(1937-11-04) Gryffindors and Other Creatures
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Summary: A pack of Gryffindors (with Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and grown-up guests) take up space in the Three Broomsticks. Topics range a wide spectrum, from dueling strategy to arranged marriage escape plans, with bits of teenage drama thrown in for spice.
Date: November 4, 1937
Location: Three Broomsticks
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Three Broomsticks Pub Hogsmeade

Sun Nov 04, 1937 ((Fri Oct 26 22:07:28 2012)) (C,3 NE)

It is a fall morning. The weather is cool and raining.

Despite the obvious patina of age, The Three Broomsticks has a warm, inviting ambiance. This character the pub has attained is, no doubt, thanks to the years it has been steeped in the environment of this particular village. Just one evidence of the village's influence on the pub can be seen in the dark paneling inside the building. The wood was once the outer walls of the home that housed Hogsmeade's founding family. Put to good use once again after the founding family bequeathed it to the pub, the paneling has served the pub just as well as it once served Hogsmeade's founders. The Three Broomsticks has flourished under its current proprietor and is always open and ready for a customer or visitor.

The dark wood surface of the floor glows with a polished sheen from much cleaning, and exposed ceiling rafters, which appear to be original, cross the ceiling in tidy squares. Wood tables of varying sizes litter the room, and matching chairs are scattered among them. Several secluded booths fill up the space along one wall. A flavorfully aged mahogany bar takes up most of the space near the back wall with a series of mirrors and shelves of varying heights hanging behind it. Those shelves behind the bar are lined with memorabilia depicting the life and people of the village as well as items which are special mementos to the pub's owner.


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After tromping back into Hogsmeade and into the Three Broomsticks — the only place students ever actually frequent, you know — Eamon slides into a booth big enough to fit their party and a few extra, knowing how Mabel collects people. "Ahh," he says, easing off his scarf, hat, gloves, and laying them aside. "I wonder if they're serving pumpkin soup tonight."

Mabel comes on in, alongside Eamon and the rest. "Pumpkin soup? If we're lucky, they'll have started a venison stew by now, this season in a forest like this," she smiles, hanging up her coat, as well. "As much as everyone loves pumpkin, of course."

Removing his scarf and gloves, Seamus considers that,"I don't mind pumpkin soup but a stew sounds better to me. The vegetables, meat, and savory spices work well at warming up." The silver haired prefect says as he hangs his coat up with the rest of the group.

Kimiko bops into the pub with a bouncing gait, skipping right over to the newly occupied booth. She's looking to be in particularly good spirits, a bright smile on her lips. Tucked under her arm is a thin green box, roughly the size and shape of a book. "Look what came for my birthday," she announces, assuming everyone will care. "My parents sent me new pottery tools!" She displays the box proudly. Perhaps not the most exciting gift to most, but she seems to think it's a priceless treasure.

Mabel ahas, when Kimiko comes up, "Well, happy birthday, indeed, Saito." She sets down her copy of the Shipping News as she settles in and starts peeling off her gloves, "Do join us, we'll have a toast."

Eamon gives Mabel a look like he's truly suffering, a puppish sort of disappointment that might involve a furtive wave of his imaginary tail. "But…everyone loves pumpkin." Right? Kimiko's announcement draws his attention and he grins at the girl. "Happy birthday to ye! That sounds like a wonderful gift." He reaches over to pull Mabel's paper towards him, glancing over it curiously. "Say, Saito, ye like pumpkin soup, right?"

"Happy birthday Kimiko." Seamus says smiling a bit at Kimiko and settling in a bit better,"Yes. It's always good to celebrate with other than on your own." Not that he has much experience with such things, but it's what he heard,"I don't mind pumpkin but I like variations rather than a single thing." He points out. Well he does liking cooking and cooking /just/ one thing enough for him.

Kimiko gives grateful smiles all around, and slides into the booth, her tiny form taking up hardly any room at all. "Thank you! Technically it isn't until tomorrow. But I don't think my parents have figured out that owl post is faster than regular post, yet. So, pumpkin soup? I suppose I like it well enough."

Mabel nods to Eamon and Kimiko, on the matter of pumpkin soup. "Well, it's always good, I suppose we'll just see what they've got in the cauldron tonight, before worrying overly. Something smells good, though." Drinks, anyone?"

Eamon sighs droopily. "Everyone likes pumpkin soup," he repeats, and then perks up again. "Please, Mabel. The same as usual." Which is hot butterbeer. "Well then, happy early birthday, Saito. Are ye having a party then? Might bring a little cheer to the common room."

"Well it's just as well. So I guess we get some pumpkin soup and butterbeer." Seamus says casually,"An early birthday is as good as an on time one." He says chuckling softly about the whole thing, his eyes looking around to see who else showed up.

Kimiko twists up her mouth thoughtfully. "Well…no. I hadn't really planned on a party. I wouldn't want to make a big deal out of it or anything. Besides, throwing myself a party seems…conceited?" Her eyes shift abashedly.

Mabel smiles a little. "Well, that's sorted, since you're not the one throwing it." Pauses. "Well, such as it is. But," she says, just as one of the tavern servers comes up and says, 'Whatlleyehave, kids?' and says, "Oh, hot butterbeers all round, then? And whatever's on for soup and stew, I think."

"Alright then if you don't, I shall make you a cake in the domestics club and the Gryffindors can take it in and throw you a party." Seamus says rather simply,"And don't think of backing out now as they'll want to do it even more now probably." He says grinning broadly.

Kimiko's mouth form a "O" of adoration for Seamus. "Cavanaaaaugh, you can't make me a cake and not come to the party!" She looks toward her fellow Gryffindors for help.

There's a brief bit of tumult near the door, in the person of Lois Pym: the tumult comes from the need to try to close her umbrella outside the door (indoor umbrellas being bad luck, of course) while keeping several bags' worth of purchases inside. Finally succeeding in her delicate task, she looks up from her possessions to scan the room for friendly faces. A table full of Gryffindors (and also a Seamus) will do! Towards them the teenager ambles.

"Like we're going to let your birthday just pass without a hurrah!" says Eamon with consternation. "Actually, you'll probably have to fight Pym for the cake-baking right…" And speak of the devil, and she shall appear. Not that Lois is the devil, mind you. Just slightly left of well-meaning.

