(1937-11-09) Clifftop Conversation
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Summary: Lucian and Ria fill each other in on the latest news, and manage not to have a fight!
Date: November 9, 1937
Location: Clifftops
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Lucian and Ria walk along the cliffs of Hogwarts, hand in hand. They keep to the safer, flatter parts. This isn't a climbing expedition. It's just a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the school for a while, and speak privately. He's been regaling her with the tale of his duel earlier in the day, before dinner. "So I cast an Avis spell to baffle him with crows, and Weaver, the bloody moron, uses a Blasting Curse against them. He could have killed someone." He shudders, still shaken at the memory of the explosion of burning feathers.

It's a bit chilly, and the cool weather is making the wind on the cliffs a bit more aggressive nowadays. So as Ria walks along with Lucian, she gripping his hand rather tightly while she keeps her hair out of her face. They're in no danger of course, but something about the height makes her a bit wary. "Is he mad?! I thought there were no curses allowed in this competition? Did he not get points off for it?" Ria scowls upon hearing the news. "But you destroyed him right? I've been avoiding people all day lest they spoil it for me." Unfortunately, the Slytherin prefect had massive paper due that she had to finish up, and so she couldn't attend the duel itself.

Perhaps sensing Ria's trepidation, Lucian keeps a firm grip on her, and even tries to switch held hands, and put his arm around her. "Some curses are alright. But nothing like that. Of course he swears he had total control. As if some Fifth Year knows how to handle a Blasting Curse. Even I don't fool around with that kind of thing." Nevermind that it creates a fiery explosion that would send him into a fit of terror. "The most maddening thing is that I didn't destroy him. He was disqualified. The whole duel was a waste. No honour in it at all." His jaw tightens in renewed frustration.

Ria continues on as they walk, stiffening out of slight uneasiness though she'll blame it on the slight chill. Having Luc's arm around her makes her ease up though. Warmly she smiles at him with gratefulness and wraps an arm around his waist to bring him a bit closer. "What a complete fool. Anyone who swears something like that clearly doesn't know what he's doing. He should have lost house points for such an idiot move, or be facing detention at the least," she frowns and turns over to Luc, recalling exactly how fiery the curse manifests. So before she addresses anything further, she squeezes her hand on his hip and asks, "Were you okay though? You must've been…shaken. I regret not being there now…"

Lucian tenses a bit at the question. But then, Ria is the one person that understands. "I…was alright. I got more angry than anything. I sort of blew my lid at the M.C. Anyhow, Weaver was sent off to Dumbledore, so I'm sure he'll lose a half a point, or something." He rolls his eyes, fully expecting favouritism from Gryffindor's Head of House. "But, that's not what I brought you here to talk about. Over the weekend, I visited Camilla at the Fawley Farm."

That draws a wince from Ria and following up she asks, "Who did you have? O'Riley again? I suspect that didn't pass over to well with him did it?" She leans against Luc a bit more, rubbing at his side. Perhaps she's hoping that affection will make him feel better even if she's not sure of her words at times. But as soon as she hears the name 'Camilla', Ria stops them short. There's a slight scowl to her face, and if his eye is keen enough he could sense perhaps some jealousy. "During Hogsmeade weekend?" she licks her lips. "And…did you ask her about the…you know?" Her eyes flick around hoping that no one is nearby to hear their conversation.

Lucian nods, first to her question about O'Riley, then again to that about his meeting with Camilla. "My training has already started. It…wasn't at all what I expected. Mostly it was a lot of talking, and…screaming." He rubs his neck, obviously aware of how awkward all of this sounds.

Ria raises her brows, not expecting for things to take off so suddenly. "Already? Well that was…quick," she doesn't seem disappointed though. Eager perhaps. Almost hungry to know more. But she tilts her head and quirks a brow. Yeah, he totally lost her. "Talking and screaming….what?"

Lucian frowns, trying to put it into words. "It's hard to explain. She was asking me about what I feel…about the beast inside." He looks to her like she should understand this completely. "Before I even said anything, she said she figured it was a predator." He smirks a bit proudly at that. "But…I told her how I feel angry and caged all the time…and how I use Dueling Club as an outlet. So she…ugh, this will sound stupid just saying it."

It's possible that Ria Sykes doesn't understand it completely. But even if she doesn't, the intent way she listens and the look on her face shows that perhaps she's at least trying. A passing thought crosses her mind that makes one corner of her mouth crinkle into a half frown, but it goes away quickly. Instead a soft, teasing smile replacing it. "Well I already have a low opinion of you. What's there more to lose?" she squeezes his side assuringly once more. "You know you can always tell me."

