(1937-11-12) At the Cauldron
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Summary: (Yes, not a catchy title, but..) With such a varied group at the Cauldron, many things are discussed.. including werewolves?
Date: 12 November 1937
Location: Leaky Cauldron
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Leaky Cauldron London
Mon Nov 12, 1937 ((Tue Oct 30 19:41:22 2012)) (E,4 NE)

It is a fall night. The weather is warm and raining.

This cramped, angular room is the taproom of the Leaky Cauldron. A long bar runs along one side of the room, plain wooden stools set out before it. Smoke from pipes and candles fills the air. The patrons of this curious little bar, many of them elderly, sit hunched over their mugs at the tables. Waitresses sometimes coined 'Wenches' bustle back and forth bearing trays of food and mugs of ale. Many of the people seem strangely out of place, dressed in cloaks and floppy hats, as if they stumbled out of another century. Notably absent is any modern muggle devices or electric lighting, or any sign of electricity at all. Still, the occasional muggle does find their way in here, usually declaring it to be 'quaint' and 'atmospheric'.


Post lunch, and the Cauldron isn't quite as busy as it is at lunch, but there's still a good amount of people within, taking their drink, their meals.. and their leisure in conversation with others. Tables are mostly filled, and the bar isn't quite so much, but that'll change over in about a half-hour or so as some find their way to return to their places of employ.

Seated at the bar, the apothecary proprietress has a small book before her and a freshly poured warm glass of cider. If any were to look, the sign on her shop would say 'Closed'.. for lunch. An extended lunch. Hazel eyes are glued to the pages, and Niamh turns each page slowly, carefully..

Raff makes his way into the Cauldron. His head is bowed and his hands are shoved into his pockets as he makes a beeline to the dark table in the back. Not even Raff can resist the smell of Elly's cooking. He settles in, trying to keep his face in the shadow.

There's nothing like having somebody else cook your food so you can pretend that you can't cook your own, really. Laurence makes his way into the pub, flashing a grin as he shakes his hair out, a bit damp from the drizzling and all that. He rubs his hands together and blows on them before looking around and nodding to himself. He wears his dark grey trenchcoat.

Niamh doesn't necessarily look up when Raff walks in and past, but she catches a glance of Laurence, and it's someone she recognizes. Mind, there are more than a few people she knows in the place, having worked in the Alley for years, but of those.. how many did she really want to talk to?

Yeah.. none.

Huddling theatrically over her book to keep it protected from the non-existant spattering of water from Laurence's shake, Niamh laughs soon after. "Good imitation of a wet crup, though I think ye need a bit more behind it before it's convincing enough."

Raff is over at his table and hopes to get a wench that has no clue who he is. His eyes do flicker about the Inn and he does see an old friend. Still, he stays back in the dark and doesn't wave. Wouldn't want Laurence to be outed as a friend.

Laurence laughs and shakes his head as he runs his fingers through his hair and arches an eyebrow. "If I'm gonna be imitating a crup, I'm going to want a biscuit and a nice petting…so perhaps at a later time?" He winks and turns to see who else who is around, glancing towards Raff where he's sitting and he arches an eyebrow before turning back to Niamh. "Whaaaat, are the specials for the day? Also, how are you lovely?"

Elly drifts about, giving Larry a kiss on the cheek as he gets settled as she enchants him up to give him a drying and warming. Then she continues on because she's being flagged down. "There's yer petting, be righ back wif the biscuit." She winks and then calls as she handles a check at some one leaving their table. "Specials today is Steak n' Kidney Pie. Soup is Mushroom Stew. Free first drink wif da special loverly."

Niamh laughs and shakes her head, "I'll give ye walkies on the quarter hour. Let ye get a good sniff at the poles outside." Her light Irish lilt dances merrily in the teasing. She looks to Elly as she breezes through, and grins, "More'n I think ye should get." Beat. "Elly, ye are too sweet to that lot." She turns about in her seat once again, her mug now in hand, cradling it, one hand along the bottom. The prolonged word gains her attention, but she can't see anything amiss in the back, and so her attention is once again returned, and pleasant inquiry is made, "I hope ye have a good clerk? Ye are out an' about more than I've seen in a bit?"

A wench makes it to Raff's table and he speaks softly to her, "The special, please. Milk to drink. Thank you." His eyes go to the bar, watching the two that are speaking. He looks down and picks at a place on the table where a splinter is a little loose.