Mabel nods, glancing between Seamus and Kimiko. "Quite right. That just won't do. What we *need* is a spot we can make like a common room, but which isn't one. But we'll manage." She does glance up a bit at the fuss about the door, as Lois comes in, and gives a bright little wave. She winks toward Eamon, saying affectionately of Lois, "If I taught her some weather charms, it'd be just one less chance to accessorize, you see."

Kimiko scrunches up her face in a giddy smile. Her housemates (and Seamus) are wonderful! "Well…not that I'm saying anyone should throw me a party…but if you were going to, the Club Room might be a good place. Or maybe one of the old classrooms they don't use much anymore." At Lois' appearance, she scoots over to make room for the Prefect. "Hello, Pym."

"Fight me for what now?" Lois takes Eamon's comments as an invitation to sit down (so - speak of the devil, and she will not only appear, she will sit down next to you, and start taking up your space with shopping bags) adding, mildly, "I do know weather-proofing charms, Mabel. But I don't like to set a bad example for the younger students by flashing a wand around on Hogsmeade weekends. Besides, an umbrella does the trick." Succeeding in stuffing all her purchases within a relatively contained area, the prefect smiles brightly at the group. "Saito, Cavanaugh, MacCaille, Mabel. What's this about a party, now?"

"I was saying I'd be making the cake, Eamon says that you'd want that right instead of me." Seamus says casually, his eyes flicker a little bit for a moment,"There's nothing wrong with using an umbrella, it's a useful thing." He says smiling a bit,"It's her birthday." He says gesturing to Kimiko. "I think that it might be a decent but your common room might be better since it's no doubt larger." He says facing Kimiko.

Eyeing Mabel, Eamon gets a big grin. "I might be able to arrange something." Oh, what's the boy up to now? Never good, that's for sure. "Well, we can't have that, can we?" he tells his fashion conscience friend-who-is-a-girl. Eamon is happy to make space for Lois, grinning at her. "Bought out the whole place, have you, Pym?"

Kimiko is trying so very hard to be modest, but who wouldn't love the attention? "Well, tomorrow is my birthday. But look what my parents sent!" The spirited Fifth Year shows off her little box of new pottery tools to Lois.

"Well, Leander asked me to be part of his entourage," Lois informs Eamon, with an air of studied casualness, "so I borrowed my sisters' pocket money and got my parents to send me a loan. To update my wardrobe, you see." Hence all the bags. But Kimiko's news distracts her from her spoils: "Oh! Congratulations! Yes, we will need a cake, then… not in the common room, Seamus, then only Gryffindors could come… and ah!" The pottery tools are inspected with dutiful interest. "Lovely!"

Mabel winks to Lois, really just having her on. "Quite," she says: Of course Lois knows charms like that, but sometimes a bit of a tease is irresistible. She offers a greeting as her cousin settles down, and just about when pitchers of warm butterbeer and cups arrive. "Really does seem you've been on a bit of a whirl, though, Lois. All about the bit of traveling I expect you'll be doing?"

Eamon makes a face at Lois. "You mean we're going to need new clothes? Leander didn't say anything about that." A look is given to Mabel. "You know, I don't even have any dress robes." And then he begins worrying his lip, probably fretting about how dreadful he's going to look next to Mabel (who, in his eyes, could wear a gunny sack and still look fantastic.) "I'll tell you girls what. I will take care of the location. You take care of the decorations, and Seamus, you take care of the cake!" And Kimiko gets a grin and a wink, "And you, my pretty potter, need only worry about bringing your lovely self."

"I wish you luck over there. I have no desire to be going to watch the events." Seamus says laughing softly,"And I guess we can find other space but who knows." He says casually, his eyes flicker a little bit as he considers that. "I'm sure that I can work up something for the event. Probably see if the House Elves can get some specific supplies. Do you have a favorite kind of cake and frosting?" He asks the last bit curiously.

Kimiko's cheeks colour at Eamon, and she gives a quiet giggle. "You are all the best." She brushes an errant strand of hair from her eyes, glancing to Seamus. "Well…everybody loves chocolate, don't they?" Finally, she reponds to Lois, "You're going to be in the entourage? That's wonderful. I'm glad that Fox was chosen. He's humble. I think he'll be able to keep his wits."

Mabel smiles a little between Eamon and Lois, as butterbeers arrive. Uh-oh. Dress-up time. She smirks, and starts to raise her glass to the birthday girl.

"Mm." Lois nods at Kimiko. "He asked me during the Feast. He's awfully trouble-prone and less sweet than he seems," says… his girlfriend, "but of all the Slytherins, he's certainly the one I'd pick. Can you imagine if Proudmore had gotten it? None of we Gryffindors would be invited, I'm sure!" She shoots Eamon a bemused look, as she reaches for one of the butterbeer pitchers. "We're representing Britain, of course we need new clothes. Warm ones. I'm going to be knitting jumpers - would you like one?" A glance is shot to Seamus. "I was actually going to ask Madam Patil if we couldn't enlist the Domestics club in that. Which, speaking of -" Over on the other side of the pub, one of the Seventh Years in Domestics is talking with friends, knitting needles clicking all the while, "- I wanted to ask Susan for advice on a pattern. Be right back…"

"Mm." Lois nods at Kimiko. "He asked me during the Feast. He's awfully trouble-prone and less sweet than he seems," says… his girlfriend, "but of all the Slytherins, he's certainly the one I'd pick. Can you imagine if Proudmore had gotten it? None of we Gryffindors would be invited, I'm sure!" She shoots Eamon a bemused look, as she reaches for one of the butterbeer pitchers. "We're representing Britain, of course we need new clothes. Warm ones. I'm going to be knitting jumpers - would you like one?" A glance is shot to Seamus. "I was actually going to ask Madam Patil if we couldn't enlist the Domestics club in that. Which, speaking of -" Over on the other side of the pub, one of the Seventh Years in Domestics is talking with friends, knitting needles clicking all the while, "- I wanted to ask Susan for advice on a pattern. Be right back…"

"He's inviting Proudmore," says Eamon idly. "He told me when he invited me." So he's done tiptoeing around the fact that he got an invite then! Well, maybe he was just feeling the need for a little 'cred' with the group. "In fact, Lois, I would /love/ a jumper… Unless…" Starry eyes for Mabel, "My favorite girl would care to have the honor instead?" Eyelashes flutter.

