(1937-11-04) The Not So Big Bad Wolf
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Summary: Raff finds some off-beat kindness from an odd blonde auror.
Date: November 4, 1937
Location: Atrium, MoM

Ministry of Magic Atrium Ministry Of Magic
Sun Nov 04, 1937 ((Fri Oct 26 20:13:58 2012)) (Level 8)

This scepter shaped room starts with a long hallway floored in dark polished wood and lined with multiple gilded fireplaces placed between massive, arched brick work columns. People are constantly popping out or disappearing into these fireplaces through flashes of bright green flame. The hallway leads out into a round room in which center of which proudly stands a large golden sculptural fountain, a plaque at the fountain's base reads: Fountain of Magical Brethren. Before entering this room all guests and employees of the Ministry of Magic must pass through a set of golden gates where a security guard registers all magic wands. Once past the gate multiple lifts line the walls whisking people away to the various department on levels 1 through 9. The dark and gold color scheme is relieved by the ceiling, which is covered in a peacock blue mosaic over which unfathomable golden symbols travel randomly.

Shuffling through the atrium and having a wide berth to walk through as many step off and get out of his way. Hie head is hanging down as he walks and his hands are shoved into his pockets. One Wizard walks by and gives him a look of disdain and makes a rude comment. He looks up and gives them a little wave and speaks, "Nice to see you as well." With a weak smile.

Somewhere in the far corner of the atrium is Cooper, who has just made her way in through a fireplace and is clocking in for the morning. Today however, she's due a bit earlier than usual which some might say explains her rather dowdy looking appearance. Though, anyone who really knows her will tell you she always looks this way. Casually eating an apple, she notices some of the morning crowd part and slow down. And in irritation she grumbles, "Oh come on now. Is the Queen Mother in or something?" Cooper was never one to wait though, and with her apple in mouth she weaves and squeezes in between people until one of them doesn't take her shoving and pushes her out into the open gap, right in Raff's path. "Ooof!" she stumbles forward somehow catching her balance, but her briefcase falls before the man's feet.

Raff stops in his steps and even as the crowd gives a noise about someone running into the werewolf and stops moving to watch with morbid fascination all that happens is Rafff bends down and picks up the briefcase and hands his back to the woman. "Here you go." He says with a touch of a smile quirking the side of his lips. "You okay?" He gives a little look around to the people about and gives a little sigh, "It's fine. Not going to hurt her." He says, voice sounding like he's said this a hundred times.

Cooper pulls the apple out of her mouth before calling to the pusher, bitterly, "Good morning to you too!" And she turns to go pick up her briefcase up until she realizes someone's got it for her. She peers up at the man, glasses crooked from the shove (though she straightens the frames), "Oh so that explains all the…parting." She looks around at all the people peering at them. "No, No. I'm quite fine thank you. I'm usually not in at this hour so I wasn't used to the atrium traffic slowing down for the big bad wolf," she takes back her bag and then quips with a smirk, "Had I known, I would have fortified my house with stone and brick." Perhaps a joke made in poor taste? She's trying to lighten the mood here. "On your way into work, Mr. Mingan?" Because everyone knows who Raff is, even if Cooper's own bosses can't remember her name.

Raff give a small laugh, "Or I will blow your house down for sure." He looks about a bit and people seem to begin to hustle on about their way since the man isn't going to kill anyone today. "Yes. But just call me Raff." As he reaches out a hand, tentative as most don't take it, "And you are?" He asks with maybe a little bit of hope in his eyes.

Cooper dusts off her briefcase and then takes another chomp out of her breakfast while she gives the man a once over. "Right, Raff then. Good to be formally introduced to you then. You've been a fascinating point of interest over the years," she nods and eyes his hand. Even Cooper's not ignorant to the stigma and dangers of werewolves. She does it take it though with a firm grip, even if she was hesitant at first. Though she looks like she's not entirely sure if what she just did was a good idea. "I'm Genevieve Cooper, MLE. But if you mention Genevieve, no one will know who the hell you're talking about. So you can just call me Cooper." Clearing her throat, she offers to walk with Raff with an are gesturing forward in a 'Shall we?' manner. "Do you always get a tough crowd when you come to work in the morning?"

Raff shows a little bit of surprise when she takes his hand and a smile grows a little bit more as his grip is one that is softer than he might with the circumstances. "A fascinating point? Really? If you have any questions I will be glad to answer. I am my own fascination and obsession." His hands go back into his pockets and his head lowers a little bit, "Walk with you? Sure. I'd like that." He speaks and the smile grows a little bit, "And yes. That is the usual crowd. No matter how had I try I still have some problems with it." He shrugs a bit and begins to move with Cooper.

"Aren't we all our own fascination and obsession?" Cooper smirks taking the last few bites out of her apple before tossing it into a rubbish bin they pass on their walk. Though she nods adding, "Yes, fascinating. The ministry doesn't usually keep werewolves around. Especially since they seem to obstruct morning traffic. You, however, must be a valuable asset since they're willing to overlook that great inconvenience." Another quip is added to the pile. He seemed to be okay with the first two so Cooper doesn't feel she's pushing a limit. "Pray, what do they have you doing now-a-days?"

