(1937-11-13) Chaos in the Library
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Summary: A bit of an argument breaks out in the library
Date: 1937/11/13
Location: Library
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Tuesdays suck, don't you think? Not as much as Mondays, mind you, but they're still pretty terrible. You've still got most of the week ahead of you, it's not even hump day (who doesn't love hump day?) and frankly, Lorraine's just not the type of girl to enjoy them! The Slytherin overacheiver is sitting at one of the tables with a stack of books on transfiguration, mouthing the words to herself as she reads.

Warren, being a Ravenclaw, does tend to end up in the library a lot. While he may spend a lot of his time exercising the power of the barter system, he does actually study. When he needs to. In the case of Care of Magical Creatures, when he absolutely has to. The boy is currently stalking through the rows of books, searching through them. He tugs a few out, slaps them back into place, repeats.

Doing a little bit of prepwork for his duel, Seamus decided to pay a visit to the Library to look up some of the more obscure spells to use to put on a bit of a show. The silver haired young man works his way through the stacks selecting various books on charms to go through.

It was too nice of an afternoon to be couped up with nothing to do. Nontheless, there was Julian, sitting a few tables back from Lorraine, a quill in his left hand as he pours over a book. From time to time, the scratching stops, and he begins to cross something out, seemingly in frustration… before starting over. This process continues for a couple of good minutes before he finally balls up the parchment he's writing on, tossing it aside, to begin anew… "These translations make no sense," he grumbles to himself quietly, shaking his head a little and ccrossing out yet another line.

Claire is camped out at a different table, and absorbed enough in her work that she's oblivious to anyone else in the library. Although there is an Ancient Runes book out, she hasn't opened it in favor of two pieces of parchment laid side by side. She's consulting one to write on the other, occasionally scratching something out and writing over it.

Lorraine comes out of her studying at Warren's book slamming. She leans back in her chair, pushing it up on two legs and gives the Ravenclaw prefect a dirty look. "Think you could be any louder, Bennett?" she asks sourly. Eyes flick around to others gathered. Claire is lingered on the longest but everyone is looked at in turn.

"Yes." Warren offers his reply as sweetly as he can in passing. One hand stretches out just a few inches toward Lorraine, but he seems to think better. So he lets the chair pass unmollested. The next book he pull out seems a bit more lively, taking flight before he can snatch it from the sky. He looks at it disapprovingly, as if trying to decide if it's worth the effort.

"Mr Bennet, try and be a little quieter." Seamus says in a soft voice to the Ravenclaw prefect. "This is the library." He says in hushed tones. His dark blue eyes go to Julian when he says the translation makes no sense,"Mr Edwards, what translation makes no sense? Perhaps one of us could assist you in whatever you're translating." He says matter of factly.

Scratch, scratch, scra— whap! What? Looking up, Jules turns his head toward the auditory assault going on and he blinks a little, furrowing his eyebrows… He says nothing, though, just shaking his head a little. Another glance is cast about, taking stock of the others… Claire, who seems to just be whizzing through the Runes homework. "I'm fine, Se—" He stops himself, deciding to try and match the properness, "Mister Cavanaugh," he finishes, speaking lightly and giving the Hufflepuff prefect a small smile. "It's just Runes homework. I'll live," he adds lightly.

Claire looks up at the sounds of conversation. Oh wow there's people here. She carefully schools her face to stillness while taking note of who is in the area. "Jules, did you start that already? How's it look?" she asks in a low voice. The parchment Claire is working on isn't any runes they've learned in class. It's a charcoal rubbing of patterns of dots, braille for the radio project in the common room.

Lorraine gives Warren that narrow-eyed look she's known for as he starts to reach for her chair. "Wise choice," she says when he changes his mind. You won't catch her hoping up to help Julian with his runes homework. She's not really the 'help'y type. Especially if you're not a pure-blood… or hot. Looking back at her book she flips a page and then reaches into her bag to pull out a parchment and copy over some spells from the book.

Warren slants a gaze over at Seamus, the boy's lips pressing into a thin line. "No." And then a bright smile. Apparently he's just being contradictory today. When he peeks over at Claire's work her pauses for a second, asking, "Are you all still trying to translate that?"

"Well if you don't then the Librarian /will/ ask you to leave." Seamus points out keeping his voice soft, before he tilts his head,"I have been working on my Runes homework as well. I needed a break from it. I've gotten about half way through it and decided to do some research for charms." He says looking at Julian and keeping his voice soft so as not to piss off the librarian.