Kimiko wrinkles her nose at the thought of Lucian Proudmore winning, or even going in the entourage. "He's always so nasty to us. I'm glad he's not representing the school. But I'm glad to know there are Gryffindors in the entourage. I'll definitely come to cheer our Champion on."

"Good luck with that. Proudmore is a very talented duelist. I know that much at least." Seamus says seriously,"I am not sure what his other magical skills are but I know as a duelist, he's one of the top of the school." He adds as an after thought.

"Care of Magical Creatures, Transfiguration… he'll be an asset to Leander. He's going to have several talented duelists on his team, for all the good our wandwork will do him." Eamon's no slouch with his wand, that's for sure. "Well, anyway." He pours himself a mug of butterbeer and then offers to pour for the rest of the table as well. "He's not /that/ bad. He just has something to prove. But don't we all, in a way?"

Mabel nods to Seamus, there. "Oh, Proudmore, he's quite ahead of us all on a lot of counts, at the duel, really," she says to Seamus. "Not all of it, though. Actually, I really thought he might well be chosen, but, well, don't you know." But she levels a cheerful look toward Eamon about the jumpers issue, "I'd do better to weave sailcloth and nip over to the shops at Cardiff than try knitting a jumper directly," she winks. "But I'm sure we'll sort you out."

Kimiko sips her warm butterbeer, humming apprectiatively. "He's good, but so are you, Hawker. I think the dueling tournament might come down to the two of you. I know you can beat him." She smirks encouragingly at her housemate.

Eamon sighs sadly at Mabel, all thoughts of Mabel-stitched sweaters dashed. "Well. Perhaps we'll settle for finding some nice dress robes so I won't embarrass you. Or myself." Eyebrows knit. "Perhaps I can owl my parents, it /is/ a special occasion." Never mind he's got nearly two months still to work on that… and he hasn't even actually ASKED Mabel yet. No, never mind that at all. And then, cheerfully he tells Kimiko, "Of course Hawker will win. She's the best."

Mabel smiles, raises her glass, and says, "There's Mr. Cavanaugh, first, really, " she smiles. Winking to Seamus. "Proudmore would be the first to say anything might happen, you see. And no illusions about the measure of an opponent. As for what the Goblet sees in a champion, it's more than just a duel, of course. I'm sure Leander's most fitting to whatever tasks and opponents await at Durmstrang."

"Our Mabel," says Lois, returning from her conversation with the amiable Susan, "can beat him, I'm sure. Or you, Cavanaugh." Retaking her seat, she gives a delicate little sniff. "I'd quite like to see Proudmore take a tumble. It's unbecoming for a prefect to show such obvious dislike for another House, as he does." After a moment's pause, she comments, to Mabel: "I'm not ashamed to admit I'm heartily glad I didn't get picked. Watching the duels has made me realize how, um, marginal I am at magical offense and defense. But Leander is better at it…"

Kimiko gives Seamus an apologetic wince. "Sorry, Cavanaugh…I didn't meant to suggest that you would lose. I just get a little swept up…Gryffindor, and all that." She dips her head abashedly.

"I don't plan to go down easily." Seamus says laughing softly, his eyes filled with humour,"It's ok. I have a feeling that I'll lose. Miss Hawker here is a better duelist than I am, but you never know how things will turn out. I mean I did manage to beat MacCaille and he's a better duelist, not to mention defeating Alexei from my House. So you see, anything is possible." He says not sounding falsely humble, but rather that he actually believes it.

Mabel indicates Seamus with a tilt of her glass. "You're behind the times, house-sisters: there's more rising talent in our little Duelling club than you may be aware. Confidence, Seamus. I fully expect a lively contest. And whatever the result, our Mr. Proudmore would, on some level, be disappointed at less than our best. It only seems his robes turn rather greener outside the Club room, don't you see."

"You still owe me a rematch, Cavanaugh," says Eamon with his easy grin. "And maybe Mabel for that matter, since I was wrongfully denied the opportunity to test myself against her." Winking, he sips his 'beer again and rubs his chin. "Proudmore doesn't want anything handed to him. If he beats you, he needs to know it was because he was better, not because you thought he was weak."

Kimiko sighs, "I don't think I'll ever understand him. I just prefer to stay out of his way." She looks around the table, "So many duelists here. I'd be a wreck in a duel. I'd probably just scream and duck." She giggles.

Lois reaches for her abandoned glass of butterbeer. "Well, try not to kill yourselves, with all this dueling, dears." She shoots Kimiko an amused look. "I think you and I may be the only Gryffindors not in Dueling Club. Although I s'pose it's nice, the way the common room is quieter on Club nights…"

"I am up for it whenever you are MacCaille. I thought our duel was a little disappointing. I wanted to duel you longer." Seamus says laughing brightly,"This time I will probably be more aggressive than last. And there are a lot of good members. I really will be going about it as best I can when I duel you Hawker." He says smiling at Mabel.

Mabel nods to Kimiko, "Well, that's all right. Of course if everyone stays out of his way, there won't be much point to whatever he scorns us all for, will there? Of course, he's stronger, strictly-speaking, but it's no good if he doesn't know what he's trying to win at, really. I hope to remind him, should it come there, that it's about the art of it." Looks over toward Kimiko, "But enough of that, it's your day, isn't it?"

Kimiko giggles at Lois. "Sure, but they're always using the Club Room!" She sends teasing grins at the duelists at the table. "I won't be able to do any pottery until this tournament is over." She doesn't seem particularly upset. She's been there at every Gryffindor duel she's been able to attend, cheering her housemates on. Kimiko Saito: Gryffindor's own cheerleader. To Mabel, she shrugs and smiles. "It's okay. Not until tomorrow. I don't want to hog attention."