Raff smiles some as his smile stays after the little quip. Maybe he's just really used to them or she's a rarity to talk to him. "I work with the Werewolf Support Services. Working on cures and the like." His face falters a little bit as if to say it's not going well. "I still get locked up on the full moons to protect the populous." He looks to Cooper, "… You know. So I don't go blowing peoples houses down and eating all the little piggies." The smile grows a bit for a moment before it falters.

Cooper ahhhs and nods understandingly, "Of course. Who better than yourself? Am I wrong? I mean, some people believed I ought to have become a muggle liaison for that reason. Though I'm not too much of a… child person, if you know what I mean? And half their clients are little magbobs going off to Hogwarts." She chooses to use the affectionate term for muggle-borns. Though Raff's own little joke does work enough to make Cooper laugh brightly. It certainly puts her at greater ease until she watches his smile falter at the end. "What's wrong then Raff? Not too fond of pork?" she tilts her head and offers to the man. Though disguised as humor, one could see her sincere interest in her eyes.

"Child person." Raff gives a little laugh, "I think that if I was to try and have a child that the world would go bananas." He shrugs his shoulders to the woman, "It' just nice to have someone talking to me for a change." He looks around, "If you would look around you, the word will be all over the place before morning that you talked to the maniac. The man who east babies, women, and everyone else on the planet." He shakes his head a little, "Real fond of pork." As he looks to her, "Especially a nice roast with potatoes."

"Well, I could think of worse things for the world to turn into other than bananas. I'm personally quite like of them, if you ignore my fruit of choice this morning," Cooper grins and eyes the rubbish bin where she chucked her apple. Though her expression sobers up respectfully when when she nods, "Yes well…I kind of had to talk to you didn't I? Was shoved into your path. It's really obligation more than anything." She winks at him with a smile and she pushes the button for an elevator waiting for the lift to come and take them away to their miserable jobs. "The thing is, Mr. Mingan. I know what danger feels like, and you don't seem anywhere close to it. At least not now. So…I think I'll be fine," she leans in a bit to say this quietly as if it were their little secret. And returning back to her normal volume she says, "I know a place that makes good roast and potatoes."

Raff gives a smile at the bit of a joke once again. "Danger can be a good thing in certain times of life. When it needs to be." He looks about at those that still wander and make their way conveniently around him and her now. "You do?" He responds, "You… Would want to be seen in public with me?" He gives a little bit of a smile to this and after a few moments of thought he nods, "Yeah. I could do that. A place that makes a good roast and potatoes." He chuckles a little bit and smiles, "I would like that."

Cooper scrunches her nose ever so slightly and replies, "Danger can build character, for sure. But if anything it's sometimes necessary. Though I honestly sometimes wish it weren't." She sighs and shrugs, when the lift doors open with a 'ping'. "But if that were so then you and I would be out of job, wouldn't we?" she smiles and steps backward into the elevator as she faces him. Her arm keeps the door open for Raff and for anything others willing to join, though by looks of it there aren't many. And with a casual shrug, she says, "Well I mean, everyone forgets who I am anyway. So what's the harm in being seen out and about with a werewolf? My only condition is that you wear a paper bag, because I can't come up with any good excuses as to why you're so hideous!" She finalizes with a grin.

As the door closes he looks to her with a growing grin. In the privacy of the elevator all those eyes aren't on him and wanting him to prove them right by wolfing out totally and ripping the place apart. He chuckles a little bit and nods his head, "So hideous." He notes as he looks to her, "Unlike you." He notes and looks to the walls of the elevator and the floor.

Had they not exchanged quips on their way through the Atrium, Cooper may perhaps have been concerned over the horrified and judging looks of the crowd that disappears behind the sliding doors. Cooper smiles warmly at his compliment and offers a dorky theatrical little curtsy, her messy hair and glasses bobbing briefly when she makes the movement. "Why thank you, good sir. It's the only reason why the Auror office hired me in the fist place." And there it is! Cooper's unveiled her occupation. She looks around though at the rather empty lift and stretches her arms out to feel the open space. "My. I should walk with you in the mornings more often if it means I get to ride and empty elevator in the morning." Cooper nods approvingly at no one around her. "I suppose I owe you that roast and potatoes now since you've done me this favor."

Raff bites at his lip and chuckles a bit, "An Auror. Tough cookie." He gives a bit of a shy grin to her stretching and all. "Yes. You do. I think that is a good price for an unencumbered elevator ride.

"Oh the toughest!" Cooper throws her hand in the air dramatically. It doesn't take long for the doors to ping when it reaches the second floor. "So you see, Mr. Mingan. You should be the one fearing me," she winks and begins to step out of the elevator, walking backwards to face him as she did entering. "So just owl me or stop by my cubicle and we'll talk more about when you're available. Hopefully you can pencil me in when you don't have a date with the moon." Grinning, she pushes her large glasses up from slipping down her nose further. "So long," she waves and turns to head to the Auror office.

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