Laurence has to grin as he waves after Elly. "Of course luv, you're the best!" He then turns back to Niamh. "Yes, my clerk is…a tiny Turtle Dove and she coos and flutters at people when they enter, making them feel all sorts of welcome." He raises his voice. "Then I'll have the special my lovely Elly…with my biscuit." He glances once more towards Raff with some concern.

Elly sighs a little giving Niamh a pout when she tells Elly that she is too sweet to 'that lot'. "Boy, Gid has rub off on ye awful fierce." He's been making it an art of his telling Elly who she can and can't be friendly with. But Niamh's cheek is given a kiss too before she bustles off to get another order taken. "Jack! Empties on Ate." (Eight.) Orders taken she then aims that sunny smile to all as she bustles back to the kitchen to place the orders.

Another laugh sounds from the potions mistress and she closes her book, tucking it into her sleeve before she turns to face Laurence. "I should think of getting one then. I was considerin' a crup. They're cute." Niamh grins as Elly comes through again, and the smile turns even broader and warmer at the comment. "I was teasin', Elly. Inspector Gideon, I don't think is." She easily accepts the kiss on the cheek, giving one in return, and she whispers, "No issue!" at the girl. She doesn't mind it.. and Laurence is a good looking bloke!

The glance of Laurence towards the back now, brings Niamh's attention around, and her voice lowers, "Is aught alright?" She casts her gaze towards the back, her brows rising. All she sees is a.. handsome man. Doesn't seem the type to do harm.. doesn't look.. like Sweeney! No bruiser there! "Do ye know 'im?"

Now, for the 'help's bit, Jack comes out from the kitchen, the.. frilled apron hanging on his hip. He's got a grumpled look on his face (undoubtedly due to the feminine look to the apron!), but he calls back, "Aight.. got't.." and with rag in hand, he pulls the dishes, gives the table a wipedown, and back into the kitchen with them to get cleaned.

The milk is brought to the man and he sips at the glass. Luckily he's been able to stay mostly hidden from this wizard world. There's just something about Steak and Kidney that he'd kill for. Well, not kill for but maybe hump a leg for. He's quiet and as Laurence looks to him he lifts a finger to his lips as if to shh the man before he outs the wolf in the corner.

Having had to step outside for a few minutes, Sloan makes his way back into the cauldron. Stepping in and looking around for a moment before he heads for his usual stool.

Laurence considers what to say, head tilting to his head to the say as he glances towards Raff and then looks back to Niamh. "He's fine…and dun worry 'bout him really…he prefer his solitude." He brushes hair out of his face and chuckles. "That's just Fu-red…Fred, yeah we go way back but he doesn't like to socialize much…" He sighs. "It is sad…you will never get to see." He holds a hand up to his face to the side as he leans in to Niamh to whisper. "Nice arse…" He covers his mouth with a hand before coughing and winking to Niamh.

Elly hip bumps the swinging door to the kitchen open and has a tray of food on high. THe Elly Ballet begins again and she twirls and stretches and bends and back bends and gets everyone's plate set before them. The sun in Elly only dims just a little when it's an sympathetic sad tinge to her smile when she realizes who she's putting the Steak and Kidney Pie in front of. "Don't sit'ere, go sit wif Larry. Dada'll spot ye 'ere." She whispers to Raff and then with no reply given she takes the werewolf's pie and delivers it along with Larry's order to the Laurence table.

Raff looks up to Elly and bites at his lip. He gives a little nod of his head and pulls his milk close as he rises to his feet and follows along after his food. He keeps his head lowered, trying to stay out of Mick's gaze and finds his way to Larry's table, "Hello." He says softly and then quickly slips into a chair next to Larry, letting the other man block him form Mick. "Elly told me to come over here." His voice remains soft and just above a whisper, no chances taken.

Cider must be the worst thing for Niamh today, because once again, as she takes a sip, the sotto whisper from Laurence takes her completely off guard, and she ends up choking and laughing at the same time. "Fie.. fie on ye, ye horrible man!" comes as she laughs, and she has to put her drink back down before wiping the droplets from her wrap. "Now.." See now.. now she's dying! Twisting around again, she looks back at the now identified 'Fred' and her gaze lingers a moment before she brings it back around. And lo and behond! Sloan!

