(1937-11-03) A Camping We Will Go!
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Summary: Gilbert and Kaylee go camping, make some bets, and have a serious conversation.
Date: 1937-11-03
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It is late afternoon by the time they reach the camping spot, which really did take a good amount of walking to reach. Kaylee has a pack with her with odds and ends within it, Helios is off in front sniffing while he trots along and has his own pack as well. As for clothing Kaylee has on a long sleeved sweater, coat, and pants, yes pants the world may freeze over now! "How do ye like it?" As for the campsite itself it is a wide open area under a few large and rather old oaks, there is a babbling brook that opens up into a stream off a short ways. Within the open area can be found a circle of rocks for a makeshift fireplace, there is a large log settled near it for one to sit on. The large brightly colored leaves have started to fall and litter the ground, which is what Helios is eagerly sniffing and huffing through as if following some scents.

Since he wasn't blindfolded after all Gilbert has been looking around curiously the whole way there. But as predicted, by the time they arrive at the camping spot he looks very well lost. Like Kaylee he's also carrying a pack but unlike hers his looks rather poorly packet and maybe a little lighter than it should be for a weekend long trip. "Beautiful, as you promised. Too bad I am here with you because I cannot enjoy the scenery fully, since it pales in comparison to you." *wink*

Kaylee chuckles and nods while she unshoulders her pack and sets it on the ground, Helios is moving over and she moves to open the pack off the canine for he is off to search the area once more. "Well isn't that nice of ye." She offers him a warm smile, there is a faint blush across her cheeks.

Gilbert puts his pack on the ground and the turns to face Kaylee, "Confession time. I like camping, as much as I remember of it. The last time I went camping was before Hogwarts." His smile gets a little bigger, "But I was not going to pass up the opportunity to spend two days alone with you. So? What do we need to do next?"

Kaylee peers at Gilbert, she smiles and soon nods. "Somehow I had a feeling about that. Nat ta worry." She takes out her wand and once opening her pack the rolled up tent it pulled out and set on the ground. "Just have a set a few things up and then perhaps try to catch us some dinner." Fishing then!

Gilbert laughs and moves to get out of the way, instead following instructions as given until the camp area is ready to go. "Are we going to fish or trap for food?"

"Thought fishing would be easier than trying a trap." Kaylee say while going about getting the tent up with a few sways of her wand. A fire is started as well; the logs are 'pulled' over from a pile that was covered with leaves. "Use a rod and reel for it though so may take some time."

Gilbert lifts a finger and grins,"/That/ I can do. It is one of the few things you can do to get away from people almost anywhere in the world." Going over to his pack he digs around in a side pocket and ends up pulling out a collapsible fishing rod. Snapping it together he hooks the reel up to it then turns to Kaylee, "Well, ready?"

Kaylee looks over to Gilbert once everything is set up, a soft chuckle escapes her and she smiles while nodding. "Sure, there is a good spot not that far off." This said while she points towards he brook and is moving that way. "So ye have fished a lot then?"

Gilbert nods and starts following Kaylee to her spot, "Enough that I am willing to make a wager on my catching more fish than you. Are you up for it?"

Kaylee ohs softly and looks over to eye him curiously. "Perhaps… What does the one win if they get more fish though?" She still ows him kisses for stepping on his feet during that dance after all.

Gilbert motions to Kaylee with his rod free hand as they continue to walk towards the brook, "Ladies first, what are you willing to ante up for this little bet? I promise to offer something comparable, of course?" He's making sure to walk close enough to assist her if need be, even if in these particular surroundings he might need her help before she ever needs his.

Kaylee has little problem walking through the area towards the water. A small tin is pulled out and opened, which holds rather small fishing gear and the line. A pencil length fishing pole, wand is pulled free once the tin is tucked back into her coat pocket and the small pole is turned into a normal sized one. "Oh sure, leave it on me." She pauses once at the water’s edge and she peers over to Gilbert pondering. "I would suggest the winner gets to pick a night to spend at the others place. But… we are somewhat doing that tonight with the tent so I don't know if that would be a good prize or not."

Gilbert turns to look at Kaylee as if she's crazy for a moment then laughs, "You are joshing right. Of course it is a good prize. But I would take it a little further if you are willing. The winner chooses the night and the house. The looser has to follow orders for that night. Within reason of course."

Kaylee tilts her head while she watches him, a soft smile seen and she ponders this a few moments before she goes about setting up the hook and tosses it into the water; there is a worm on it too. Wherever did she get that? "Oh my… Alright, I'm game for it."

Gilbert gives one definite nod and turns to the water as well. Instead of live bait he has a fake fly on his hook. Using his wrist he flicks his line back and forth a few times before letting it fly into the water, "Winner is the one with the most fish by full sundown?"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Kaylee=reaction + Survival Vs Gilbert=reaction + Survival
< Kaylee: Success Gilbert: Failure
< Net Result: Kaylee wins - Marginal Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Kaylee=reaction + Survival Vs Gilbert=reaction + Survival
< Kaylee: Failure Gilbert: Failure
< Net Result: Both Fail.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Kaylee=reaction + Survival Vs Gilbert=reaction + Survival
< Kaylee: Failure Gilbert: Failure
< Net Result: Both Fail.

