(1937-11-08) Emotions Get the Better of Him
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Summary: Chris pleads with Dumbledore and Tadhg O'Riley for a chance back into the Tourny. He fails at the task but learns a few things about himself.
Date: November 8th 1937
Location: Transfiguration Classroom

Dumbledore sits at his desk in the Transfiguration classroom, correcting essays on the differences between natural metamorphosis and Transfiguration spells. In the corner, resting on a high perched placed just for him, Fawkes the phoenix snoozes quietly, beak tucked into his chest.

Christmas walks into the classroom, the apples in his cheeks are flushed. He knocks softly on the door and says, "Professor?" He steps into the classroom as he smoothes his hands over his sweater. He waits till the man sees him.

Dumbledore doesn't look up at first, as he finishes a few notes on the most recent essay. But his voice rings out, "Come in, Mr. Weaver. Do have a seat. I'll be but a moment." Fawkes stirs a little at the sound of a new voice, cracking on eye open to peer at Christmas.

His eyes fall on the beautiful bird as he cocks his head to the side and he blinks before walking to the seat. He sits down in the chair, running a hand through his hair. He looks a bit guilty but his leg shakes showing his frustration.

Dumbledore sets his quill in an inkwell and slides the essay aside, folding his hands before him on the desk. Upon seeing Christmas' face, he frowns in concern. "Goodness, dear boy. What is the matter? You seem troubled."

"Professor…" He takes a deep breath and says, "I lost my duel against Lucian Proudmore today for a few reasons. I was sent to you by the Official because I apologized to Lucian and the official took his side and thought I was picking on him." He gulps and says, "The entire situation was because Lucian sent an Avis at me and I responded with the Blasting Curse." He quickness his pace, "I did NOT aim at Lucian and I did have a great control over the spell. I was not worried about the spell. He went all over dramatic and was upset because I used a harder spell that he most likely couldn't do. So he went all dramatic and started to act like a school girl. He called me mad and accused me of trying to kill him."

Dumbledore listens, carefully maintaining a neutral expression. At the end, when Christmas uses words like "school girl," his lifts his hands in mild suppression (though doesn't quite suppress his own little chuckle). "Easy, Mr. Weaver. Easy, now. I understand that you are upset. This is an upsetting situation." He pauses, dropping his eyes as he ponders quietly for a moment. "A Blasting Curse. That is very advanced magic for a Fifth Year student to attempt. Also, very dangerous magic." His voice is calm and without judgement. He states the facts simply as that: facts.

As he sighs softly, "I practice a lot Professor. Dueling is what I live for. My father is a Hit Wizard and my brother an Auror. I have to be on my game to make them proud." He looks at the Professor and says, "Sir I won't lie. I do not like Lucian. He and his girl…his friend Ria are always bullying this girl I know. I do not like bullies. I might have been a bit harsh in using the blasting curse because of my emotions yet I do know that he is a 6th year and he is an abler dueler. I would not have used something I do not think he could handle. I wanted to show him that I was going to be a challenge. I just think that he over reacted on purpose because he knew I was going to be a challenge. He was so disrespectful to Mister O'Riley and yet I am the one who gets in trouble when I apologized to him and said he if wanted to bow out I would allow him."

Dumbledore nods, again, letting the young man speak his piece. "I have little doubt of your qualifications. I have seen your performance in Dueling Club." The Professor is, after all, the Dueling Club mentor. "But surely you know that we would never allow such a potentially deadly curse to be used in our club, let alone in a school tournament. I appreciate your confidence in your ability to control it, but even fully grown wizards have difficulty containing the effects of such an explosive spell. The matter of Mr. Proudmore's disrespect aside, what you did was highly dangerous, and I'm sorry to say, very irresponsible."

Christmas blinks and says, "Professor Dumbledore I did not aim the spell at Lucian and I did not intend to hurt him. We were going to finish the duel until Mister O'Riley clearly did not allow me the chance to finish. I apologized to him Professor. Master O'Riley was unfair and yelled at me saying I was disqualified after I apologized. Why can't I be allowed a rematch to prove that I can beat him. I really want to win this contest Professor."

Dumbledore sighs, his brow pinching sympathetically toward Christmas. "The decision isn't mine to make. Only Auror Bates can overrule Mr. O'Riley's decision. If you feel you have been treated unfairly, you must take it up with him. If you like, I can try to summon them now to hear this out."