"Sloan!" Niamh raises her voice, but it doesn't need to get too loud, "Beidh me insint duit ma thugann si dom." And it's back to her cider.. and taking a deep breath, she swallows a bit more.

That is, until 'Fred' is on the move.. don't look, Niamh.. don't look.. oh, god.. don't look.. "Hi." Niamh offers cheerily.. and the cider is given up on..

Laurence waggles his eyebrows and rolls his shoulders as he watches Niamh's reaction. "Are you okay luv?" He knows he's naughty, but hey. Then he smiles a bit as he nods politely to Raff as he settles at the same table. "Aye…and whatever Elly says goes, innit?" He scratches his cheek and rolls his shoulders. "Steak and Kidney…one of my favorites."

Raff nods to Larry, "Me too. Love the way they do it here, too." He's hunched at the table a bit and begins to eat at his dinner. He does give a bit of a warm smile to Niamh, "Good to meet you." He speaks and doesn't really try to catch her gaze before he goes back to his food. "Yes, true. Whatever Elly says goes."

Hearing Niamh, Sloan looks up and calls back "Go raibh maith agat Niamh. Aire a thabhairt di ma dheanann si. An bhfuil me ag fiach chun dul go luath. Looking around the bar once more he waits for his usual shot and Beer.

Niamh raises her cider a touch off the table at Sloan, and smiles, a nod given in response. "I will," though she does look as if she wants to question more, but this is neither the time nor the place. She mouths the word 'fiach' with a raised brow. Oh, she'll catch up, because if it's what she's planning on doing? They need to get to gether and chat. At least for a few minutes.

Not the time, though.. so not the time, and she looks to Laurence, her eyes gleaming. "Horrid.." but she's anything but upset about it. As Raff takes his seat, she offers an introduction so 'Fred' actually 'meets' her. "I'm Niamh.. Niamh O'Shea.. I've got the apothecary a bit down the way." She nods at the steak and kidney pie, her smile not flickering for a moment, though there may be a touch of disappointment in those eyes. She didn't see the butt! "Elly rules the roost here, aye. An' if she says jump.." Well, jump.

Laurence mmhms softly and digs in to his meal, with gusto…even if he keeps the manners, using his napkin and all.

Elly skirts out with plate full of different fresh from the oven sugar biscuits with different jams in the center. She points to Larry, "Share now. Tha's a guh boy!" She winks playfully continuing on with the wet dog joke and then after everyone has gotten a refill she disappears back into the kitchen.

Raff looks to Niamh and nods his head, "Raff." He speaks as he looks to the woman, not aware that he has been called anything else. It's a quick note of his name before he goes back to his food. "The apothecary…" He pauses a bit and looks to the woman for a bit, "The name is Raff Mignan and I could use your help. I'm doing a lot of research into my condition. I'm sure you have heard of it. But I need some rather rare things from time to time and, well, I don't have the best relationship with people." It all comes out rather fast, trying to get it all out there before he loses his nerve.

Laurence raises his voice towards Elly. "Woof woof!" He flashes a grin and reaches for a biscuit to slather with jam as he offers it to Raff, head tilting to the side as he tries to follow the conversation. "The lady here, she's the best mate…I know she'll help you out good."

Niamh is being good and not grabbing the jam biscuits, even if they look so very, very good. Instead, she's got her cider, which has now gotten a little cooler. But.. "Raff," she repeats and looks to Laurence, her brows rising in question. It takes her a moment to take everything in when she realizes that he's talking to her now in what seems to be a rapid stream of consciousness. "I.. um.." Breathe. "Condition?" Now, she looks a bit concerned, and her head cants, "Should we speak t'my brother Keenan, then?" A glance is spared for Sloan.. and it's back to Raff. "Rare things.. like herbs? Salves? Potions?"

Sloan continues to drink his beer quietly, Watching the bar idly as he waits for…something.

"Probably all of those." As Raff looks to Niamh. At least she isn't running away. "I'm a werewolf." He speaks quite low.

Laurence lowers the biscuit when Raff doesn't take it so he offers it to NIamh as he arches an eyebrow and mmhms softly.

