(1937-11-06) The Mouse and the Stuttering Husband
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Summary: Annie and Tim arrive at the hospital to formally invite Rhye to stay at their home, and for Tim and Rhye to meet eachother.
Date: Tuesday, November 06, 1937
Location: Spell Damage Ward, St Mungo's
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It is a fall evening. The weather is warm and fair.

Spell Damage - St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries - London

This area of the hospital has been set up for a double purpose. At the beginning of the ward are multiple stations meant to deal with transitory cases that only need the attention of Medi-wizards or Healers for a few hours. These stations have a small adjustable bed and a rolling chair and a stand with all the necessary tools to deal with any kind of temporary damage caused by misfiring or misused spells. The back of the ward has been designed to resemble a boarding house with individual rooms for each patient. These rooms are separated from the primary ward by a set of double doors securely locked by multiple charms. Over the doors a large wooden signs reads:

"Spells Damage Ward. Long Term Care Wing."

During the night this ward is illuminated by the ever present light globes floating around the ceiling.

At last the rain has stopped, and perhaps as an omen of good things to come, a southern breeze has chased away the chill of the air. Stars glimmer faintly through the haze that ever settles upon the city of London, but they are no less beautiful. In the main ward for spell damage, full of transitory patients only here for a night or so, supper for the slow-eaters is just being cleared up. Apprentices scurry with trays laden with dishes, while the healers swoop down for a bit of bandage replacement while patients are full and groggy.

In the back of the ward where the long term patients live, hidden away in the private room at the end of the hall, Rhyeline is still sleeping. All curled up with her nose tucked under the burnt orange down comforter and her head nestled against the feather pillows, the young witch’s breathing is slow and even. Not having been disturbed for dinner, she has been sleeping since earlier that afternoon so that she might be permitted a late visit with her dear friend Annie and her beloved husband.

Having come through the streets of London together, Annie arrives at the front desk with Tim shortly after evening visiting hours start. They managed to miss the rain, but they're still slightly damp after the trip. Following an escort, the Moodys are led back to Rhye's room, and Annie is the first to step quietly into the room. She pauses after just a few steps, turning back to whisper, "It looks like she's still asleep, I hate t' wake her." The words are directed at the apprentice who brought them, and the hand holding Tim's hand gives a light squeeze.

Tim is carrying a bouquet of flowers in the hand that doesn't clasp his wife's hand. She knows her husband at least well enough to easily get the impression that hospitals are not his most favorite of places to be. He's been doing a lot of chewing on his tongue as they walk and the bouquet has been going up often to block his view of rooms and such as he passes by them. He swallows and gives a deep sigh once they are in Rhye's room. "Wuh-wait t.til sshe w.wakes?" He looks a bit pissed at himself and goes back to chewing on his tongue. Passing the flowers to his wife so she can put them somewhere or present them.

The apprentice has scurried off to try to find Healer Greengrass to inform him that his patient has visitors.

At the sound of voices, the little one hidden under the comforter stirs just a bit. Just as Tim is passing the flowers to his wife, a set of warm, dark eyes shine in the dim light coming from enchanted lanterns hovering in the air over their heads. Pulling the comforter under her chin, she murmurs in a soft, small voice, “Hello.” The dark gaze lingers on Annie for a moment before settling upon the man with a profound shyness.

Annie takes the flowers, releasing Tim's hand after a reassuring squeeze and moving to set them on the bedside table until water can be gotten for them. The small voice pulls her attention, and Annie steps closer to the bed immediately. "Rhye, I'm sorry if we woke yeh, love." She leans in to brush a tender kiss to her friend's forehead, then straightens and looks toward Tim. "Rhye, I'd like yeh t' meet my husband, Tim. An' Tim, this is my dearest friend, Rhyeline." She steps back over to take Tim's arm, and draw him a step closer if he'll go.

Tim is rather easily drawn forward. He gives Rhye a smile and nods his head to her in greeting giving a little shy wave with his free hand. He awkwardly points to himself, then to the flowers Annie has and then towards the patient with a rather shy if sincere 'get well soon' expression. His eyes then go to Annie and he looks for her like he's terrified he's screwing this up.

The gentle kiss upon her forehead draws the young witch out from under the covers a bit more. Pushing herself up to sit, Rhyeline keeps as close to Annie’s side as she can. The dark, quiet stare takes in the awkward pantomime before she murmurs, “Thank you for the flowers. That is very kind of you. Annie has spoken such wonderful things about you.”

The two people Annie loves the most are perhaps also the two most shy people she has ever known, and that may be what drew the friendly brunette to each of them in the first place. The apprentice returns without the doctor, but with a vase of water for the flowers, and Annie moves to take the vase. She motions toward a chair, looking to Tim, "Why don't yeh relax, love, an' I'll see t' these." She starts arranging the flowers as she talks, looking over at Rhye and Tim both while she gets things situated. "We had a talk when Tim got home from work, and yer more than welcome in our home, Rhye." There is no small measure of pride held in the words 'our home'.

