(1937-11-12) The Wolf and The Kat Get Reaquainted
Details for The Wolf and The Kat Get Reaquainted
Summary: Wolfgang and Katherine get reaquainted, with a brief interlude by Kenneth.
Date: 1937-11-12
Location: The Natrix
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Formerly a restaurant and bar alone since 1850, this building has been remodeled and updated to also include a large dance floor and bandstand and stage. The restaurant still lives in that the white linen draped round tables positioned around the dance floor are catered to the best Saltimbocca dishes in England. The other regular Italian food fare is also deliciously found on the menus in the center of the table that are crystal plaques engraved and frosted so the lettering sparkles in the dim light making the script easier to read. Silver is used liberal in the decoration, the table legs, the chair legs and backs besides the green tapestry cushions are all silver. The styling beyond that is all very modern art deco. Greens and silvers prevailing. The live orchestra always always has a finger on the pulse of the crowd, they pick up tempo or slow things down with amazing empathy.

The club's front doors open and Katherine comes in from the London night. The petite blonde, dressed in a lovely royal blue sheath dress with a mermaid hemline. The fabric is a blue on blue roses pattern, sheer crepe over a solid base. Sleeveless, it begins with a silver and gold braid neckline that clasps about the throat. From here, the sheer continues down till the solid under-dress begins at her chest, effectively making a modesty piece to leave a bit to the imagination. From there, the fabric flows down close to her form, the only other ornamentation being a braided belt of silver and gold to match the neck piece. Exquisite in its simplicity, it enhances the wearer's charms, without being overly revealing or ostentatious. After taking a moment to look around the club she gracefully makes her way to the bar, pretty much expecting anyone in her way to move aside for her. Once at the bar she orders a martini, with extra olives and takes another look around the club as she waits for her drink. (OOC note:Thank you Kenneth for that desc of the dress. So much better than my original, which I've edited out.)

Wolfgang is actually behind the bar pouring himself a Disaronno. He spies Katherine in the mirrors behind he shelves at the bar and smiles as he waves off the bartender and turns around to make the martini himself. "You'll have to forgive me if this is horrible. First day on the job." He says with a big charming smile and a wink to the Lady in Blue.

One corner of Katherine's lips quirks up a bit into a half smile as she says,"First day on the job, is it? I guess I will have to leave a good tip as encouragement. Just make sure I get a few extra olives, will you please?" She takes a seat at one of the bar stools, waiting primly to see if he'll give up the game first.

Wolfgang chuckles, "Dance with me when the drinks are down and we'll call it even." A faceted crystal shot glass filled with fancy toothpicks and a small bowl of martini olives is set down for Katherine to enjoy however many she may want. "Shhh, don't tell the boss." He taps a finger over his lips with another wink to the woman. The martini is placed before her and a gesture toward it is given. "So, how did I do?" Wolfgang, the owner of the establishment seems to be posing as a bartender and is schmoozing up Katherine across the bartop.

Katherine pick up her martini by sliding her finger under the glass proper, cradling it with two fingers on each side of the stem. Bringing it up to her lips she take a dainty sip, leaving a small, deep burgundy lip print on the rim. Closing her eyes she takes a deep breath, gives a little shiver and opens her eyes to look at Wolfgang,"I do think you've earned a dance. How have you been Wolfgang?"

Kenneth strolls into the room, securing his cloak room ticket in the inner pocket of his grey wool jacket. The crisp white shirt he wears below is cinched at the collar with a maroon tie, an uncharacteristic splash of color for this normally understated dresser. His wing tipped brogues are a well polished and sturdy, black in color, not something he would normally wear on duty. Glancing around, he notes a pretty lady at the bar with the tender, but no one else with whom he is acquainted. Slowly he walks to the bar to order a glass of scotch.

Katherine stops her banter with Wolfgang as he's forced to go deal with an issue at the other end of the bar. Taking another sip from her martini glass, in the exact same spot as last time so that her lipstick doesn't leave any new smudges, she looks out at the club over its rim. As Kenneth approaches the bar she gives him a courteous nod.

Kenneth walks up to the bar, turning to see a charming woman seated at the bar, he offers her a smile. "Good evening Miss. May I say you are looking very beautiful this evening?"

Katherine looks Kenneth over for a moment before letting the left side of her mouth curl up in a little smirk,"You may. And your name Mr…" As she speaks she runs one finger around and around the rim of her glass, her fingernail pulling faint tinks of the glass from time to time.