"It looks like complete and utter bollocks," Julian replies lightly toward Claire, shaking his head in slight dismay. "I've gotten a part of the way through and now it's just gotten ridiculous." Standing up to stretch a bit, he wanders quietly around the table to move toward Claire's, glancing down at the Braille work for a moment. "This isn't so bad," he comments lightly… he then glances at Seamus again. "What is it you're researching for Charms?" he asks lightly, quirking an eyebrow.

"We've got all the symbols figured out, now it's just a matter of writing it out. Not hard, but tedious," Claire says. "I think the others started putting it together, but I haven't taken a look at it recently." She frowns at Seamus and Julian. "If it's taking you two that long I should probably start it… You've got my vote to best Hawker, Cavanaugh. Maybe even give Lucian a run for his money. I had no idea you had it in you!"

"I have gotten lucky." Seamus says shrugging a little bit,"I will do my best to best Hawker." He adds smiling a little weakly at Claire. He's been working on his confidence but he still has a ways to go. "I'm just trying to find some more interesting spells to use in my duel with Hawker. I want to give the lower years a bit of a show." He says grinning a little bit though as he thinks about it.

"You'll do fine, Seamus," Jules responds lightly, shaking his head a little and grinning at the other fifth year. His glance then shifts to Claire's sourness… and he shrugs a little bit. "Don't fret too much over it," he remarks idly, "it's just that middle part. I'll probably work on it some more later tonight." He stretches his arms a little bit, making a small bit of noise and shrugging his shoulders again… "Y'want some help with this?" he asks toward her idly, gesturing at the work in front of her.

"Well, at least there's that." Warren makes an approving nod at the project progress, the boy moving back to trying to find that book after. The one that took flight before simply circles once before it plunks back into it's previous spot. He's off to root out more in the meantime, vanishing into the shelves.

Lorraine closes her book now that she's got the spells she wanted and moves it aside, stuffing the parchment and her quill back into her back and coming over to make herself an obnoxious part of the ongoing conversation. "Given up on illusions of your own, graduer, Cameron? Don't lie to the boy," says the nasty redhead, butting right in next to Cavanaugh. "My money's on Lucian to take the final win." Eyes track Warren as he leaves and she rolls her eyes. "Damn, I forgot to ask him a question…"

Gabrielle comes into the Library, her red hair is in a messy pony tale and she has her ever present sketchbook in hand. As she passed the Librarian's desk she holds up her hands, almost in surrender and she walks by, showing she does not have a writing utensil . She'll huff slightly as she looks around for an empty place to sit.

"If I do duel Mr Proudmore, I will give it everything I have. To be honest, I think that it will not be that interesting a duel, nor do I think that it will be a quick one." Seamus says in a serious voice,"Mr Proudmore and I are both defensive duelists. We focus on defense rather than offense." He says casually. "I'm sure that you might do just as well with dueling him, if not better." He adds looking at Julian.

Claire pulls some sheets of parchement from her bag and hands them to Julian. "You can do these if you want. You match up the symbols on the page - be careful, it's charcoal so it can rub off - to the letters on the guide. Easier than runes because at least it's in English, but like I said: tedious." Claire nods polietely to Lorraine when she comes over. "Nott." At least she's past the need to whip out her wand at every sight of the girl. "I never said Lucian wouldn't win. I couldn't beat him, after all."

"I'd like to hope so," Julian replies lightly, shrugging his shoulders and giving a small smile. "But, we shall see, I suppose?" He rubs his nose lightly, glancing toward the papers offered up by Claire and nodding a little. "Y'know, m'mum collected some textbooks written in this," he notes cheerfully… initally moving to grab his things and consolidate to the table with Claire and the others for now, sitting down. "Just to have 'em. She thought they were absolutely top of the line." As Lorraine slides into the middle of things, he blinks… and rubs his nose, saying nothing otherwise, before returning to reading over the translation work.

Gabrielle looks over and sees the gaggle of faces she mostly recognizes. She'll take a deep breath and start over, "Hello everyone." She'll hug her book to her chest some, "How goes the translations?"She'll nod to the papers.

"You mean you're both cowards," says Lorraine archly of Seamus' dueling style. Of course, anyone in dueling club has seen Lorraine's almost abusive dueling style. She'll probably seriously maim somebody some day. (It'll be the proudest day of her life.) An eyebrow is arched at Claire. "Did you like your gift, Cameron?" she asks with a drop of malice. "Hello, Evans," she adds distantly, but not unkindly, as Gabrielle joins them. "What exactly /is/ this?" Someone explain the dots to the pureblood!

