(1937-11-03) Housewarming Party at the Macnair Mansion
Details for Macnair Housewarming Party
Summary: Clover and Zephyr have finally finished decorating their home, and wanted to show it off to any and all who would come.
Date: Nov 3rd 1937
Location: MacNair Mansion

The gathering at the Macnair Mansion is mostly to show off their new house, and it shows that they did not spare any expense when planning this party. The party is taking place on the lowest floor of the manor which looks as if it was made for entertaining. On the south side of the house the main ballroom is set up for those who wish to dine. Stark white linen tablecloths are offset by black plates and napkins, with dark antique candelabras as their centerpiece. One only needs to sit at a table, and they will be treated to a feast provided by Chef Carmichael.

There is a small sitting room off to the to the left of the dining area looks like a well kept conservatory. The lights in here are dim, but the plants that cover the walls seem to give off their own glow to provide extra lighting. This room is quieter, allowing people to converse easily with each other as they sit among the comfortable furniture.

However all of the fun is being had in the room that houses the pool. A clear flooring has been placed over the aqua tinted water so that the it can be seen beneath, but it is sturdy enough to dance on. The dome ceiling is lit with a soft green light, and with the light from inside the pool, it gives the room the feeling of being underwater. A small stage has been constructed so a small band can perform this evenings entertainment. There are a few high tables gathered by a large bar, where people can lean after vigorous dance.

This evening's hostess, Clover, is dressed in a black lace sheath dress. It reaches the floor, and has a small train behind it. Its v-shaped neck is low, but tasteful, and her blond hair is sleek and swept up off her neck which has been left bare this evening. A pair of long black gloves cover her hands, and a tasteful emerald bracelet is around her left wrist. She is currently near the bar holding a wine glass that she has been slowly nursing all evening. She greeting any and all that she sees and welcoming them into her home.

Moving smoothly through those already assembled, Veruca pauses for greetings every few steps, offering compliments that sound thoroughly sincere generously. "Yes, that will hold quite a number of dancers," she says with a smile, answering a question about the pool dancefloor. She hopes it will, anyway. While she gives everyone she speaks to her full attention, between each pause her eyes flicker to the door, watching for someone. In a drastic change, she is dressed in red tonight, wearing a floor length chiffon gown.

Keenan arrives absolutely on time, perhaps even a moment early. His fair Irish jaw has been scraped free of stubble, making the cleft in his chin more noticeable. His red hair has been tamed, smoothed away from his face in waves, not slicked back tightly to his head, and his sideburns are trimmed perfectly. His formal robes aren't exactly tailored, but he is lucky enough to have that 'average for his height' build that is easy to shop for and doesn't necessarily need that extra yard to look quite well. He's gone simple for the evening, black and white, white tie. The toes of his shoes that can just be seen at the end of this trousers are polished to high shine, but not glaringly so.

He pauses at the door, speaking quietly with one of the servants that greet him as he hands over hat and gloves. He checks idly in a mirror while he waits, to make sure the hat has not encouraged his usually unruly hair to misbehave again. He pulls a small box out of his pocket, checks it, then holds it lightly in his hands clasped n front of him.

Carmichael stands near one of the corners, his hands clasped behind his back. He's dressed down in comparison to the majority of the other guests, his only saying grace being the long red velvet coat that reaches down to his knees. He's chatting quietly with Georgina, one of the new employees at Farin Braw, "I know, but I still think I used too much basil. It could affect their entire palette. I wonder if I have time to add lemon." Is Carmichael…nervous?

Cassius arrives with a house-elf in tow, which carries a wooden box. Mr. Malfoy himself is clad in a knee-length forest green robe, open in front revealing a crisp suit of black with silver accents. A stylish scarf hangs over his shoulders like a mantle, adorned with serpentine patterns. He makes his rounds, greeting various people, and casually chuckling away any attempts to talk politics, with promises to speak of it another time. Eventually he finds his way to the pool room, and at the sight of Veruca, his hand goes to his heart. "Miss Max, you steal my breath away. Splendid to see you, my dear."

