(1937-11-09) Tea for Three
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Summary: Edwarlinda and Keenan bump into each other on the way out for tea, then bump into Veruca.
Date: 09 November 1937
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When a man needs to think, some fresh air is usually the place to do it. Or, as fresh as you can get walking outside in London, but at least he's not cooped up in his flat. Throwing on a light outer robe, the tall, ginger healer made his way outside in attempt to do just that, clear his thoughts. With his hands stuffed into his pockets, and the scruff already starting to sprout along his jawline, Keenan's eyes are only focused on the street enough to keep himself from running into things. So it is, he almost misses Edwarlinda as he starts to skirt around her.
Recovering to greet in her time, he ascertained she was heading to a coffee shop, and he offered to join her. Once the invitation was accepted, he also offered his arm for the rest of the walk. As they reach the place indicated, he reaches with his other arm to open the door and usher her inside. He gives a smile, one eyebrow raised to whatever she's saying as they pass inside, and then the green eyes sweep the establishment and it's occupants.

Edwarlinda has not quite been herself this week. Adjusting to things. It's made her quieter, somehow. She's actually getting to work on time, leaving on time, and not drinking like an Irishman every night. No offense to her dear Irish friends. So, it might not be too surprising that she's on her way to the tea shop instead of to the Cauldron, as there are more tempting things there than firewhiskey and ales. Her mind is completely out of this world as well, as it has been for days, so it's also unsurprising that she and Keenan nearly collide on the sidewalk alone. She blinks, shaking off any sort of apology and taking his arm with a warm, fond gesture, giving a light squeeze as they go in. "…The tea here is good. And coffee… though it's always so crowded." She murmurs, hoping the time of day means it's not right now.

While many of the tables in the shop are occupied, one in particular is the temporary base for a witch familiar to both Edwarlinda and Keenan. There is a steaming cup of coffee on the table, but Veruca's attention is on the little black book that lays open while she makes a note within. Being fairly near the door, each time it opens the wind from outside rushes in to ruffle the book's pages, and each time the brunette glances absently toward the source. This most recent time her eyes flicker up and return to her work… pause… and then flicker back.

Keenan nods, turning back towards Eddie, forgetting the room for the moment. "If there isn't a seat fer ye, I'll clear one out," he promises in his 'tough guy' voice. But then he softens a little and continues on, "how have ye been doin', Lindy? Between tha extra shifts an' Clover's house warmin' party. Not what I'm used tae as a 'house' warmin', though," he adds with bemused shake of his head. "I swear tae ye, Lindy, my legs were hurtin' more from bein' led all over tha place than they were from the dancin'… anyways, I haven't checked in on ye."

The commentary of checking in her makes Eddie's hand wave gently and a small shake of her head. "No need to check in on me. I'm fine. Just thinking a lot, you know?" Eddie states simply, it not being a lie, but clearly not the whole truth. Just a very, very brief summary of the ocean that is her mind right now. And then she spots a very convenient distraction in the form of Rue! She hadn't been planning on company for this outing, so the woman's presence is a total relief. Perhaps she can toss the pair at each other and go back to her own head. Eddie puts on that smile of her's for which she is so famous, even if it's a bit tense around the edges, and gives a warm wave. "Veruca! Mind company?…Do you know Keenan? Keenan, you should meet Vercua. She's just lovely." Oh, Eddie's got those matchmaking eyes~

As Veruca watches the pair enter, undecided about whether to offer a greeting, Eddie takes care of that for her! Well, that's absolutely delightful! Veruca smiles at the pair and motions them over since there's plenty of room for two more at the table she has chosen. Tucking her quill into the book and closing it, she stands to move and offer a 'proper' cheek kiss greeting to Edwarlinda when the pair are close enough. "Eddie, how nice to see you." Her dark eyes shift to Keenan and her head inclines, "Keenan." She holds her poise perfectly. Outwardly.

