(1937-11-08) Just Another Ravvie Morning
Details for Just Another Ravvie Morning
Summary: Some Ravenclaw interaction before breakfast.
Date: 08 November 1937
Location: Ravenclaw Common Room
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Common Room Hogwarts Castle
Thu Nov 08, 1937 ((Sun Oct 28 15:41:33 2012)) (Ravenclaw House)

It is a fall morning. The weather is warm and drizzling.

The Ravenclaw Common Room is one of the most airy rooms at Hogwarts. This wide, circular room's floor is covered in a deep, midnight blue carpet and the arched windows are hung with soft blue silk curtains. The high, domed ceiling carries a charm similar to the one in the Great Hall making stars glitter and move about on it reflecting the proper placements of the constellations according to the seasons. During the day, the Ravenclaw students have an excellent view of the surrounding mountains. The room is furnished with comfortable tables and chair upholstered in midnight blue with white pinstripes and bookcases stand along the walls.

Gareth fell asleep in his little study corner, curled up in the chair, surrounded by books. His glasses have slipped nearly off the edge of his nose.

Gabrielle comes down the girls stairs, yawning slightly and stretching. She has her books for the day in her arms, and her bag on top of them.

Eibhlin is not too far behind Gabrielle, though she does not appear as tired. Maybe she's just one of /those/ people. A natural morning person. Her satchel is already slung across her and only one book out of it at the moment. This she has open in one hand as she reads, other hand held out so fingertips can trace the wall and keep her from falling.

There's a clomping of feet to be heard from the boy's dorm, and the source is soon revealed to be Dalaigh. His robe billows as he pulls it on as he walks, a bag of books floating along behind him like a dutiful puppy following it's master. As he heads for a table the bag arrives there as well, falling to the surface with a solid thump. The irish gypsy looks around, offering our a general "Alright?" to his housemates around. He looks sickeningly cheery for this early in the morning.

Warren is also an early riser. The boy is shambling down from the boy's dorm, rubbing at his eyes as his gaze swivels around the common room. Gareth is the first thing that draws his attention, and so he goes to investigate. And to, very shortly, begin to slowly stretch his arms out toward the books. He's probably up to nothing good.

Gabrielle will cover her mouth for a moment, then her eyes focus on Dalaigh. "Oh!Dale! I meet your sister!" She'll smile and walk towards Dale.

Eibhlin looks up from her book as her feet touch the Common Room floor. The teen blinks a moment at those already gathered, as if they'd just mysteriously appeared. "Mornin'," the Prefect murmurs, shuffling towards a nearby table to sit down. She won't head down just yet, no- she's just gotten to the good part!

Gareth is muttering in his sleep, potions textbook clutched to his chest. "Valarian root…A Sophophorous Bean…Powdered root of asphodel…." His glasses slip a wee bit further.

Brows arched in some small measure of surprise, Dale looks toward Gabrielle at her words. "Nadya?" While he has another sister, the gypsy living in Hogsmeade is the logical choice to assume. As Eibhlin nears the table where he stands, the boy absently pulls a chair out for her. Said sister also made sure he learned his manners.

The only reason Claire gets up in the morning at all is because she's rather fond of breakfast and doesn't fancy detention for missing morning classes. She grunts a greeting to the students in the common room as she makes her way over to the table she was at last night, looking for a book she left there.

Gabrielle nods to Dale," yes. I think Colton lost a bet or something though….he was washing her wagon…" Gabby makes bit of a weird face at that.

Warren pauses once Gareth begins to mumble, but when he doesn't immediately wake the Prefect begins to start pilfering books. He starts ferrying them away to another table, nodding in passing to the people gathered around as he begins stacking them up. "Good morning."

When Eibhlin reaches for a chair and finds one already pulled out for her, she looks up in mild surprise. She spots Dale as the one to do the deed and seems a bit uncertain how to go forward. So she opts for the polite way. As she sits down, she offers a quiet: "Thank ye, O'Hara."

Claire grins when she realizes what Warren is doing. When he passes, she holds out a hand and if handed a book mixes it in among her things left out from last night.

Gareth mumbles a bit more, "Ten times clockwise…lilac…left hand…anti-clockwise…water…." The only book that will be difficult to move is the one he's clutching to his chest. The rest are mostly textbooks, though there's a very thick book called Le Morte D'Arthur and one very small paperback with a blank white cover.

A broad smile curves Dale's lips at Gabby's words. "Aye, I'd not be surprised at tha'." Especially if it was a bet with Nadya. Colton will just never learn that she will not be beaten. "Better 'im than me," he says with a laugh. His eyes slip to Eibhlin as she sits, gently nudging the chair in under her, letting his gaze stray from the red head's crown of hair to the book in her hands. "S'at?" he questions shortly, leaning over her shoulder to peer down at the tome in a bid to identify it. His keen eyes don't miss Warren's movements, but he is content to let that unfold as it will.

Gabrielle will look between Dale and Eibhlin , and the extract herself to leave them alone. she'll look around the room and after seeing who's here will start to make her way to the door.

