(1937-12-08) 20 Centimeters Too Much
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Summary: Gabby chases Jackson down to make sure there's no hard feelings, and other feelings reveal themselves instead
Date: Dec 8, 1937
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This narrow crescent of grainy sand and smooth small beach stones spans east to west between the fortified Hogwarts Campus wall to the east and eventually fades into a heathery moor the west. The only spot along the shore that isn't given completely to a topography of rocks and roots, the latter of which extend right out into the lake, this section of the shore is for public use by wizards tourist or local alike. Wards and spells not to mantion the under water life of the Black Lake, keep the students in and the rest of the world from going onto the closed campus.


It's not hard to find Jackson Potter even in this most unlikely of places. The ever adventuresome Potter is no stranger to the town of Hogsmeade, and one could easily follow the exhales of relief that followed Jackson as he showed up and then moved on about his business. They'll find him sitting lakeside at the world's largest small Scottish beach, his arms crossed over the knees that are brought up to his chest. Though he is, of course, not allowed to use it as he is off school grounds, he has taken to spinning his wand between his first and second finger, much like a drummer would do with his or her drumstick many, many years from now.

Gabrielle isn't trying to hide her approach, but she doesn't call out either. She's dropped off her books…somewhere, and had a light jacket on. Her arms are already wrapped around herself, as it's a light jacket. Her hair is loose and blowing around slightly in the wind. She's moving slow, either from lack of sleep, or trying to not trip on the landscape. "You know, for someone who wanted company, you sure took off fast." She'll glance at the ground, looking for a suitable place to sit and not stab herself.

Jackson looks over his shoulder at Gabrielle's approach, turning his head back to the lake as he varifies it is her. There is a moment's pause before he responds with a casual shrug, "I have a capricious nature." He frowns towards her as she finds a place to sit, "Which is not to say you aren't welcome, but you're not dressed warmly enough to be sitting next to a lake…"

Gabrielle choses a seat, not too near, if Jackson's in a foul mood, but close enough to talk, if he wants.She'll mirror his position, drawing her knees up to her chest, "I ll live, I've been colder." She'll rest her cheek on her knee and look at him, "You mad at me?" She doesn't sound upset at him, more….tired and worried.

Jackson peers towards Gabrielle, shaking his head after a moment, "No, but I wasn't about to stick around and divulge every secret I know about Hogwarts in a committee." He shakes his head, "Yeah, right." He takes off his jacket, holding it across the vast distance between then, "If you're going to live, live healthy."

She'll smile softly, "Ok….I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you feel like I didn't trust you…I'm just…protective of Gabriel and Cillian." Gabby'll shake her head no, which probably looks odd at the angle her head is at, "And have you catch a cold? I'd never hear the end of it." She's smiling and obviously teasing. She doesn't move to take the jacket though.

Jackson huffs, "Like I'd let anything happen to either of them…" He tosses the jacket now, aiming to drop it right on Gabrielle's head, "Hurry up." He pushes himself to his feet, adding, "It really is cold out here." He turns, walking towards the treeline where most of the roots featured upon the beach eminate from. Jackson is gone for a few minutes, but returns a few minutes later with wood. He sets the pile aside, looking around the vacinity until he locates a decently sized rock. He begins fashioning a pit in the sand with the rock, glancing up towards Gabrielle after a moment of quiet work, "I didn't walk off not wanting company. I figured if you changed your mind about coming, you knew where the front gate was." He offers a quick shrug, "I am surprised you didn't take a nap first."

Gabby will fumble with the jacket, she's not super coordinated on her best days, much less when tired. She'll frown at the jacket, then Jackson, "where are you-"And he's gone. She'll place the jacket around her shoulders, figuring he's coming back, at least for the jacket. Her eyes go wide, "What…what are you doing?" She'll start to stand, and there's a bit of a tremble to her voice, "I thought you were mad, so I wanted to come find you…"Her eyes don't leave the pit forming, "Why…why don't we go into town instead?" She sounds nervous.

Jackson continues digging the pit, "I only have enough fire in my bag to keep myself warm. I didn't expect to be coming to the beach with someone else." He looks up towards Gabrielle as he catches the tone in her voice, "I didn't want to go into town. Too many people…" He tilts his head, straightening up to be standing on one knee, "What's wrong?"