"Thanks," Lucian says dryly, not entirely amused by her teasing. "She's worried that if I learn how to wear my 'guardian' on the outside without dealing with my anger at my father first, that I'll just be releasing all of that, and it would be dangerous." He sighs, hugging her tighter. "She's probably right. But the thing is…I don't know how to do the same for you. I don't think you and I have the same issues." He stops walking, and tilts his head to look her in the face. "I think you should consider talking to her yourself. She has an understanding of this beyond mere Transfiguration. I didn't realize how completely unprepared I was for this."

The half-frown returns in all its crinkling glory again. Though it's unclear whether it's made in disapproval or concern or both. And if so, what does she disapprove of and what is she concerned over? "Well everyone has their own problems. Each one different from the other. I'm not sure if I want to talk to her though if there's too much…emotion involved. I don't feel comfortable talking to her." Or to majority of human kind, save her twin and Lucian himself. Ria wants to learn Animagi though, not sign up for a therapy session. "Tell me, what sort of exercises did she have you do? What things did she have you … talk about? Perhaps I can learn to deal with whatever issues I have on my own."

Lucian turns to face her, arms curling around her back to link behind her. "Please don't do it alone. I want this to be something we do together. Ria, we can discover this whole other side of ourselves. It should be together. I'll learn more, and maybe then I can help you." He dips his face in that Very Serious way. "I'm not backing out on our agreement. I'll teach you anything I can. I just want you to reconsider talking to her. But…here, let me try this. Can you explain why you want to learn this? I mean, why specifically this?"

Ria bites her lip and sighs, as if she suddenly realized something and was disappointed in herself for not catching it before. "I'm sorry. You're right, we're supposed to be doing this together. I forget sometimes, about the 'us' thing," she says apologetically and tip toes so that her forehead meets his. Kind of like an ant trying to send it message through their imaginary antennae. "I'm still considering it though…I'm just not sure. I don't know her and yet I'm trusting her to teach me something important." His question though makes her think a moment, her mouth flattening into a line. "If I learn this well…it's not like I would go flashing it around, but it would be so satisfying to know that I could. It's something that no one else in my family could do. Not even Jocunda with her broom and all. I don't know if I'd even use it unless necessary, but just the sheer satisfaction of knowing that I could do it when so many others can't." There's that hungry look in her eye again.

Lucian smiles, taking the opportunity to steal a kiss when their faces are so close. "It's alright. I know you're still adjusting to being 'us.'" He listens to her explanation, pursing his lips thoughtfully. This psychology stuff is not his bailiwick, but if there is one person whose mind he understands better than anyone's, it's Ria. "Well, that sounds a lot like you," he chuckles. "So…maybe your guardian is something deceptive…dangerous, but seemingly harmless. Maybe something poisonous." He gets a wicked grin, obviously not turned off by the possibility.

Ria lets out a muffled ack at the stolen kiss, not expecting it, but she doesn't seem to be too resentful. After all she follows through with a giggle and grabs his nose to give it a light squeeze, "Sneaky." The description earns its own menacing grin from Ria and she nods in agreement. "Something that likes to keep hidden. Doesn't want to be seen but is ready to strike." But the idea of being poisonous makes her laugh. "Everything we're saying just points me to a snake. How fitting it would be wouldn't it? Like I'm the heir of Salazar Slytherin himself." And though the words initially come out with slight mirth, she suddenly tenses up a bit as if she were teetering on the edge of saying something, but catches herself just in time. Ria clears her throat and tries to cover it up with a strained laugh to continue the vibe she had going before. But something about this one was off.

Lucian knows her too well to miss it. At first he chuckles along with her, "Wouldn't that be something." But he watches her until he's sure he can see the thoughts behind her eyes. "You're doing that thing you do when you're trying not to say something." He tries to lock her gaze with his. "No more secrets between us. Remember? What is it?"

Ria turns her head to scowl to the side and murmur, "Dammit." He knows her way too well by now. This is such a problem sometimes. And as she always does, she tries to avoid his gaze a bit while she practically gnaws on her bottom lip. Clearly she's torn over the situation. "Yes only this isn't my secret to tell…," she taps her toe anxiously. Oh she's used this line before hasn't she? Ria's running out of lines to use! After spending the next minute fidgeting and avoiding his gaze she makes a noise that sounds something like the mix between a sigh and a grunt. "Okay okay…only you have to swear on your grave that you'll never tell a soul about this…" Her eyes flicker nervously, as if there could be serious consequences for this secret.

Whatever this secret is, it is way too delicious to pass up if it's got Ria this wound up. "I swear it. I don't want this between us. What is it?" He cups a hand to her cheek to coax her gaze back to his. Let her just try and resist those blue eyes!