Though he's always extremely punctual during official events, it's Magnus's habit to arrive to social events fashionably late. Thus, it's only after almost all of the other guests have shuffled, popped, or flown their way here that he cracks into appearance on the street outside the mansion and makes his way inside. He's wearing a finely-tailored white suit, quite different from his usual black and grey outfits - though with the singular concession of a black half-cape. After dealing with the servants at the door he makes his way towards the throng standing over the pool, pausing occasionally to greet acquaintances and shake hands.

Georgina is wearing a simple, knee-length back dress with a half-apron tied over the front of her skirt. As she talks with Carmichael she works on pouring drinks and setting them up on a tray, "The food is fine Bossman. Its beyond fine. If I didn' know better I'd then you were fishin' for compliments. Just relax and prepare to receive the adulation of the masses once they start eatin'. Do you think I need more wine on the tray or will most people be going for the champaign tonight?" She keeps her voice nice and low so only Carmichael can hear, unless someone intentionally joins them in their little corner.

"Yes, I am supposed to be here," Zack is telling one of the servants. "I have an invitation. That's what you get invitations for. To come to places like this." It seems it's his ragged, shoddy-looking cloak is giving him trouble, because once he removes that things clear up. "Oh, I want that back later," he adds as he moves on into the room. "You can't keep it." He's wearing dark blue robes for the occasion, a far cry from his usual attire, and from the way he keeps pulling at them he doesn't like them at all.

Zephyr is in nothing but the finest wizard tailors can offer in a white tux-robe with a piece of lace to match his wife in a breast pocket. Black shirt and pressed trousers underneath it. Sharp and manicured, his hair gel'd back. He looks around the room and is speaking with his father and father in law by the bar, sipping on an electric blue drink that's in a frosted glass and that makes his next breath crystallize like he were out in the snow. As he speaks he reaches out to the side to simply for no reason at all but to simply do so he lifts up Clover's hand to kiss her knuckles and then just hold her hand in his as he gives her a warning 'incoming' sort of look and sure enough from out of nowhere there's his mother, making sure Clover is alright, making sure that she's at least leaning on a stool. All the sort of things a Mother Dearest sort would do to a daughter-in-law who must be well taken care of for the possible heir she carries. Mrs. Macnair is only distracted from treating Clover like some overprotected baby making machine when Cassius arrives. The platinum blonde nee Malfoy swishes through the crowd to go receive her nephew. "Cassius, look at you, so grown up, even more handsome than the last time I saw you, when was that?" Lucianna Persephone Malfoy-Macnair lifts a hand and even though they are rooms apart Zephyr's father looks up and says, "Coming dear." He then comes over to greet Cassius as well. Now that his parents are digging claws and teeth into the guests and not him and his wife Zephyr seems relieved and leans over to kiss Clover's cheek. "Alright?"

Carmichael nods to Georgina, "Yes, I know it's fine. I want it to be spectacular. This is a giant oppurtunity for Farin Braw." He has a look around and says, "Champagne to begin with. Begin supplementing with red wine as the night goes on, though." The Scott is doing his best to suppress the extreme brogue that usually accompanies his speech. If you hadn't met him before, you'd just assume he was a rather posh Englishman.

Veruca gives Cassius a warm smile at his gracious greeting, offering her hand to the man. "It's wonderful that you could make it, Mr. Malfoy." No sooner are the words out of her mouth than the elder Mrs. Macnair is approaching, and Rue wisely steps back and gives the matriarch plenty of room. Her attention turns as one of the staff comes up to her elbow, speaking softly. A smile is the reaction to the words, and she does offer a likely unnecessary, "Please excuse me." Her steps are unhurried as she moves to greet the ginger Healer waiting at the doorway. The chiffon skirt billows lightly with her stride, and as she nears Keenan she offers a hand to the man in greeting. "Mr. O'Shea. Lovely to see you. I trust you found us without trouble?"

Clover has been doing her best to greet her guests, while under the watchful eye of the Elder Mrs. Macnair. She'll squeeze Zephyr's hand when he offers it, and once Lucianna is distracted she lets out that breath she didn't know she holding. Nodding to her husband she flashes a quick smile. "Just so long as she allows me to cut my own dinner, we should all end up in one piece this evening. I sat them with my parents, maybe they can argue over the name of our child." However one of the servants comes to her to whisper something in her ear and she nods. "Excuse me everyone, if we could head into the dinner room, I believe they are ready to serve dinner." With that she'll take her husbands arm and lead him toward the food.