Kenneth says, "Captain, actually, Captain Kenneth Benton." Extending his right hand, he offers her another smile. "May I have the honor of purchasing your next drink, Miss…?"

Katherine considers the offered hand and with the same smirk still on her lips she extends her own to shake it, right before it would have been rude not to,"Katherine Sykes. It is nice to meet you Captain Benton." Taking another sip of her drink, then slowly chewing on an olive out of the glass sitting next to her hand she finally addresses the question on the table, her smile widening a bit more,"You are welcome to buy me a drink if you wish. What brings you to the Natrix tonight?"

Kenneth flags the bartender down and orders another round for the lady, then he looks to her. "It is my pleasure, Miss Sykes. As for the cause for my being present, I am here to celebrate my birthday. Since I am new to London, I will do my celebrating singularly, unless I can bring a bit of birthday cheer to those I encounter today and purchase them a drink. At least someone might toast my good health." There is a smile in his rich baritone voice that speaks of good humor.

Katherine iciness thaws out some when Kenneth mentions its his birthday. With what's left of her original martini she toasts him,"To many more, and much more entertaining birthdays Captain Benton!"

Kenneth smiles and inclines his head to accept her blessings, then touches the back of the chair next to her. "Thank you, Miss Sykes. Would I be too forward if I asked if this seat was taken?" If nothing else, he seems quite polite, his manners natural and not forced nor slick.

Katherine gives a graceful wave towards the seat and nods,"No one's using it right now. So you're new to London. Has this become a regular watering hole?"

Kenneth pulls the chair out and sits himself down, turning to face her as they speak. "I seem to spend my time between work, the Museum and this place, yes. Do you come here often, Miss Sykes? Some evenings it seems quite the popular night spot."

Wolfgang's voice is playfully insulted. "Some evenings? Some evenings he says. My friend, this joint is always hopping." Wolfgang has handled the inventory issue and is wearing his vest buttoned up and his jacket put back on. Looking much less like a Bartender and much more like the playboy he is. He leans in to place a greeting kiss on Katherine's cheek, chaste and aristocratic as he reaches to steal one of the many extra olives he gave to her earlier. "Apologies about that. Introduce me to your new friend?" He pops an olive in his mouth and gives a closed lip but charming smile to Kenneth as he chews up the olive. One arm extended behind Katherine so he can 'lean' on the bar, be close to her, but not be too all up on her in a way that would be construed as him marking territory for Kenneth.

Katherine takes a few extra olives from the extras in the small glass next to her she adds then as extras to the new martini then gracefully takes another sip,"I can be found here from time to time. And it is very popular at some points of the week. Wolfgang has quite an enjoyable voice, which is part of the appeal."

Kenneth looks to the new man as he leans behind Miss Sykes, denoting friendship and curiosity perhaps about the stranger to his business. "Captain Kenneth Benton, sir. A pleasure to make your acquaintance. I take it from the comments Miss Sykes made that you are a singer?"

Katherine accepts Wolfgang's kiss as her due, smiling lightly in reaction and tilting her head a bit in his direction to hear him better. After teasing him the first time around she completes the introduction Kenneth started,"Captain Benton, this is Wolfgang Montague, owner of the Natrix and almost as good a crooner as he thinks he is."

(OOC note: Kenneth's player had to leave at this point, we didn't cut him out of the scene on purpose.)

Wolfgang shakes Kenneth's hand and then makes sure he gets a drink on the house for being a soldier. But then he apologizes to the Captain because, "If you'll excuse us? The lady owes me a dance." He offers his hand to Katherine with that Wolfgang Smile.

Katherine puts her hand lightly in Wolfgang's and lets him help her to her feet then lets him escort her to the dance floor,"How has life been treating you, Wolfgang?"

Wolfgang knows there can't be any jitterbugging with his dance partner in the dress she's wearing. So a few subtle gestures to his band and the song they begin to play next is a slow one. "Living the dream Doll. How about you? You've been a stranger lately. Could break a man's heart keeping yourself gone so long." He says with a smile as he leads her in a spin before pulling her in and taking up a tango with her.

Katherine follow's Wolfgang's lead gracefully enough letting out a dramatized sigh,"I've been cut off. The final word came from Father; either start Auror training like I promised when I graduated or I wouldn't be able to touch another knut of his money. So I am now a proud Initiate for the Aurors." She keeps her mouth close to his ear and her voice low so that the unusual language she's using is only audible to her dance partner.