Eamon nods his head enthusiastically to Seamus. "Perhaps we shall have to make a deal that neither of us will use disabling moves for at least the first several rounds? Get a true test of each other, without trying to outgun. At least, until we're all wet." Eyebrows waggle at Seamus. "Hey, I'm not in the dueling club." He's just really good.

"Hah, I know the feeling," Lois tells Kimiko, smiling warmly. "I've been using the workroom for storing my big sewing project," what exactly that is remains a mystery, "but that's hazardous…" What with the exploding magical doohickeys all around. She shoots a good natured smile at the duelers of the group, before shaking her head. "Of course not. They've been talking dueling for a month. You only have a birthday once a year, Saito. Did you want to do anything special, other than have a party?"

"I'm always in the Club Room for one reason or another." Seamus says laughing a little bit,"And why not MacCaille, you like dueling and you've got a lot of talent. It'd be a good way for you to home your skills, especially if you would like to become an Auror." Hey. It's a safe guess for an occupation,"I plan for my duel with you to be very very impressive." He says grinning at Mabel.

Kimiko shrugs at Lois. "What more could I ask for? A party sounds wonderful. I wonder if we can have dancing…" Hint, hint! The only thing Kimi loves more than working with her clay is dancing, and anyone that has seen her do it knows what a graceful creature she can be — ironic, given how awkward she can be just walking down the hall.

Mabel smiles, over to Seamus, "Do you. I expect no less, of course." Thinks, "Though, of course if you'd like to agree on a few demonstration passes, to start, nothing's stopping us. I suspect the last bout was beginning to be a bore."

Eamon shrugs his shoulders in response to Seamus. "I've thought about it," he admits. "And.. I wasn't planning to be an Auror, actually," he admits. "I've pretty well made up my mind on being a curse breaker, or some other adventuring type. See the world and all that." The boy spends his summers on a tiny island. Can you blame him? "Mabel, your duel with Ria was nothing short of spectacular…once she stopped using protego."

"What do you mean by demonstration passes?" Seamus asks tilting his head a little bit to oneside, "It was mostly you hurling spells and Miss Sykes blocking with Protego." he says shrugging a little bit,"Well even if you are going into curse breaking there will be times where you'll need to function quickly and dueling can help with that." He says casually.

Lois considers Kimiko's hint with due gravity. "Hm. Have the Ravenclaws finished that wireless set, do you know? We could always ask to borrow it, see if we can't get the BBC dance orchestra…" Her attention briefly drifts at the mention of the Ria-Mabel duel. "It was dead boring until Sykes stopped during Protego."

Kimiko shrugs, turning her attention to the duel talk. "I don't think it was boring. Hawker just had Sykes trapped on the ropes. I was on the edge of my seat." She gives Mabel an encouraging nod.

Mabel nods to Seamus, there, as that's just the point, really, "Oh, I don't know, really, numbing jinxes versus deflections, or some such. Something to show off the more-artful areas of the duellists' art. And Lois, in turn. "Oh, she just needed some encouragement, there. I do believe someone, herself or Lucian, thought I'd just stand about flinging charms all evening, if she did that. Rather not the point. All very well, though, she did rise to the occasion at the end. Quite nicely, you know."

"It was dead boring," agrees Eamon. "But bloody brilliant at the last. I'm dying to start trying silent casting. If there's anything likely to be useful in life, it's casting a silent spell reliably." Of course, useful and Eamon will rarely go together in the future. Treasure hunting isn't exactly 'useful' unless you're a collector. Or greedy.

Mabel smirks a little. "I wouldn't be too terribly surprised if attempting to bore me was the exact intention, really, but we can see how that worked out, despite a bit of heckling."

"It's hard," Lois tells Eamon, expression thoughtful. Since the Sixth Years are, of course, several lessons into it by this point. "But interesting, realizing how different it feels to cast when you aren't putting your voice into it… I'm impressed Mabel was able to pull it off, in a pinch. Quick thinking, that."

"It was a pretty good show of the Shield Charm. Something people should always work on getting down." Seamus says casually,"Not everyone goes right to the offensive." He says looking at Eamon on that one, before he nods,"The silent casting was brilliant. Makes me know that I shouldn't try and just silence you if I want the duel to end."

Kimiko nods vehemently in agreement with Seamus. "That silent spell was amazing, Hawker. Anyone else would have been done at that point."

Dutifully proud of Mabel like a good fanboy should be, Eamon says, "Well, Hawker is brilliant. Of course she pulled it off." He's really working on those suck-up points, you see. They'll have to accumulate to a great prize at some point. Maybe a hug. Fanclub presidents get hugs, right? Or restraining orders. That's a definite possibility.

Gabrielle comes into the 3 Broomsticks looking much more clean than before. She has on a light jacket and her knitted hat. She'll glance around till she sees MAbel and her group.

Mabel sits with the others at a table, theres butterbeer, and hopefully by now, tureens of stew and some bread. She winks to Seamus. and looks toward Lois, "Some things, coz, are all in the wrist, really."

"Then may all our wrists be as deft as yours," Lois says, tone slightly teasing. She lifts up her butterbeer glass in a toast. Gabrielle's entrance spotted, her other hand comes up in a quick gesture of greeting, a good-natured smile on the prefect's face.

"Gabrielle, welcome, Glad you could make it." Seamus says standing up and waiting for Gabrielle to sit down,"Think we should just alternate then? One round you cast offensive and I cast defensive and then reverse. However, on offense we avoid the use of charms that will end the duel?" He asks curiously looking at Mabel.

Kimiko tilts her head curiously at Seamus. "I thought the point was to end the duel. Otherwise, aren't you just risking hurting each other more?"

Gabby will smile at everyone and come over. She has her normal sketchbook clutched to her chest and a small purse like bag onto of that. She'll shrug and laugh as she comes over, "It's only papers, right?" She'll sit down in an empty seat(just let me know who I'm next to!) She'll tilt her head and start listening to the conversation, trying to figure out what everyone is talking about.

Gerald opens the door to the three Broomsticks, his Griffindor scarf wrapped tightly around his neck. The nights were getting colder. Once inside he looks around for his friends. Seeing them he will head over to the table, "Hey everybody, sorry I was so late, I ended up running into some housemates and they wouldn't stop talking." He chuckled softly, grabbing a free seat (if there is one, if not he'll just stand.). "Everybody doing ok tonight?"