No, Niamh's not yet running away. Then again, the word 'werewolf' isn't the first thing that would pop into her head either. 'Condition' doesn't immediately mean 'turning into a creature out of horror stories and running around in the park looking for people to bite'. 'Condition' is.. itchy skin. A nervous tic. She reaches out to take the proffered biscuit, and with the confession, she.. pauses, her head dipping and quirking to the side. Him? "I.. I'm sorry?" What was that? "Did ye say.." and she doesn't want to repeat it, certainly, lest it cause more consternation. Still, there's a part of her that's intrigued, and another part that just.. isn't all that sure she can do- "Aye.. all of 'em, I'd think," comes slowly. "An'.." Beat. "Werewolf.." Now she's said it. "Rare things tend nae to be too much a problem.. just in the getting.. and keeping."

Within the kitchen after Ethel has gone up to take a nap there's a little playful commotion in the kitchen, "Cheeky! Them's for the customers! Look at ye! Crumbs all over…caugh read 'anded ye are!" More noises that sound like flirty wrestling more than any sort of fight has Mick distracted from Sloan and giving a sharp. "Oi!" In through the Kitchen service window. Then soon after out comes Elly organizing herself, blushing and patting her hair into place. She gives her father a kiss on the cheek and he's butter once again after she tells him, "Ye are still the big man o me 'eart Dada." Then she points to Sloan. "Poor Sloan's bout to dry up Dada." Mick grumbles an apology and gets the Auror his Beer and Shot.

Raff looks up after a bite of his pie. He looks to Larry, "Sorry about that. I got excited." As he offers to eat the biscuit that Larry had made for him. If it's offered, he'd eat it and then speak back to Niamh. "I work for the ministry, trying to find ways to make being a werewolf easier and better for the general populous. Find a way through be it potions, spells, poltice, general brain activity… All of it. I'm wiring very hard every day on this and I need places that will work with me. Help me. Instead of what I see most of the time which is terror." A glance is given around to be sure that Mick hasn't come around and is ready to throw him out.

Laurence hmms thoughtfully as he listens, slathering up another biscuit to pass to Raff as the original jammy biscuit was given to Niamh and the broom maker continues eating his meal.

Niamh looks to Mick as he breaks up the ruckus happening in the kitchen before she returns her attention to the table, and the topic at hand. And it's a .. hard one, for sure. "Ye work for the Ministry, so .. why don't they have an office for ye? People t'work with ye?" She shakes her head and takes a deep breath, her eyes closing as her body rises in the action, and once it is let out, she reopens her eyes, her gaze on Raff. "I'll need to speak with ye at length.. I mean, all's I could do at the beginnin' is to treat symptoms. Ye know.. hair growth, loss.. an' for some things, it'd be more.. hit or miss. I know.. I'm good, an' I'll not cause ye harm, but I also need t'know what.. can cause ye harm in terms of my herbs an' keep away from 'em." This is.. extremely delicate. "I don't need t'tell ye that things work.. different, I'm sure."

"They do have an office. I have a room down in the basement with the Werewolf services. I pretty much work on my own. It's easier that way. I don't have people who don't wish to work with me and if something hurts the werewolf… I hurt myself." Raff's nose wrinkles a little, "Symptoms is where we can start but what I am working on more than anything is making the human brain work when I am the wolf. So that I have control of it. It's once a month, that's all, that I change. I can't control it. I want to find that way… I don't know of anything that can cause harm. I could try things at my home, I suppose. It all locks up."

A square-shouldered figured darkened the doorway from Diagon Alley, clad in a simple longcoat and fedora. Inspector Adamantus Gideon steps into the Cauldron, his steely gaze sweeping the room before doffing his hat. Though he takes note of every face in the place, there is only one that truly catches his eye. His lips curve into a subtle smile at the sight of Niamh, and when he approaches, his politely asks, "Is this seat taken?"

Laurence is leaving his money on the table, tucked neatly between the table and his empty plate, snatching up a couple of biscuits and shoving them in a pocket before he rises from his seat, slipping a couple bills under Raff's plate as well, moving a hand to gently squeeze the other man's shoulder before he lowers his hand. "Alright, I should probably be getting back…my birdies will miss me."

"Okay.. an'.." Niamh sucks a breath, and her words are halting, but there's a gleam behind her eyes that is shining. It's a challenge, just like Laurence's request, and it's one that will require a great deal of research, and that includes hundreds of years worth of knowledge, both written and oral, perhaps. "There's just so much.. an' I'll really need to speak with ye at great length.. an find the right questions t'ask, even." So very new to her, but she's excited.