As the lovely lady in the flowing chiffon detaches from the guests to make her way over, Keenan pause for a moment, and takes a deep breath. The slow smile that spread across his face and creases many dimples in his cheek, and the gleam in green eyes is frankly admiring. He turns to face her completely, but he lets her come to him so everyone can admire the vision coming towards him, and envy him for being at the end of her path. "Good Evening, Miss Max. I would tell ye that ye're looking ravishng, but that isn't compliment enough." He takes the hand in greeting, half bowing over it as he lifts it, but he doesn't take the liberty of kissing it. As he straightens, his other hand lifts the small flat box for her to take, giving her an rakish half wink as he does so.

Magnus flits in and out of a few different groups, undistracted by the buzz and murmur of multiple conversations taking place on every side. After shaking the hands of a few Ministry officials who received an invite, he spots Veruca. When he notices that she appears to be making a beeline for somewhere else, however, he veers away and wanders until he spots Cassius. A thin smile spreads across his lips and he steps on to the glass surface above the pool to cross slowly towards the other man. The diplomat waits until the small group of witches and wizards around him quiets a bit, and casually steps inside their circle, his pale grey eyes landing on the barrister's. "Mr. Malfoy, isn't it?"

Cassius takes Veruca's hand for a kiss. "I wouldn't miss it for the world." But then Rue is gone, and being replaced by his aunt and uncle. "Aunt Lucianna, it has been far too long." He welcomes her with a light embrace and kiss to the cheek. He greets his uncle as well with a firm handshake. "Where might I have my gift delivered?" He snaps to get his house-elf's attention, direct the servant to follow Lucianna's instructions to place the gift before Apparating back to the Malfoy estate.

Georgina finishes arranging the tray to Carmichael's specifications and starts making the rounds, discretly offering a chapaign flute to anyone that does not have a drink or has an empty glass in hand. All of it with a shining smile on her lips.

Zack meanders through the room, peering at the other guests as he steps around them. He's not usually a part of the high class social scene, however, and he doesn't stop to talk to anyone until he reaches the bar. It's there that he spots Zephyr and his interesting-looking drink, and he gives it a long, considering look. He barely spares a glance for Clover or anyone else Zephyr might be talking to as he speaks up, pointing to the man's drink and saying, "I want one of those. It's blue."

Carmichael moves over to stand behind the main table in the center of the room, hands clasped behind his back. He'll wait patiently for everyone to arrive, his sharp, silver eyes surveying the crowd that is slowly making their way in, and flashing a wink at Georgina as the actor in him begins to take over.

Veruca's dark eyes linger on Keenan's face at his greeting, her smile genuinely pleased. "That's very kind of you to say." She leans in slightly, catching a light scent of… aftershave? As the box is offered a curious cast comes to her eyes and one brow arches delicately. "Mr. O'Shea, how thoughtful." There is a note of surprise in her voice, and she eases the box open. I Inside, on a bed of cotton, lays a hair comb, adorned with a while lily bud. "How lovely," she says softly, fingers drawing it from it's nest. "And just what I need for that final touch this evening." She reaches up with practiced ease, settling the comb in her gathered hair. Coming to rest, the bud blooms into a lovely white lily flower.

Having sent his house-elf off, and promising to meet his aunt and uncle for more conversation at the dinner table, Cassius finds himself confronted with another tall, thin fellow like himself. "It is, and you, if I am not mistake, are Ambassador Troy? An honour, sir." Cassius extends his gloved hand in greeting. "It's good to have you back on English soil."

"I am indeed. It's a great pleasure to finally meet you." Magnus presents Cassius with a warm, friendly smile and takes the gloved hand in both of his for a moment before giving a single firm shake and releasing it. "Why, thank you. It's good to be back - though I think I've had enough rain for several lifetimes since I've arrived." The ambassador chuckles and glances around, then spots Georgina making her rounds. He takes one of the tall flutes when it's handed out, and presuming the thin lawyer does the same, raises his glass in a salute. "To England, Mr. Malfoy."

