(1937-11-07) Potty Mouths
Details for Potty Mouths
Summary: Theodore and Julian run into one another in the boys' room.
Date: Nov. 7, 1937
Location: Boy's Bathroom


Boys Bathroom Hogwarts Castle

Tue Nov 27, 1937 ((Wed Nov 07 00:33:06 2012)) (First Floor)

Diffuse light fills the rest room as it filters in through the frosted glass of its windows. To each side of the entrance there are three stalls, forming a corridor that leads to a wider, square area. In the middle of the square is a large half column with a basin around its middle that at first glance seem to be an octagonal fountain. A second glance reveals that it is actually a collection of eight ornate sinks, each with its own small mirror mounted right above the tap. The floors and walls are finishes in small blue-gray tiles that shimmer slightly in the diffuse light.

Theodore emerges from one of the stalls and makes his way to the sinks. He runs some water and leans heavily against the basin, worn off. He splashes some water on his face a few times, and lets out a heavy sigh.

Pushing the door open and quietly sliding into the bathroom, Julian hefts his bookbag and makes his way toward the row of basin-like sinks, sliding along until he is next to one. Turning on the tap, he begins to likewise wash his face, splashing some water onto it… and rubbing his eyes, he rolls his neck. Noticing the presence of the older sixth year, he glances over. He squints for a moment, raising a hand… "Wotcher, Dupont," he greets him idly.

Theodore looks over at Julian and tosses a nod his way, "Hey." He slings his hands at the sink a bit, "drying" them. "It's Theodore." He runs his hands through his hair, and lets out a sigh. Brow furrowing just a little, he asks, "Jules, right?"

"S'right." Shaking his hands off as he looks toward Theo, Julian tilts his head a little. An older Slytherin remembers his name? Huh. He tilts his head toward the boy, then, raising an eyebrow. "Theodore," he repeats lightly, reminding himself of the name.

Theodore nods, and he leans against the wall a moment, "We're in the Flyin' Club together. You're a Beater, right?" he offers, which might explain his knowledge of who Julian is. "Anyway…" He looks at Julian, "You know Art- um… Gabrielle?"

"That's right," Jules responds lightly, nodding his head a little and quirking an eyebrow slightly. "—Gabrielle? You mean Gabby Evans?" Drying his hands still lightly, he blinks, and tilts his head. "Yeah, I know her," he responds, quirking his eyebrow still and hefting his bag again. "Why d'you ask?" The first thought to come to Jules' mind? She's caused some trouble for a Slytherin or two.

Theodore smirks, "Yeah. That's the one." He shrugs, "She did somethin' really smarts for me. I wanna thank her, but…" He sighs and rolls his eyes a little, "Every time I try to do somethin' nice for her, it just makes her mad. I don't normally have that kind of dame trouble, but… Anyway, I thought maybe since you're in her House, you might have an idea?"

Holding up his hands, Julian shakes his head. "I hate to tell you, mate," he begins lightly, "but in general, Gabby is a hard witch to please. You can do something nice for her once second and she absolutely -loves- you," he remarks lightly, rubbing his nose after a moment, "but the next minute, it -all- goes south. She's a bit mercural," he simply remarks softly, before letting his hands fall to his side. "So, I really couldn't tell you."

Theodore scrunches his face a bit in thought. "Hmm…" He looks a little disappointed. "Well…" He shrugs, "I haven't noticed her being merkerialy or whatever." He shrugs, nods, and then begins to head for the exit.

"What's it you've got in mind?" Jules begins to move with the boy, deciding to prod into the matter a little bit as he moves with him. "I mean, I know her well enough. I can gauge things pretty well on how she'll take it. So…" He shrugs.

Theodore pauses, and sits on a ledge. "I don't really know…" He shakes his head, "I mean, I'd like to get her a thank you gift, but she'll get mad and say she ain't poor. I'd try to help her with problems, but she'll get mad and say she's capable to fix her own stuff." He sighs, "I mean, I'm open to suggestions?"

There's a small, sagely nod from Julian as he follows after Theo, and as he decides to find himself a sitting spot along the wall, he shrugs his shoulders. "She -is- quite taken with Divination," he explains to her lightly, and he crosses his arms… thinking on it for a moment. "She is also -quite- defensive of her economic status." He rubs his nose… "Her personal problems are her's alone, and -none- of us try to meddle. We've found that it's just not a good idea."

Theodore nods, "Yeah. If she was hot I'd just take her out." He shakes his head, "Im kinda clueless on this one."

"That's kind of cruel," Julian responds lightly, quirking his eyebrow and tilting his head. "She's… not unattractive," he tells her lightly, frowning a little bit. He… -didn't- think he had an attraction to her, himself. But… that's still one of his better friends.

Theodore laughs, "I didn't say she was unattractive. Just… She's no Ria. I mean, c'mon. You HAVE to see what I'm sayin' there." He seems very much like he doesn't at all mean any offense.

Sykes. With a bit of a shrug, Jules nods his head, making a bit of a ticking sound with his tongue. "I s'pose," he remarks idly, rubbing his nose. "I mean… I would. But I've got… other commitments," he remarks idly, shrugging his shoulders again. He ticks his tongue again lightly, thinking. "Like I said. She's super-partial to Divination and likes things related to it," he tells Theo lightly, "so you may go that route? Maybe a new - but not expensive - deck of tarot cards, for example."

Theodore nods, "I think I could maybe do that… I just…" He furrows his brow a little, "Aren't old tarot decks better than new ones?" He purses his lips. "I'm not a diviner…"

"Generally. I guess I should say, 'in better condition,' or perhaps a different type of deck. I can find out what kind of deck it is she has," he explains, "because each type of deck has a different… leaning, if you will. One has more insight into other things than other decks, from what I've read." He pauses, then, scratching his chin. "I'll tell y'what, mate. I'll find out what deck she uses now. And if she has others." He glances toward Theodore… "Deal?"

Theodore shrugs, "I have a week before the next Mead's weekend. Sure." He smirks, "If not, I'll just figure somethin' out." He gives the other kid's shoulder a good shove. It's the kind a jock gives to another jock, so it's hard, but clearly meant as playful and guy-bonding, even if it's maybe a bit much for the smaller kid. "Thanks."

Since becoming a student-athlete, Julian has learned to deal with this kind of thing. While not -large- by any means, Julian is keen to return the jostling, bumping shoulders with the older Slytherin for a moment and grinning toward him, nodding. "I'll get back with you," he comments, "and… y'lot better be ready for the Lions in a few days," he comments, smirking still, "'cause I'm predicting a smashing game. Smashing in that they kick you lot from one end of the pitch to the other." He's joking, of course.

Theodore shrugs, and answers perhaps surprisingly, "I don't really care if we win or lose," and waves it off. "Whatevs." He nods once more, "Thanks," and he begins to leave.

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