(1937-11-06) Frankenstein and Do-Overs
Details for Frankenstein and Do-Overs
Summary: Ajax discovers what Theodore has been reading, and Theo gives Jax some advice on enjoying life in spite of things going wrong.
Date: November 6, 1937
Location: Ramparts

It's late evening, the sky is beginning to darken but it's still an hour or so from curfew. This particular rampart is on the long wall farthest from the main sections of the school - If there were a rampart least travelled, it's this section. Sitting in a corner where the rampart changes direction is Theodore. While it's not dark yet, the tall walls make the corner shadowed, so he's difficult to spot except for the light coming from his wand, illuminating the thick book in his lap. He's reading, his thick lips moving slightly with each word as his finger moves across the page, very slowly.

Ajax has just been coming up for some air and to catch the bit of time when one can be out after dark but before curfew is completely in effect- for astronomy class, of course. He's working on a project to create a simple charm to help one navigate and tell time by the stars, hoping to get a head start on working towards his NEWT studies. Thus, he arrives while Theodore is reading and pauses, noticing him. Ajax hesitates a moment, then smiles and calls over, "Oh, hallo. Sorry- didn't know anyone'd be up here. I'm just keen to do a bit of preparation for my astronomy homework. I can come back another time if you're busy?"

Theodore looks up, at first mortified, as if he's up to no good, and he slaps the book shut and drops it between his leg and the wall. His eyes widen a little, then he relaxes a bit, and he smiles some, "You're um… heh… No, not at all. I'm just sittin'. Or. Whatever." He shrugs, "Figured you'd be out in Hogsmeade. Birthday and all…"

Ajax makes a sour face at that, hopping up to sit on the wall nearby. "I'd like to pretend my birthday didn't happen. I had someone ask me out, and then before I could even meet him to see where it would go, he was snogging someone else behind my back. Made for a pretty unpleasant birthday, really." He tilts his head a bit. "All right, feel free to tell me to sod off, but… why do you hide your book every time someone sees you reading it?"

Theodore tilts his head a bit, and he almost whispers, "…he…?" Then he's asked the question, and his eyes widen, there's panic there. "I um…" His hand moves to rest on the book, "No, it's just… I just… you know… Put it away so as to not be rude or… Yeah."

Ajax holds up both hands as if in a warding gesture. "Like I said, no offense meant! I was just curious because… well, y'know. I'm a Ravenclaw and all. I think reading in public is really- y'know, attractive." To the other question, he blushes a bit, glancing away, and adds, "Uh, yeah. I- I s'pose I tend to fancy the lads more than the ladies."

With a little sigh, he slowly looks at the book, and the lifts it. It's a rather expensive, leather-bound edition of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. Theodore looks at Ajax, "It's kind of stupid, but…" He shrugs, "It's my favorite talkie, and I've been trying to read it." He ignores the other.

Ajax's eyebrows dart up, and he grins. "I love that book! I've always thought it was really interesting to see a muggle perspective on necromancy- not, of course, that I support necromancy, but from a literary perspective it's really pretty- y'know, interesting."

Theodore tilts his head a little, "You've… read it?" He seems surprised. "No one else has hardly heard of it…" He smiles, "I'm not finished with it. It's… It's hard going." He shrugs, "Not a reader," he notes about himself.

"Well, it's also pretty old-fashioned writing," Ajax notes. "It's pretty tough until you get used to it, and—well, I guess I read a lot as a kid because I was rebelling against my dad wanting me to play quidditch." He blushes a bit. "Stupid, huh? It's a great game, but I was jealous of how much he liked it, so I kinda… didn't want to like it. I'm pretty useless at it now. Wish I wasn't."

Theodore laughs, "I can't imagine not wanting to play quidditch." He smiles, tapping the book, "It's tough. I've been working on it since early summer," he shares, though he doesn't seem to register that that's an AWFULLY long time to have been trying to read something. "I can try to teach you quidditch. I mean, you know, if you wanted to or whatever." He shrugs again.

"Well, maybe," Ajax says uncertainly. "I'd make a proper fool of myself, no mistake. You're—you're really good, and I'd be as bad as a firstie, just flailing about randomly and being useless." He pauses, then adds, "But let me know what you think when you finish. It's a good book."

Theodore nods, and smiles, "I will. And, let me know about the quidditch." He sighs, and then asks, "Why don't you have a do-over on your birthday?"

Laughing a little, Ajax says, "Thanks! I'll think about it. And—do over? Can you even do that?" He laughs, just a bit awkwardly.

Theodore shrugs, rising to his feet and leaning casually against the wall as if he owns the rampart. "If you have the right the right friends? Yeah." He smiles, "Anything's possible."

Ajax, still a bit flushed, nods and says, smiling, "Well, that would be… nice. I didn't really do much on my birthday except hide in my room and pretend to be sick."

Theodore rolls his eyes, "Lame." He smiles, "Look, I don't know who this dingy crumb was that mucked up your birthday by two timin' ya, but he ain't your friend. You want me to have words with him?" He gives a little punch at the air and whispers, "kapow." It's playful, but also, kind of serious, too.

Ajax grimaces a bit and shakes his head. "He was really just… confused. I'm not really mad at him, just… well, I'm trying to let go of it and move on, y'know?" A blush touches his cheeks again, and he adds, "But, thanks—it's really nice of you to offer."

Theodore nods, just watching Ajax. His eyes linger there in the silence, it's almost awkward, except Theodore's just so damned confident about it. Finally, he says, "Well, if makes you feel any better, I couldn't get a date to the dance, so…" He shrugs, "We all have problems."

Ajax blinks in surprise. "You?! But… you're…" He gestures vaguely with his hands, finishing in a flustered tone, "YOU. You're popular, you're a quidditch star, and you're—you're GORGEOUS!" His blush resurges brightly at that declaration, of course.

Theodore sighs, and he shrugs, "Yeah, I know, right?" He chuckles, hard to tell if he's really arrogant or being funny. Maybe both? "Well, Ria was goin' with Lucian, and…" He chews his lip, and then stands up away from the wall, holding his gaze at Ajax. "…And I heard you were going with Gareth."

Shaking his head, Ajax says, "Oh, n-no. I was never going to go with Gareth. He… took a firstie and ended up snogging someone else." He shrugs, making a sour face, and then says, "If I'd known you weren't invited, I'd… well, I'd have at least WANTED to ask you."

Theodore shrugs then, and he bends down, picking up his book and shucking his wand into it's sheath on his belt. He offers the other boy a smile, "If you had really wanted to, you would have." He smiles a little wider, a warm smile that says it's alright, "It's okay. Really." He then nods, and begins to walk back towards the main building. "Night, Blue."

Watching Theodore go, Ajax says quietly, not sure if he'll be heard, "I never thought you'd have said yes." Then, a bit louder, he calls after him, "G'night, Theo."

Theodore keeps walking, but he tosses his arms high into the air, and just calls back loudly, "Do over!" And he continues off towards the building.

Ajax stares after Theodore, the blush creeping back over his face rather stubbornly, and it's quite a few minutes before he even remembers to work on his astronomy project, getting very little done indeed before he has to scramble off to meet curfew.

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