Keenan grins as Veruca places the flower in her hair. "Ma said it's proper tae bring flowers for a formal date, but I thought it might be awkward for ye tae carry about a bouquet." At Clover's announcement, he holds his arm out for Veruca. "Shall we, Miss Max?" he offers, his eyebrows raised slightly in invitation. His accent is a little less pronounced tonight, not completely hidden, but his speech is a little more formal and polished.

Zephyr escorts his wife on his arm and even leans over to give a chaste kiss to the temple. "If you ever need a break, I want you to promise me you'll take it. So far though, I must say, you and Miss Max have out done yourselves." He's just an attendee like everyone else. It was Clover and Veruca's planning that has made this place such a success, he just provided the Gringott's Bank Account. "Let them fight about it all they like. We know what it will be." He speaks to his wife in private tones until he's gotten her tucked away at her seat next to the end of the long table where he will sit. A sparkling mirror finished spoon is lifted from his place setting and is used to chime against the rim of his cocktail glass. "May I have everyone's attention as we all settle down. I would like to welcome you all friends and family to Clover and I's new home. My wife and secretary have out done themselves tonight. Don't you think?" He lowers his glass so that he can start a round of applause for Clover and for Veruca. "We wanted to celebrate our new home with friends and family. For it was the whole purpose of this new home to house what will be now a growing family." The usually cool demeanor man actually grins rather proudly to his wife as he makes the official announcement. "I am so very proud to say that we will be expecting a child this coming June. So before our Chef Carmichael introduces our meal for tonight will you all join me please in a toast, to friends and family."

Georgina starts making her way back to Carmichael as Magnus and Cassius took her last two flutes just in time for her to go help with the serving of dinner. Setting down the tray on the serving table she stands next to Carmichael, both hands held behind her back and looks pretty while she waits for her boss to have plates ready to be served to the guests.

Cassius lifts his glass with a smile, clearly approving of Magnus' sentiment. "To England. May she ever endure." Taking a light sip, he gestures to the door. "Shall we? I believe dinner is about to be served." As he heads into the dining area, he joins the applause for the hostesses and Chef Carmichael.

"Oh," Zack says. "Everyone's leaving." He must have missed the call for everyone to move to the dining room. He watches people filter that way and decides he had better follow. On his way there he's given a glass of champaign by one of the servers, and he frowns at it. "This one isn't blue," he complains to the nearest person. But he takes it anyway and heads off to the dining room, taking a sip as he goes. "It tastes bad too."

"How very clever," Veruca says, turning a smile to Keenan, letting her eyes linger on his face a moment longer than perhaps necessary. "Thank you." She takes the offered arm easily, letting him guide their path into the dining area. Arriving as Zephyr is speaking, Veruca inclines her head at the praise from her employer, and she slows her step a measure, looking pleased but perhaps a touch embarrassed at the praise, which really should all go to Clover.

"Indeed," Magnus agrees. He turns to follow the barrister to the dining room towards an empty seat; once there, he stands and joins in the round of general applause following Zephyr's speech, then pulls his chair out. His pale eyes land on Veruca once more - she happens to be only a chair or two away - and he steps closer to her with a grin. "Cousin Veruca - you look ravishing in red. I'm jealous of your date." Speaking of whom, Keenan receives a friendly nod and an extended hand. "Magnus Troy."

Keenan loosens his arm slightly from Veruca so that he can join in the general admiration of the women, and to not steal any of her spotlight. Before they can continue to sit, however, they are accosted by the ambassador. There's gleam of green eyes again as he takes the hand. "Ye and almost every other gentleman in the room. I am indeed a lucky man," he agrees before he adds, "Keenan O'Shea. A pleasure tae meet ye, Ambassador. I did not realize ye were related to Miss Max." He crooks his arm properly again for his date, and glances down. "Where shall we sit? Are ye required at the head table?"

The dinning room is set to where everyone had a place card… this is of course how Clover got it so her mother in law is far far away from her, at least for the meal. "I promise, if I get fatigued, I will rest. I am not that delicate yet Darling. Of course we out did ourselves, I could not have our first party not be memorable, am I right?" However she feels that after this party, she may sleep the day away tomorrow. Once she is settled, and Zephyr his speech, a touch of color reaches her cheeks, but she smiles as the news is given out to others, and stand to take a small bow, gesturing to Veruca as the applause starts. "My Husband sure knows how to flatter, does he not?" She says loud enough to be heard by others. "I do hope you enjoy the meal, and once we are finished, we will have the dance floor opened for all to enjoy." With that she settles into her spot, ready for food!