"D-don't look at me like that unless, you're going to kiss me or something….," Ria pouts at those beautiful blues. She's clearly high strung about this if she reacts in such a way. But her eyes peer left and right again to check for anyone else before, settling back on Lucian. "It's…about that first year. Tom Riddle," she says somberly. "You remember when the sorting hat nearly choked on itself when it sorted him, right? I asked Slughorn about it and there's a reason for that…it's because." She licks her lips and leans in close to whisper in his ear, "He's the heir of Slytherin. He's the real deal." And then she pulls back to look at Luc with panic as if the gods were going to smite her then and there for divulging the secret.

Lucian arches an eyebrow in disbelief. Surely, she playing one of her games, teasing him. But no…he can usually tell when she's teasing. She's too nervous about this. This has shaken her, and suddenly it's shaking him, too. "Slughorn said so? About Riddle? So…he's a true descendant of Salazar Slytherin" His eyebrows threaten to lift right off of his face. "Hades Below…this is huge. If this gets out, he'll be number one around here overnight." His eyes snap to hers. "You realize we have to get in good with this kid, right? Of course you do. So what's your plan?"

Indeed, Ria's face is nothing short of serious and she bites her bottom lip, nodding as she looks up at him. "A true descendant….," she murmurs and still jittery she shrugs, "I-I don't know! I'm still trying to get in good with the other prefects just so I can get my badge back. And now I need to suck up to this kid too? I mean Merlin's beard, Luc! He's just soooo positively muggle it makes my stomach churn to think he's who he is." There a deep yet brief scowl after she says that and snapping back to Lucian, she grabs his shoulder and leans in to look him square in the eye. "But no one. You tell no one. Hear me?! I was allowed to tell you, but if Slughorn hears we let this slip we're in for it."

Lucian gently hooks his thumbs under her hands and removes them from his shoulders, lifting them to be kissed. "I said I wouldn't tell, and I'm a man of my word." He gives her a smile that is equal parts ardor and conspiratorial mischief. "The kid's like a Muggle, you say. So he'll need some experienced students to show him the ropes and teach him what it means to be a Slytherin. We don't have to suck up at all. We're his superiors, Ria. We're his Prefects. We get him on our side, not grovel to be on his side."

Ria squeezes his hands in hers as the backs are graced with a kiss. She sighs in slight relief and says, "Well alright. Only I don't know how to approach him otherwise. I'm not too fond of first-years." She scrunches her nose and ponders on any strategy. "He seemed rather interested in dueling during that Auror's exhibition. Perhaps you can interest him in joining. Also, Slughorn was quick to throw him into Slug Club. There are opportunities to interact with him there."

Lucian grins, lifting his chin. "Exactly. There's just one problem, though. He sticks to Dumbledore like glue. I'll do what I can to get him into Dueling Club, but I'll have to try to get him under my wing there…away from Bumblebore. You…well, you're going to have to get over disliking Firsties. Try talking to him about how it was when we were First Years. Tell him what we did to get by. Bring up the older students that helped us, to put that idea in his head."

Ria rolls her eyes and replies dryly, "Of course he does. I was told he grew up in a muggle orphanage. I suspect Dumbledore was the one who went to go fetch him. He dropped him off at 9 3/4 earlier this year." But she with some reluctance in her tone she gives in, "But fine. I'll try my best. Only I won't let him distract me from my Animagi. As much as it would be useful to get within his good graces, it'll be more useful if we give him a reason to respect us, other than our age. When you have something useful, people will flock to you." And with a bit of pride she lifts her chin and says, "After all, that's what happened with Leander Fox. He added me to his entourage."

Lucian slips his arms around her again. A proud smile shines down on her. "Of course he did. Whatever else Leander is, he's not an idiot. Did he tell you I'm going as well? We'll be there together."

Ria can't help but narrow some eye in skepticism. "I wouldn't be so quick to retract the title from him just yet. He may be shrewd in some aspects but he's still prone to being rash and irrational. And that's a large part of idiocy." The boy practically threw out a peace offering and she's still crushing his name in the dirt. And leaning into Lucian she grins, "I heard. I asked Leander actually. Not sure if I would have gone without you. The idea of having to put up with him alone is rather painful. I would have certainly lost it." Giving him another good squeeze she looks brightly up at Lucian. "We're going to Durmstrang!"

Lucian finds her enthusiasm infectious, and with a laugh he lifts her up into his strong, stable-boy arms. "We're going to Durmstrang," he echoes, "Together." He nuzzles his nose against hers, a precursor to a kiss. It is soft, then firmer, more hungry. While the thought of being together in Norway is exciting, for the moment, he wants her to forget anything but him…but them.

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