(1937-11-10) Irish Friends
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Summary: Niamh tells Edwarlinda exactly what it means to have Irish Friends.
Date: 10 November 1937
Location: Elegant Townhouse
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Elegant Townhouse London
Sat Nov 10, 1937 ((Mon Oct 29 21:03:55 2012)) (B,5 SW)

It is a fall morning. The weather is freezing and drizzling.

A corner townhouse at the end of a row, Eddie has a small front yard that wraps around into a side and larger back yard with an elegant black iron patio set on a white tiled patio. The whole house, inside and out, is done in classic black and white with accents of colour on the walls and furniture - mainly shocks of red and emerald green. The townhouse has three levels, the first for living and the second two with bedrooms. The living room has a large black and white Persian rug across the floor and dark, plush furniture with carved wooden legs. There is a fireplace and a bay window overlooking the square beyond. The walls are mostly covered with black book cases filled with all sorts of texts, more magical than not. Through elegant white doors, there lays a dining area done in dark cherry wood. Beyond the dining room there is a smart kitchen done with a black and white checkered pattern.

Upstairs, there are two guest bedrooms on the second floor. One is done in deep blues with dark wood and clearly is meant for male visitors. The other is all blush and creams with a canopy bed for the female persuasion. A bathroom is shared in that hallway, neutral gold and cream with red linens for a flush of colour. The final floor is Eddie's bedroom and master bathroom. She's got a dramatically large bed made of dark cherry wood with posh cream curtains hanging down. The cherry wood continues in all the furniture of the room, including a large vanity with a velvet lined stool in front of it. The vanity is covered with all sorts of muggle make up and potion bottles. Windows look out off of three sides of the room and are done with heavy burgundy curtains that can keep out the light when needed. The room is usually in a bit of chaos, expensive clothing tossed all about and her wardrobe hanging half open. A pile of books rests on the bedside table as tall as the lamp next to them.


Normally, on a Saturday night, Eddie would be out and about with the best of them. Wild, drinking, partying, enjoying life. But since the news and her stomach deciding it does and doesn't like certain things in life, alcohol seems to have been on that list. A night on the town isn't the same without it, and her heart isn't in the partying, so the blonde is currently at home, curled up on her couch by the fire place which is roaring against the winter cold. She's got a cup of mild tea in her hand and while music plays in the background, it does seem her eyes are a million miles away.

All's good and all's fair. Niamh arrives, turning the handle of the door with a hand but actually upening it with a bump of her hip. "It's me!" is called out, and with the oter side, she bumps the door closed behind her. She has a box in her hands, and she shows herself in, crossing the distance towards the fire. "Brought ye a few things." With each step, there's a soft *clink*, a couple *rattle*s..

Not totally expecting company, Eddie's hand goes immediately for her wand on the coffee table until she sees who it is. She takes a slow breath against the trip of her heart and allows a smile to cross pink lips instead. She's not bothered with make up charms today, it seems. Chances are she's not left the house on her day off. "Niamh! You should have mirrored, I'd have cleaned up a bit or gotten some food, or some such." She tosses off the blanket, revealing her long red chinese silk robe sashed around her waist and matching little slippers. She comes across, reaching for the bags. "Let me. What is this??"

"No, ye don't.. I've got it. Just bulkier.. ye just sit back down there." Niamh grins soon after, however, "Though it is something like Christmas." Setting the box down on the coffee table, she turns to give her friend a hug, long and affectionate before a kiss is placed on her cheek. "An' it's just some things for ye. Both from me an' from mum. As for advance notice? Just to straighten an' cook? If anything, I'll clean for ye, an' make ye something."

"What? Clean and cook for ME? Don't be silly, darling… I'm fine. I'm perfectly capable of doing… Everytihng. You didn't need to bring anything over. What in bloody hell IS all this?" Eddie asks in earnest confusion, standing over bags and then happily leaning over for that hug and kiss. She's not sitting back down quite yet.

"Things for ye from mum. When I went to dinner last Sunday, she tells me, she does.. 'I've been hearin' thin's from those Malfoys, I 'ave," and Niamh puts on her mothers thicker accent, the lilt still so light, "'an I know I've love for Lindy as ye have. So..' an' she's given ye some things as becomes a mum to a daughter. I think she expects ye to keep house now." Within are a bunch of linens, embroidered delicately. Apparently mum's been busy! "An' I've got a bunch of potions made up for ye.. teas, poultices an' rubs for different occasions. Not sure how well stocked ye were before."