As the name "Veruca" comes from Eddie's lips, Keenan's head spins around quickly, and somehow seeming to go straight to the woman in question. He lets the blonde's arm fall from his and stands there, shoving his hands both awkwardly back in their pockets. He gives a little nod to the raven haired woman, his eyes flickering around until they light on the small book. His brain leaps for it like a drowning man for a life preserver. "Mis- Veruca, it is a pleasure tae see ye again. I see ye're still keepin' up yer little black book." He glances back up, having found something to banter about and feeling on a little safer ground, so that his eyes start to sparkle again. "I gather ye've been keepin' careful notes in it tae keep yer men straight?"

There is a perfect little storm that Eddie senses here about 1.5 seconds too late to stop it. The blonde just pauses, brows arching as she looks between both of them, still lingering on Keenan's arm though in a friendly, relaxed sort of way. There is nothing in her body posture that says she's in love with the man or hanging all over him. It's more so just the nearness of friends. "So…apparently, you two know each other." Eddie offers with an awkward little laugh and a tilt of her head. "What did I miss?"

Veruca's smile doesn't quite look plastic, but it's so perfectly pleasant and composed that it just doesn't quite look entirely natural either. While he speaks, Rue looks evenly at Keenan. Evenly at his nose. At his chin. At his left ear. Until finally her eyes slip to the book as it's brought up and she… leaps for it like a drowning woman for a life preserver. "Indeed. It's quite a help in keeping information in order." He wouldn't believe what she really uses it for, anyway. The smile goes to Edwarlinda, "Yes, we've met previously." And since Eddie and Keenan are close friends, it's only right for her to leave it up to him to supply whatever else he would care.

Keenan nods once, but seems to have reached the end of his bantering. He considers a minute, his mind reviewing the conversation so far, and Eddie's earlier attempt at introducing them. He sends Veruca a little look, that's almost conspiratorial, and turns to Eddie. "Veruca was my date to Clover's housewarming party this weekend," he tells her, pulling off the statement almost, almost nonchalantly, and then he waits to see his friend's reaction at being too late to be the matchmaker, a tiny grin starting to play around his lips again.

Still getting the sense she's missing an elephant of information, Eddie squeezes Keenan's arm and lets go, resting her fingertips on her waist and stepping a touch to the side so she stands between them. Almost like some sort of referee. She looks them each over skeptically, a brow arching and her smirk deepening. "Alright… And things did not go… well? Come on, out with it, both of you, really. I had hoped you to might get along, actually. I guess I was wrong?"

Veruca doesn't catch that first look from Keenan, but when he speaks she looks to his face, her own expression mild. It remains so as she looks to Eddie, pausing a beat before saying, "Wrong? I wouldn't really say that." A thoughtful quirk of her brow is directed at Keenan as she questions him, "Would you say it went well? I certainly have no objections to how the evening unfolded." She still doesn't quite look him in the eyes.

Even though she hasn't caught his eyes, Keenan gives a nod, finally moving to pull out a chair for Eddie. "Ye really should have a seat, Lindy," he encourages, being particularly solicitous of his friend. "Ye've been on yer feet too much, I'm sure. I was particularly impressed with their collection of literature," the latter comment being directed to Veruca, looking up to the woman again. He pauses, his face scrunching a little as if trying to remember something. "In fact, I think there was something ye wanted tae thank Lindy for?" It may be noted that the seat he chose for Eddie is the one at right angles to where Veruca's book lies, so that he will end up sitting right across from the lady who wore red.

The offer of the chair makes Eddie's nose wrinkle deeply. She shakes her head, "I am not on my feet too much, Keenan, god… think I'm getting old, do you?" Eddie's slight glare cannot be stopped as the implication that she should sit down has actually bitten a bit. But she does sit then, settling against the side of the chair and crossing her long, stockinged legs beneath the elegant suit skirt she wears today. Then back to Veruca. "Thank me? No reason, dear, really, I'm just happy to see you."

Veruca does meet Keenan's eyes now, as he mentions the library, and as he goes on to put forth that question the witch's lips press together. She's either suppressing a smile or an urge to slap Keenan upside the head. Or both. Perhaps the real answer lies in the sudden amusement in her eyes. But Keenan really does seem to intend to hold her to a comment about thanking Eddie for teaching Keenan to dance so well. And then Eddie foils his plan, and she lets Veruca off the hook. Pouncing the chance, Veruca says smoothly as she returns to her seat as well, "I'm absolutely delighted to have run into you again, Eddie. It's been some time."

