on my way to the 3 broomsticks." She'll turn to Nadya keeping an eye on the fire pit though, "You're Dale's sister, right?"

Colton looks at that cocoa like a man that's been in the desert for a week looks to a oasis. But he continues to scrub and clean and mend up Nadya's caravan. His wiry muscles on his lithe form twitching and flexing as he works hard so that he doesn't freeze where he stands.

The fire isn't too high. Just enough for warmth and to cook on. Nadya gives a demure nod of her head. "I am. Ye know Dalaigh? Has he been behavin' himself?" She smirks impishly, as if teasing Dale from afar.

Gabrielle will try to keep her eyes off of Colton, cause that's weird with his…cousin? Second cousin…she's not actually sure what the relationship is there, but it's weird and he's shirtless.She'll keep smiling at Nadya, "Yes, he's always a gentleman. He's in my house." Gabby will reach up and tuck a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

Colton giggles a little at talk of how much of a gentleman Dale is. Cause sure, Dale was a complete gentleman and helped to dry Gabby's wet shirt off, but only after making sure Colton's attention was drawn to it! The Quinnland boys are Scamps! "Gab's is an artist Nadya."

Nadya takes a long puff of her pipe, letting the smoke drift naturally from her lips. "Good. I am glad that he is treating the girls well. He's a good boy." There is that hint of pride over her blood in her eyes. She leans forward to check on the cocoa, and giving a satisfied nod, she takes a tin cup from the steps and fills it. Rising, and nodding to acknowledge Colton's information, she steps through the snow toward Gabrielle. "Here. If ye will not warm yerself at my fire, at least warm yerself wit' this. What sort of art do you do? Gab? Is that short for Gabrielle?"

Gabrielle will shoot Colton a look when he giggles, not sure what's so funny. She'll accept the cup of cocco though with a smile, "Thank you!" She'll wrap her hands around the cup , a small shiver goes though her, not realizing how cold it actually was till she had something warm to compare it to."I…uh, well, I"m mostly working on my sketching skills. Foundations and all. I'd like to do moving portraits eventually." She'll shrug and take a sip of the drink. Her eyes close as she enjoys the taste on her tongue. "Yes, Gabrielle. But Everyone calls me Gabby…or Gabs"

Colton looks like he's fit to drool as he watches Gabrielle drink her cocoa. He gives a whimper but he doesn't complain any further than that and he moves to climb up ontop of the boxed in large 'wagon' so he can clean the bird poop off. He so better at least get a genuine flirt from Mabel after all of this!

Nadya gives Gabrielle a pleasant, casual smile. "I would love to see your sketches sometime. Do you do any paintin' yet?" She glances back at the sounds of Colton scrambling up to her roof, and lifts her brow in surprise. "I wasn' goin' to make y' clean the roof, Cole. But since ye're up there, could y' reach up to that tree branch and fetch me down that blue scarf? It blew up there a few weeks ago."

Gabrielle smiles, "I'd move to bring some, but unfortunately, my book was destroyed by some book worms in the Library. I haven't had a chance to really do more. Artist block is not something I recommend." She'll take another drink and shake her head, "Paints are expensive. I've only played around a few times with them." Gabby will glance up to look for the blue scarf.

Colton nods to Nadya and puts the bucket down and drops the sponge in the bucket and then he crouches down only to spring up and glasp at a branch, he swings about like a monkey and flips up so his knees hook on the branch. Another flip and he's sitting up on it. Then he reaches to take up the scarf from where it was tangled up in a few twiggy branches. He wraps it around his neck and then flips back down onto the wagon that gives a little shake but nothing too jostling.

Nadya frowns sympathetically at Gabrielle. "You need inspiration." She taps her chin thoughtfully, "But art is like any muscle, lovey. Ye must use it, whether it wants to be used or not, no matter how sore it is, or it will get weak. I suggest ye draw, even if ye aren't inspired. Draw what ye see…what ye feel…anythin'. Don' ever let it get weak." She gives the girl an encouraging smile, then dances — literally dances, skirts swirling — back to her caravan.

Gabrielle 's jaw will drop and then snap shut as Colton does his….flippy thing. Is everyone in this school a crazy ninja monkey but her? She'll turn back to Nadya and nod, although it doesn't quiet reach her eyes. she'll actually smirk a little when she says draw what you feel, but doesn't say anything and nods. And will open her mouth to respond but snaps it shut a second time when the woman literally dances away. She'll blink a moment and then look up at colton slightly confused.
Gabrielle gives you a cookie.

Colton grins and points down to Nadya dancing. "She's an artist too, a dancer. She's making a point to just do your art, whenever you can. She's got a point too. You should just doodle. Doodling is fun." He winks to Gabby and then scrubs off the last remaining spot of poop. "Can I walk ye?" He asks as he tosses the murky water into the forest line and then climb down from the roof to be by the fire as he pulls his shirt out of his pants pockets to slide it on. Then up come the suspenders and then out comes a very beat up leather jacket that he puts on over it before he warms his hands at the fire so he can actually manage to button up his shirt. But as Nadya continues to dance he stomps and then kicks the the side of the steps to provide his 'cousin' a beat.

Nadya laughs merrily at Colton's "drumming," and claps along. It's as if there is a silent song that only the two of them can hear. She twirls around the fire, shimmying her hips, arms in the air. "Dance, Gabrielle!" She calls out to the girl. "Let loose yer heart and dance yer beautiful drawings!"

Gabrielle smiles, "I always thought that that kinda of dancing was so pretty…like flying." She'll watch Colton, he's talking to her, that's not rude, "I actually think it's gotten late enough that I"m going to just head back to the castle. Is that the way you're going, or to the broomsticks?" Gabby doesn't want to make him walk twice the distance. She'll smile and finish her cocco as he warms up and helps with the beat.

Colton crooks his elbow as he continues to dance drum on the steps to the wagon. Offering it to Gabrielle, "Castle sounds grand." He kisses his fingers and then mwah's them away aiming towards Nadya before he continues to do a dance walk like they were strolling down the Yellow Brick Road up to Hogwarts. "C'mon now, step lively!" He grins to Gabby trying to encourage her to dance along as they 'walk'.

Nadya will gladly show off for Gabrielle. What performer doesn't enjoy an appreciative audience? If she weren't so bundled up against the cold, the dance might be quite provocative. As she is, it more emphasizes her skill and grace. With Colton heading off, she wiggles her fingers at him and Gabrielle, "Fortune favour you," she offers in farewell. At last, her dance slows to a stop, and it's time to enjoy her own hot cocoa!

Gabrielle will roll her eyes at Colton and push him away, "Oi! this is all I need!" she'll wave to Nadya…not that she ever got her name, and walk next to colton as he dances silly down the road.

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