After a moment, Gabby realizes Jackson's noticed and will try to smooth her face. It'd be believable if her eyes didn't keep darting back to the pit, "I…I just realized I need to go back to the castle. I left my books in the classroom, and I have all my papers that are due…" She'll start to pull Jack's jacket off her shoulders.

Jackson stands now, confusion plainly on his face, "What the..?" He shakes his head at the jacket, "Give it back later. It's a long walk…" He trails off again, looking towards the pit, then back to Gabrielle, "Tell me what is wrong!" He gestures, "Is it the hole in the ground? I'll fill it back in."

Gabrielle looks a little lost as to what to do. She does look like she may bolt at any moment, "I….no…Nothings wrong…" She'll slip his jacket of the rest of the way and after a moment start to slowly walk towards him to offer it back. She'll glance at the pit again, and shake herself, "It's nothing you did….I just…I should go. You were planning on spending time here, I don't want to intrude." She'll hold his jacket up shaking slightly.

Jackson glances down towards the jacket, shaking his head, "I was planning to spend some time here with you, before you put a stop to that back at the castle." He shakes his head, "No, I don't want the coat back. Give it to me on Monday. I'll be fine without it." He stops for a moment, looking around before he asks, "Look, I've shoveled enough bullshit in my time to know the smell of it. I don't believe you when you say nothing is wrong."

Gabrielle blinks, not sure how to process his admittance of wanting to spend time with her."I…uh…" She'll not put the jacket on, but does bring it to her chest. She'll blink a few times before saying almost to soft to hear, "I….don't like fire…."

An 'oh' is all Jackson manages for the moment, but one can almost see the wheels turning behind those eyes of his as he looks around, "Well, scrap that idea…" He looks back towards Gabrielle, his head tilted momentarily, "How about this? Why don't you go over to the Three Broomsticks, buy a couple bottles of butterbeer, and I'll put together an alternate heat source? I still have a couple things in my bag of tricks that may work out, but I don't want you around when I try it in case I set off the Trace." He fishes into his pants pocket, coming back with a couple of coins, "I think I got a sickle in here or two…"

Gabrielle will just look at him for a moment, confused. She look down to the coinage in his hand, deciding /something/ , "Are you sure?" Her voice is still rather quiet.

Jackson shrugs, replying mildly, "Course. I love butterbeer. Feel like a dunce for forgetting it, really." He continues holding out the coinage, patiently waiting for her to take the coins, "Just keep my coat with you. I'd hate for you to be frigid when you get back." Worst. Double entendre. EVER.

Gabrielle , luckily, is too shaken up to really hear what Jackson says, "Ok…"She'll reach out for the coins. She'll give him a shaky smile , take a deep breathe and start walking towards the Three Broomsticks. About half way up the bank, she'll take his coat and drap it around her shoulders again.

Twenty to twenty-five minutes time passes. Jackson spends the time digging the pit, plotting, digging deeper and gathering rocks. The pit ends up two layered, with a second hole dug deeply into the center of the shallow pit. From his backpack, Jackson retrieves a large jar of bluebell flames, uncapping it and placing the lid back into the bag. Jar and all, he shoves this into the deepest part of the pit. Reaching into his bag again, he retrieves eating utinsels. Metal spoons, forks and knives. He arranges them criss-cross like across the mouth of the jar, making a make-shift mesh over it. Finally, he walks up the beach, gathering river rocks of all shapes and sizes to fill the shallow pit. By the time Gabrielle gets back with the butterbeer, the stones have no doubt heated up and in turn throw enough heat into the area to make it rather comfortable. Jackson nods at his handywork, murmering, "Out of sight, out of mind" to himself. He takes a seat next to the "fireless" heat source, rubbing his hands together and then holding them up to the rocks.

It takes Gabby a bit longer than it should to return, but factoring in her sleepiness, not too terrible. Her head tilts when she sees the set up, and her Ravenclaw mind is already trying to figure out what he did. "Heating charm?" She'll walk over to where he's sitting and hand him the 2 butterbeers. She seems to have calmed down considerably. She'll take off his jacket as she sits down next to him, offering it back, "Thank you." While she had 2 jackets to keep her warm, no gloves and butterbeers make for cold fingers. She'll raise her hands up to the rocks as well and flex them a bit.