"Ye women, always stickin' together even when ye don't know what it ye're stickin' together fer," Keenan gives a wave of his hand as they both sit. "It's all right, I know what my uses are. May I get ye a new drink, Veruca, while I'm getting something fer Eddie tae drink? I'm sure ye both have so much tae catch up on, an' that presence of a man would only be a nuisance." There's something about the way that he says Veruca, a tiny pause as if he's used to calling her something else and this whole first name basis is something new.

Edwarlinda arches a brow again, still getting the feeling she's missing tons of things. It's frustrating. Eddie likes to know what is going on. "Tea would be great, Keenan…whatever you think is best. And then you're going to come over here and one of you is going to damned well tell me what is going on before my head bursts, alright?" Eddie then gives them another sweeter smile, tilting her head to the other side and sitting up just a touch straighter.

"Thank you, no," Veruca says, her eyes only getting as far as Keenan's shirt collar before swinging back to Edwarlinda. "It's nothing, we had a very pleasant evening. Your brother was there, in fact," she offers. "I was rather hoping to see you there as well."

Keenan nods to Eddie when she asks for tea, but there must be something wrong with his lips, because they twitch as he turns to walk away from the table. He heads to the counter and waits in line, rocking lightly on his feet with his hands clasped behind his back. As he waits, he starts to whistle, a tune similar to 'Nice'n'Easy'.

Edwarlinda is an Auror, she can read bullshit a mile away. The blonde now flat out frowns, a shake to her head as she sits up a bit straighter. "Clearly, it wasn't nothing. I know Keenan, Miss Veruca. He doesn't get like that around anyone. So, I'm guessing the night didn't go well. And… I've been caught up with a few things. Not quite up to partying right now. Maybe for the holiday season, yes?" She offers with a warmer smile, trying to look herself like everything is doing well. But they aren't the only ones with secrets.

Veruca casts a puzzled look to Edwarlinda. "He doesn't get like what?" she asks curiously. She tries one more time to reassure the other witch. "It really was a nice evening, Eddie. The party was lovely." Rue even does her best to sound reassuring, which she doesn't really have that much experience at.

There's a tilt of Keenan's head as he listens to the conversation behind him between the two women. The volume of his whistling lowers a bit, and then he states his order quietly. He doesn't pick up the two cups right away, waiting to see what Eddie's answer is going to be to Veruca's question. He pours some honey in one cup, and stirs slowly, giving his procrastination some sort of viability.

"He's…tense. Awkward. Not his friendly self. I… just don't get it." Eddie admits simply, then reaches one hand up to her face to drag it across her eyes. She's tired. She still looks genuinely tired even if it's not that late. "Maybe I'm just going crazy. Too sensitive, reading into things. Sorry. I'm glad you had a good time.." She sinks back against the chair and tries to look relaxed.

This brings a thoughtful frown to Veruca's face, but she doesn't press the matter of Keenan's behavior further. Instead her attention focuses fully on Eddie with slight concern. "Eddie, please don't think me awful for asking, but have you been sleeping lately?"

"Nae, she hasnae," is Keenan's no-nonsense healer answer as he returns to the table, having turned once Eddie gave her answer. He sets the tea in front of his friend. "It's nae awful of ye tae ask, Miss Max. It's bein' observant an' carin' fer a person." There's a different kind of gleam to his gaze as he looks across the table to her, and he settles back, one ankle crossing over his knee. The use of Miss Max seems more natural and easier for him to say than 'Veruca', but somehow it lacks in formality, the tone infusing the two words with something warmer. "An' I insist ye drink every drop of that tea, Lindy. Healer's orders."

This was not where the conversation was supposed to lead. Eddie's eyes go a bit wide as they both get on her about looking tired, her jaw dropping just a touch. "Hey. I'm fine. I'm sleeping just fine, thank you very much. You're both going to make me feel I look like shite." Eddie half growls, now giving the tea beneath her hand a slightly wary look. "I don't need healer's tea, Keenan… I just want tea. Relax, alright?" But now that she does look at them a bit differently, her brows arch and a slight look of interest catches her eyes. "Ah…Well, at least you're relaxing around her, Keen."