Gabrielle smiles back to Lorraine, but as soon as she look looks to the papers, Gabby will give Seamus a slightly disbelieving amused look. Gabby walks closer to see the pages, and how far they've been translated.

"S'called Braille," Jules responds lightly. "When you actually print it in a book, the little dots and lines are raised up a little bit to where a blind person can put their fingers on them, and feel them… and know what the letters are," he explains lightly. He then glances toward Gabrielle, shrugging a little bit. "They're coming along." Jules has worked down a small portion of the page, working back and forth on the translation… He then glances lightly at Lorraine, keeping a rather stoic expression as he seems to be trying to figure her out. He can remember her from the Dueling Club… "'Lo, Nott… don't y'think that coward's a bit of a strong word?"

"No. We watch, we learn, we figure out the person's style and speed." Seamus says looking at Lorraine intently,"A coward would run away. Someone who is smart doesn't just attack and hope that they'll win. They learn their opponents movements." He says casually as he considers all of this. There's not a thing he can say about all of this. "Hello Gabrielle, I hope that you're currently well." He says keeping his voice soft,"I think they're discussing that paper. Not sure about why they're studying it."

There is a reason Claire and Lorraine have never dueled, and that reason is this: it would probably end with a casualty list at least in the dozens. "Did you like yours?" Claire returns, with the air of perfect innocence, but a smirk betrays her. "Hello, Gabby. We're far from done, but enough translated to start putting things together, I think." Claire turns toward Gabrielle, but not enough to let Lorraine out of her sight. Reasonable precaution.

Gabrielle nods to Seamus,"I'm doing well, just trying to finish something I promised Theo like, 2 weeks ago." She'll smirk and then turn to the Ravenclaws sitting at the table, "Good. Any luck in getting the actual dimensions? I'm going to start working on the design soon and would rather have it correct when I start, than try to make it fit later."

Lorraine gives Jules a dirty look, like this whole idea was his. "Blind people?" she says in disgust. Obviously people with disabilities are a sign of weak breeding! There's very little room for tolerance in her world. "Shove off, Edwards, when I'm using strong language you'll know." Oh, what a bright ray of sunshine this girl is. "You mean wait to give your opponent an opening and smash you," she replies to Seamus with a sneer. "Actually Cameron, I didn't. I think you should try again."

"My. Aren't we just congenial as we can humanly be," Jules remarks idly, not really bothering to keep his voice down as he makes the remark, sounding quite pleasant despite what he's saying. "I think I'm making a little more progress with this," he notes toward the other Ravenclaws, tapping his quill on the page for a moment. As he looks toward Claire, he seems to develop this look on his face. He hasn't got a -clue- what she and Lorraine are on about, but given the snideness and overall cattiness… logic dictates it can't be anything good. He just sort of gently shakes his head, as if to say 'not now.'

"Miss Nott… I feel bad for you. Since you're incapable of thinking strategically and your obvious defects." Seamus says in a manner that doesn't fit the words that he's saying,"I'm glad. Hopefully Theo will still need your help after that long." He says looking towards Gabrielle,"I do not know Mr Edwards if she's capable of responding in a manner that would be acceptable in any society that holds proper behavior. I think she would fit with the sailors."

Gabrielle looks between the group and the snapping , obviously weighing if she should step in or not. Eventually she'll look to Seamus and just answer him, "Well, it's more like I promised him something that was going to help me… " she'll glance to Lorraine, watching for a sign of snapping or wand grabbing. There's been WAY to much of that lately.

Claire breaks into a crooked grin. Whatever it was she gave Lorraine, she finds it very funny. She turns pointedly to flip through the pages she has translated. "Em, I don't think I have any from that early and I forget who I handed it out to. Check the table in the common room, that's where they should be ending up. Seamus!" Claire is stunned at the Prefect, but quite impressed.

"Don't be a prat, Cavanaugh," says Lorraine pleasantly. "You should really pity your parents instead. I'm sure the Muggle Hunters will find your wait and see strategy utterly fascinating once they've finished them off." It's only Claire's presence that saves anyone from the full weight of nastiness. The m word hasn't come out yet! … yet.