Carmichael stands there, straightening out his coat as Zephyr makes his announcement and gives a simple, "Here, here." chosing to forsake the alcohol for the moment. As everyone makes their way to their seats, they'll each find a serving dish with the top still on it. Carmichael will take this oppurtunity to speak up, saying, "Ladies and gentleman, I am Chef Robert Carmichael. I'm sure a great many of you are familiar with my family's culinary history already, but I'd like to take the time to introduce you all to something a little different." He slides his wand from his coat pocket and swishes it around, causing the lids of the plates to rise up, stack themselves neatly, and move to sit on another table nearby. The dish is revealed to be a rather lavishly constructed ratatouille in confit byaldi style. It is obvious that a painstaking amount of effort went into the preparation, as every single plate looks nigh indistinguishable in proportion and arrangement. To supplement for the fact that is is indeed a rather small dish, it is surrounded by a bed of lightly caramalized rice. Carmichael clears his throat and says, "Enjoy your meal, and fear not; as there shall be dessert!"

Cassius takes a seat near his aunt and uncle, not far from the head of the table. He's kinda important, and a relative, after all. His eyes light up, appropriate impressed, when the food is revealed. "Spectacular." He nods toward Clover, "You throw a marvellous party, Mrs. Macnair. Welcome to the neighbourhood."

Having been part of the seating planning committee, Veruca insured she would seated close to her cousin, and she offers Magnus a warm smile at his greeting. She lets the men exchange pleasantries before she then steps to give his cheek the brush of a kiss. "I'm delighted you could make it, Magnus." Her gaze goes to Keenan, "Cousins, yes. Always one of my favorites," she says easily, as she takes the arm that is offered again. "We are, in fact, just over here, Mr. O'Shea." And not more than two chairs over are the placards with their names on them.

"Very good to meet you as well, Mr. O'Shea." There's a bit of a pause after Keenan mentions his surname - an almost-cautious pause - though Magnus quickly covers it up with a smile and the handshake. Veruca gets a chuckle and a nod of the man's head. "As am I. I hope you'll introduce me to our kind hosts when you have some time, Veruca." With that, he steps back to the seat ordained for him and sits down just in time for the food to hover over. His lips spread in a pleased grin. "Ah! Magnifique! C'est un chef-d'oeuvre…!"

If the Irish Wizard notices any sort of hesitation from Magnus, Keenan makes no note of it, returning the handshake and smile in equal measure. He then devotes his attention to the lovely woman on his arm, eyes attentively following as she points out their name cards. Once he lets go of her arm, he goes behind the chair that has her name and pulls the chair out for her, his fingers brushing her bare shoulders as he gently maneuvers it closer for her. He looks at the food in front of him, and smiles as he places his napkin in his lap. "I've heard of Chef Carmichael, but have yet tae taste his delicacies…" he takes a bite, properly using fork and knife. He takes a deep breath and sighs through his nose lightly as he tastes. "I have been remiss."

Once the Chef has cleared the lids from all the plates Georgina drapes an immaculate white cloth napkin over her left arm and grabs a bottle of white wine in her right hand. Starting with Clover and Zephyr she gracefully makes her way around the table offering each guest the option of being served some of the wine, returning to the serving table to grab a new bottle as necessary.

Of course I will, Magnus," Veruca responds easily, "I am remiss in not having introduced you already." She moves to the chair Keenan has pulled out, stepping in and using one hand to sweep her skirt as she sits. As his fingers brush her shoulders, she turns her head to look back at him, an unusual softness in her gaze. "I was very fortunate to find myself in Farin Braw one evening for my first experience of the Chef's food. I'm sure you understand why I immediately sought to secure him for the Macnair's parties." She can certainly tell by the look of bliss on his face, and it brings a gleam to her eyes. As Georgina brings the wine by, Veruca murmurs a pleasant thank you with a small smile.