"…Hearing… from those Malfoys? What in the world?" Eddie asks, almost guilty, having not really told anyone else beyond her closest friends and her brother the situation. But other mouths do talk. She sinks down onto the edge of the couch to lean over the box and peer inside at all the different things, picking them out one at a time to look at hand written labels, "Gods, Niamh… you… You didn't have to do this. Really… I'm fine. I don't… need… This is too much. We… I'm not even sure if… you know…" But at this point, if Eddie hasn't 'handled things', there is pretty much no doubt she's not going to.

"Word about the Repeal's goin' around, luv.." Niamh reminds. "But there's naught been said about aught else, even if she is a nurse.. was a nurse." Niamh reaches a hand up to stroke her friend's arm. "But, this is mum.. an' I ne'er did get a straight answer as to why she didn't take the apothecary. She may have a touch of the seer in her?" All from mum are the domestic things.. utilitarian and pretty. Something to be used, and still look pretty on the other side. "As for all else? Absolutely," and she takes a seat on the couch, tucking her legs up. There are lots of things.. from potions and lotions, philters and salves. Aches and pains, something for 'melancholia', sleep aids, stomach aids.. all blended for one person and one only. "Now, all's safe," her friend whispers. If something had been done, she'd have been told.. and she fully and firmly believes it. "I swear it."

"Oh… Oh yes. Repeal. Well… I still think it's a good idea. I know none of you seem to agree with me but… God, Niamh, we can't remain in the shadows any longer… This secret nature… It hurts us and them. It splits the world…" Eddie starts to explain, but then she catches her tongue and just shakes her head quietly. It's not worth the debate right now. She goes back to picking through the things and gives a little laugh, shaking her head once again, "Gods, you'd think I was dying, Niamh… what is all this? I think I can…handle things. Are you sure all of this is… is fine for the babe?"

"You're talkin' to an Irishwoman who has seen the effects of the English tryin' to civilize us and guide us because they think we're in the wrong, Lindy," Niamh reminds softly. "Even down to the most basic, Catholic an' Protestant." She won't have any debate either, and she shakes her head in agreement. It isn't worth the pain, and she's more than happy to move on. "Nay, you're not dyin'. There's just things there that ye've not needed a'fore now. An' all is proper an' right for the babe. I made sure of it. I've switched herbs an' changed the amounts where needed." And shifting on the couch, she lays a hand over the back. "You'll need most. I did have a talk with a midwife 'bout some of it.. an' no names! An' it's a midwife that ye don't know anyway. So.. all's fine."

Ready to protest Niamh's argument back, Eddie just stops herself even as her mouth is opened. Not worth it. Not now. She reaches over to give her friend's arm a tender little squeeze and begins repacking the box so she can take it upstairs to her bathroom where it will have a good home for the next few months for when things get bad. "You…you didn't have to do any of this, Nia, love… I need to handle this on my own, you know? Get… used to it all. Just buckle down and get through. I'll see a midwife eventually… next week, maybe. Need to find one… I like. One I trust. Fuck … this is still a mess." She pushes a hand back through her hair, trying to look together even as that familiar feeling of falling apart comes.

Niamh smiles at her friend fondly, and raises her hand to squeeze the hand. "Why do you think I consulted a midwife on this, Lindy? It's all the things she recommends. There's no 'handle it on yer own', an' in centuries, there's ne'er been. Ye have everything t'make it more comfortable for ye. If ye want to suffer, then I'll take it all back." She won't, of course. Looking up at her best friend, she pats a cushion, "If ye'd like I can give ye my own gossip? Me an' Adamantus are still goin' strong.. an' he's actually professed his love."

"Love? Already? Goodness! That… that's good. But… Be careful, Niamh, please? Men like him… They're dangerous, is all. He's already… already put someone in danger once. You have to keep your heads up and eyes open." Eddie affirms with clear worry in her eyes and expression. She's happy to drop the subject of herself and the child, apparently all too happy to ignore things. That makes life easier, really. So, she focuses on the other gossip, slightly leaning back into that patted cushion and trying to look relaxed.