And of course, Julian is agape. "—Seamus, is that you?" He's trying hard not to laugh, but at the same time, he's just like Gabrielle and Claire - a little weary. He's let his quill just come to rest and lay on the page… and he begins to laugh after a moment or two, unable to help it. He's not sure if he should just remain in awe, or slap his friend on the back… And then Lorraine pops the bubble. His head just turns toward her lightly, a bit of a glare in his eye. "That's not even remotely funny, Nott…" he replies. He's not going to be one to draw his wand. He may have the mind to, but he knows better. Too much trouble with that lately.

Claire's face drops instantly and she gets very still. Her hand drifts to where her wand is stowed. That's as much warning as she'll give Nott, if she wants to hang herself Claire's glad to give her the rope.

"Miss Nott, I don't think you quite grasp what you're discussing. First off all, I said defensive thinking, not wait and see. Apparently such a concept is not one that you can grasp." Seamus says matter of factly as he looks directly at Lorraine, not even blinking as he speaks. The way he's speaking is still very gentle and not like he's really insulting her, just trying to make her aware. Glancing towards Julian he seems a little bit confused,"Of course it is me. I just had to point out the facts." He nods at this as if it were a fact. His dark blue eyes glances towards Claire,"I have not spoken any untruth."

Gabrielle felt this coming. She'll place her sketchbook on the table, along with her bag. "Lorraine, would you walk with me?"

Ophelia slips into the library for her usual afternoon study session a little later than usual. She's headed to the section she's recently been spending most of her time in when she stumbles on the large and uncomfortable-looking group. Peering around her bookstack, she glances warily at the faces there, noting a few she knows in the crowd. Quietly, she steps to one side to watch, keeping her eyes largely on Gabrielle.

"Murder is never funny," Lorraine tells Julian, still with that irrepressable smug look. She leans back in her chair again, folding her hands. An eyebrow arches at Claire as she sees her go for her wand and there's a small shake of her head. She /will/ defend herself in public, even if she's working a slow game on the tall blond in private. "Oh just stuff it, Cavanaugh, I'm tired of listening to you talk anyway. I came over to find out what you're were doing with the translation, not get into some sad debate with you over how pathetic your dueling style is." As for Gabby, Lorraine just smirks, "Cute as you are, Evans, I'm not in the mood for a walk right now."

Claire snrks and tries to turn it into a cough, regaining her serious face with some effort. "Never said you did, Cavanaugh," Claire says, slipping back into a more formal form of address. "I've just never heard it put so eloquently." Her hand stays near her wand.

"I had to check because that was absolutely -great,-" Julian notes toward Seamus lightly, holding up a thumb toward him lightly, before returning his attention toward Lorraine. "Mm. No, dropping mention of… -that,- isn't like trying to throw petrol onto a burning fire at all," he comments softly, just shaking head. "Triffling," he adds softly, continuing to shake his head as he lets his eyes cut toward Gabrielle for a moment. Well, she -did- try to diffuse the situation…

Gabrielle blushes slightly, as /that/ is not what she meant. But there's no wands drawn yet, so she'll not push the matter. She does look around though to see if the Librarians are within sight and notices Ophelia, she'll nod slightly.

"It is amazing that she speaks a modicum of truth. Murder is not funny. However, I do not think she realizes how dangerous some things could be. Miss Nott, have you managed to best myself or Mr Proudmore? I don't think that if Miss Cameron couldn't best Mr Proudmore that you would have the ability to do so. The truth being told must be an uncomfortable experience, I apologize for that." He doesn't say anything more but does give her a slight nod. He's not sure what else he should say but he's staying calm and his hand hasn't once strayed to his wand. "Miss Cameron, don't worry. I doubt anyone will need to draw a wand here."

Lorraine arches an eyebrow at Seamus and smiles sweetly. Her wand appears in her hand, twirled between her fingers casually but confidently. "I've dueled all sorts of people at Dueling Club. You've /seen/ me duel, Cavanaugh. But if you'd like a reminder, I'd be happy to take this down to the club room and we'll see." Well, while she was the first to draw, at least she's not trying to start hallway brawls. Not her style, after all.

"That's why you're winning the tournament, then, hmm?" Claire says drily. Sorry Seamus, Claire isn't willing to relax just yet. She is the sort to start hallway brawls, if it comes to it. So far, Lorraine has obeyed the rules, if only just.

A hand darts into Jules' cloak at the appearance of Lorraine's wand. "Are we really doing this 'meet me in the club room after class' schtick? I'd have pegged you to be a bit more mature than that, Nott," he comments idly, his eyes now trained on her. His fingers clasp around his wand, and he just remains focused, calm. His reaction time's good… but with her's already drawn, if she -were- to try something, he figures it'd only be an afterthought… "I've seen how you duel, too. And y'know what? It's -quite- questionable that you could really call it that," he notes.

