(1937-11-08) NMitH Round 3 - Chris vs. Lucian
Details for NMitH Round 3 - Christmas vs. Lucian
Summary: In the semi-finals, Chris and Lucian face each other on the dueling stage, with some very unusual results.
Date: November 8, 1937
Location: Great Hall
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Once again, shortly before dinnertime, the Great Hall has been configured for dueling. In this case, it's the semi-finals of the tournament — Chris Weaver vs. Lucian Proudmore. Lucian's loathing of Gryffindors is near legendary, though those in Dueling Club know well that he leaves all of that emotion at the door when it comes to what he considers the field of honour. He is standing by the dueling stage, stretching and performing some basic wand techniques empty-handed, readying himself for the upcoming match.

Ripley hears that the duel is about to go down and he makes his way to the Great Hall. A smirk is on his face as he comes in and sees Lucian getting ready. "You better win this." He chuckles a bit. "I'm sure you will. I mean, you are Lucian the wand master."

It has been a odd few days for the Gryffindor, and his feelings for anything Slytherin has turned most foul. He walks into the Great Hall dressed in his everyday uniform. Chris pauses at the door, his eyes moving through the crowd to fall on Lucian. His lips purse as he takes a calming breath. He begins to walk towards the stage. His face is flush and he looks limber like he has been working out or doing something physical. He simply says in greeting, "Lucian." He waits to see who will be over seeing the match. He takes his wand out of his sleeve and places it at his side.

Lorraine comes prancing in after Lucian, practically waving the Slytherin pride flag. Who's come to kick some Gryffindor butt? Well, not that Lorraine is overly worried that he's Gryffindor, that's Lucian's hang up. Seeing Ripley approach the nasty redhead says smugly, "So your boyfriend was kind enough to put us into the lead last night. I hope you'll thank him for being born so tragically mentally handicapped?"

Claire sits on the sidelines, watching Lucian intently. She's weighing the relative values of Lucian losing, and herself not being the one to crush him.

Looking as ruffled as ever, Tadhg O'Riley comes striding into the Great Hall, dark hair sticking up in a very wild manner. With an easy way he jumps up on to the stage and turns to face the crowd,"Mr Weaver and Mr Proudmore, if you will both please join me on the stage. The sloppily put together Ministry official takes just a moment before his clothing looks completely pressed and neat and his hair nicely combed and styled.

Lucian gives a smirk to Ripley, "He's gotten this far. He's obviously got what it takes to be a challenge." Lucian nods politely to Christmas, "Weaver." He even offers the other boy a hand to shake before stepping up to the stage. Already, he is offering his wand to O'Riley for inspection. He knows the drill.

Christmas shakes his hand, and walks up on the stage as well. He presents his wand to Tadhg with the handle pointed at the man. He as well knows the drill.

"He only dueled first years," Claire mutters, overhearing Lucian's praise for his opponent. She's still a little bitter she drew two sixth years in a row.

Accepting first Lucian's wand, Tadhg makes a swish of the wand,"Avis!" Several ravens burst forth from the wand. Apparently the Irish man has a thing for ravens,"Good job Mr Proudmore. You're keeping your wand well maintained and given the chaos that occurs in this school, that's no small feat." He says chuckling as he takes the wand from Christmas, "Hmmm, fifteen inches, oak, very nice Mr Weaver." He says before he says,"Aguamenti!" And with the movement of the wand, a stream of pure crystal water shoots out into the great hall, before it mists down forming a rainbow in the room. "Alright gentlemen, I want a clean fight. Any attempt to severely injure the other and I will bring this duel to a close and you will not enjoy that." He says casually as he looks to Lucian and Christmas, "Now to your positions and salute and we'll begin."

Lorraine spots a certain tall girl and a slow smirk forms across her mouth. Rather than go over to Claire just yet, she waits to see if Ripley's going to come back with a retort while giving the Ravenclaw girl terribly smarmy looks.

Ripley moves over to the side and sets himself up for watching. He's got a wide grin before he cheers, "Slytherin!!!"