"Thank you Cassius, I wouldn't have thrown the party if I could not have done it properly." Clover says with a pleasant smile, and pushes her glass forward to allow it to be filled with wine. "It is a pleasure to finally meet you, I have been so busy with the remodel that I fear I have neglected all of my social obligations." Once the dinner is served, she smiles at it, and almost looks afraid to dig in, because it's just too pretty. However once she does, her eyes close as she enjoys the flavor. Once again, Veruca did not let her down on a meal. "I cannot wait for dessert." She says as she turns to look at Veruca, winking at her just a bit.

Cassius waves off Clover's apology. "Think nothing of it. You have your home and family to look after. I'm certainly not going anywhere. I shall have to have you both over to Berylwood soon," he nods to Clover and Zephyr both. "I'd love to show you my gardens."

Keenan nods slowly as he portions off another bite. "I must say it's a very wise choice," he replies quietly to Veruca. A grin to Georgina thanks her for the wine she pours, and he takes a sip. He listens to the rest talk at the table, but at the moment he is loathe to spoil his enjoyment of meal with words.

Zephyr makes sure that everyone is eating before he himself partakes. But in a pause he smiles over to his towheaded cousin. "Ah yes, the famous…" infamous is in his tone, "gardens of Berylwood. Mother has given such high regards. We can't wait, thank you for the invitation cousin. We truly have no excuse now to go so long without seeing each other. Neighbours now." After he's taken a bite of the starter course he looks up and over to the caterers and silently claps in praise to them.

For several moments Magnus is very content to concentrate on his dinner; he eats slowly and almost daintily, but still manages to finish almost all of it. "Ah… excellent," he murmurs; his gaze happens to land on Georgina as she makes her way around the table, and after she's poured him a glass of wine, he places a set of long digits on her extended arm and smiles. "My compliments to the chef, young lady. And to you, of course, for the excellent service."

Carmichael watches the 'audience' enjoying their meal, a warm smile appearing on his face. The Scot turns and walks over to the preparation table that is lined with rows of more covered dishes. He glances around and peeks under the lid of one, causing a slight 'wooshing' sound to be heard. He grins happily at this and goes back to watching everyone. He exhales slowly and starts making the round, moving over to speak to Zephyr and Clover first. He leans down and says, "I trust all is satisfactory?"

Catching Clover's eye, Veruca nods, a warm smile going to the woman. Her attention drops to her own plate, enjoying the delicious food, unhurried. Once or twice her eyes drift to her escort, lingering on him for only moments at a time. The quiet of the dining room in general, very little murmur of voices and quite a lot of the click of dinnerware and clink of glasses, is testament to the general opinion of the food.

Catching one of those glances, Keenan gives a warm wink. It's not as if he's not taking his fair share of peeks to this woman in red next to him. However, as the food seems to have everyone's attention he seems well content not to have to make any small talk at the moment.

Georgina gifts Magnus with one of her sunshine filled smiles in response to his comments. Once she finishes serving wine to everyone that would like to partake she comes back with water for all the water glasses on the table. In the process of trading the wine bottle for the water pitcher she stops by Carmicahel to pass on Magnus' compliments in a quiet whisper.

Clover raises a brow at her husband but does not say what she is thinking. "Yes of course. I would love to see your gardens, I have heard so much about them. Just name the date. Perhaps next spring we shall have ours ready to go, but there was a little time to prepare both the house and that at the same time." Clover says with a polite smile. However as the Chef peeks at his dessert she raises her brows, curious to what he has in store for them. Spotting Veruca and her glances at her date, she leans over to whisper something to her husband before resuming her meal.

Now that he's got a glass of wine, Magnus tips back the last of his champagne before setting the empty glass aside. He picks apart the last of his entree, not quite finishing it but coming close. He leans back and over towards the older gentleman seated next to him so he can catch the attention of Veruca and Keenan, who are located past him. "This is a spectacular meal - I really do owe you my thanks for the invitation, Veruca. Mr. O'Shea, what do you think? Up to your standards?" He flashes the other wizard a very roguish-Gryffindor grin.