Wolfgang tsks and gives her a swinging dip back before he pulls her right back up close. His hand moving to cradle the back of her neck and around her waist as he slides her backwards over the dance floor. "Now that is a crying shame. What you need, is a Sugar Daddy. That's not actually your Daddy, Doll." His eyes glitter with the lights that glitter around the stage.

Katherine waits until the dip is over to playfully slap Wolfgang's shoulder,"Now stop that. You know there's a family name I have to uphold sooner or later. Talk to me in a few years and we can discuss this Sugar Daddy plan of yours. The club is looking really nice by the way. Good job with it. Trying to clean up your act, huh?" The last question is asked with a wink and a teasing smile.

Wolfgang gives her a terribly innocent smile and draws up one of her hands to kiss her knuckles while looking into her eyes. "Family name, yes, I know how that goes. But you have the relative luxury of being born a woman." He spins her out then draws her back in. "A very beautiful, intelligent woman. All you need to do is marry the right man and all your worries about 'family name' become moot." He quick step spins them both around and then mentions. "My act has always been clean, Doll." He licks his lips a little, the corner of his mouth quirking up in a tawdry little expression. "It's the behind the scenes stuff that gets _dirty_."

Katherine laughs cheerfully at Wolfgang's joke but sobers up quickly. Letting her eyes flit over his face for a moment she asks,"Granted, I could do that. But I'm not entirely sure I want to follow that road. I've developed a taste for independence lately. Maybe what I need to find is a husband that dotes enough on me I can do anything I want."

Wolfgang smirks a little. "Maybe. Or maybe you should marry a very rich old warlock that's about to kick it any day. You get out of the name, get rich, and get independent in no time." The real answer to his comment is in his puppy dog eyes as he looks into her eyes. It's not just a happenstance, maybe. But he plays it cool, like he plays everything and looks like he might just kiss her right there on the dance floor - but instead he spins her away again to the list fluttering notes of the slow song.

Katherine is obviously enjoying the dance which is made clear by the tinkling laughter as she's spun out. Once she's pulled back in the laugh has mellowed to the single corner smirk that speaks as much to amusement as it does to cynicism,"You are absolutely horrible! I bet you treat every pretty girl you dance with like this. But if you want to catch me its going to take better bait than a few drinks and a couple of twirls around the dance floor. Even with as good a dancer as you are."

Wolfgang steps up closer to her and just moves one single finger gently down along her jaw line. "Doll, I'm just getting started." In other words if she thinks he's even trying now, she's mistaken, this is just him being nice to a customer. So she better brace herself if she's going to entice him to pursue her. With a tilt of his head he indicates and silently asks her if she wants to go sit down in the VIP lounge.

Katherine nods her head ever so slightly and offers her hand,"I don't believe I have ever been to the famous, or is it infamous, lounge? BY all means lead the way."

The VIP Lounge is much more whimsical looking than the Art Deco Muggle design and decor downstairs. The goon at the top of the stairs acting as a bouncer probably has troll blood in him. Several House-elves looking extremely dapper in tailored to fit pinstripe suits serve the VIPs, who really unknownst to those downstairs are really just the wizards and witches clientele. The set up is very similar to that downstairs, though there is more booth seating upstairs than down. The walls of the lounge are enchanted one-way walls, where those inside can see out, but not the other way around. The stage is however much smaller upstairs than the one downstairs as all that's on this stage is a single 'microphone', and a large music box on a pedestal besides the mic. A spotlight that can change in a myriad of colors and patterns shines down on the center of the small stage. The light reflecting off of the shiny chrome megaphone.

Wolfgang leads her up the stair, holding her hand the whole way in order to help her balance and step in that dress and in those heels. Once to the top of the stairs he kisses the knuckles of the hand before releasing it to lead the way to his private booth that really has a complete view of everything both in the lounge and in the club. There's even a glass covered portal in the empty space behind the booth so that Wolf can look down and keep an eye on things in the kitchen. "So an Auror Initiate. I think that warrants a bottle of bubbly. Don't you?"

Katherine gives Wolf a nods worthy of any Duchess when he kisses her hand, then takes a seat at his booth looking through the portal to the kitchen with interest until he suggests champagne,'That would be delightful. And this little window down to the kitchen is downright ingenious. You really are like a captain at the helm of a ship from here, aren't you?"

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