Lucian nods, taking his wand back and stepping to his mark. He stands upright, lifting his wand in salute, and sweeping it down and to the side in a bow. Then he assumes his stance, focused and cool as a cucumber.

Christmas bows his head to Tadhg, looking towards Claire his lips purse slightly before walking to his spot. His wand in hand, he salutes to Lucian taking a defensive stance waiting for the cue. His eyes locked on Lucian's core for the first move of his muscle.

Ripley looks to Lorraine and chuckles, "I heard about that, yeah." He just grins, "He's a passionate boy." Is the only thing he offers, "But I am glad that we are in the lead. I think it's about time."

He flicks his wand instantly saying, "Protego." His wand flashes as he sets his shield in front of him. He takes a step back to watch Lucian and see what comes his way. His wand held firmly in front of him.

Lucian watches Christmas carefully, looking for those telltale signs of what he's up to. Defensive stance, moving as if readying a parrying potion. He predicts a shield charm, and doesn't bother attacking. Instead, he directs his wand at himself, incanting, "Impervius," protecting himself…but from what?

Claire drops her head into her hands. If this is another one of those duels where they try to out-defend one another, she's going to hex them both from the sidelines and steal the trophy for herself.

Lorraine just gives Ripley another smug look and then saunters over towards Claire while the boys start their duel. "Wishing it was you, Cameron?"

As he takes a step towards Lucian, Chris says with a swirl of his wand, "Fumos!" His wand flashes as he sends off the spell.

Lucian slashes his wand through the air. "Protego!" The white light of the shield fending off the spell before it expands into a full smokescreen, leaving only a slight puff hovering between them.

As he presses his lips in a fine line Chris makes an attempt at a scare tactic. He raises his wand into the air and says, "Confringo!" As a pillar of fire explodes from his wand and quickly dissipates as quickly as it is created.

Lucian thrusts his wand forward, shouting, "Avis!" A murder of crows bursts forth, filling the air between the duelers, intercepting the incoming Blasting Curse with a cacophony of squawks, a fiery explosion of feathers, and the smell of barbecued fowl. In spite of his defense, Lucian stumbles backward, shielding his face with his hands. Pale-faced, he throws an incredulous look first at Christmas, then at O'Riley. "What in Hades was that?!" He erupts in sudden fury. "Are you mad?!"

Claire waves off Lorraine. "Hush, I'm watching- yeah! That's it!" Poor birds, Claire cares not for your fate as long as it is exciting.

Christmas says with annoyance, "I was not aiming at you Lucian. I am not a snake." A double meaning, "You sent a flock of birds at me. If I was aiming at you. I would have killed you. Don't play the poor school boy. Duel and fight. If not…give up and I win." His wand raises ready to cast again.

Ripley is sitting back and watching the duel. He's grinning wide from ear to ear as he watches the duel with his arms behind his head and leaning back against the wall.

Lucian snarls, wand held defensively. "You cast a Blasting Curse, you bloody idiot! You could have killed someone!" He turns toward O'Riley, lowering his wand. "I demand his disqualification! This is a blatant violation of the rules of this tournament." He's an uppity little Slytherin, telling a Ministry official what to do.

Christmas turns and looks at the official, "The rules state that if I placed him in harm. I did no such thing. Allow the little boy to win on his skill and not his mouth."

Lorraine is not one to be waved off. She plants herself beside the Ravenclaw. "You weren't watching, you had your hands over your face," she points out, leaning back on her hand and observing the flight of birds and the failed blasting curse.

"ENOUGH!" Tadhg says his wand out and a looking from Christmas to Lucian and back again,"You will be SILENT!" The Ministry official says, his voice resonating in the room. There's no doubt that he's not happy. "Mr Proudmore,I will do things as I see fit, not as you do. Do you understand? It is not your place to demand anything of me." He turns towards Christmas and begins striding towards him,"Mr Weaver, the rule that I said was no charms used for attacking that could cause serious harm. That spell could have harmed myself, or any number of participants. It is NOT and I repeat NOT an acceptable charm to be using here in this dueling competition. Do you understand me?" His voice goes up loudly.

