(1937-11-06) Forgettable Flunkies
Details for Forgettable Flunkies
Summary: A small group of students run into each other in the Entry Hall.
Date: Nov. 6, 1937
Location: Entry Hall

Theodore is making his way off the staircase, heading towards the dungeons. He's wearing his robes, though they are loose and hanging off him. He carries a thick leather bound book and his wand is in its sheathe. He has kind of a quirky grin on his face as he walks.

Coming in from outside, Seamus looks like he's been a bit chilled since his pale cheeks are now stained with the rosey colour that they get when he's cold. His eyes flicker a little bit as he looks around pulling off his gloves and tucking them neatly into his bag.

Theodore looks over and notices Seamus, "You were out late, Blanc." He tilts his head, and walks over towards him. "Everything okay?"

"Of course. I see you're feeling a bit better. Since you're calling me Blanc again." Seamus says grinning a little bit,"I just was out for a late run before it got too late. Have to keep in shape for Quidditch season after all." He adds chuckling softly.

Theodore nods, "It's true. I'd hate for my team to kick your ass and you be all crying because you think being out of shape made the difference." He chuckles, teasing him. Or maybe not. "Yeah. I think I'm gonna live." He brightens, "Oh, I got the letter. Thanks. What do I owe you?"

Gabrielle comes walking down the staircase, not really looking where she's going. She has a few books in her arms, and is looking at a set of cards in her hands.

"I do not forsee you besting us with any sort of ease." Seamus says smirking a little bit at Theodore. "Why would you owe me anything?" He asks tilting his head a bit to oneside. "I don't really get it." He says seriously.

Theodore shrugs, "You helped me. I should be able to repay you is all." He looks back, noticing Gabby come down the stairs towards where he and Seamus are just standing, talking. "Ugh," he mutters to himself, and looks back at Seamus, saying quietly, "Wonder if she's still mad."

Gareth shuffles out of the Great Hall, where he's been studying since dinner, arms loaded with books. His eyes are sunken from lack of sleep, bloodshot from too many hours hunched over texts, as he starts making his way toward the staircase.

"I helped you because I wanted to help you. I didn't do it expecting anything in return." Seamus says before glancing towards Gabrielle,"You should try and apologize to her." He glances at Gareth as he shuffles on by,"Mr Carrow, are you ok?" He does note the bloodshot and sunken eyes of the other teen.

Gabrielle will make a frowny face at whatever card is in her hand and shuffle it into her deck again. she'll actually just sit down at the bottom of the stair and move a loose lock of hair behind her ear. She's not really paying attention to anyone.

Theodore nods a bit at Seamus, and he sighs. "I should, huh?" Clearly, clueless as to why. He nods, and then walks over towards Gabrielle. "Hey. Sorry about the other night, Artie."

Gareth stops dead in his tracks, looking up and blinking owlishly. "Oh. Cavanaugh, yes. I'm fine, really. I…Oh." He notices Theodore then, eyes bugging wider still. "Dupont. Yes, um. Well." He quickly shifts his gaze again. Easier to look at Gabrielle. Or at least, less dangeorus. "All right, Evans?"

Doesn't he know that apologizes should have the person's name not the nick name? Seamus shakes his head a bit at Theodore's apology. "You sure? You look like someone who has been doing more studying and less sleeping than would be healthy." He says looking at Gareth intently.

Gabby will look up from where she's shuffling the now apparent Tarot deck, "What- Oh. Well, I was just trying to be nice. You didn't need to do that. It was embarrassing."she'll start to say something else when Gareth speaks to her. She'll look over, and her eyes harden. "I'm fine, Carrow."

Theodore nods at Gabrielle, "I was trying to be nice, too. Sorry." He looks over at this Carrow fellow, and then just looks past him at Seamus. "At least lemme buy you a butterbeer next 'Meade weekend? A thank you?"

Gareth nods to Gabrielle then, looking back to Seamus. "Sleep? Oh. Well, you know, OWLs this year. I can sleep over the summer." He steals another glance at Theodore, a shiver running up his spine. "So. Er. Suppose I should get upstairs then. Um. 'Night, everyone."