They're seated at a table, Laurence, Niamh and Raff.. Niamh has a now untouched mug of cider, cooled, and Laurence has jam cookies, and Raff.. the remains of a steak and kidney pie. Sloan is set at the bar, and every so often, she checks on him.. before she's back.

It's Gideon's entrance, however.. and Niamh almost doesn't have to see him in order to feel his presence. Looking up, her eyes light, her smile turns warm and fond, and shifting in her seat so that there is definitely room, she nods quickly, "Aye.. I mean, nae, it's not.. if ye'd like to join us, that'd be lovely."

Laurence rising, however, brings her gaze around, "Ye are.. aye.. it's time, I suppose. Enjoy your afternoon, an' give that little dove a treat for all the work she's doin' for ye."

Elly comes bustling over to the table and stands so she's blocking any view Mick might have on the werewolf. "Nae wishin' to tell me loverlies what to talk about, but the natives are startin' to get restless…aye?" She looks about to the other customers that are getting a bit anxious at the bits that some are overhearing. A soft warm smile is aimed at Laurence when he gets up to leave. "See ye soon 'ansome." Gideon's arrival gets a squaring of her own shoulders as she asks him, "Stew n' Brew as usual Gid?"

Raff looks to Laurence and smiles softly. "Good to see you, Larry." He gives a little wave to the other man and then looks to Gideon. To this man he shrinks a little in his seat and now that Larry is gone he's lost what was covering him from Mick's gaze. He adjusts and moves over to one side and then sighs to Elly's words. "Sorry, Elly." As he then looks defeated. "When I find places that help, I get excited. Sorry."

"Aye, Elly. That'd be grand." Gideon nods as she takes a seat, leaning over to kiss Niamh's cheek. He looks between Niamh and Raff, eyebrow arched. "Making people nervous, hm? I cannae leave you alone for a day before you start stirrin' up trouble," he teases Niamh. Then he offers Raff a hand, "Mr. Mingan, isn't it?"

Oh dear.. and Niamh looks up at Elly, her expression falling. "Aye, we might have t'move this t'the shop." She looks an apologetic glance to Raff, and to Gideon, who's actually getting a chance to get off his feet for a few moments and eat. "We'll wait, however, an' let ye get somethin' in ye." She lets the men greet each other, her hands going to the wrap that will round her shoulders and hair again, pulling it out so it sits a little easier.

Elly reaches out to pet Raff's hair a little bit, like he was really a puppy she just scolded. Elly doesn't /hate/ anyone. Though she is obviously a bit on the skittish side about Raff being here. But it's mostly due to the trouble it causes others, not her. To Gideon she just nods to and turns on her heels and skirts away from. Which is about as cold a reaction as Elly can possibly muster as she tries so very hard to be mad at Gideon.

Raff leans into the pet that she gives to him and he smiles softly, "Thank you, Elly." He says and gives her a little nuzzle with his head. "I can go to the shop anytime you wish. We are getting close to the moon and I will disappear for a couple days but before then I should have some time to get more work done."

Raff takes the hand from Gideon and shakes it, "Sir."

Raff give a nod to that hand that is outstretched to him as he takes it. The grip is not nearly what someone would expect from a handshake from a man. "Sir." He says to the man. "Heard much of you but never met you." Raff leans into the pet that she gives to him and he smiles softly, "Thank you, Elly." He says and gives her a little nuzzle with his head. "I can go to the shop anytime you wish. We are getting close to the moon and I will disappear for a couple days but before then I should have some time to get more work done."

Gideon's own grip is firm, hard, but not crushing. "Nothing good, I hope," he jokes. He jokes! Being around Niamh always seems to put him in higher spirits. But Elly's obvious attempts to snub him draw a furrowed brow. But he just shakes his head, letting her stew while she fetches…well, stew.

"Aww, Elly.." Niamh doesn't want her to be cross with Gideon, and she smiles in the man's direction again. Okay.. it's more a fond, affectionate gaze that is broken by the fact that she's realizing that Raff is responding to her. "Oh? Aye, it is, isn't it.." and she works to keep her voice down. "I won't be able t'do much of anything this time 'round, ye see.. but start the work.." She shifts in her seat and looks back to Gideon. He made a joke! Jokes! Her own tones are light in teasing admonition, "Workin' hard t'keep his reputation, he is."

and once again Sloan makes his way into the cauldron, eyes dark and brooding as he makes his way through the place to his stool, he settles into it and stares at the wall behind the bar apparently counting blenishes in the facade.