Jackson stands as Gabrielle approaches again. He glances towards the heated stones, then shakes his head, "The less you know, the better, if the Ministry wants to make a case of it." He takes the butterbeer from her, catching the cork of one between his teeth and pulling it out with a pop. He makes a groove in the rocks with the butt of one of the bottles, settling it in to warm up. He then repeats the process with the second, settling it next to the first. He sits back down next to Gabby, watching the bottles warm up on the hot rocks. He then gestures to the setup, "This is alright? The heated rocks?"

Gabby will make a bit of a face, "Do i /even/ want to know what you did?" but there's also a small smile. She'll look down to the bottles as well, and nod, working feeling back into her fingers. "Yeah, this is…great.Look, I'm sorry I kind freaked out…I just, well…"She'll take a deep breath, still not looking at him, "I really don't deal well with fire…." She'll smirk, self deprecating at the rocks."I was a mess the whole time the Goblet was in the Great Hall."

Jackson grins, shaking his head, "You're the smarter of us. I got it in my head that it couldn't possibly be real flame, so I licked the fire when I put my name in." He drops his head, shaking it, "I wasn't able to taste anything salty for a week." He pauses, looking up towards her with a raise eyebrow, "Do you know why? Or was it something from before you can remember?"

Gabrielle will just raise her eyebrows at Jack, not sure if she should believe him or not. She'll grin a little and bring her hands into her lap, "I was /so/ scared when I put my name in, I threw up for an hour afterwards." She'll glance up to Jackson through her bangs, "Gabriel's the only one that noticed anything was wrong. He's a good kid. Took care of me." She'll drop her gaze, "Uh….yeah…I remember. It's nothing that anything can be done about now…"She'll give a shrug."I just try to stay away….or throw up." She'll roll her eyes at herself.

Jackson considers her words, his head dropping, "I have an aversion to being shot." He lets that hang in the air for a moment, then continues, "When I was about ten, I went tomb raiding on a lark in Egypt. Found something I shouldn't have I guessed, because I stepped on a pressure plate and had an arrow shot at me." He reaches forward, touching one of the bottles to see how hot it is, then continues, "Last summer, I went back to Egypt." He rolls his eyes, "Went tomb raiding again." He pushes back his jacket, and pulls up his shirt, showing a puckered white scar just under his ribs, "Got shot at again, only this time it got me. I spent a week and a half in St. Mungos, throwing up in my spare time, while that lot tried to work out ancient Egyptian poisons." He lowers his shirt after there's been enough time to show off the old war wound, giving a quick shiver at the cold air.

Gabby starts to make a face, as everyone should have an aversion to that , but stops as soon as he starts explaining. She'll inhale sharply when he shows the scar. She'll continue looking at the location he showed her for a second after he lowers his shirt, "Ok….you win for phobia's. That's…terrifying. No lasting effects? Is /That/ what's wrong with your brain?" The last is an obvious tease, she'll smile and tilt her head.She'll bring her right arm instinctually closer to her body though, almost in a protective way.

Jackson shakes his head, "Not at all. I'm just glad I didn't build a fire in the library to keep the soup warm, now that I think about it…" He trails off, losing himself in his own thoughts briefly. He adds, "I would have certainly gotten the wrong idea." He grins, looking towards Gabrielle. He reaches forward, removing a bottle from the heated rocks. He checks the warth by taking a sip, smacking his lips, "Perfect." He offers the bottle to Gabrielle, leaving the other one on the stones to stay warm. He then continues talking, "I don't think there were any lasting effects from the poison, but I know I don't look at things the same way as other people. Dangerous things, that is."

Gabrielle grimaces slightly, although it's not clear if it's the idea of a fire, or a fire in the Library. After a moment, she'll take the bottle and a sip, a small smile forming. She lets it sit on her tongue for a moment before swallowing. "I'm beginning to think you don't look at anything the way other people do." She'll glance down to the bottle in her hand, and frown slightly.

Jackson chuckles, "I'd be forced to agree with you there." He lets his head nod for a moment, then he glances towards her. He peers down towards the bottle, then back up to Gabrielle, "Everything alright? I didn't sour the butterbeer by letting it warm up too long, did I?"

Gabrielle will look up, almost surprised, "No!No…it's fine. Really good."She'll grin, "I don't usually get butterbeer, so…it's nice." The grin drops some, "what…what is this?"She'll motion between the two of them with the bottle. "You're not particularly easy to read, and I'm way too tired to not just ask."She'll tilt her head with the explanation, a light flush coming to her cheeks.

