(1937-11-10) Werewolf of London Library
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Summary: Annie helps Raff do some research.
Date: 10 November 1937
Location: Wizarding Library
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Wizarding Library London
Sat Nov 10, 1937 ((Mon Oct 29 22:17:51 2012)) (D,4 NW - N)

It is a fall morning. The weather is cool and drizzling.

The Wizarding area of the Library is of course for wizards only and is hidden from muggle sight. Every imaginable book a wizard could want can be found here, or most likely acquired upon request. During the day many wizards mill about at the shelves or are seated at the available tables in the circular space in the center of the surrounding shelves that ladders and stairwells wind about for stories above the floor. A dome of iron and glass high above the stacks at the top of the tower of knowledge allows the day light in. Some windows can be found scattered amongst the shelves.

As far back in the corner as a man can get in the wizarding library is Raff. He's piled up at a table with all manner of books settled around him and he's moving through them like a madman with a purpose. Some of the books may just be there to hide the man who is behind them as he works as it looks like a whole shelf was taken down and piled up around him in order of their numbers.

The librarians themselves are familiar enough with this particular patron, and most take great lengths to stay well out of the man's field of attention. Annie herself got the story of the man from her friend and supervisor at the library, Klio. Although she's only been in a few times when the man has been here for research, she is inevitably the one to pay the most attention to him on those days their paths cross. Take right now, for example. While two of the library assistants whisper from a distance away, Annie boldly approaches the man, a smile on her lips and her hands hidden behind her back. When she speaks, her voice is library volume, and warm. "Afternoon, Mr. Mingan." She glances around, then brings her hands to the front, and a cup of tea is set near the man. "Such a chill back here in this corner, I thought yeh might like a cuppa. Just don't tell Klio."

Raff has his nose in a book and is pouring over it. As the woman approaches she could actually see him flinch a little as he awaits whatever onslaught comes from the person who wishes to let him have it verbally. When it turns into a cup of tea, Raff turns his head and looks up to the woman. "Thank you." He says and gives her a small smile as he cranes his head up above the books to look out and find Klio. "Yeah. She's not my biggest fan." As he settles back down into his seat and looks to Annie, "You are?" As he reaches up and pulls a pair of glasses off his nose to rub at his eyes.

Annie's smile remains steady. "She'd be more worried about gettin' tea on the books than anything else," she says with a soft laugh. Her hand goes out with a friendly introduction, "I'm Annie. I've seen yeh here some, always with stacks an' stacks of books."

Raff looks at that hand for a bit and then reaches out to shake it. His shake is not the power one would expect from a hand shake, rather limp. It's clear he could do it stronger but he chooses to do it this way. "Yes. Stacks and stacks. And you know who I am. I do a lot of research to try and figure out the connections and all." He taps his temple, "Find what clicks up here between man and beast."

The point of who he is doesn't seem to be a bother to Annie, and her eyes turn curious and concerned as she boldly asks a question without thought. "Does it hurt when yeh…" Her eyes widen slightly as she realizes, yes, that was out loud. "I'm so sorry," she says hastily, blushing furiously at her rudeness. She glances aside, looking for a path to make a hasty retreat.

Raff looks to Annie and a soft smile come over his face. "Yes. It does. Quite painful." He answers and smiles to her, "Ask me anything you want. I'd rather people knew what and how I worked than to just be scared of me."

The smile reassures Annie that she's not entirely put her foot in it, and Raff's answer has that touch of concern back in her eyes. "I'm so sorry." She repeats herself, but there's clearly a different meaning to the words as she responds to him. "I don't really know much about it." Her smile takes an almost apologetic cast, "There's so much to learn about wizard things, I think I may never know everything I ought to. An' yeh know how people talk, yeh can't believe more than half of what they say."

"Oh yes. I know how people talk." Raff nods and leans back in his chair a little, "Look about. See how you are the only person within ten feet of me. People talk for sure." He smirks, "I just wish they would speak the truth." As he looks to the tea and then takes a sip. "Mmm. Good tea. Thank you. Just what I needed." And then a flip of a page in a book as it flutters a little. "So what would you like to know? Ask away. It may spurn my brain to think of something else."

Annie takes a step forward, settling her elbow to rest on top of one of the stacks of books. "If yeh don't mind talkin' about it… How'd it happen?" She doesn't appear the least bit skittish to be near him, as some of the other assistants have seemed at times. Her eyes regard him evenly, almost level with his despite his sitting as she stands. If he stood, she'd likely hurt herself looking up.