Kaylee shakes her head while she shifts to settle upon a log for a seat. "We're see." She offers with an amused tone while she gets to work watching the water. Her gaze flicks over the water’s surface. Time passes slowly, talking happens of course as it is fishing! By the end of the contest Kaylee has managed to get four fish, no it isn't a huge pile but enough to offer them dinner at least. "So, how many do ye have their Gilbert?"

Gilbert turns a dramatically fake glare on Kaylee then pointedly looks down at the empty dirt by his feet. "You cheated. I think you have trained the fish here to only go for your hook and no one else’s. Either that or I needed a few more hours. Take your pick. Regardless, I guess I get to be your servant for a night, woe is me." He flops off the log and starts squirm around on the leaves covering the ground as is someone was torturing him.

Kaylee grins while she watches him and shakes her head, a soft laugh escapes her. "Really, ye think I'd do such a thing?" This questioned while she looks fully amused as he is squirming about within the leaves. "Now I have to think of what to possible do to ye.”

Gilbert stops squirming around to look up at Kaylee, giving her a saucy look," I find it hard to believe that you could come up with a whole lot that would bother me too much. Unless you are cruel enough to decide you are going to use me as a cleaning maid." Getting to his feet he gives her a surprisingly good sad-puppy look for a man his age, "You would not do that to me, would you?"

Kaylee blinks and blushes a moment at the look he gives her. "Oh really.. Well the house does need to be picked up, sweeping done and so forth." She winks at him and grins while leaning a bit closer. "So… Perhaps."
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Gilbert laughs and bends over to pick up the fish at Kaylee's feet, "Well, maybe I can start by cleaning these up. Shall we go back to camp?"

Kaylee chuckles and nods while waving a hand as she stands up. "Sounds like a lovely idea." This said with an amused tone while she starts to head on back. "Maybe I should make a list to figure out what I want to do." Her tone is teasing.

Once they are back at camp Gilbert looks for a flattish rock and sets in front of a log to use it as a table. Getting a knife out of his back he starts scrapping the scales of the fish. After a few moments of this he looks back at Kaylee looking a bit more serious than normal, "Kaylee. There are obviously some areas in your life that you are very guarded about… I was wondering if you would be willing to tell me a little about your past. Sometimes I feel like it has been pure luck that I have not hit a button that has made our… well, right now I do not even know how to define what we have. But whatever it is, I like it and I would like to learn what to do and what /not/ to do to keep it going…" then he looks back down at the fish and starts to gut the first one.

Kaylee peers at him curiously once she has sat down upon the log near the fire. She ponders how to proceed with this and tilts her head to look down at the fire that is still crackling away. "If ye had hit a nerve ye would have known it by now." She offers softly. Her hand lifts to touch the scar across her cheek a moment, which is rather rare for any in the wizard world to have, especially a pure-blood like herself. "I suppose it is something we should talk about though." She lets her arms fold upon her lap. "Camping one night like this when I was about five something happened to my parents, been reported that they was killed. The scars are about all I have left to prove something happened that night." This talk could get rather depressing quickly if one let it.

OK, time to stop gutting the fish. Standing from the log he's been using as a seat he finds a rag to wipe his hands off then goes over to her log and sits on it, one leg on each side of the log so that he's facing Kaylee directly. Close enough for her to get closer with just a quick shuffle but not so close that he's intruding on her personal space until she makes the first move. "Before you go on, I do want to learn more about the important things, but even more important, I want you to talk to me when you feel ready." And now he smiles a tad, "Although I would prefer to avoid hitting a nerve altogether, thank you very much."

Kaylee tilts her head to look at him curiously a moment, a soft smile seen. "It isn't like I'm about to tell ye everything deary. I know ye asked about the scar before figured I'd start there." A chuckle escapes her. "Ye have done fine so far."

Gilbert tilts his head over to the side and, like he did the first time he asked about it, he reaches up to the scar nice and slow. This time however he'll actually run a gentle finger over it if he's allowed I find it curious that you have it still. Does it help you remember your parents?" His eyes narrow a little bit but just in thought and then he adds, "And camping. I willing to bet you rebounded and camping serves as a good reminder of your parents too. Am I right?"

Kaylee doesn't pull away this time and allows it. "Aye, to some degree. Me grandparents thought it would build character and left it and the others. No reason to get rid of 'em now." Oh yes she does have some more. A slight nod is seen. "Pretty much." Her gaze drifts over the area before she looks back to him. "It’s just part of me now I suppose. I thought of stopping it when I was younger but it just didn't seem right."

