(1937-11-09) Gossipping
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Summary: The Oldest Skyes Children have a conversation over tea…
Date: Nov 9 1937
Location: Three Broomsticks

It's not that Jocunda would often be in Hogsmeade, but sometimes work calls for it. The woman had a rather early meeting and looks somewhat bleary eyed as she slips into the Three Broomsticks. The pub is rather quiet at the moment. Those present are doing much as the blonde Sykes is about to: eat something hearty. She places her order at the bar for a hot tea and a bowl of stew, finding a table to settle in at with a yawn.

As he walks into the pub, his cane slightly knocking against the fall his eyes fall on his sister and he smirks. Xavier begins to walk towards the blonde and he stops about 10 feet before her table and says, "Oh my god! Can I get your autograph!" He exclaims like a giddy school girl before he rolls his eyes and his demeanor shifts back to normal, "Or do you not have time for your older brother?" Xavier moves to sit down without before invited.

Tired as Jocunda is, the voice /totally/ gets her and she starts, kicking the table at a strange angle. She hisses slightly at the discomfort, tossing a glare Xavier's way. It's that perturbed look that one sibling might give another. "Time, yes. Patience? We'll see." Her expression does warm though- Xavier has always been one of her favorite siblings. She just can't get past that whole idolization thing completely.

"Awww. Your looking a bit peeked sister dear." He folds his hands in his lap and cocks his head to the side, "Sorry I did not come to your broom signing. I found the whole idea below you and a bit shocked you did it." Xavier cocks an eyebrow and sighs softly, "And besides…you look miserable."

"I mostly did it to embarass Ria and Kaiden," Jocunda admits, with a slight smirk. "Well, that and the Ministry thought it'd help improve image and boost morale and you know how they are." She sits up a bit, picking at a spot on the table's surface as she awaits her order. "I was up before /dawn/. Some blast-ended newt of a fool fancied himself a broom collector, but didn't properly store them and was trying to file complaints against the makers because the brooms he had all piled up were acting funny." She rolls her eyes.

Xavier smirks at the idea of embrassing Ria and Kaiden, "Yes I am a guest speaker at Hogwarts for the next few weeks. I have been enjoying the idea of making Ria die from embrassment. I wore this costume to the Halloween feast that was near shameful." He grins a bit more wolfishly, "Even for me. However when I saw her turn her a pretty shade of Cherry I knew I was set." He smirks adding with a shrug, "And then I snogged with Hooch in the Broom Closet some while the kids danced the night away…" He runs a hand through his long locks and asks, "So I assume you fixed the broom issue and charged this fool properly for it?"

"I do love Ria, but she needs to relax some." So similar Jocunda and her sister are, yet so different as well. The serving girl on duty finally brings over the stew and tea, inquiring with Xavier if he has need of anything. "Hooch, eh? Bet that was fun." She gives a nod, settling in to start eating her meal. "Oh yes. Gave him a long talk on how to properly store brooms and if he won't put the effort in, he ought sell the lot off… not that most were worth much."

"I love her too. I don't care for the boy she is dating. This Lucian Proudmore. He is a baffoon of a boy who clings on her for her status and beauty. She could do so much better I just want to make the boy have an accident." He shrugs and says adding in case any of the walls have ears, "Yet I would not because he is a boy and I am not." He rolls his eyes and smirks, "It is kind of funny when I see them both. Kaiden is like me when I was at school and Ria does remind me of you…yet a bit more like Mum in ways." He chuckles, "I haven't seen much of Garrett yet well he is a Gryffindor and doing his own thing it seems."

"I've only met Lucian once, the night I had the signing. I suppose Ria and Kaiden felt they ought to introduce me to their dates…" Jocunda makes a slight face. "Lucian seemed alright, but certainly… cowed to Ria, but I'm not surprised. She's not like to date someone her equal." Someday, maybe, but not yet. Jocunda was the same in school. It's fun having a boy who will be at your beck and call. "Kaiden's girlfriend though… have you met her?" The blonde frowns a bit, picking up her tea to take a careful sip. Mindful of how hot it may be. "He says it's only because Ria was there, but she was positively hateful towards families like ours."

Xavier cocks an eyebrow, "That Lucian boy is a bastard child…who knows he most likely is a mud-Blood. I do not like the fact Ria is with him. And it is clear the boy does not like us. You should see how polite and silver tongued he is but the venom drips off his teeth." He snorts like canvas ripping, "And I would not worry about Kaiden. It is most likely his flavor of the week. You remember how many girls I had while I was in school. He is a charmer…and he has to try and show up his sister." He smirks leaning in to Jocunda, "Much like you had to show me sometimes."

"Is he?" Jocunda inquires of Lucian, eyebrows rising. "I did not know that. It explains why he reacted so badly when I remarked on the Proudmore name." Like she's going to keep up with who's who in the school. "Well, I'm sure Ria will tire of him. Just as, yes, Kaiden will tire of his. He's rather protective of her at the moment… tried telling me about the babies they'll have." Eyes roll to gaze ceiling-ward for a moment, but her expression smooths at his last and lips curve in amusement. "Well, yes. I'm sure poor Garrett will be even more outrageous in a few years than any of us."

Xavier smirks softly, "Yes. I have not seen him once while I have been visiting. It is as if he is avoiding me. Who knows." He looks down at his watch and frowns, "IT seems I am running late but I saw you walk in and I had to see you. Perhaps we can do lunch when I get back to London. I am going to pick up some more of my research on the Hammer. I could use a good wing woman by my side…" He stands elegantly as he smooths his jacket and his cane hits the floor, "That is if your public can do without you for awhile." He grins widely.

"I'll have to ask after him soon," Jocunda says, half to herself. She looks up as Xavier gets to his feet, seeming mildly disappointed. "I'm sure they can do without me. Whether the Ministry can… well…" She looks thoughtful, before getting that impish smirk that can be oh-so-typical of her family. "They can sod off. I'd be happy to join you."

Xavier grins and leans in to kiss his sister on the cheek, "Very good." He begins to walk towards the door and says, "Be good…" He reaches to open the door giving Jocunda a side glance and smirks, "…or good at it. Talk with you soon." He opens the door and steps out to finish his morning errands.

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