Raff sits back in his seat and ponders for a bit, "Was always fascinated with the werewolves. Always saw them as something that just made me wonder. I studied them all the time in school, some would say obsessed." He chuckles a bit, "So when I got out of Hogwarts, I went right into the Werewolf division at the Ministry. Things were done fro a while until we heard that the pack that lived in the Forbidden Forest were thinking of moving out of there. We couldn't have that…" He sighs a bit, "So we want in to try and figure things out. Problem was, I separated from my people when I went to get something out of our supplies and got cornered by two of the werewolves. They attacked." He reaches to roll up a sleeve on his right arm and shows a nice big bite wound scar, "One got me here. One on my left leg. They played tug of war before my people got there…"

As Raff talks, Annie leans more comfortably on the books, momentarily forgetting she's working. The story brings a light frown, and it deepens as he rolls up his sleeve. "How terrible," she breathes softly. Her eyes raise to his face. "An' now every month yeh change?"

Raff gives a slow nod, "Every month I go to a place, they lock me up and I shift. Full moon." He shrugs, "The put some spells on me to calm me and pretty much all I do is drink water, so I am told." He smirks, "But that is what I want to find out. That connection. Do I know what I am doing in my human brain but I forget? Apparently certain people calm me and some anger me. I don't know."

Annie's head tilts, "So yeh don't remember at all what happened? I'm glad there's a place for yeh t' be kept safe." And for others to be safe goes without saying. "What sort of things are yeh lookin' for in the books?"

Raff shakes his head, "Once I shift, I lose the memories until I wake up the next morning. Usually really needing to go to the bathroom and really hungry." He chuckles a bit, "They don't feed me as they don't want the wolf knowing that means food. The association in his brain, wolf = food. You see." He rests forward and looks to Annie, "Anything. Connections of the brain. How a wolf's brain works and how a human's works and the similarities."

"It must be very frustratin' for yeh," Annie says, trying to sound understanding. Surely she can't understand very well, but she still feels terrible for him having to endure such a thing. She does know a bit about dual lives, having lived a happily oblivious Muggle life for her first years.

Raff gives a slow nod, "It is. Quite. To know the person that I am and the person that they all see… It is very frustrating." He reaches out and closes the book in front of him. "You know… You could help me. Librarian, yes?"

Her smile comes again immediately, and Annie nods her head, "I am. How could I help yeh?" Helping is something she can do, and she's usually able to do it well. She straightens from her lean, reaching to quickly steady the stack of books as she nearly sends it toppling.

Raff gives a touch of thought, "Okay. Working on the human brain. Need to know about how the brain fires, the synapse. Aristotle began talking about how the brain worked and from there I want to find all the advances in the brain. Surely, somewhere in all of that there is a path that we can trace forward to how it changes to the wolf." he reaches over to pull a book close, "Also, zoology… How the animal brain works. Please?"

"Have yeh looked at many Muggle sources?" Annie asks thoughtfully. "Meanin' no disrespect, but sometimes science has more useful answers than magic." This is clearly offered carefully, but she has a feeling he won't take it the wrong way.

Raff gives a wrinkle of his forehead, "Not more than just a surface. But that is an excellent idea. Dig further down in the brains that look at it the muggle way. Simple. Uncomplicated." He nods furiously, "Please. Yes!"

Annie looks pleased to have gotten this reaction. "I can slip over t' the muggle side an' see what's on the shelves that I can bring back for yeh." She pauses, thinking, and then nods to herself. "I think I know just where t' start. I won't be two ticks. D'yeh need anything else first?" she asks, pausing.

Raff gives her a little smile, "Please. Just… Go. Find what you think I need. Start with Aristotle. Yes. A good place to start." He's hot now, just really on fire with wants as he starts flipping through all the books he has there and is quickly discounting them in a pile off to the side on the floor. For the moment, he doesn't care if someone actually sees him.

With a quick spin, Annie hurries off, shrugging out of her librarian robe to reveal muggle street clothes below. The robe is draped casually on a chair she passes on her way, and then she slips over to the muggle side of the library. It's several minutes before she comes back, carrying a stack of several books. Aristotle is there on top, as well as Plato and a volume on Rene Descartes and his theories on dualism. She puts the other books down, but takes this one up to present it to Raff in particular. "I think therefore I am," she quotes the philosopher.

Raff looks to that book and then to Annie, "Really?" As he points to the stack off the side, "Those can go back… Or I can put them back…" He looks to her and flips through the other ones that she brought. "This is good. This is really good." He looks to her and grins wide, "What about in the muggles about animal training. Some guy named Pavlov?"