Elly peeks over her shoulder towards Gideon before she steps into the Kitchen, where she has a bit of a 'shhh, Hide!' whispering, "Gideon's 'ere." to Jack, but all is ruined when Mick calls, "Oi, Jackie Boy. Bring up a keg of the Dragon's Breath an' tap it for me Son." Elly tries to hide Jack behind her as she exits the kitchen with him rolling the keg out behind her with a bowl of stew and a mug of ale that she takes over to Gideon. She sets it down before him and stands there (blocking his view of the bar) with her hands on her hips as she watches him expectantly. Notably the usual bread bowl she always puts Gideon's stew in just especially for him is missing and a simple less tasty mini iron cauldron is serving his stew like it does everyone else that orders the stew.

Raff nods towards Niamh, "A start is a start." As he reaches for his glass of milk and finishes it off. The joke from Gideon gets a laugh until Raff realizes that the man doesn't usually make jokes. He laughs a little more, nervously. "None of it good, no." He responds. His eyes look to Elly and he chuckles at the drama in the kitchen and then when Elly comes in close the tension off her causes the man to wilt a little.

Gideon chuckles at Niamh, "Aye, well, someone has to." He doesn't notice Jack in the kitchen. He doesn't even pay any need to Mick shouting "Jackie Boy." There are thousands of Jacks in London! But when Elly comes out, behaving so suspiciously, it brings an arch to his eyebrow. He tilts his head slowly to peer around her, and when she starts "subtly" shifting to continue blocking his view, he sighs and just stands up fully. Poor Elly just isn't tall enough to block that angle. Then he sees him. Jack. Gideon's eyes darken, and he frowns disapprovingly at Elly.

Jack's startled at Elly's whisperings, and his eyes widen, adding, "I didn' do nuffin!" Still, if Ells is on the dance of concern, there's somethin' t' be worried 'bout, 'aight? And he looks back at the far corner of the kitchen, and he points quickly with a flourished gesture. "Dishes.. I c'n do.." And then it comes.. Mick's call. Jack freezes, looks at Elly, and takes a deep breath. Who's he more afraid of? His jaw shifts and he looks out, "Better ge'tha'.." And calls back, "'Aight, onnit.." before he takes the keg and rolls it on its side to the outside, all the while mouthing, 'Ain't don'nuffin'.. ain't don'nuffin'.." But, then.. he rises after putting the keg in place and tapping it. Stretching backwards a moment, he blinks.. and there.. there he is. His expression falls before he puts on a smile, which is more a .. 'heh.. fancy meeting you here' sort, when it really isn't. "Inspector.." Then, "I'll just.. g't back t'the kitchen den.."

Niamh looks up to see Sloan re-emerge, and now, she's a touch concerned. "Go bhfuil tu ceart go leor, Sloan?" 'Are ye okay?' It's not long, however, when the 'second rate' stew comes out, which isn't fair, but.. even moreso, the behavior of Elly? Oh.. dear. She knows that look, and it's not a good one. "Adamantus.." she singsongs softly. "Your stew's here.." Looking to Raff, she nods her agreement. Starts are great!

Raff sees the look that Gideon gives, the man he gives it to, and bites at his lip a bit before he speaks, "Seen that look myself back when I tried to date a little gal. Her father was not happy." He gives a little smile as he tries to lighten the room a bit, "Um. Should I go?" As he looks to Mick a bit and wonders about the anger level.

Elly tried! She even moved to up onto her tippy toes as Gideon began to stand up. But once Gideon's discovered her 'clever rouse' she hops back down to flat footed and gives him a hen peckering look. "Don' ye get all uppity Gids, ye sit an' enjoy yer stew. Jack's on the even now, been workin' 'ere fo weeks now." Yeah, make it about the work right now. There's nothing more personal going on. Nope! When it comes to which she's more 'afraid' of, that would be Gideon hands down. She can't bat her lashes and give his cheek a kiss to have him wrapped around her finger like she can Mick. "Jus' enjoy your Stew Gid." Pleading eyes go towards Niamh. Yes, please get him to sit and eat! The cookie plate is slid towards Raff, "'Ave a biscuit." Her father is watching now that Gideon's stood up and has Hit Wizard face. So she's gone back to blocking the view Mick would have on Raff.