"Mr Edwards, relax, while she has drawn her wand, she knows that the only time that I would duel her is if we were paired for a duel. I do not do the unofficial duel thing." Seamus says casually as he looks at Julian, before looking at Lorraine,"Your attempts to bluff your way into forcing a duel upon me, will fail. Ultimately, because I do not let the words of a person who cannot see the difference between Wait and See, and Defensive style affect me. Especially not someone who seems to be the sort to fit in with sailors and street performers. However, if you chose to duel me properly within the confines of the dueling club, I will duel you to your heart's content and I will show you that I am not at all afraid of you."

Ophelia watches as the many others seem ready to draw wands. Some, she sees, already have. Frowning, she glances back to see if there are librarians about. But she doesn't. So she turns back to listening, watching Seamus, oddly enough, with the most annoyed frown.

Gabrielle will lean over and grab her sketchbook off the table. she'll keep her eyes down, like she's upset and grip it in both hands. And then will glance around again, in hopes of an adult walking by, she'll lock eyes with Oph and heft the book up slightly, hoping the girl understands.

"I didn't enter," points out Lorraine. "I've been buried trying to get a jump on this stupid bet I have with Proudmore." Her eyes drift sideways to Claire and her lips press together before she sighs and rolls her eyes. "Put your wand away, Edwards, I didnt challenge /you/ to a duel." And for all Lorraine is a nasty piece of work, there's no threat in her wand being out, certainly not towards any of them. "I was offering you an official duel, Huffletwat. If you don't want to do it now, I'll wait. The next meeting, you and I?" She puts her wand away easily enough and then gives Gabby a great big smirk. "Still want that walk, Evans?" Not that she waits for the girl to respond, picking her bag up. "I need to talk to Lunet about the meteor shower coming up anyway. Have a good afternoon, everyone." Like… it was just some friendly chatter, and not a very tense conversation there. Totally mental!

With a bit of a relaxed sigh, Jules lets the wand go, never removing it from the inside of his cloak. He just shakes his head a little bit, clearing his throat. "Sorry, Seamus," he replies quietly. "That…" He works his mouth, trying to find something in his vocabulary that isn't entirely -vulgar- to call Lorraine… only to spit out: "-woman.- She gets under your skin," he comments quietly. Seeming to find his center again, he breathes in and grabs his quill up… glancing toward Gabrielle for a moment and tilting his head… but he says nothing. Instead, he goes back to work on the braille translation.

"I think you should go see your House Head Miss Nott. THat type of language is not acceptable from anyone." Seamus says frowning a little bit,"I will be officially notifying my House Head of that comment." Yes. He knows he cannot deduct points directly from Slytherin but that won't stop him from behaving as he needs to do in order to handle this properly. "If you wish you and I will indeed Duel then." He says matter of factly.

"Operation Create Loud Noise to Draw the Attention of the Librarians" may not be needed, but Gabby will keep gripping her book, either just in case, or out of embarrassment. The flush in her cheeks grows.

Claire doesn't remove her hand from her wand until Lorraine is out of the library. And even then, it's a slow process to unwind from the tension. She rolls her shoulders and exhales with a huff. "So. Gabrielle. I found a list of the parts, give me a second and I can work out the final dimensions for you." Ah, the soothing certainty of mathematics.

Ophelia lifts her own stack of cooks, giving Gabrielle a questioning look. But then Lorraine is leaving, and as she and Seamus seem to be at the center of whatever is happening, Ophelia just holds her books to her chest again, and watches. When Clair approaches Gabrielle, she looks to the girls curiously, stepping over to quietly asks, "What are you making?"

"I'm still not sure what this is going to end up being," Jules remarks lightly, working over the translation now, in full tilt. He's back to normal. Seamus is a big kid, after all, and can take care of this particular problem… probably with ease. He's still kinda looking toward Gab uneasily, unsure of what she is actually planning to do with that book.

Gabrielle drop the sketchbook on the table, it makes a fairly loud noise, not loud enough to draw adult attention, but if it had been slammed down….She'll turn to face Claire, "Dimensions…yes." she'll look up at Oph and smile, it's almost a relieved smile,"I"m making the cover for the radio. I'm going to do a relief , so Professor Mopsus can enjoy it too."

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