Eamon nods his head in greeting to Gabby when she arrives, "Decided to join us after all, eh, Evans?" And indeed, stew and bread have arrived and Eamon's not shy on starting them out. Growing boys eat a lot, you know. To Kimiko, he says, "Not every duel is about harming each other…or ending it quickly. I mean, obviously in a tournament it is, but sometimes you duel to perfect a spell when you're first learning it. It can be very helpful to go back and forth that way, instead of just on a practice dummy."

Kimiko nods, listening as Eamon explains. "I suppose I can see that. You get to see how a real opponent reacts, instead of just standing there."

Lois's mouth twitches, as she interjects: "Though, if a duel does become about harming each other… you should let those of us hoping to be Healers be there. I could use some practice dummies with something beyond scraped knees…" The incoming Gerald is given a small wave of greeting, as she sets her mug down and reaches for a small hunk of bread.

Gabrielle settles in and will give Mabel an eye quirk, but not say anything. She really has nothing to add to a Dueling conversation.

Mabel smiles as Gabby and Gerald make their appearance, offering the pitchers of butterbeer and glasses with a gesture, and says to Seamus, "Oh, nothing so contrived. But if you like, we might agree not to try at incapacitating for a number of passes, if you'd like to show off some technique. I'd only thought we might show that we learn a little more than quick-on-the-draw-and-knock-each other on-the can, don't you know."

Theodore steps into the pub looking kind of unhappy. He's wearing a pair of khaki pants and a wife-beater, a button up flannel shirt over it but left completely unbuttoned. He looks around, and then moves to take a seat by himself in the corner.

Kimiko smiles at the arrival of all the newcomers, but takes particular note of Theo's entrance, earning a lifted brow of concern. She doesn't know the boy well, except that he's a demon on the Quidditch pitch against her beloved Gryffindor team. She never quite imagined seeing the Slytherin star unhappy. Curious, the tiny Gryffindor slips out of her booth and goes to the bar, ordering a hot butterbeer, and takes it over to Theo. "Hey…here. To warm you up."

"You can fix my broken heart when Hawker dumps me, Lois," says Eamon cheerfully. "You might need staples, though, and lots of linen bandages. And possibly that new cellophane tape everyone talks about." Noticing Theo enter, he nods to the upperclassman respectfully. "Wonder what he's so sour about?" he says quietly to his table mates.

"Sure. We can try spells not designed to incapacitate at first." Seamus says before looking over at Kimiko,"We wouldn't be doing charms that would hurt a lot." He says shaking his head a little bit at the thought of actually trying to hurt someone."Gabrielle you should join the dueling club. I think you'd enjoy it more than you realize."

Gabrielle will turn from looking at Theo with a worried expression to Seamus with an eyebrow raised, "And why do you say that?" There's a bit of a wary smile to her face, like she's not sure where he's going with this line of conversation.

"Doesn't she need to be stepping out with you for her to dump you?" Lois inquires of Eamon, teasingly. The prefect shoots a glance over her shoulder at the incoming Theodore, brows lifting. She doesn't really know him per se, but if Kimiko can be kind… "Saito," the prefect calls, "tell him he's welcome to come and sit with us, if he likes."

Theodore looks up when Kimiko drops off the butterbeer. He looks at it a long moment, then eyes Kimiko, a little suspiciously, but then takes the drink. "Thanks." And he drinks, looking at the table and the drink, attempting to dismiss the girl by ignoring her.

Mabel sighs, distracted, "Merlin's *spats,* MacCaille, if you go all maudlin before you've even stopped presuming, it'll be a *complete* bother and we shan't even get to…" She glances to Lois. Pretends she didn't. Retreats behind her odd version of stuffy that doesn't quite match most wizarding versions. "Let's have a song, then, shall we?"

Kimiko doesn't seem to notice that she's being dismissed by Theo. "You can come with with us, if you want to. We're just talking about the dueling tournament."

Eamon looks crestfallen. Lois! How could you dash the poor boy's hopes this way? "Why do you have to bring logic into my generous offers to let you doctor me up, Pym?" Mabel's outburst however draws a look slowly over towards her. His eyebrows draw down and then flatten out again in a curious flow of expression that looks like it wants to be hurt but isn't certain how to fit it in with all the cheerfulness. "It was only a joke, Hawker," he says quietly. With a heavy grimace he slides out of his seat, picking up his things and fishing a coin out of his pocket to leave for his portion of the food. "Excuse me. Enjoy your meal, everyone."

Lois has the odd feeling she's, as the saying goes, Stepped In It. The teenager glances from Mabel to Eamon and back, gnawing lightly on her lip for a moment before murmuring, cousinward: "It was only a joke," she says. "I'm sorry if -" pause "- I just made things a bit." Additional pause! "… Awkward." Teenage relationship drama. You can run, and you can hide, but it will find you.

"Because it is good for relieving stress." Seamus says looking at Gabrielle,"And MacCaille, don't be a prat. You're courting Miss Hawker now, focus on that and not on what would happen if you and she break up." He says in uncharacteristic bluntness.

Theodore sits the drink down. He sighs, and doesn't look at Kimiko. "I'm fine," he says flatly.

Kimiko gets that dismissal. "Alright," she sighs. She tried! So she meanders back toward her table, now seeing Eamon looking out of sorts. "MacCaille? Are you alright?" She doesn't move to stop him, but sort of half-reaches out with a hand to show concern.

Gabrielle will nod, but has a slightly disbelieving look on her face, "so….being knocked on your backside is good for relieving stress.Gotcha." she doesn't seem to notice the double meaning behind what she just said. she'll look over to the somewhat personal conversation everyone seems to be having at the table.

Theodore takes another drink of the butterbeer and then sits the mug down. He parks his chin in his hand and props his elbow on the table. He watches as Eamon leaves, then Seamus a moment later. Once more, he sighs, watching the door.

Kimiko watches Eamon go, worry on her face. "I hope he's alright…" She wanders back to the table, re-taking her seat. "DuPont didn't want to join us," she says quietly. "He seems sad about something."

