(1937-11-06) Too Much Information
Details for Too Much Information
Summary: Leander and Ripley share a brotherly conversation.
Date: November 6, 1937
Location: Slytherin Common Room
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Common Room Hogwarts Castle

The Slytherin commons room is a low-ceilinged, dungeon-like affair illuminated during the day by a multitude of greenish lamps and a roaring fire which also works to partially ward of the perpetual chill of the dungeons. The common room is filled with low-backed, black and dark green leather sofas and armchairs accented with buttons that create dimples deep in the upholstery. For the decorative carvings of the dark wood cupboards, the columns, the mantelpiece, and other architectural details of the room run strongly towards snakes and skulls motif. All these details combine to create a quite grand atmosphere with a touch of spooky and cold.
Day or night the enchanted windows are filled with an eerie green glow from the water on the other side. Occasionally the Giant Squid and other residents of the Black Lake will swim by the portals. Over all the common room has a sunken ship feel, though is oddly enough also gives a strange cozy sense as well.

Several of Leander's classes have been gearing up for their first round of serious tests lately, so he's been busy studying - when he's not dealing with the aftermath of the Halloween Feast. He's just finished with his last class for the day, and he trudges into the commons with his dark eyes glancing warily around the room in search of some privacy. When he spots an unoccupied corner, he walks over and sets his things down, then sits down on an armchair and exhales slowly.

Not too long after comes Ripley as he comes into the room seeking a little solace. He comes into the room and a smile grows a little more over his face, "Hey Lea." As he makes his way over and settles at the table, "How are you?" He speaks low, brother to brother, "The Triwizard stuff isn't getting to you or anything is it?"

Ripley's approach causes Leander to look up from his brief reverie. He smiles, perhaps more easily than he has in his twin's company for a while, and shakes his head. "Well… maybe a little, but I'll handle it." He leans forward and grins, dropping his cool facade while there's nobody but the two of them around. "You never mentioned Gareth before the other night."

Ripley pats his brother on the shoulder as a sign of comfort. "You will be great." He smiles to his brother and leans against the table, "Wasn't much to tell. Met him down in Hogsmeade and we went to get a Butterbeer. We sat and talked and it was really nice to not have someone either treat me like an asshole or go all crazy because I play Quidditch." He shrugs, "We got to talking about a book he had and things drifted to speak of other things and I found out nobody had ever kissed him. So I did." His smile widens, "Something clicked in him and in me. We did a good bit of hiding so he could talk to Ajax… A guy he had been interested in… But I think Ajax knew something and was avoiding him." He shakes his head, "I didn't want to be like Ria and Lucian, you know? Taking someone away… So I did my best to get him to do this right."

"Well, we'll see." Leander leans back in the chair a bit to listen to his brother's story, nodding occasionally during the pauses. "I see…" He shakes his head, one dark eyebrow quirking, and sits up. "You know, Ripley, I… never really knew that you liked guys," he says bluntly, his brows drawing together. Of course the kind of prejudices that exist in the Muggle world about such things don't, for wizards, but Leander is so straight-laced it just wasn't something he could have anticipated. "It was rather shocking, to be honest. How come you've never said anything before?"

Ripley shrugs his shoulders, "I like everyone." Ripley responds and leans against the table, "Remember the summer in France a couple years ago?" He looks to his brother, "Remember the other boy that we were hanging out so much with? The night he and I disappeared?" He bites at his lip, "That was the first."

"You…" Leander stares at his brother for a few moments. "I can't believe this." He shakes his head again, raises his palm to his forehead, and closes his eyes for an instant. "You're really telling me I was /that/ blind for this long?" Sighing, he opens his eyes and lays his hand back across his lap, then finally manages a mild shrug. "Well… it doesn't bother me, anyway. Gareth seems like a sensible sort." I.e., so far, Leander approves.

Ripley gives a little grin, "Is it that hard to think of your brother with another boy? Or is it that hard to believe you are the ladies man right now?" He laughs a bit and leans against a hand, "I still like girls. I just learned that boys are pretty fun too in France." He grins wide, "Real fun sometimes." He laughs a little obnoxiously. "He has a cottage in Hogsmeade. So those weekends are becoming fun." He waggles his brows.

"A little hard…" Leander frowns, his hands steepling. "Though maybe not as hard as it would have been if I hadn't seen you snogging him in the middle of the dance floor," he deadpans, one corner of his lips quirking just a bit to indicate that he's at least mildly amused. His face goes a bit ashen at the last few tidbits of information, though, and he raises his hands to his ears. "Augh, Rip! You know, we look almost exactly alike. There are some images I /don't/ need in my head."

Ripley erupts in a big laugh as his objective was achieved. "Ah. Just imagine it." He teases and then after a bit he settles back in his chair. "Looking forward to Germany?"

Obviously Leander is trying quite hard /not/ to imagine it. He scowls, then gradually lowers his hand and nods to his brother's question. "A lot. I'm nervous, but…" He grips his knees hard enough to make his knuckles go white. "I can't wait to see what the first trial will be."

Ripley looks to his brother and that smile goes away some as he leans in and says in the most sincere tones as he can muster, "Leander. You will be great. I know my brother and he's a hell of a lot stronger than he believes he is."

"Thanks, Rip." Leander does look grateful for the encouragement - he doesn't get a lot of it, regardless of all the attention he's been attracting lately (both good and bad) - and smiles a bit. But he's not really given to long displays of affection, so the smile fades soon enough. An idea suddenly seems to have occurred to him. "This weekend, perhaps you and Gareth could come on a… double-date with Lois and I."

Ripley nods, "I'm sure he'd like that. He gets a little happy about dates and things like that." He nods little more, "Be nice to see you and Lois. I guess she's lightened up on you and things are going well?"

Leander nods slowly to this, though something in his expression says there's more than he's about to let on. "Things are… good with us, yes." The boy offers a smile, and then suddenly glances over at a clock on the wall. When he sees it, his eyes widen. "Oh, blast it all! I have to turn in a Charms paper before the deadline! Later, Rip!" He jumps out of his seat, grabs his pack, and tears off.

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