Christmas swallows hard and says, "Do you think I would have a chance with him Professor? This duel means alot to me."

Dumbledore spreads his hands in a gesture of uncertainty. "I cannot say, Mr. Weaver. From what I know of Auror Bates, he is a fair-minded, but strict man. If he had the confidence to put Mr. O'Riley into a position of authority, I imagine that he trusts his judgement. Still, he is not unreasonable. Wait here. I'll see if I can locate them." Dumbledore rises from his seat, and strides from the room.

Christmas nods slowly and sighs softly as he takes a deep breath. He begins to smooth his shirt and adjust his tie waiting for the Head of his House to return.

Roughly twenty minutes later, Professor Dumbledore is returning to the classroom in the company of Mr. O'Riley, explaining as they walk in. "I'd like you to listen to what the boy has to say, simply in the interest of fairness and cooler heads."

"I will listen to him." Tadhg O'Riley says looking quite put together today. He doesn't look too pleased with Christmas though. "I cannot guarantee that my decision will change." He says rather simply,"But he will have to do more than self-justification." He says shaking his head a little bit.

As he swallows hard, Chris stands up and turns to face the official. He folds his hands in front of him and says, "Mister O'Riley I wish to apologize if you felt I was disrespectful in anyway shape or form to you. I do feel you were unfair in your choice to give the duel to Mister Proudmore. He is a bully and over dramatic. I did not aim that spell at him and I had it under control. I would NEVER try and harm him. Grant he could use a silence curse on him for his silver tongue. I did not yell at you and nor did I question you once. I sincerely apologized to you and said I would not use it again. I thought that we were going to continue but when I apologized to Lucian and even offered him the chance to concur because he was too upset I was the one who was yelled at. I was the one who was disqualified. Yes I do not like Lucian and I did allow my emotions to get the better of me."

Chris looks down at the floor and his voice drops slightly, "This duel means a great deal to me and winning means even more. I can beat him. I want to show him and my father that all the work I have had done is worth it. Please…" He looks at O'Riley, "Allow me a chance to show him that and give me a chance to do a rematch."

Dumbledore pulls up a chair for Tadhg before retaking his own seat and patiently listening. He'll nod interpose himself just now. This is Christmas' chance to try to change his fate, and the boy must stand alone against the odds.

Taking a seat, Tadhg O'Riley takes a deep breath before beginning,"Mr Weaver, that was without a doubt the worst apology I have ever heard. It was something I might expect from a Slytherin. You were disrespectful. You called my ability to judge the duel into question that is beyond the pale. When I started the duel, I stated there would be no spells meant to cause severe bodily harm on another. That spell was accurately named the Blasting Curse. It is designed to inflict harm. While it is used in a true duel between those who are trained and actively engaged in a life and death duel, that is not the purpose of the duels here in this Tournament. It not only could have caused egregious bodily harm to Mr Proudmore, but if you misjudged by even a tiny bit then you could have caused damage to the school, and the inhabitants therein. It's not just a matter of whether or not he overreacted. While I admit that Mr Proudmore's reaction was extreme, if you will remember the incident I did tell him to calm himself." He paused to give Christmas a chance to digest what he's saying before he continues,"It isn't a matter of talent Mr Weaver. I have not claimed that you lack that talent. I did not call the duel because you were incapable of performing but because you broke the rules. There are any number of spells that could have been used to counter that spell rather than a spell that causes explosions."

"However, this was not a duel between 2 first years. It was a 5th and a 6th year. I do not wish to question you sir but that is not what you said. You said, "Any attempt to severely injure the other and I will bring this duel to a close and you will not enjoy that." I did not attempt to harm him. I merely used a spell that was used to put him on edge. I did not aim the spell at him….if I intended to harm him I would have aimed the spell at him."

Dumbledore sighs sadly and joins his voice to the conversation. "Christmas, I think that you are missing the point. Even a lesser spell, poorly aimed, can cause significant harm." As always, his tone is steady and rational, ever the educator. "Whatever your intent, the use of a Blasting Curse is inherently dangerous, no matter the circumstances or the wizard casting it. You may not have aimed at Lucian, but if you had missed your true target, Mr. Proudmore would currently be in the hospital wing, if he survived at all."