Jackson glances down towards the bottle, a smirk on his face before he reaches out and takes up the second. He takes a sip of that one too. He continues listening, turning his eyes towards the lake, "I enjoy it warm, particularly on the colder days. I'll drink it cold or lukewarm when I want to get rolling however." He glances down at the intervening space between them, as she gestures at it with the bottle, replying matter-of-factly, "That's the intervening space between us, Gabrielle, about 20 centimeters too much by my reckoning." He glances back up towards her, a playful grin on his face.

Gabrielle will roll her eyes, "And we know it only takes a one to get you rolling …" she'll chuckle and take another sip of her drink.And with Jack's distance gauging, Gabby light flush becomes a full blown blush, "Oh…uh…"She'll look out to the lake for a moment, tying to figure this all out.Would be so much easier, if she was drop dead tired, "I…ok." She'll glance back to him, head lowered, using her bangs as a bit of cover, "I'm not very good at this kinda thing…." Eyes will go to the Butterbeer in her hand, as that's the safest thing she can look at right now.

Jackson emits a deep chuckle, "That statement is about as correct as any I've heard." He looks down to his own butterbeer, then takes a sip. He draws his knees up in front of him again, resting his arms on his knees as he peers towards her. As she glances down towards her butterbeer, he cuts her off, "Listen, I don't think its the butterbeer talking. I just constructed a heat source out of rocks and chewing gum so we can have a hospitable place to plant arse in the sand. I know of only two other ways to let a girl know you're mad for 'em, but seeing as you'd probably kill me if you tried to stupify me, and I don't own a stuffed water buffalo, I went this route." He pauses for a moment, taking another sip of his butterbeer, "I'm hope you don't read into that as a lack of commitment."

Gabrielle blinks, did he say Water Buffalo? She has that same look she gets when not to laugh at him. "I…oh…"And the blush actually /deepens/ and she'll bite her lower lip, "Well…I don't have a ….stuffed water buffalo either….so…is there some weird, I don't know about way ,I'm supposed to let you know….that I like you, because I've heard you don't look at things the way everyone else does, and I would want to give you the wrong idea by handing you a stuffed Giraffe if that's going to be offensive." She just smile shyly and look at him, again through her bangs.

Jackson smiles broadly, shaking his head slowly. He takes another sip of butterbeer in order to think things over, "Yes. It's a good thing you didn't hand me a stuffed giraffe. By the customs of the Yap islanders, had you handed me a stuffed giraffe, I would have owed your Aunts a rather sizable dowery payable in the large stone currency of the said small island nation." He nods matter-of-factly, barely supressing the smile as he looks out into the lake. Something seems to have occured to him, and his eyebrows raise, "I don't see everything differently. Only the dangerous stuff, I guess." He narrows his eyes, peering towards Gabrielle, "Are you dangerous?"

Laughing Gabby will shake her head, "Then that's good, They're old and wouldn't be able to lift it anyway." She'll take a long drink, almost in relief. She'll pause, bottle half to her lips again and turn to Jack, and answer simple, "Very."

Jackson grins, shaking his head, "I expect that would be a problem to work out, yes. I suppose I could write them a cheque for forty ral." He tilts his head, peering towards Gabrielle again as he takes another chug of his butterbeer, "Now that is an answer I didn't expect. Poke anyone's eye out with a paint brush, lately? Maybe tip of your eisel, causing a chain reaction of unfortunate events that nearly brought down the astronomy tower?" He then shakes his head, waving a hand, "You don't have to answer that. I'm sure it'll be far more enjoyable to figure it out as we go along."

"I wonder if the local exchange would even be up for ral…much less a check from you…." Gabby'll wrinkle her nose at him, but laugh softly."And why wouldn't you expect that answer? Are you telling me you're the only person in the school that didn't hear the rumor?" She seems amused by this idea…or maybe butterbeer plus tired equals a happy Gabby.

Jackson closes his eyes, but the laugh is certainly evident. He chuckles, "I don't know. You don't seem… cozy… with the more hazardous ventures. Like cliff-diving, for example." He then blinks, "What rumor? Was their a flaming bouquet thrown off the Astronomy tower that I missed?" He leans over, nudging her in the arm, but obviously waiting for the answer.

Gabrielle shakes her head, "No…no cliff-diving." She'll tilt her head, "You really didn't hear?…huh… No, I still don't know who send the flowers…although I have it narrowed down." She'll frown slightly and look over at Jackson," You're not going to be all neanderthal about stuff like that, are you?"