Lois tosses a glance around the room, watching the two boys depart while gnawing on a bit of bread. Topic changes, topic changes… Kimiko's offering is seized upon. "Perhaps he's just being mysterious? Slytherinesque."

Gabrielle will roll her eyes, "Oh for the love of…"and she get up and walk over to Theodore's table.

Mabel sighs. "Blast." Looks over to Kimiko, like she might understand. Maybe not. "I do like him, you know, but, ….He presumes much if he thinks to presume he's in a position to be dropped." Adds, watching the door and sighing. "Wouldn't have him if he comes like some beggar, anyway. He's better than that."

Theodore looks up when Gabrielle approaches. "Artie." He greets, flatly.

Kimiko nods to Mabel, furrowing her brow pensively. "He's obviously head over heels for you. I get the impression he just doesn't know how to act."

"Boys," Lois says, mildly, "need honest dealing. They're a whole separate species from we girls. If you're bothered, tell him outright what the rules are." She looks over her shoulder towards Gabrielle and Theodore, obviously curious to see how this plays out.

Theodore huffs and shakes his head. "I'm fine." He purses his lips, and looks across at Gabrielle. "It's just been a long week." He gestures to the others, "Go play with your friends."

Mabel sighs to Kimiko, looking sad, trying to be airy about it. "Dashed if I know, either, that's why there's supposed to be rules about this sort of thing." She makes a gesture as though conceding a point about encouraging Fifth years in any way.

Gerald watches as Theo walks in, and then shortly after he watches Eamon and Seamus leave. He stays silent, listening to the conversations happening around him while sipping on a cup of butterbeer. After staying quiet for a while he chimes in, "But you can't just tell every potential suitor the rules. It's something you have to learn along the way." He takes a sip of his Butterbeer.

Kimiko tilts her head in her own sign of concession. "I suppose. Still…sometimes the rules aren't such a great thing. If my great-grandfather had his way by 'the rules,' I'd be shipped off to Japan tomorrow to become some stranger's bride."

Gabrielle will just look at Theo. "Yeah…it's been a bad week."she'll look down to the table table, "I consider you a friend, even if you don't me. So, in all good consciousness, I can't just let you sit here and mope. So, either spill, or join everyone over there that is worried about you."she'll look up and smile, "Besides, you owe me a drink." She'll nod, obviously just having decided this.

"Maybe he doesn't know them, Mabel," Lois says, a trifle dryly. "I'm sure my Leander doesn't." That's right, she's stating POSSESSION now. "I know Auntie would like you to be a proper lady, but don't let that make you socially miserable, you know? Sometimes a little social rulebreaking can be… nice." She doesn't specify examples, though her bemused little smile hints at her having at least one in mind. She flicks a look at Kimiko, mouth twisting in disapproval. At her great-grandfather, not her. "An arranged marriage? That's so… barbaric. Sorry, Kimiko, but it really is."

Theodore sighs, and he reaches into his pocket, pulling out a small handful of bills that would cover the cost of several drinks. He pushes it across the table at Gabrielle. "Here." He looks at her, and he sighs, "You're alright, Artie," he offers with a little smile. Then he pushes up to his feet. "Have fun," and he winks at her, before turning and heading for the door.

Kimiko winces at Lois' choice of words, but sighs in resignation, unable to argue. "That's how my parents were married. But…they didn't want that for me. My Hogwarts letter was a blessing from Heaven. He can't touch me here. But I'm worried that he might still try to interfere over the summer."

Mabel swings her glance toward Lois just a little quickly on the last part of what she says, though, the rest of what Lois says seems to have been getting other reactions. "And here I thought we were breaking the rules just to have a dance. Especially after hanging on in case it might suit Ripley, before he had his… Well, never mind that. Fox knows who he fancies better than I do. Boys, though…" She looks back toward Kimiko. "It's no more fair in merry England if people jump steps, you see."

Lois catches onto Kimiko's wince, without fully grasping the hows and whys: her wizarding upbringing may have spared her most of the outside world's racial views, but her Muggleborn father means a few things (and terms) have percolated through. She's quick to offer words of comfort, regardless: "Well, he can't exactly haul you off without your consent, surely. The Ministry would help you if you asked, I'm sure." She tosses Mabel a look, but evidently finds Kimiko's issues more urgent, as she has no commentary.

Gabrielle 's eyes go wide and she sputters, "that's not what.."and she reach over and grab the bills and storm after Theo.

Kimiko shrugs, "I really don't know. He usually gets his way. But…I'll be sixteen tomorrow. So I can't even be charged with underage magic if I have to stop him. I can stop him with magic, right? By the law? I mean…they wouldn't take away my wand for that, even though he's a Muggle?"

Gerald's expression is solemn. As he listens to Kimiko talk about her family life. After staying silent he says. "Kimiko, I swear to you that if your great-grandfather tries to take you away, I will do what I can to help you stay here, if that is your wish. You are no slave to be bartered off for favors." He grips his mug tighter and tighter, righteous anger flowing though his veins.

Kimiko gives Gerald a look of complete adoration. "Thank you, Archer. For the record, yes, I don't want to go to Japan. Not to be married off." She sighs, then smiles, "Sorry, I didn't mean to bring anyone down."

Mabel nods. "I assure you, Kimiko, even if that were at issue, it'd be more wands than your own before it could ever come to that."

"A rather old fashioned way to put it," Lois says, nodding in crisp approval of Gerald's words, "but he's right. Don't forget you have us - we Gryffindors - at your back. Listen, towards the Hols we'll set up a… um… a battle plan! In case you need to make a quick exit. Should be straightforward enough, with the venerable ancestor being a Muggle." She nods in firm agreement with, uh, herself, and then waves Kimiko's apology away. "No, I'm glad you said something. If a Gryffindor's in trouble, we need to know - so we can band together."

Gerald Nods in agreement to Lois's comment. "Aye, Kimiko, you have nothing to fear. You're a Griffindor, once a lion, always a lion" He smiles at her as if to reassure her that there really is nothing to be afraid of.

Kimiko's cheeks colour, and she cannot help a bit of tearing up in her eyes. "You are the best housemates I could ever ask for." She beams happily at all of them. "I think it will be alright. I hope."