Warren passes a book to Claire, beaming at the girl before he moves to one of the bookshelves. He selects several texts are random, ferrying them back over and beginning to spread them out in front of Gareth in roughtly the same arrangement the original books had been in. He reaches out a finger as if to try to get that last one Gareth has, but seems better of it. Instead, he skitters away.

The book is clearly just a piece of Wizarding fiction, complete with moving illustrations at the chapter heads. It's one such page that Eibhlin is on now. Some epic tale about befriending a draggon or somewhat. Evie glances up and starts a bit at how close Dale has gotten. Clearly she's not expected him to invade her personal space so swiftly. She shifts, mildly uncomfortably. "It's… ah… just some light reading. I wanted to clear my head of the last round of biographical essays in History."

Dale, having been brought up in caravans with a lot of others around, has very little regard for personal space most of the time, but he notices the shift. He lingers where he is for a moment longer, before reaching to give a light tug to a lock of Evie's hair as he straightens. "Always good tae have a change of pace, lass," he says smoothly before taking a step away. His eyes fall upon the stack of books that had been pilfered from Gareth, one with a plain cover catching his eye. He reaches to retrieve it with a glint of curiosity in his eyes.

Gabriel gives the Eagle knocker at the door the answer to the weekly riddle and then comes in, his eyes going back to the Charms book he'd been reading on his way up the stairs and mumbling incantations to himself. Without really taking notice of anyone else in the room he makes his way to the radio table and sits down.

"Fire seeds, powdered graphorn horn, billywig stings and chizpurfle carapaces…." Gareth just keeps mumbling and muttering, until he suddenly sits bolt upright, eyes flying open, and shouts, "Doxy venom!" His glasses fall completely off his face into his lap, and he blinks around for several seconds, trying to remember where he is. "Is it midnight yet?"

Gabrielle will smile as Gabriel passes her, so absorbed in whatever he doesn't even notice. She'll shake her head, and open the door and leave.

Claire puts Gareth's book under one of her own, taking her Charms book and slipping it into her bookbag. Swiftly, because it's then that Gareth wakes up. "Long past," Claire says, turning around quickly. "Time for breakfast, now."

Even as Gareth keeps mumbling in his sleep, Dale's attention turns fully to the book he's pilfered. There's a frown to his curiosity now, and long fingers flip the pages until suddenly… the flipping stops. Dalaigh gives the page full attention, one brow raising, and then his fingers are flipping the pages more slowly, scanning them, as amusement grows on his features. Finally he shuts the book as Gareth pops awake with a shout. The gypsy regards his rather sleep toussled housemate with a look that holds a new glint of… is that respect?

The hair-tugging breaks Eibhlin's concentration enough that she gets to her feet. It's time to head down anyway. The teen is tucking her novel into her satchel, but Dale's got her attention now. She ambles a bit closer, the amusement on her fellow housemate's features sparking some curiousity. "What ye got there?"

Gareth fumbles around for his glasses, putting them on upside down at first, then righting them. "What? No! Breakfast?" His head swivels toward a window, eyes bugging wide once more. "Oh no! It can't be morning already." He starts grabbing at books, pulling them toward him without really looking at them. "No, no, no, I'm so late! When did midnight…? I mean, how did I…? Why didn't anyone wake me?!" Then he realizes these aren't his books at all, and his brows draw together. "What? How? Where?" He looks around the room, utterly baffled…until his gaze lands upon Dalaigh and…/that/ book. All babbling stops, his face draining of color.

"Good morning," Warren chimes. His hands tuck behind his back, a curious glance given over at the book that Dalaigh has snagged. He peeks back and forth, asking, "What've you got there?"

Gabriel mumbles,"lEvioso, leviOso, levIoso…" and then starts a bit as Gareth wakes up and begins prattling on. Looking up from his book he realizes that the common room is kind of full and smiles all around,"Good morning everyone. Gareth, you haven't missed breakfast… yet. And if you'c stop coming back to the tower after everyone else maybe we'd be able to wake you."

As Evie steps closer, before she can get a good look at the book, Dale smoothly closes it, holding it casually as he directs a smile to the pretty Prefect. (Not Warren, Evie.) "Jus' some limricks, lass. Nothin' ye should be seein', a bonnie bird like y'sel'." The book is lifted, and summarily tucked into a pocket inside his robe. Blue eyes go mildly to Gareth, and he tsks softly, "Leavin' such tings where a lady c'n see 'em. Shame, lad." Taking a deep breath of the fresh morning air, which smells faintly of teenagers and stale socks, Dale claps his hands together and gives them a rub. "Who else is 'ungry, aye?" And a jaunty step heads him toward the exit to the hall beyond.

Gareth launches himself from the chair, books scattering everywhere, and dives headlong at Dalaigh. "Nothing! It's just a book of…of…Welsh colloquialisms! Gimmethatgimmethatgimmethat!" His mad dash at the other Fifth year is halted, however, when he trips over his own slippers, falling face first onto the rug, air forced from his lungs. Ouch! At least he didn't konk his head on anything.