Hey Veruca was just being observant and caring! Keenan was the one who was getting on Eddie. Big difference. Bad Keenan. "As if you could ever look like shite, Eddie, honestly." The words hold no hint of anything other than honesty. Rue picks up her coffee cup and has a sip, finding the brew still fairly warm despite having been distracted from it. Mention again of Keenan's apparently odd behavior has him favored with a curious look.

Keenan's eyebrows shoot skywards as he looks at Eddie. "Who said I wasnae, aye? An' I think ye need tae be takin' yer own advice, Lindy-lass. If there's anyone at this table that needs tae be relaxin'…" he lowers his head to give her the pointed look to finish his sentence. "Besides, ye told me tae pick tha tea. I did. I'm a healer, so when ye put two an' two together, ye get healer's tea. Simple as that, aye?" He takes a sip of his own tea, then sets it down. "If ye keep being so crabby, I'm goin' tae make ye eat something, 's well. Ye've been warned." There's that mild, teasing tone again, and he grins incorrigibly to the ladies.

"Hrumph." Is Eddie's response to whole explanation Keenan gives her. But she doesn't push away the tea. She carefully scoops it up between her hands and goes to nursing the stuff. "You two, talk… I'm apparently too crabby, I'll just drink my medicine." She deadpans quietly, but turns a half smile back to Rue, shaking her head, "I'm certainly far from perfect."

Veruca gives Eddie a sympathetic look, genuine, as she's finally finding a bit of ease with this very odd situation. Until she and Keenan are instructed to talk, and it's back to dealing with each other directly and not dealing with Eddie instead. Alrighty then. She's got this. Her eyes swing up to meet Keenan's with her typically direct gaze that he already knows quite well.

Keenan chuckles as he sips his tea. "I put enough honey in there that even if 'twas medicine it'd taste like a sugar quill from Harkiss's," he tells Eddie. "Ye're not so put upon, lass," although, as he's ordered to talk to Veruca, he looks questioningly over the rim of his cup to her. Her direct gaze is met with that green, humorously teasing one. "So, we've been ordered tae talk, Miss Max," he muses. "An, what shall we talk about, then? I am going with the assumption that talking about Lindy is straight out tha window, since she's sittin' right here. An' talking about each other we can save fer later, when it's just tha two of us. So, as I see it, that leaves us with tha weather, an' politics." He gives a grimace to indicate his opinion of those two topics, and takes another sip of tea.

Edwarlinda is happily quiet for the moment, sipping that tea and staring at both of them with that returned, skeptically arched brow. At least Eddie os drinking her tea. While Keenan's words might be some way to convince her to reach out and help them, she doesn't give in, clearly too busy with her drink to talk.

Truly, somewhere in Keenan's family there must have been that singular Irish snake charmer. As much as she was avoiding his eyes minutes ago, now that she's caught his gaze it doesn't feel quite as odd. Almost familiar, even. "I do hate to talk politics and the weather right now is little but rain and more rain." She glances to a wall clock. "Unfortunately, it's my turn to skip out early on you," she says, referring to their last meeting while he was on break. "Eddie, dear, I do hope to see you again soon." As she moves to stand, she gathers up her black coat as well, folding it over her arm.

As Eddie continues to ignore them, Keenan sips his tea, but really doesn't find much taste for it. He looks up as Veruca stands. "Must ye be leaving so soon?" he asks, then glances sideways, that little smile that's up to no good creasing the dimples on his cheeks. "At least let me walk ye tae wherever ye're going, Miss Max, so I can enjoy ye're company a little longer, since Lindy here has decided tae go mute on me." He pushes his chair back and rises, offering his arm with that little wink. "Ye don' mind, do ye, Lindy?"

Edwarlinda smiles a bit more, shaking her head to both of them. "No, no… Go. Both of you. Have a good night. I'm fine with the tea, and I was planning on coming alone anyway. Have some thinking to do. Go… be safe. I hope to see you again as well, Veruca." She smiles, gives them a small salute, then sinks back into the chair. She all too quickly loses herself in her own thoughts.

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