Tim nods and moves to sit down and he chews on his tongue a little while longer until he clears his throat and nods, "Aye, there's a ssspare roo-room tha's yers iffin yeh wish." He seems to be abandoning using his put on King's English for his Irish brogue that seems to make it easier on him to talk without his stammer.

Rhyeline bites her lower lip as Annie heads off to tend to the flowers. Settling back against the several pillows, which prop her up, she looks to the man. Such a painfully shy pair, but at least both are making an effort to get to know each other for Annie’s sake. “Thank you,” she murmurs with a nod. “I hope not to be too much trouble. It is very kind of you to welcome me into your home.” Perhaps a bit formal, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Annie has the flowers situated in short order, moving back to the bedside of her school friend and perching lightly on the edge. Tim's words get a look of untold gratitude from her, before her attention swings back to Rhyeline. "We'll not keep yeh too long, my darlin' Rhye. Tomorrow will be a big day, an' yeh need t' be rested properly for it. But I so wanted yeh t' meet as soon as yeh could."

Tim waves his hand a little bit, "Ye are family t.to m'Annie." This is why he's nervous, he didn't realize he'd be facing this sort of 'meet the family' sort of thing. But he is very fine with doing so, just nervous and shy. "N.no t.t.trouble. t'all. Muh-may Ah ah-ask wot 'appened?" There is a strange sort of professionalism in his question about what happened. His old Auror training shining through without him realizing it.

A small, shy smile touches Rhyeline’s lips as the man includes her as Annie’s family. Peeking up at her friend as she comes to perch on the edge of the bed next to her, Rhyeline reaches out to brush her fingertips against the underside of Annie’s wrist. The man’s question draws the young witch’s unwavering regard once more. “Ah, I got caught in a bit of crossfire. A curse meant for Ambassador Troy hit me instead.”

Annie couldn't look more proud as Tim's words begin to come easier, and the look she directs at him is unabashedly adoring. She is just twining her fingers with Rhye's to hold her hand when the answer comes, and she clearly looks surprised. "Ambassador Magnus Troy? Is he who yeh were with in Germany?"

Tim leans forward in his chair and he listens to the tale unfold. Annie asking the next line of questioning for him. The Yin to his Yang. Though ironically besides the gender orientation, Annie is more Yang and he's more Yin.

Rhyeline blinks as she looks up to Annie. “Yes, that’s right. Do you know him?” While she does not seem to mind the questions, the soft spoken witch’s answers offer no information other than what was directly asked. Hand held in Annie’s, the fragile convalescent’s grasp tightens just a bit, betraying her lingering apprehension at the presence of one she does not yet know well.

Annie brings her other hand to lightly pet Rhye's hand, her head nodding as she smiles, "I've met him. Tim an' I both have," she adds, her eyes flickering to include Tim, and then back to the girl. "He seemed very kind. Even joined us at the soda shop in Diagon for a spell."

Tim seems to not realize he's met Magnus until Annie continues on and the light bulb nearly can be seen above his head as it dawns on him and he gestures to his mouth ahhing and mentioning, "Green Mouth…riiiiigh'."

The news may seem to cause the young witch to pause. Perhaps not. “I see.” Tim’s comment draws a bemused blink, but then with a small nod, she says, “He is very kind. He has kept me as his assistant even during my illness.”

With a soft knock upon the door, the apprentice from earlier slips in and stands with her hands clasped behind her back. A subtle indication that their time with her tonight is near its end.

Annie smiles to Tim, nodding, "Oh yes, I'd nearly forgotten that, although I don't know how I could possibly forget that. His drink turned his mouth all green," she repeats with a soft laugh. She turns to Rhye for her reaction, and pauses, looking at her friend. While she can't put her finger on it exactly, something seems…. off? Perhaps that's the best word for it, and she feels secure enough in Tim's company to question it. "Is something wrong, Rhye?" Her eyes slip to the doorway, a light frown at the reminder they'll have to be leaving.

Rhyeline blinks at Annie’s question, seeming surprised by it. “Hm? Yes of course.” Gaze flickering to the apprentice standing by the door, she watches her in disappointment for a moment before glancing up to Annie once more. “Thank you so much for visiting.” To Tim, she adds with a respectful nod, “And for your kindness. Only recently were you hand fasted, and yet you welcome me into your home. Thank you.”

Annie spends the next few moment fussing over Rhye, drawing out the time before they have to part ways again. Pillows are fluffed, covers tucked, and Annie makes sure that there is cool water on the bedside table within easy reach. Finally, having done everything possible, she leans to give Rhye another kiss to the forehead. "I'll see yah t'morrow, love," she whispers. Taking her husband's hand, Annie accompanies Tim out, pausing at the door for a quick look back before they step out, the door closed behind them by the apprentice.

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