Jackson smirks, "Neanderthal about which? The flaming bouquet or the cliff diving? I'll warn you now, I'm all about testing my limits. It's what I enjoy doing…" He then shakes his head, "As for the flowers, no. I honestly can't blame anyone for trying." He then asks, "What rumor, though? I really don't keep my ear to the ground at Hogwarts…"

Gabrielle nods, not sure if she should pursue the flowers part of the conversation, so instead, "There /may/ have been a rumor that there was an incident involving Ria Sykes's eye and my fist…." She'll make a yikes face , look away and take a big swig of Butter beer. She actually looks a bit embarrassed.

Jackson takes another sip of his own butterbeer, murmering 'Oh' with a nod. He then blinks, something clicking in his brain that makes him go 'oh' a little more emphatically. He grins broadly towards Gabrielle, "There was a rumor going around like that about an incident involving Leander Fox's wand and my expelliarmus… then Ripley Fox's curse and my protego." He then waves a hand, "I know all about those rumors, and only put about as much stock in them as they deserve." He chuckles, tilting back the bottle and finishing the butterbeer. He sighs, the warmth of the beverage really starting it make its way through him. He leans back, bringing his arms up and cradling his head as he falls onto his back with an oomph.

Gabrielle will watch him fall backwards and raise an eyebrow. "Ripley Fox's curse? Haven't heard that."After a moment of consideration, she'll turn to face him, pulling her legs underneath her so she's leaning slightly towards him.

Jackson chuckles, "Yeah. Cillian was screaming about something, so Leander Silenced him. I took exception to it, so I disarmed Leander and counter-cursed Cillian. Well, his brother was there, so he tried to curse me but I shot it back at him with a protego charm. I'm infinitely saddened that I missed. Better luck next time." He looks up towards the darkening sky, his face smiling slightly before he turns his attention back to Gabrielle, "Next time I talk to Cillian, he backhands me in the wedding tackle." He shakes his head slowly…

Gabrielle nods , "Yeah…they're….protective….I'm not sure how to break them of that. Every time I try, they get all upset, saying that I'm the "Fair Maiden", " Gabby snorts at that, "And that it's their job to protect me…I'm so glad that they don't understand half of what people say to me…"She'll smile, but it's a litle sad.

Jackson shakes his head, "I'm intact." He continues, "My whole complaint about that is you can't go spelling everyone into silence whenever they begin to make noise. Especially when they're First Years. Practically defenseless in every way." He then nods his head to Gabrielle, "I know, but you don't need protecting. You do understand what people say to you and you should stand up to that." He smirks, "Like you do to me."

Gabrielle will finish off her butterbeer and shake her head, "No, sometime things just need to be let go. What good is it if I argue with some idiot who implies I'm a whore and have diseases? No good. Because if he's that dumb to even say that, then nothing i can say that is going to change his mind." She'll shrug and glance at the bottle before setting it down.

Jackson frowns, "Still, they should at least live a few minutes of life as a rat or a toad…" He trails off then blinks, "Oh! I was planning to sleep out under the stars. You're welcome to join me, or I'll walk you back to Hogwarts."

Gabrielle blinks, "you were planning…" That blush had /just/ started to go away, "Well, don't need /that/ rumor to pick up any steam…." She'll sigh and look up, away from Jack, "I should be ok walking back. Don't want you to have to stumble around in the dark coming back without me to protect you. " She'll glance back to him with a smile. "Remember, I can take care of myself."

Jackson blinks, shaking his head towards Gabrielle, "No. I thought you were going to stay in this weekend. I wasn't implying… Though we can if you promise to still respect me in the morning." He grins, then shakes his head, "You can, but you're exhausted. I'll walk you back for my own peace of mind." He rolls his way to his feet, brushing sand off his arm. The would-be campsite is quick to clean up. He brushes his wand across the scene quickly, "Finite incantatum." Any spell effects which were occuring have now been dispelled. He takes the butterbeer bottles, tossing them in his pack (never know when two glass bottles can come in handy) and throws the pack over his shoulder. He keeps the pack secure with his right hand and offers his left hand to Gabrielle, "Off we go then?"

Gabrielle will slap at Jack's shoulder playfully, "I would /not/ respect you, "and then laugh. She'll get up as well, although she's sways a bit. She'll smile softly and take his hand, "Ok."

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