Looking up from his Beer for a moment, Sloan looks around. Eyes settling on Jack and catching a bit of the rumpus opening between Elly and Gideon, He grunts and points a finger at Jack "Oi, Lad. Been lookin' fer you, Aye?" As he speaks he stands quietly slipping one hand into his slacks for the moment.

Gideon gives Niamh a nod, "Just a moment, love." He outright ignores Elly, jabbing a finger through the over (and over her head) toward Jack. "You. We're havin' a sit-down soon, laddie." Elly gets a shake of the head, like a disappointed father. But he does finally take his seat, clutching his spoon to get a mouthful of soup. His free hand reaches over for Niamh's in an effort to calm himself.

Ah, hell.. Jack looks from Mick to Gideon, and over to Elly. He can protest his innocence all around, but it doesn't mean that Gideon will believe it, and he'd promised Mick! He did! And with Ells not sayin' a word? He exhales and looks to Sloan, his smile quirking, and he takes a couple of steps towards the Auror, still behind the bar. "Oi.. all's 'aight as rain?" He stands and looks at the glass and points, "Refill?" Not what the man wants, most likely, but it's the best he can do at the moment. "Been'a'bit, aye.." The words come off as one all run together. It's when Gideon talks to him directly that the young man stands there for a moment and he raises his chin, swallows hard and nods once. "'Aight.." He can see his chances drifting away, and he doesn't want to look at Mick again.

Niamh presses her lips together so they form a thin line, and she nods over towards Raff, her voice low, "I think you're right.." before she looks back at Gideon, and beyond to Elly. She sees the young girl's face, and she's trying! She really is.. and it's only when he takes his seat once more, and her hand finds his, that she tries to calm him.. bring him back.. her free hand crossing to rub the back of the hand that she possesses.

Raff reaches out and takes a cookie and chews on it a little. With all the tension in the room others are starting to stare at him as they usually do when things get ramped up. He bites at his lip and sighs as a hand reaches into his pocket and he pulls out the money to pay, setting it on the table. "Sorry, Elly." He says, "But I just have to have the pie sometimes." He nods to Gideon, "Sir." And then to Niamh, "Good to meet you." As he tries to snake out down the side before he adds to the problem in the inn.

Looking at Jack for a moment, Sloan motions towards the door into the alley, hand still in his pocket, he grunts. "Out there Lad. Ye got some'at comin' tae ye" with that, he waits for Jack to move.

Elly turns on her heels again after her lip starts to tremble as she watches Gideon and then swish and bustle and she's rushing for the kitchen again.

Gideon looks up with a touch of apology to Raff. "You need nae go. It's fine. Everyone's fine, aye?" He looks to those around. His eyes go to Jack as well, and then to Sloan at those cryptic words. Once again his brow furrows, and his eyes shift to Jack, waiting for the young man's reaction.

Now, however, Jack does look to Mick.. and takes a deep breath before he looks away again and takes off the apron to go, puts it down on a spot where it can be taken, and makes to follow Sloan out into the alley. He's walking slowly, a man walking to the hangman's noose. He's innocent! Sloan's a big, scary guy, after all.. and an auror to boot! "'Aight.."

Niamh lifts Gideon's hand to kiss the back side of it in an attempt to regain his attention. "Aye, ye need not go.." is given to the retreating back before she exhales in a sigh. She lifts it again, "Nae your fault, luv.. These things happen, I suppose, in young.. love." She knows the look!

Raff shakes his head, "It's not you all. It's them." He points to the ones that are just staring at him. "They all believe I am abut to wolf out and kill you all." He watches Sloan take Jack out back and he shakes his head, "I know how that guy feels. People always think the worst when you probably did nothing." He sighs a bit, "Thanks for the pie, Elly." He smiles a bit and goes out the door.

Gideon cannot resist Niamh's attention for long, and he smiles over to her, murmuring, "Just need to make sure this is nae a problem." When Jack passes near, Gideon reaches back to grip the young man's arm. "Hey. Everything alright, laddie?" Suddenly he is filled with concern for the lad he looked ready to filet a minute ago. His eyes flicker to Sloan, then back to Jack. Whatever issues they may have, Jack is still an ally.

"'Aight, Inspector.. as rain.." Jack completes it, and he looks at the hand on his arm. "Jus' wants a chat, an' all's aight.." He gives the man a tight smile and nods in Sloan's direction. "'E wants t'talk t'me, sir.." And he pauses, exhaling, "Don' wanna keep 'im waitin'."