Lucian curls his lip at Christmas. "Any duelist worth half his wand knows you don't go flinging lethal curses around in a school duel. One goes off wrong, and someone is dead. Typical arrogant Gryffindor." He practically spits the last word out. "You don't give a damn about anything but your precious glory." He is visibly shaking with rage, his wand clutched in white knuckles. But when O'Riley snaps and shouts them down, he clenches his jaw, keeping his mouth shut.

Christmas nods slowly as he bows his head to Tadhg, "I do understand Mister Tadhg. I will not use that spell again." He turns to his spot of the duel and raises his wand in front of him in a salute again. He raises his wand and says calmly, "Oh I am sorry Lucian. I did not mean to scare you. Shall we continue or do you wish to concede?" Christmas's wand at the ready as he is tense but waits for the signal.

Ripley leans forward and casts a gaze to Christmas. He gives a little chuckle, "You made him mad. You are so screwed." He announces to Christmas.

Briar came in right at the last traces of the gout of flames erupted and she's blinking. She did mean to just sneak in and watch in the back out of the way. But she is rather moving right up to the edge of the platform. "Christmas, you are digging yourself in a hole. Just wait til Dumbledore hears what you've done. I advise you to shut up and bow out with the smidge of dignity you might have left." She then looks to Lucian. "Defense Lucian, remember Defense. Don't rise, steady."

"That's because it was boring," Claire says. But this now, this is riveting. "Of course you don't use fire in a sporting duel, it's so easy to lose control of, but isn't Lucian overreacting? Now that's stones, mouthing off after that. Good God, I think Lucian's actually going to kill him." Claire is on the edge of her seat, mouth agape.

A duel? Yeah, I guess that sounds pretty cool. Kaiden walks into the great hall, hands tucked into his pockets. He's not really the sort to attend such displays of machismo, but it's a slow day for him, so why not? He leans against a wall and watches, missing anything that happened before.

Lucian's eyes shift to Briar…but the sight of her doesn't seem to calm him, so much as inflame him more. "That's amusing coming from you, Crocker." He glowers down at her before tearing his eyes away to look expectantly at O'Riley.

"ENOUGH! Mr Weaver as of this moment this duel is OVER! Mr Weaver I want you to report to your House Head, IMMEDIATELY! Do not speak to ANYONE until you speak with him and you better be glad that I am not Hauling you into the Ministry for this little stunt of your's." Tadhg O'Riley says, standing as tall as he can, wand out and looking ready to do some serious work,"I declare Mr Proudmore the winner of this duel." He says looking out to the others present. "I will be making a full report of these events." He says quite sharply looking at Christmas,"You have disgraced Gryffindor with your behavior." With that he waits for Christmas to begin moving to go to his House Head.

"Certainly not boring now," agrees Lorraine, watching the mounting tension between Proudmore and Weaver. "And so very short lived," she adds, disappointedly. "Lucian's too clever to kill him here… Besides, he just won by default." A boring victory at that.

Christmas eyes narrow at Tadhg, "Interesting." He lowers his wand and slides it into his sleeve. "I thought this was a duel between wizards and not a bunch of 1st years. I find your ability to call this duel basis Master O'Riley. I will be speaking with my father on the matter." He walks down from the stage and begins to exit the room. As he passes Lucian he whispers something nearly inaudible, "….official…girlfriend…win." He growls in anger before he storms out of the Great Hall.

Mabel sighs, from among the audience, …she's been rather quiet through this one for reasons of her own, Just turns away and lowers her head about this one. "Oh, just leave it, Weaver," she finally murmurs.

Lucian lowers his gaze, not looking remotely happy about the result of the duel. He hops down from the stage, muttering, "There was no honour in this." But when Christmas comes into his view again, there is nothing but barely-restrained hatred in his eyes. His explosive rage has calmed to an icy cold menace. He sneers, saying aloud to Christmas, "I don't need anyone to fight my battles for me, Weaver. But have fun getting your father to fight yours."