"I'm fully aware of it being OWLs this year since it is my OWL year as well. However, if you exhaust yourself then you do yourself no good. You'll end up forgetting what you've learned in the end. Plus it's only the second month of the year. If you're this tired now, what will it be like when it gets closer to the actual OWLs." Seamus says chastising the other fifth year in a gentle manner, before he gives a little nod to Theodore,"Alright. If you insist but it really isn't that big of a deal."

Gabrielle will blink, a little surprised at Theo's offer to Seamus, especially when he still owes her a drink. She'll sigh, and start flipping through her cards again, trying to ignore Gareth as he passes after seeing the look he gave Theo.

Theodore nods, "Thanks, Blanc," he says, and then as he returns his attention to Gabrielle, he notices Gareth, and quickly tilts his head a bit, "I thought you flunked out last year. Huh." Then he shrugs, and moves back to Gabrielle. "You okay?"

Hmmm? Gareth looks up again, nodding to Seamus. "You're right, of course. If I'd spend more time studying last weekend, instead of…er…not-studying." His eyes bug wide at Theodore's words. "You thought I…? Me?! I've never failed anything." Wait, Theodore Dupont noticed him last year? Nah, can't be. "Right, well. Um. Sleep, now, good idea. Yes." Cheeks flushed, he starts up the stairs, ducking his head in the hope that his unruly hair will hide his red face.

"Mr Carrow, if you aren't able to sleep you should see the nurse and get a draught to help you sleep. Let the Nurse mix it for you don't try and do it yourself." Seamus says seriously to Gareth,"If you keep up the way you are right now, you're going to be heading for having to go." He says shaking his head,"Theodore…" He says frowning a bit,"Why would you think he'd flunked out?"

Gabrielle will close her eyes, and nod to Theo. If anyone looks close, her jaw is clenched and her shoulders are shaking slightly.

Theodore glances at Seamus, not answering, then at Gabrielle again. "You sure?" he asks her, ignoring the departing Gareth.

Gareth pauses to give Seamus a nod, adding, "No, I'm fine. Sleep, yes. I'll do that now." Quick glance at Theodore, another quick glance at Gabrielle, and then he's off up the stairs, heading for Ravenclaw Tower.

"Are you really ok Gabrielle?" Seamus asks curiously as he stands there looking at her after Gareth left, seeing her reaction to the other lad curiously.

As soon as Gareth is out of sight, Gabby starts to snicker opening, "Oh…I was biting my tongue /so/ hard…ouch!"She'ls laughing about it though, so she must not be in /too/ much pain. "What a pill." She'll actually reach up and wipe her eyes.

Once Gareth is gone, Theodore starts to laugh. He looks at Seamus then, and responds to the earlier question. "I didn't think he flunked out. I think he's a pesky twerp who's lucky I didn't just punch him instead of insult him." He looks back at Gabby then, and smiles. "Yup."

"I don't know anything about him but he looked terrible." Seamus says shrugging a little bit,"I wouldn't worry about it." He says casually as he looks at Theodore and Gabrielle,"He seems rather needing of a bit of common sense."

Gabrielle will start laughing out loud ay what Seamus says. She'll actually cover her mouth, her eyes starting to twinkle. Some of her normal stress seems to be leaving her shoulders.

Theodore shrugs, "You call it common sense. I call it a beating. Whatevs. He still needs it." He gently kicks the toe of Gabrielle's shoe. "Thanks for finding my book," he says, with a smile.

"I think I am going to go check on my House common room and see if they are all doing well." Seamus says smiling a bit,"It was good seeing you both."

Gabrielle will look up, "I'm sorry Seamus, you don't need to go." She'll start to stand , "I need to run to a class room anyway before curfew." she'll throw Theo a smile, "I was interesting looking."

Theodore nods, "Take it easy, Blanc." He smiles at Gabrielle, "See ya, Artie." He then heads off towards the dungeons, with a little laugh.

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