Annie reaches to set the book on the table, letting her other hand lift to rest on Raff's shoulder lightly. It's a friendly, absent gesture, nothing too familiar or the least bit suggestive about it. "I'll put those away, yeh don't give it a thought. That's what I'm here for." Her wand is out at once and a charm has the stack lifted. She easily directs it to the front desk, where they will be re-shelved in due course. Now that she's actually being set to tasks, she doesn't have to worry about neglecting her duties, and she's clearly delighted to help more. "I'll go back over there and see what I can find along those lines for yeh, Mr. Mingan."

"Raff. Call me Raff." He says and looks to that touch on his shoulder. "Thank you. Merlin's beard, thank you." As he dives into the book in front of him.

A brief nod comes, "Raff. An' yeh'll call me Annie." With that she spins away again, her hand coming off his shoulder, and she hurries off. Again, she is gone for some number of minutes before she reappears, hastily brushing her hair off her forehead with one hand, two books in the other. "This is what I could find for now. I'll do s'more research for yeh on it, and let yeh know what else I find." Clearly, she is not considering this as just 'here's what you get and that's all'. She'll be going the extra distance to be helpful.

"Here. Right here." Raff picks the book up and starts speaking so very rapidly about what he just went through, "In his mind… the rational soul, an entity distinct from the body and making contact with the body at the pineal gland, might or might not become aware of the differential outflow of animal spirits brought about through the rearrangement of the interfibrillar spaces. When such awareness did occur, however, the result was conscious sensation — body affecting mind. In turn, in voluntary action, the soul might itself initiate a differential outflow of animal spirits. Mind, in other words, could also affect body." He slaps his hand down on the book and looks to Annie, "Animal spirits!!!" He spins around in the corner of the Wizarding Library before he stops and reaches for another book. "And over here… Aristotle. Anybody can become angry - that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose, and in the right way - that is not within everybody's power and is not easy." He looks to Annie, "Angry with the right person and to the rich degree. The wolf. It seems differences in people and it changes the way he acts."

Annie is a quick girl, but such a rapid fire leaves her looking a little bewildered, but amused and pleased at Raff's enthusiasm. She doesn't have to ask if the books have been helpful, that is more than abundantly clear. "I'm happy yer findin' what yeh need." Truly an understatement. She's delighted he's finding it.

Raff looks up from a book and smiles to her, "Sorry about that." He's grinning from ear to ear, "I just… When things click and they seem to be headed in a good direction it really excites me." He settles back into his chair and chuckles as he sees a lot of the room staring at him as if he was about to wolf out any moment, "I don't get excited too much."

Annie glances around, noting that some of the library assistants are among those staring. They get a frown, and a quick shooing motion of her hand to send them on their way. The frown is just for them, and her smile is back as her attention returns to Raff. "There's nothin' at all wrong with it." She pauses, and then asks another question she'd been holding back on. "Can yeh do it whenever yeh please?"

Raff slowly shakes his head, "No. I can't control it when it happens… But it only happens on the full moon." He looks about the room a little more and raises his voice, "It only happens on the full moon." And then he laughs a little to himself and looks to Annie, "Thank you…"

Annie glances over her shoulder, noting who still looks and who has gone back about their business. "They're fools," she says evenly. "I don't understand why they're so afraid of yeh. I bet they don't even know anything about yeh." She can relate again, in a way, being nothing but a 'mudblood' herself, having had a share of the cruelty that can come from that fact from certain corners.

Raff gives the woman a smile, "It's like you know how it feels." His eyes cast about the room. "But it makes sitting in places much easier."

Again, Annie pats his shoulder. "Well, yeh pay them no mind. I'll let yeh work for a bit, an' I'll come back an' see how yer doing. If I think of any more books, I'll dig them up an' bring them over to yeh." Her wand comes out again, a quick charm to rewarm his tea, and she's ready to move off.

Raff nods and reaches out for his tea and drinks it. "Thank you. Again." As he goes back to his books and begins to read a little more. There's a pause, "Hey. Can I buy you dinner for all your help?"

Annie turns, a couple steps away from the man, and flashes her bright smile at him. "There's no need, Raff. That's what I'm here for." She would wink, if she could, but she can't, so she gives him a friendly wrinkle of her nose instead. "Go on then, I'll be back soon." Then she's off again, hurrying over to take up her robe and slip it back on without stopping as she heads to the front desk to take care of re-shelving the books he's already finished with.

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