Zephyr sets his silverware down without a sound, the man was raise right. He lifts his hand to offer to Carmichael when he comes over. "Delicious Chef. Thank you, very satisfactory indeed. I am very much looking forward to enjoying the story you have prepared for us tonight. My father was very excited to hear that you were catering tonight. I think he is hoping for a haggis course within the story somewhere." Zephyr says with an aristocratic chuckle. He leans in close though when his wife indicates a whisper is coming and his own gaze angles down the table towards Veruca and then snap over towards Keenan where he watches the ginger Healer closely. "Isn't that a colleague of yours darling?" He believes he remember Keenan from his many visits to his wife while she was at work. "He does look better out of those robes." Cause lime green trim and that shade of ginger could do more harm than heal!

Cassius smiles to the Macnairs, pleased at their acceptance. "Excellent. If you like, I could ask my gardener for some recommendations. Just say the word." As he delves into the meal, he allows a bit of his delight at the flavours to display in his features. He's a man who can show his appreciation for fine culinary art.

After everyone has completed their meals, Carmichael will once again take center stage. Another quick wave of his wand and the plates rise up over the heads of the guests, stacking themselves neatly under their lids. He speaks up, saying, "Well, unfortunately there will be no haggis tonight. Though, I must remind you that haggis is something that Farin Braw is always serving, so do feel free to stop by." He winks quickly and smirks a bit, continuing with, "It is now time for dessert." Again he waves his wand and more covered plates rest in front of the diners. Their lids rise quickly and a rush of blue, heatless flame billows up, revealing a Baked Alaska beneath. "Fear not the fire, gentle guests, as it shan't harm you. It's good enough to eat, even." He smirks and turns to Georgina, saying, "Bring out a red, if you would. Something with a nice bouquet."

Keenan glances slightly over Veruca's head to Magnus as he speaks, and gives a grin in return. "Absolutely, Miss Max could nae have done better," he approves. He sets his fork and knife down, a bite still left on his plate. "After a week of hurried sandwiches between extra shifts, I'm especially appreciative of the chance tae enjoy such a delectable meal, and with such delightful company." His gaze drops slightly, and although it may be Magnus is included in such company, it appears that the lovely dark haired lady is the main object of the compliment.

Veruca is taking a sip of wine when her cousin catches her attention, and her brows raise questioningly, before evening out. "It's always a pleasure to have family around, Magnus." Her eyes shift as Magnus directs a question to Keenan, and she happens to look toward the Macnairs, noticing Zephyr's eyes on her date. There's only a moment to register this, and Keenan's comment, before the desserts are there. At the drama of the moment, Veruca can't help but flash an approving and perhaps grateful look to Carmichael, should he happen to notice.

The petite brunette doesn't rush over with the requested bottle of red. Knowing what's coming Georgina instead gives the dinners a moment to enjoy the spectacle of the dessert /then/ she starts making the rounds with the bottle of wine. a brand new, spotless cloth drapped over her arm to catch any drop that might threaten to drip from the mouth of the bottle.

Zack, who has up until now been sitting quietly at the table and focusing on dinner, is surprised by the dessert. "It's on fire," he says to no one in particular. "Is it supposed to be on fire?" He looks around the table. "They're all on fire. But there's no heat." He waves his hand over the flames and smiles. "I'm going to eat fire. Like one of those fake wizards."

"Oh, I agree, Mr. O'Shea. She clearly couldn't have." Something about Veruca's reply causes Magnus to smirk. Almost too quick to see, he winks one icy grey eye shut at her and raises his glass of wine in an almost-imperceptible toast - then he leans back so that he's obscured by the burly old man between them. At this point, the dessert is being delivered - on fire - and he grins appreciatively. "Oh, my. I do /love/ sweets with a bit of a passionate flare to them. Bon appetit!"

Dabbing at his mouth with his napkin, Keenan finishes his wine as the dishes are being set in front of them to clear his palate. He barely sets it down in time to avoid being not-singed by the blue flames. His eyes widen for a moment, and then an almost boyish glee takes over as he watches the flames dance in front of him. "I may have a hard time minding my manners," he murmurs in a low, conpsiratorial tone to Veruca. "I can't help wanting to 'play' with my food." He tickles his fingers through the flames just above the actual food part. Then, with a mischievous grin, he gives into that temptation and scoops one finger through the swirls at the top to bring the flaming morsel to his mouth. He quickly licks it off his finger and then lowers his hands to wipe them on the napkin in his lap. "All right, I promise I will be good, now," he assures, and indeed, his hands go to his silverware.