While Gareth is otherwise occupied, Claire takes the book hidden on her table and replaces it. She moves slowly, so as not to attract attention and keeps one eye on Gareth so she does it while his back is turned.

There's a suspicious eye for Dalaigh, but Gareth's panic catches her attention thoroughly. "Welsh colloquialisms?" Her interest is piqued. "Oh, I'd very much like to see that. Anything to brush up on my Welsh…" She glances to Dale, making a bit of a face at his back as he starts to depart. "O'Hara! Ye don't even know Welsh, do ye! Lemme see that book." And she's grabbing her satchel to take after him.

Gabriel catches a glimpse of the very distinctive plain cover of the book Dale is tucking into his pocket and then blinks a couple time is surprise at Gareth. But the surprise isn't because of the older boy's reaction or face plant,"How did he get the book Gareth? I didn't think you ever let that thing out of your hands…" then he gets up and goes to offer Gareth a hand to help him up eyes going suspiciously around the room taking in the furtive movements.

Gareth's head slowly rises, his face gone pale once more as he looks in horror at Eibhlin. "You…read Welsh?" he asks, starting to shiver. Only because it's chilly laying on the floor in his pajamas though, right? He ignores Gabriel's attempt to help him up, scrambling on hands and knees toward Dalaigh like a madman, eyes wild and teeth bared. "Gimme back that book!" Any moment now, he's likely to start barking like a dog, possibly scratching for fleas or chewing the rug.

"Is that something I have to confiscate?" Warren sounds vaguely suspicious, though the likelihood of him actually doing that is probably slim to none, considering who he is. The boy does cross his arms and makes his Prefect face, which is appropriately stern as he observes Gareth giving chase after the other boy.

Dale moves even as Gabe does, also reaching a hand as he takes a step back, to offer Gareth a helpful hand up. That look of respect is back on his face, and his other hand is dipping in to retrieve the book he had slipped away, perhaps rethinking his strategy. It's easily slipped to Gareth when the boy regains his feet, "Yeh need tae be careful there, boyo. Wi' yer steps an' yer tings." A wink comes, specifically with the eye fewest would notice other than Gareth. And then Dale turns with a grand sweep, attention focusing on Evie. "Let the lad 'ave 'is book, I'm sure 'e'll share it wi' ye when 'e's done. How about some breakfast?" And Warren gets a look as well, "From what I could see, is jus' 'armless lil' ditties."

The look of horror catches Eibhlin off-guard. The teen really has no clue what's so special about this book! "Aye, I do," she says finally. "Do ye need help with learning it? I'd be happy to tutor ye…" But her voice becomes a bit more uncertain and she casts a glance to Warren. However, when Dale returns the book, she seems to relax somewhat. "Well, when ye finish wit' it, I'd love to take a look. Might help improve my conversations."

Gareth snatches the book with a hungry look first clutching it to his chest, then shoving it into the front of his pajama top, breathing hard now. "What? No, no confiscating necessary. It's…Everything's fine now. What?! No, no, you don't want to use this to improve your Welsh. It's…very outdated! Yes, that's it, very outdated. You'd sound like my great grandmother, saying any of this." Somewhere in a Brecon churchyard, Great Granny Carrow is rolling over in her grave. "I…need to get dressed for class!" He makes a mad dash for the stairs to the boy's dorm then, but stops partway up to call, "And my books better be back when I come down!"

Gabriel shakes his head a bit and goes back to the radio table,"Is it really breakfast time already?" Without really waiting for a response he puts his Charms book back in his bookbag and slings the whole thing over his shoulder, getting ready to go down to the Great Hall with everyone else.

Eibhlin stares after Gareth, positively bewildered it would seem. "Huh." She looks to the others, gives something of a shrug. There's a rumbling stomach then, in the brief silence, and it must be hers for she quickly heads towards the exit into the halls proper. "Best go 'fore I'm stuck next ta O'Hara!" Who steals her food. Every time.

"Dale, what was that?" Claire asks, putting Gareth's books back. "Wait, Gabe." She turns on the first year. "You said "the" book, you know what's in there. What's got him so riled up?"

Dalaigh just looks at Gareth as he stammers and stumbles. Good lord, has no one taught this boy the art of cool? He has been remiss in helping a yearmate, obviously. As Gareth finally dashes off to the dorm Dale has to turn away from the others to cover his laughter. He keeps it quiet, just a bare jiggle of his shoulders for a minute until he gets hold of himself. Shaking his head he turns, grinning from ear to ear, to look at Claire. "'E's likely jus' ruffled tha' I took it. I'll apologize proper t'im in th' 'All."

Gabriel shrugs at Claire as he stands by the door, obviously expecting everyone to go down as a group,"I don't really know anything other than it's a book about some lady named Chatterley that makes him go all red in the face when he reads it."

Warren seems vaguely content, now that law and order are restored. Or law, at least. Warren peers after Gareth as he scrambles to escape the area, a dull frown settling on the Prefect's lips. "Ah. Well. Alright." The boy shuffles around to peer back at those still remaining, commenting, "I'd guess it's something terribly embarrassing." Gabriel's clarification seems not to help too much, but Warren does move for the door and breakfast.

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