Ripley gives a whoop of a noise in excitement for Lucian and then gives a rather big laugh, "Deuling club rematch! I can see it coming." he says and claps his hand as he watches Christmas go out of the room. He hops up from his position and thrusts a hand out, "Nice work until the flub." He says to Lucian. And he actually sounds like he's earnest.

There is no rising to Christmas' threat of speaking to his father or the questioning of his ability to judge this duel. Normally Tadhg O'Riley would be heading back to the ministry but apparently he's got someone to see at the school, probably either Dumbledore or Headmaster Dippet, whoever he's going to speak with right now, it does not look like the words that he's going to give will be happy ones.

Kaiden scratches his head. Is this what all the duels are like? Just somebody yelling that Lucian won? That doesn't seem fun at all. Kaiden just shrugs and remains leaning against the wall.

Briar forgot Lucian was still mad at her. Ooops, oh well. She'd rather get a growl from Lucian than see Christmas end up dead, though every time Christmas opens his mouth the desire to protect him from Lucian wanes. "Hey, I know I need to work on that. You know it like the back of your hand though. Just walk away, or come over here and chew me out. Just let Christmas go get what's due." But Briar hates Lucian, everyone knows that, why's she being sort of nice?

Lucian accepts Ripley's hand, though the shake is weak and grudging. "There was no honour in that," he repeats, looking utterly dejected. "That was not a victory." His eyes shoot daggers after Christmas. "But there's no way he should be allowed on the dueling stage. Not if that's what he thinks is acceptable here. Imagine if he'd pulled that on some First Year." Briar's words earn a steely glare, and for a moment he looks like he'd very much like to head over and give her a piece of his mind. But he quickly deflates. The sting of a win by technicality has sucked the fight out of him.

Kaiden continues his lean, his green eyes following Lucian as he moves. He doesn't look like he's going to mock him or any such business. If anything, Kaiden just looks kinda bored, his eyes looking around the Great Hall he's already seen a thousand times.

Ripley shakes that hand and looks to the limpness of it. His eyes do roll a little bit and he shakes his head. "I know, Lucian. But there are times that a victory is a victory."

Mabel sighs, a little, then. Despite rather lacking for her usual cheer, in general, she does straighten and make her way over to Lucian, after Weaver makes his way out. "Apologies on behalf of my House. That was bloody irresponsible of Weaver, and being unsporting about that inexcusable." In Mabel's book, of course, the latter's a good deal worse. Frowns a bit. "I don't know just what's been with him just lately." Adds. "He'll have the rest of us to answer to if he's threatening something with his father."

Lucian is still shaking a bit, which Ripley could likely feel in the handshake. He really got worked up on the stage, it seems. "Yeah…I guess so." He runs a hand down his face, wiping away a sheen of sweat. "I'm going to grab a bath. See you later, Fox." Did Lucian and Ripley just get through a conversation without shouting or threatening each other? Be afraid, Hogwarts. Be very afraid. He stops when Mabel comes to address him, and even his usual sneer for her is absent. "Sure, Hawker. Just…work on him, alright? Drill some sense into his head. I don't know if I can, even in Club. Not after this."

Mabel seems unusually weary at the thought of 'working on' anyone, perhaps what was bothering her from the outset. Something he'd done upset Gabby, which isn't hard to do, but in this case, she's partially-responsible, after all. Nods. Lifts a brow as she looks up with one of those schooled expressions. "We'll see, there. As for Club, I'll see if we can't cool him off for a while, as I think we all might do. I think I see his point of view, facing yourself, but obviously don't agree. Just let me face him in sparring next time or two. Whatever it is, it's likely better that way."

Lucian eyes Mabel flatly. At least it isn't the usual look of suspicion. "Sure," he says noncommittally. "See you in Club." Victorious, but beaten, Lucian shuffles out the door.

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