"The spell was cast in his directions. What would have happened if the spell had interacted with another spell?" Tadhg O'Riley says keeping his tone very calm and collected,"If a lower year had even tried that this would be an entirely conversation." He says calmly,"The fact that I traveled all the way here for this conversation, should be an indication of how seriously I took this conversation. However, you haven't really given me any indication as to why I should change my mind about the duel. All I am hearing is that you feel justified in your behavior during and after the duel, and that the fault lies with myself and Mr Proudmore rather than you. In addition, that you want to continue your duel regardless of the rules and regulations and concerns."

Christmas sighs softly, "I admitted to you that I think Lucian is a bully. He and his girlfriend are…" He stops and snaps his mouth shut and takes a step back as he runs a hand through his hair. Christmas takes a deep breath and says with every once of sincerity, "I allowed my emotions to get the bed of me and I did use a stronger spell then normal to make a point to Lucian." He frowns and says, "I tried to bully him. For this I am sorry. Please sir…I want to make my house proud and my family proud of me. Please do not take this from me."

"Mr. Proudmore may not be the most compassionate soul, but let this moment give you some insight into him," Dumbledore advises. "No man bullies who has not been bullied. Consider your feelings right now, and how you felt during the duel. I would wager they are not so different from what Lucian feels quite regularly. It isn't pleasant, is it? Perhaps what this school needs is a little less bravado and anger, and a few more young men and women taking the high road." He gives Christmas an encouraging smile. "As for the tournament," he trails off, gesturing to O'Riley to continue.

"This was a sporting duel. When you let your emotions rule your better judgement, you will lose." Tadhg O'Riley says rather simple,"Unfortunately, you violated the rules. Those who violate rules must be punished for their violation." He says simply,"Rules are Rules, if we bend the rules for one person then we must bend for all others." He says sighing deeply and shaking his head a bit,"If the Professor wishes to do so, and your opponent will agree to it, then I am willing to judge a second duel between yourself and Mr Proudmore. However, this would be a duel for honor, but /not/ one that would count for the tournament. This is the most I am willing to concede. I see no reason to overturn my disqualification. "

Christmas frowns and sighs deeply looking down at the ground. "You do know that he will still gloat and make sure that he tells everyone he won the duel for the tournament." He runs a hand through his hair and looks up at Tadhg and nods curtly, "I guess that is my punishment. I have ruined my chance to become an Auror because of it." He nods and says, "I will reduel him if I am allowed."

Dumbledore arches an eyebrow curiously. "Whatever makes you say that, my boy? This tournament does not decide your fitness to be an Auror. If that is your aspiration, it is hard work and dedication to battling the Dark Arts that will open those doors for you. This duel has no bearing on that."

"Mr Weaver, this may be a dark mark upon your record, but it surely would not be an instantaneous disqualification. You still have much time to complete your student training." Tadhg O'Riley says seriously,"Acquit yourself well and get high marks and you might still be able to achieve your goal."

Christmas nods slowly and says, "Yes sir. If I am allowed duel Lucian I will. If not I understand." He waits for the Professor to excuse him yet the boy clearly looks disappointed.

Dumbledore spreads his hands, "You are both members of the Dueling Club. There will be many opportunities to duel Mr. Proudmore, I am sure. If you wish Mr. O'Riley to adjudicate, naturally it will have to happen when his schedule permits." He rises, first offering a hand to Tadhg. "Thank you for taking the time to speak with us, Mr. O'Riley." Then he turns to Christmas. "You may go, Mr. Weaver. But remember this well. All of it. Honour is commendable, but is often merely glory-seeking masked as virtue. It is a lesson perhaps you and Mr. Proudmore could both take to heart."

"I could hardly turn down your request Professor." Tadhg O'Riley says standing and shaking Dumbledore's hand firmly,"It's a pleasure as always to see you. If you will just send an owl, I can pencil a duel in and send back the time. I know how it is when you're dueling someone though. One must balance the desire for Honor with reason. It hasn't been that long since I was a student here in Gryffindor." He says the last with a small chuckle,"I shall be going though. I do have a family thing with my brother and his family."

Christmas bows at the waist and allows the adults to talk as he steps out into the hallway.

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