"Yes, he is actually. Which only helps in my approval of him." Clover responds to her husband. Shaking her head she reaches up to touch her husband's arm. "No one, looks good in those robes. It's the curse of a healer my dear." However any further musings on her work attire are lost when dessert is served. An appropriate Ooo is given once it is served, and she claps as well, obviously impressed. "Such a great idea. I am sure it looks just as good as it tastes." Though again, it's almost too pretty to eat.

As her date speaks softly to her, Veruca looks over to him, amusement dancing in her eyes like the flames on the baked alaska. Her eyes follow his straying finger, and she makes no move to stop him. She even laughs softly as she reaches for her own silverware, taking up her spoon. She pauses and looks to him a moment as he promises to behave, then turns back to the spoonful of heaven and murmurs softly, "Now." There's something of a smirk on her lips, quickly stifled in favor of savoring her dessert.

Magnus picks at his dessert more gingerly than he had his main course, if that's possible. Still, he appears to be enjoying it immensely - perhaps almost as much as the wine. The glass of white is looking rather pathetic, and once the complementary red is poured, he switches instantly to that instead. When he hears Zack, who happens to be seated close by, he glances up and grins. "An interesting charm, isn't it? And quite skillfully done. Though I believe the term you're looking for is /charlatan/. Muggles are very fond of them."

Zephyr applauds the great dessert reveal and then tucks in to enjoy it. "You Mr. Macnair, make a rubbish bag look like an evening gown to be adored." After another bite of the dessert he looks up to Carmichael and then over to Georgina to include her. "I think you have well deserved an invitation to be my dedicated caterer Chef. What do you think about that? That is of course if Clover approves."

Carmichael smiles warmly at Zephyr and says, "Well, I'm greatly honored, Mister Macnair. I would absolutely jump at the chance to have such a title. That is of course if Miss MaCurry approves."

Zack doesn't realize at first that someone is speaking to him, and it takes him a second to turn to Magnus. "Yes, it's interesting," he says. "Because it's blue. Fire is usually red, but it's better when it's blue. I can make blue fire too, but mine is hot." He picks up a spoon and examines it. "Yeah, that's why Muggles are weird. They call their fake wizards charlatans."

"I approve. I will be sure to contact you, if I have any catering needs. I hope you don't mind us keeping you too busy, sir." Clover says to Carmichael, who has already made quick work of her dessert. It was eaten properly of course, she isn't a complete pig after all. "I will be sure to pass on your name to my friends as well." She says as she reaches forward to push her plate out of the way.

Carmichael smiles and nods to the both of them, chuckling a bit at Clover's remark, "It is a business owner's only hope to be 'too busy'. Much better than being 'not busy enough'. I greatly appreciate the offer."

Magnus arches one brow a bit at Zack's odd demeanor, but seems momentarily fascinated as well, as if he were a butterfly collector with an exotic new speciment to pin up. "Do you say so? And how did you learn to do that, Mister…?" The ambassador grins and extends his hand across the table. "Magnus Troy."

As the diners start filtering out toward the pool and its dancing cover Gina starts working on clearing the table of all the glasses and plates, placing them on the serving table in preparation for being transported out of the dinning room.

"Yes, I do," Zack answers Magnus. "I mean, I just did." He blinks at the extended hand and holds up his spoon queryingly, at first taking the gesture as requesting him to hand it over. "Oh," he says when he realizes that Magnus is introducing himself, and he drops the spoon to give him a brief handshake. "I'm Zack. I didn't learn it, I made it. Only I don't do it anymore because of the complaints."

After a /fantastic/ dinner, there is really only one thing left to do, and that is dance! The hosts opened up the floor, starting out the dancing with a song that Zephyr may remember from a few years ago when they met again after so many years of living their separate lives. After that, everyone else was welcome to join them on the floor as the band played a lovely set of music.
The party lasts well into the night, the booze was readily flowing and the music does not stop until the last person says they can dance no longer. Those who are unable to fly their broom straight, say the name of their home properly, or fear apperating without splinching themselves were offered a place to stay.

The in-laws however, are all shoved off into the guest house, where they can't hurt anyone with their meddling.

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