Mabel smiles a bit there. "That much, you may rely upon. The whole world may go daft, but we're all Gryffindors, here. No one just absconds with any fair maiden of *our* tower."

"I'm sure it will," Lois says, digging out her handkerchief and offering it over discreetly. "It might all work itself out without any drama, anyway. We can only hope." Her brow furrows lightly in thought. "Do make certain to tell Dumbles, too," she suggests, prefectly. "He'd have even more ways of interfering for you than we do!"

Gerald lifts his drink in the air to toast. "here, here! To Griffindor!" He will clink his glass with anyone who joins him, and then says, "Aye, Sound advice from the best Prefect. Dumbledore would be excellent to speak with. Besides, if it comes to wands, You've got one of the best wands in Hogwarts on your side." He says, turning the attention to Mabel.

Kimiko's eyes go wide at the suggestion. She takes Lois' handkerchief with a nods of thanks, dabbing her eyes. "Tell Professor Dumbledore? Oh, I don't know…this isn't really a school problem, exactly."

Mabel raises her own glass, newly-refreshed, then. To Gerald, and then Lois. "Oh, more than one, at that, really. And more besides," she says. Short on social dodges, she takes out a small cigarette case and a short celluloid holder. (Since when?) Glances a moment at her newspapers, and says, a bit, "That doesn't mean it's not a House matter, though, does it?" She secures a light from somewhere, and says, more seriously, lowly, and simply. "I do think it's time we asked Dumbledore, though. For, who knows. To say something, though. I think it's just all getting to be a bit much."

"It would be if you stopped coming to school because your great-grandfather carried you off to Japan," Lois says, mildly. "And he might have useful advice, Kimiko." Miss Pym has always been a big fan of Asking Grown-Ups For Help. This is probably why she has a prefect's badge. She gives a fluttery little wave of her hand. "It's only a thought, though. We students can surely handle an old-fashioned Muggle ourselves." Mabel's cigarette holder merits a surprised look, but only surprised. What, smoking kills you? Nonsense!

Xavier walks into the pub his cane tapping on the wood floor as he waves it at the door behind him. He unsnaps his wand from his cane and closes the door with a wave of it and slides the wand back into the cane. He begins to remove his coat and moves to hang it up on the hanger. A soft smile on his face as he pauses see who is in the pub walking slowly towards an empty table. (correction)

Gerald watches as Xavier enters the Three Broomsticks. His left hand moving slowly to his wand. He glares at Xavier as he walks to his table. Keeping an eye on Xavier he says, "Aye, this is a school matter, I think. If not it is at least a Griffindor matter, and that might be more important."

Kimiko grins, nodding in agreement. "I can handle it being a Gryffindor matter." She lifts her butterbeer in toast, "To the lions!" Xavier's entrance draws a look from her. She's a maturing young woman, after all, and he's really, really, really, really ridiculously good-looking.

Colton comes strutting in with a dance to his step, the talk of Gryffindor matter swings his attention around and he strolls over and scoot settles himself at the table without invite, giving his housemates a wink in greeting. "What now? Ooo!" He lifts an empty hand in toast and then looks around for a drink he can steal to have a sip from. "Lions!" Colton looks between Xavier and the staring Kimiko a couple of times before it's Kimiko's drink he tries to steal, not to mention hopefully her attention along with the drink.

"To the lions!" Lois clinks her glass against the others', smiling warmly. "Problem solvers," and causers, "to the rescue!" Kimiko's glance catches her attention, and Lois follows the other girl's gaze towards Xavier. Her eyebrows shoot up. Boyfriend, sure! And he's a pretty cute one. But surely she can't be blamed for a little, impressed, "…Gosh." Also, there is a Colton. "Good evening, Higgins. Keeping out of trouble, I hope?"

Xavier sits down and sees Gerald. He smirks softly and says, "Young Master Archer. Always a pleasure." He nods to him as the server comes over to Xavier the man says, "A cup of Earl Grey, Honey biscuits, and a round of whatever those students want…" He looks over at Gerald and adds, "That they can legally have…I would not want to place them in any trouble. And add whatever you want for yourself mon cherie." The girl giggles at Xavier and scurries off to get his order.

The theft of her butterbeer does pull Kimi's attention away from Xavier…after a few seconds, anyhow. "Hey!" She frowns at Colton, and sighs. "Keep it. I'm getting another." Xavier's buying, after all! She slides out of the booth to fetch a new drink.

Mabel ahahs as Colton comes along. "Lions!" and indicates the pitcher of butterbeer set out for the little crew for Colton. Seems far less startled about Xavier's appearance, this time, at least now that she knows him. "Ah, Mr. Sykes. So good to see you again. You've just missed our most-eager student of one of your specialties, my fault, I'm afraid. "

Colton opens his mouth to talk to Kimi, even to apologize, but there she goes and he slumps back with a sigh and downs the remaining butterbeer in the cup. An arm is slung up and around behind Lois, giving her a grin. "Up an' up as always Dove." And while Colton might think that Xavier's awesome for what he does, it's what he wants to do after Hogwarts after all. He is just sort of staring at the older fellow in a 'pick up on birds your own age' sort of look. "So what've I missed?"

Xavier cocks an eyebrow and says, "Oh really? And who might that be. Have they come to me and gotten the first clue for the treasure hunt?" The girl is back almost within minutes setting Xavier's order down. He looks up waitress and winks at her before she walks over to the students to take their order. Xavier takes a sip of his tea and says, "Because I am a bit disappointed at the lot that have come so far for the first clue."

"Don't be impertinent," Lois tells Colton, eyeing the arm; there's a hint of humor behind her expression, though, taking the sting out. The prefect's in a good mood, evidently. "Oh -" Mabel's referencing of Xavier as a Sykes helps her put two and two together with the gossip, "the treasure hunter?"

When the server gets to his table, Gerald calmly says, "I'll get the most expensive drink you have." He shoots a glare bac at Xavier as he says it. It's not much, but it's something!

Kimiko returns from the bar with a new butterbeer, and sits across the booth from Lois and Colton, making sure to have a decent view of Xavier. She manages to only glance his way every two or three seconds. It's not so bad.