"His wife? Aye," Niamh exhales in a soft chuff and nods. "I know.. an' it's a sad thing for it too. But Lindy- it's not really any different should it be anyone else. Ye know the type Keen can cross paths with. An' ye know, someone doesn't like a potion.. or don't like that I'm friends with an auror or two.. or.." Looking at her friend, her expression almost begs for her best friend to be happy with her, for her. "I've got my eyes open, Lindy.. as wide as I can. But he's a good man, a solid man.. an' not one to step out." Her posture shifts, and her shoulders slouch, "Keen hates him with a passion.. an' I can't tell if it's because it's me the man has eyes for, or if it's just a general dislike."

Still worried, it's clear that isn't going to let up, but Eddie also allows a warm smile to dance across her lips and she leans over to press a reassuring kiss to Niamh's cheek. The younger woman's fingertips are taken in a tightly reassuring squeeze. "Good, darling… I'm happy for you. I'm glad you've found someone and I sure as hell better be in the wedding when it happens." Eddie draws the woman's hand up to her lips and gives a tender, immediate kiss.

"He's good to me, Lindy, an' he wants to be friends with Keen." But, from the sounds of it, it's not likely to happen. "And aye, ye'd be my maid o'honour," Niamh counters, and she smiles affectionately at her best friend. "All done up in finery. O'course ye'd have to help me find a dress. I'm not sure I'd fit into mum's." She exhales again, and this time in a soft sigh, and she turns her hand to take hold of her friend's hand, stroking the top of it with her thumb. "Ye know I love ye like no other, aye, Lindy? If anything should e'er go wrong, it's to ye I'll come. My Lindy.. an' I sound like Keen, but it's true. An' I'll stand by ye through aught as well." She smiles and shifts in her seat, "Tell me 'bout Sloan. I do need t'speak with him, but I'm not sure 'bout where he's comin' or goin'.. just like I'm not all that sure when I can get dragged from the shop an' when I can't."

The blue eyed woman listens to Niamh's words with an ever softening, earnest smile. She holds on tight to that small, strong hand and nods in agreement to almost everything, "I know, Niamh… I know. And you're as close as a sister to me to. Hell, closer than most of my sisters, really…" Eddie still doesn't get along with much of her family, and clearly things are just getting worse. Some of her smile falters at the thought, but she shakes it off and just sinks back in the couch, releasing a slow sigh, "I… I don't know… what do you want to know? He's Sloan… tough, sweet, protective… Sloan. He… He offered to claim the child as is. But… It feels like that's almost not fair to him. I don't know what to say or do."

Niamh doesn't let that hand go either, and when Lindy sits down, she shuffles a little closer, still tucked up on the couch. "There are a lot of things ye can still do, Lindy," she begins, and puts up her free hand. "I'm not puttin' 'getting rid of it' on the table. Ye've decided as much, an' I respect that. But, ye can carry it, an' mother it.. as befits nature, or ye can give it t'me, an' I'll carry that burden for ye. After all, I'm just an' Irish lass an' seein' a Scottish bloke. I'm sure there's an illusion charm or aught that can be done, an' all would be well for reputation." A smile creeps across her face, however, at the news that Sloan's offered to step up and take the baby as his. "That is so sweet o'him, Lindy.. an' what a thing it says. He's a fine man as well.. no finer could ye find for yourself."

"I know, I know…" Eddie admits, to everything really, but mainly Sloan. "And no, you're… you're not going to take my accident. My… mistake. No one else should suffer for this other than myself. I will figure it out. I just don't want to trap him in anything. This isn't fair to him at all…" Eddie sinks deeper into the couch, momentarily just looking as miserable and guilty as a woman can get. "…I'm sorry. I'm shite company right now, Niamh."

"It's nae trappin' him," Niamh reminds again, not for the first time, and she's certain it won't be for the last. "No one traps tha' man in anything, an' ye know it." She dips her head, "It would be trappin' if I said, 'Adamantus, I'm heavy with child an' it's yours'.. now that's trappin'.. but ye?" She shakes her head, "Ye had no idea he'd step up.. ye talked wi' him as a friend." Leaning over, she reaches out to hold her friend, shifting her spot in order to simply.. hold her. "Ye are my best friend, though thick an' thin, love.. an' there's none like ye. I could sit on this couch and say naught but hold ye, and ye'd be perfect company."