Gilbert grins at this point and nods, "Well, I am glad they did. It is one of the many things that makes you special and different." Taking his fish stinky hand away from her face he then gives her a kiss before getting up and moving back to his fish cleaning station, "Keep talking. But if I do not finish cleaning these fish they are going to start smelling up the clearing. Do you want to fillet and rock-fry them or do you want them roasted?"

Kaylee blushes slightly, though does lean back into the kiss. A soft breath escapes her. "Thanks." This said softly. "Ye pick however ye wan to cook 'em." A slight shrug is seen while she glances to the fire. "I grew up with me father’s parents. They did could to raise a kid at their age, did rather well I thought."

Gilbert looks over his shoulder once he's finished gutting the last fish, "Ay, that they did. I think roasted. Mind getting some spits ready? If I do it I will probably grab the only wood in the whole area that would make us sick." With a wink he grabs all the guts he's peeled out of the fish and heads back to the brook to dispose of them and get the worst of the stink off his hands. As he's coming back a few minutes later he starts talking again by asking, "Speaking of who we have grown up with. Do you have any interest in meeting my parents?"

Kaylee chuckles and nods while he is off doing the washing bit she finds some sticks to use and has used a knife to make one end pointy. At the question she looks to him curiously. "Well, sure. I can't recall the last parents I met from someone I was interested in."

Gilbert spits two fish on each stick and then hands one over to Kaylee. Sitting on the log close enough so that his shoulder is touching her he holds his stick of the fire and starts to cook his dinner, the air quickly filling with the smell of roasting fish, "I really expected a bigger reaction to that. You do understand that a man offering to introduce you to his family means things are serious, right? Let’s make it official that we are a couple kind of serious?"

Kaylee shrugs a moment. "Gilbert, no one that I have ever been with has last this long, or wanted me to meet their parents before." She points out softly while she goes back to watching the fire. "Hell the last guy that I was in a relationship with up and left one night without a word." Which Allen is prone to doing? For his second question she ponders while looking back at him. "Do ye want us to have something serious like?" Well they do already to some degree.

Gilbert turns his head to look at Kaylee's profile and chuckles a bit before say, "He was brain dead then. And blind. And deaf. His loss, my gain." Then his smile widens as he adds, "A for having something serious, we are already half way there. My answer to your question would be that, short of getting engaged, we can declare this relationship of ours as serious as you are comfortable with. But you will have to give me at least six more months if you were thinking about a ring."

Kaylee smirks faintly. "Allen… Is just Allen." This said softly at the thought before she takes in a breath and blinks while peering at him at the idea of getting engaged, or a ring. She just eyes him a few moments that though never crossed her mind it seems. "Gilbert, I'm not too sure if I'm the marrying type." Possible not the answer he is looking for, but it might as well be brought up now instead of later.

Gilbert laughs at this reaction, "I should have known better than to make a ring joke with any woman. There are only two possible reactions: You freak out because you think we are moving too quick or you freak out because you think we are offering marriage seriously. None of you can seem to take it as a joke." He gets control of his laughter and continues in a more no-nonsense tone of voice, "But your concerns about marriage have been noted, even if it’s way too early to think about it at all. And it side tracked the real question. With regards to the rest of the world, how serious and official do you want us to make this relationship?"

Kaylee smirks slightly while she peers at Gilbert one he laughs, her arms fold before her while she tilts her head slightly. "Then why do ye men keep going on with that joke? Would seem to me that ye all would wise up and stop using it." At the question she pauses, tilting her head while she ponders this. "I don't have a problem if others know about our relationship. As for how serious, perhaps just see where things lead an go from there?"

Gilbert makes sure to keep flipping his fish so that they cook evenly as he thinks about that for a moment before nodding, "Fair enough. So let’s ask what would be the important question at this stage then. Are we looking at this relationship as just an exploration still or as an exclusive, monogamous relationship?" Pulling his fish out of the fire he starts picking little pieces of meat off them with his fingers and eating them as he waits for an answer.

Kaylee looks amused for a few moments while she peers at Gilbert. "Why, have a few girls on the side?" She has to ask it seems. "Depends on what you want to explore." Her tone is teasing now. "But if I'm in a relationship with someone I tend to be rather loyal to them. I have friends that are guys and girls but they are friends only. I don't do relationship games, nor do I deal with them well. If for some reason a relationship does not work out I rather be told then left guessing."

Gilbert grins and leans harder into Kaylee's should because a kiss with a mouthful of fish would be, well, just gross. "Exclusive it is then. And I do not string people along. I think at this point it should be obvious that, if anything, I talk more than I should at times." With a wink and he pops another little piece of fish in his mouth and points at her stick, "I would pull those out if I were you. Unless you like them very well done."

Kaylee shakes her head slightly and leans down to pull the stick out with the fish on it letting it work on cool down. "Well ye do talk a good amount, though I suppose I don't talk much so it is good that one of us talks a lot then hum?" She lets her shoulder press back against his.

The rest of the night is spent talking and eating fish, the promise of going for a hike in the morning to check on the area, and see what else happens to be around the little camp site.

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