Colton refills Kimiko's old glass up from the pitcher of butterbeer and snorts a little bit, "Maybe because it's a stupid kiddies game and any self respecting treasure hunter isn't out to play games." The normally jovial bandy about Tinker is actually a bit biting towards the older Treasure Hunter. His mood just gets worse when Kimiko sits across looking at Xavier instead of next to him after he even goes so far as to scootch more to make more room for the soon to be birthday girl. He nods to Gerald, liking the idea and his brogue is thickened up when he tells the waitress, "Make it two."

The man is no fool but he can afford it and then some as he says to the waitress, "Make it four." He smirks, "Something tells me they will need it." He looks at Colton and cocks his head to the side, "No hunt is a child's game. This hunt is for something I found in Hogwarts when I was a student. It was my very first find. It is the brooch is rumored to have belonged to Rowena Ravenclaw. It was used to hold her cloak around her shoulders." He shrugs, "But this is a game and a lesson at the same time. It is to show you that you are always racing against time, other hunters, and those who would steal your glory." He shrugs and chuckles, "I guess you can't handle the perils that is ok." He takes a sip of his tea.

Mabel splays her hands open a little toward Lois. Speaking of boys. She says to Xavier, "Must have done, really, the gentleman in question. Things have been, however, a bit harried, if it's not so. Our own Mr. MacCaille, who'd surely find it interesting," she says, pausing do draw off the neglected cigarette and obviously feeling less elegant about it than she may appear, given a crease of worry across her brow.

Lois waves off the server. "Oh, none for me, thank you. I'll be leaving soon. I need to get my new clothes up to the castle, anyway." The prefect is obviously not entirely certain about some of the dynamics, here - Gerald and Colton's reactions merit surprised brow lifts - and choosing to remain quiet and listen. Mabel's comment merits a low: "Pity he's missing it. You'll have to tell him about it, Mabel." She mouths, in that slightly ridiculous way of someone trying to make themselves easy to lip read, 'apology gesture'.

Kimiko frowns a bit, "I don't think it's stupid. It sounds like fun. I just…don't know if I have time to do it." She gives Xavier an apologetic look, even though she's mostly talking to Colton. She glances up at Lois, "Oh, you have to go?"

Gerald stands up, a fire in his eyes. "Alright Mr. Sykes. I'll bite, what's the first clue?" He has a look of defiance in his eyes, taking the challenge personally.

Colton sighs and when Kimiko comes to Xaviers defense against what he said he rolls his eyes grumbling and moves to get up and offer a hand to Lois to help her up. "It's some guy showing up, acting like he's the Greek Gods gift to Hogwarts in his lil tight loin cloth. Putting a brooch in the ground and calling it treasure. Play his little game if you want. I've got better things to do." Colton then offers to carry Lois' newly bought stuff for her.

Xavier throws the last bite of his honey biscuit into his mouth and stands up in one fluid motion. He smirks softly at Gerald, "I need to see if you have the mind set for this first Master Archer. You wish to find the treasure and where it lives you need to use a muscle that you might not use often." He picks up his cane and begins to walk towards the coat hanger. He turns to face the young man and says, "Find out as much as you can about this…" He slides on his jacket and adjusts his label and speaks like he is reciting a poem, "What a piece of work is a man! How noble in reason! How infinite in faculties! In form and moving, how express and admirable! In action how like an angel! In apprehension how like a god! The beauty of the world! The paragon of animals! And yet, to me, what is this quintessence of dust?

"If you can reveal to me what I need to know about that passage. I will consider you able to take the challenge. If not…Maybe next year when your a bit…older." Xavier bows at the waist to the women first and then to Colton who he smirks at his jealous out burst before hold the door for Lois and Colton to exit.

Kimiko blinks in surprise at Colton, dumbfounded as he's suddenly departing as quickly as he came. She looks to Lois, shrugging with a did-I-say-something-wrong look.

"That's Shakespeare," Lois comments, rising from her seat with Colton's assistance. She gathers up her bags, smiling good-naturedly at the group. "Hamlet, I think? Lloyd, my father, loves that stuff…" And with that, and a nod at the group, (and a significant little brow-waggle at Kimiko, a jerk of the chin hinting that Lois feels Xavier is the problem, not Kimiko), she departs.

Mabel nods to Lois, with a bit more of a juvenile smile. She does, of course, live on the Avon, herself.

Xavier frowns and says, "Now that is a woman to have one your side." He looks at Lois before looking back at Gerald, "Since the lovely lady gave you the answer. I think it is best you get a new clue…so here you go…and only for Master Archer please." Xavier takes that same tone, "Act well your part; there all the honour lies. He waits for Colton and Lois to walk through the door before he departs saying to Gerald, "Same rules apply. Find out as much as you can about that passage and I will consider if your able."

Mabel just looks over at Gerald. Speaking of loincloths, well, she seems a bit mystified at all the demands, considering the apparent lack of previous response without such little 'tests.' Mabel just takes a breath. Nods slowly and politely.

Colton looks to Mabel and Kimiko and Gerald, "You going to 'ead back to the common room? Or are you going to jump through this tosser's hoops? Cause what in the hell does knowing that a passage from Shakespeare has anything to do with finding some brooch of Rowena Ravenclaw. Which is rubbish, as the only known remaining artifact of Rowena Ravenclaw was her diadem which was lost ages ago. Nothin, but attention seekin' hogwash." He also gestures towards the door indicating for Xavier to go first.

Xavier smirks looking at Gerald while pointing his cane at Colton, "This is a boy who has a great head on his shoulders. Perhaps you should team up with his Master Archer. He is already one step a head of you." He smirks bowing again to the ladies first and then to Colton and finally to Archer before he steps thru the door as offered by the flustered Colton.

Mabel seems to just sort of shrug a little, barely, tapping out the cigarette, mostly neglected in its holder this while. "Mr. Archer, Mr. Higgins? I do think Miss Saito and I would appreciate a walk back to the Tower, after all?"

Kimiko looks between everyone, wide-eyed and confused about whatever-the-heck just happened. But she latches onto Mabel's words like the voice of authority, and rises to step to her side. "Ah…yes. That would be lovely."

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