Once outside, Sloan Looks at Jack and grunts. "Sorry bout that lad. Saw ye comin' tae a hard spot and this was the easiest way tae get ye out of it. I outrank the sod. What's he wantin' tae tag ye for?"

"Nuffin'.. or.." The lad smiles a little lopsidedly, "Been sniffin' 'round Ells. Been out an'.. goin' t'see the aeroplanes at the base.. an' he don' like it none. The Inspector," and he over pronounces the word, "..sees Ells as 'is own daughter.. an', of course, likes of me..?" He shakes his head rapidly, "Been clean. Promised Mick I would, an' I ain't gone back onnit.'

Looking at Jack for a moment, he considers this and nods. "He keeps harrassin' ye. Tell 'im ye works for himself, aye?" Himself being Sloan, he adds. "And ye be sure ye're keepin yer nose clean. I sees ye down tae Hoxton. Ye seem tae be a good lad beneath it all. Ye stays tha' way, and occaisionally lets me know who's thinkin' o doin stupid things on me turf, and ye never has tae wonder if th' next rappin' tae yer door is me. understood?"

Jack nods, "'Aight, will.. I'm workin' at it. No' easy, not wif birds tossin' at ye.." He grins lopsidedly, and shifts his weight, "I'll be fine. Need t'clear wif Mick, try an' convince 'im alls on the up an' up.. but shouldn't be 'ard." The grin remains, and he looks back at the shop, and then back to Sloan, "I've go' a few names, righ' off the cuff, but I'll give 'em up after my shift. Yer 'round, aye?" Well, okay, and he amends, "I'll fine ye.. an' give ye a few t'ings.. maybe it'll be good, maybe away for laters."'

Fishing a notepad and a stub of Pencil from his pocket, Sloan writes quickly, tears the page, crumples it up and hands it to him. "That be for Mick. Should help ye some. and Aye. I'll be around if not here. down where Knocker and I 'old Court in hoxton. Ye know th' place?"

Jack nods his head, "Aye, do.." and he even knows how to get in. Well, at least granted a chance to get in! He takes the paper, and looks at it in hand, the smile making a climb again and he raises his hand to give a quick 'tug on the forelock', "T'anks, I'll give it over.." and he turns about to head back, searching for Mick.. ready to give the note. He'll not lose a warm bed!


Niamh knows when Gideon begins to calm; she can feel the muscles relax, and it's in his breathing. "Alright.." and she doesn't add any admonition onto it, like 'be nice' or somesuch.. not needed.

With Jack's assurance, Gideon nods, giving Sloan one last curious glance. But he leaves it alone, turning his attention fully back to Niamh. "Sorry, love. That looked a little dodgy." He lifts her hand for a kiss. "So, what were you and Mingan on about?" He keeps his voice low, having caught on that the locals were getting nervous about a werewolf in the pub.

Elly sniffs and dabs her eyes looking out of the kitchen service window now looking a touch suspiciously at the interaction between Sloan and Jack. But then there's a little whistle alarm going off that something needs to be stirred and so she gets to that.

Niamh sucks at her teeth a moment, making a soft 'tsk' sound before she answers, her voice low. "He wants my help," and she almost sounds like she's going to squeal with excitement. "He asked me if there was a potion, or a salve.. or something that could help. Adamantus, this would be great if I could actually do this!" She's trying to keep her voice a whisper, she is.. but now, she really is ready to get to work, burn the midnight oil, everything! "'Course, I'll have to learn.. a lot about him," she concedes, "Little scary.."

Gideon lifts his brow as he devours his stew. He's hungry! "That would be incredible. I'm sure if anyone can do it, you can. But…this reminds me of somethin' I've wanted to talk to you about. I want to teach you some self defense. In fact, I'd hoped to start tonight." He rises, leaving a handful of coins on the table to pay for the stew, lifting Niamh up with him. He pauses for a moment, looking toward the kitchen with a sigh. On the way out, he gives Jack a passing look of reminder that they will be having a Talk.

The big brute of a bartender is behind the bar. But his replacement has arrived and so he's able to take the note, read it. Grunt with a nod to Sloan. CLAP Jack on the back and then point him back to the kitchen with a rumble that translates to 'get back to work'.

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