(1937-11-06) An Addition to the Family
Details for An Addition to the Family
Summary: Tim and Annie find that they won't be living alone together for long.
Date: 07 November 1937
Location: Moody Residence
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Mid day on an early November Tuesday finds Annie at the home she now shares with Tim. She's taken the day off work unexpectedly after receiving an owl after Tim had already left for his day at the Daily Prophet. Back home after a short trip out, Annie has been working off nervous energy by cleaning and baking, with the help of Bowie. She's kept the little elf running, not so much by choice, but because he's a wee bit excitable and her energy is contagious. There's news for Tim and she didn't want to send him an owl at work and interrupt him if he's busy, but she knows if it's a slow day there's a good chance he'll come home early. Trying desperately not to watch the clock, she's dusting the fireplace mantle for about the fourth time.

Tim comes home through the door and as he usually does he turns rather directly to head into the door that leads down into the basement. But he pauses seeing Annie is already home. "Well there's a beautiful sight. Yee are home earlier than usual Wife o Mine."

"Tim!" Annie hurries over to greet him at once, her smile there but something of a troubled look to her eyes. "I'm so happy yeh got home early, love. Come in, get settled." She won't hit him with news right away, but will let him relax, and she turns to call out, "Bowie, dear, Tim is home."

Tim beams, he loves having her home here, he lifts his hand to cup her cheek but then points towards the door that is a little off limits to her. "Just have to put the kit away."

Annie nods, giving her man a quick kiss before letting him go. "I'll be here when yeh come back up." She moves away, letting her hand linger on his arm until she can't reach him any more, and her steps direct her to the kitchen to see how Bowie is coming along with tea. She'll be back in the room before he comes back up the stairs, back to straightening things that are already straight.

Tim is quick to deposit his things and when he comes up Bowie is there with his whiskey and cigarette. Tim takes them up with a gratitude towards the House Elf and then he looks to Annie. "What is the matter?" He reaches up to stroke her cheek and draw her to cuddle with him on the couch as he smokes and drinks and relaxes after work.

Annie has a cuppa for herself, steaming on the side table, abandoning it as she sinks down next to Tim. She doesn't exactly cuddle, but sits up and half turns to look at him, her hands resting on his leg. "Tim, I have something t' ask yeh." There's a slight pause before she goes on. "When I was in school, my best friend was a yearmate, Rhye Diderot. She's been abroad an' we've sent letters often since school, but I haven't heard from her in months. I got an owl from her this mornin'… it seems she's been in Mungo's for the last four months."

Tim frowns and leans forward to kiss her forehead. "I'm very sorry to hear that. Have you gone to visit her?"

Annie nods, "I went immediately. We didn't talk for long, she still needs a lot of rest and I didn't want to tax her terribly." Again there's a pause, and then blue eyes settle on Tim with a look that's nearly pleading. "Tim, she shouldn't be alone for a few weeks, please, may she stay in one of the rooms with us? It won't be for long, and I know she won't be a bother, and I'm sure you'll love her as I do."

Tim leans forward to kiss his wife's lips. "M'Annie. Of course she can stay with us, we have the empty rooms. Soon as she's released from Mungo's you can bring her right here. She can stay as long as she likes."

Annie had been holding her breath for a moment. She didn't doubt Tim's big heart for a second, but it being so close to the beginning of this new phase of their relationship, she wasn't sure if he'd be disappointed. "My Tim, I love yeh so," she says softly, leaning in for a kiss. "Thank yeh." She straightens, brows lifting hopefully. "Would yeh like to come meet her in hospital tonight, in visiting hours? She's anxious t' meet the man that stole my heart."

Tim chuckles a little sheepishly. "I just hope she doesn't accidentally stumble across my 'hobby'." He looks to her with pointed worry.

Annie raises her hand to lightly stroke Tim's cheek, a light frown coming. In her desire to help her friend, she hadn't considered that, clearly. "Tim, I'm sorry, I hadn't thought…" She's loathe to think another night like the one she found him so horribly hurt might happen again, but she knows there are no guarantees.

Tim takes a deep breath and shakes his head, "No, your friend's well being is more important. I can take measures to nae bring anything home 'ere. We'll be fine M'Annie." He leans forward to kiss her lips again and then nod. "I would like to meet her. Aye."

"Yeh've such a big heart, my love, thank yeh. It'll just be until the healers say she can be on her own." Annie does move to curl up against Tim now, laying her head on his shoulder as she nestles against him. "She an' I met on the train t' Hogwarts our very first time. Sorted into the same house, best friends through all the years. She was there for me when I lost my folks." The words come softly, reminiscing over things it hadn't really been important to share before now.

Tim wraps his arms around her, managing to keep her from getting burned or dripped on with his cigarette and drink still in his hand. Resting his chin on her head he listens to her recalling how she knows the woman that's going to be living with them soon.

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