Her body sinks in a bit closer to Niamh, but she's a touch more tense and quiet, not simply able to relax. Eddie might look as tired as she does because she's staring up at the ceiling most evenings unable to fall asleep. She breathes out slowly and reaches down to squeeze the girl's knee. "You're… too good to me. All of you are. I made some stupid mistake and… and you're all acting like it's fine… And it IS trapping Sloan if I say yes. Because then he'll be stuck with it as much as I am. He… he won't be able to change his mind later on."

Niamh turns her head to look at her friend, but not before she places a kiss on the side her her head. "Why should we act otherwise. Would it help the situation if we stared at ye like some pariah? I'll go make your 'A' if ye'd like, if it'd make ye feel better. But, I happen t'be livin' in a glass house at the moment.. an' all of us have things that we're not proud of." She chuckles softly, burying her face in her friend's hair. "Besides, ye are beatin' yourself more than we e'er could.. an' it's not what ye need. Ye need care.. an' love.. an' support. If we turned our backs, could ye ever have called us 'friend'?" She gives her friend another kiss and leans back, "An' don't think for a minute that Sloan does anythin' he doesn't want to do. He's made a career of it, remember. An' any man can walk out on a woman. It's been done time an' again.. but Sloan isn't that type."

"I… I don't know, Niamh. I… I just don't." Eddie admits, lost for words again. She still can't even meet her friends eyes. "I… I should leave him, really. It's for his own good. I tried to push him away but he wouldn't go. This is not fair to him at all. Not fair to any of you." Eddie then pulls away and abruptly stands, something in her making some sort of decision. She shakes her head to Niamh and sighs, "You should go. I'm miserable and I don't want to… I don't want to make this worse. I am happy for you and Gideon, I promise. I want you to go be happy with him."

"Aye.. he wouldn't go because he loves ye. Now it's time to stop makin' our decisions for us, tellin' us how we're supposed t'react, Lindy." Niamh watches as her friend abruptly rises, and she's surprised. Untucking her legs, she puts a hand on the seat of the couch and shakes her head. "Ye don't get it, do ye?" She rises to her feet, "Can't ye get it through that head o'yours tha' we love ye. Unconditional. No'.. 'if she does this, we'll leave'.. tha's not what family does.. an' ye've gotten yourself mixed up with the Irish, Edwarlinda Malfoy. Take us or leave us, but we'll ne'er leave ye."

On her feet again, Eddie starts the slow, restless pacing she's taken to as well. Niamh gets a bittersweet smile, but it's simply not sticking all that well. She reaches down for her silver cigarette case and pops it open, slipping one between her lips and moving for a light. They always calm her nerves. It's probably no surprise Eddie thinks of family as something that leaves people, considering how close she's been to disownment for how many years. "I just hate being a burden on any of you. When I'm better, it'll be fine. So… please, Niamh… just go? Let me be? See what Gideon is doing tonight, go have fun. It's a Saturday evening. I'll be better down the line."

"So instead, ye'll run from us a'fore we leave ye? Is tha' it?" Niamh's irish is up, and her soft lilt gets thicker in places. "When yer better.. if ye don't trust us t'be by your side now, how can ye trust us t'be there when ye return, Lindy? Hmm? Burden is nothin'.. nae when it's shared. I can't lift half the barrels in the shop, but two, three men can." She chuffs a breath and shakes her head. "I'll be back t'morrow, an' the next day.. an' the next day after tha'." She rises, and her departure is a little easier than entrance, what with nothing in hand. "G'night, Lindy."

Arms crossed below her breasts, back stiff and chin tight, Eddie stares at Niamh with just slightly shining eyes. The woman takes in a deep breath, looking for some way to protest, but she knows that Niamh is stubborn enough not to listen. Finally, she just settles for, "We'll see… Go, have a good night, Niamh. Thank you for bringing by the things. I'm sure they'll help. Tell Gideon hello for me." Eddie leans over to kiss the woman's cheek, but then does gently see her to the door.

Niamh knows that look.. it's the Malfoy look. Each and every one of them has it imprinted in their genetic code. She'll not hold her best friend accountable to it, but it is a reality. But, she's stubborn; as stubborn as any of the others, and she begins her walk to the door. "Good night, Lindy. I'll pass yer regards on." Very polite. "I'll see ye tomorrow." And she'll hunt her down if need be! Once out the door, and out of the view of others, the Irish lass takes her wand and takes the shortcut.. with a *pop!* she's gone.

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