(1937-11-04) Assembling an Entourage - Lucian
Details for Assembling an Entourage - Lucian
Summary: Leander asks Lucian to come to Durmstrang - and finds there is a condition to his acceptance.
Date: November 4, 1937
Location: West High Street, Hogsmeade
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West High Street Hogsmeade

It is a fall night. The weather is cool and overcast.

This is the main street and venue for Hogsmeade Village, the western portion of High Street. The street is always occupied by someone either out for a walk, loitering, or tidying up the outside of their business. OPEN signs hang in windows, shutters and drapes are open wide so display windows can be peered into to view some of the shop's wares. Bustling with life the forest surrounding the village is as active with wildlife as the village is with civilization, however quaint and country it might be.

Since it's the last night of the weekend, Leander has finally dragged himself into Hogsmeade to buy a few supplies he was in need of. He'd been putting it off for as long as possible, mostly just to avoid having to go out and socialize, but it's now or never. The Slytherin boy is just making his way down the main street as most of the other students are starting to file back to the school; thankfully he doesn't look too out of place in a concealing cloak with the hood thrown up, considering the chilly weather.

Lucian has spent most of the weekend in Hogsmeade, patrolling, breaking up fights, sneering at Gryffindors, and other Prefectly duties. He's bundled up against the cold as well, though he eschews robes and cloaks in favour of heavy trousers and a thick jacket. His own hood is down, given the lack of rain or snow.

Leander is about to make his way into Scrivenshaft's, but just as he's about to pull the door open he catches sight of Lucian. He immediately releases the door's handle and begins walking towards the other student, his breath frosting in the air as he jogs over before the other boy can walk off. "Hey - Proudmore. A word?"

Lucian notes the hooded figure coming his way, and there's no mistaking him. He's only the most famous student at Hogwarts now. "The Clever Fox. I was wondering when we'd be talking." He gives Leander a cocksure smirk, and beckons with a jerk of his head to step away from the foot traffic toward a wide alley between Scrivenshafts and Gladrags.

In Leander's case, the fame is generally unwanted. It might be considered a boon by many, but he'd prefer cautious respect. In fact, he spends a few seconds pretending not to notice several passing Hufflepuff students who have taken a sudden interest in him; Lucian's choice to duck into an alley turns out to be extremely convenient. "No doubt. Well, you already know what I've got to ask, Proudmore." His lips curl into a smile that's barely less chilly than the autumn air. "You're the best duelist I know. And if you agree to come, I'll be relying on you for help with Transfiguration and magical beasts, as well." They've had enough classes together for Leander to recognize the Prefect's strengths, no doubt.

Lucian nods in obvious agreement at his own qualifications. His name was in the Goblet for a reason, after all. He crosses his arms, giving Leander an arched eyebrow. "Are you inviting Ria?" He jumps right past the yes or no. "She's brilliant with Charms, and she's top of the class in Defence Against the Dark Arts."

Leander's eyes narrow, and his smile thins out. It's not a hostile expression, just thoughtful and slightly suspicious. He crosses his arms, folding his gloved hands under his elbows for warmth. "I'm considering it. In fact, I'd prefer to bring her. She's certainly very capable." He pauses, then goes on: "But I want you to help smooth things over with her. I don't need someone along who's openly hostile to me - for that matter, her atittude towards me is already disadvantageous, since she's a Prefect."

Lucian rubs his chin thoughtfully. "That's fair. I'll talk to her. But I only go if she goes. She wants to be there, and she's my girlfriend. If I go without her, that's not exactly going to be good for my relationship."

After thinking about this for a few seconds, Leander nods, then raises a hand to rub his chin. "I refuse." The same hand goes out in a placating 'halt' gesture. "But only so you can tell her I said so. I want both of you along, but I'd like the opportunity to speak to her first and to make her understand my position on the matter. I'll agree as soon as she comes to me and we make peace."

Lucian arches an eyebrow at Leander. "It's your call, Fox. But I'm not telling her you turned me down just because I made her a condition for my acceptance. If you want her there, bring her because you know she should be there on her own merits. That's how you'll start to bridge the gap between you. She's worked her arse off to be as good as she is, and she just wants respect for that. Give it to her, and I think you'll find that she'll start to warm up to you…as much as she warms to anyone, anyhow." Yeah, Lucian has no illusions about his ice queen girlfriend.

Once again, Leander considers the other Slytherin's words for a short time, then nods more slowly. "Very well, Proudmore. I'll approach her on my own, then, and take your advice." That's probably a far greater admission of respect from Leander than his earlier estimation of Lucian's skills. He produces another thin smile. "Let's just hope it pans out."

Lucian nods, offering his hand to Leander. "Good luck, then. I hope it works out, too. You've got some nasty trials ahead of you, and I, for one, want to see a Slytherin take this thing."

The offered hand is taken and shaken firmly before Leander drops both of his back to his sides. "Thank you. And so do I." The Fox grins sardonically for a fraction of a second, then disciplines his expression back into careful neutrality. "I've got to go finish my shopping. I'll see you back in the commons."

Lucian nods, and steps back out to the street. "Talk to you soon, Fox."

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