(1937-11-14) Books and Soup
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Summary: Jackson sneaks some soup into the library as an apology to Gabrielle.
Date: 1937-11-14
Location: Library
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The Hogwarts Library consists of books filling shelf after shelf in a large sequence of twisting corridors that culminate at the hallowed Restricted Section. Books that cover a variety of topics no muggle could ever dream of, from Potions to Magical History to all manner of obscure, fantastical and abstract magical disciplines and creatures. Amazing as all these are, what knowledge is held in the restricted section is only spoken of in whispers. Books float across from one shelf to another, rearranging themselves back to where they belong as students never return them properly. Tables are positioned at reasonable intervals to provide students with a place to consume the vast knowledge found here, or to study whatever assignment they've waited until the last minute to complete.

Gabriel is sitting as far out of sight of the librarians desk as possible. He's holding a History of Magic text in front of his face as he leans his chair back on two legs, keeping himself from falling only by hooking his foot around a table leg.

Gabrielle comes around a corner with a stack of really boring looking plain books. there's 7 of them. She'll see Gab and walk over, "Hey.Can I talk to you a sec?" She's keeping her voice low as to not draw attention.

Gabriel lowers his book just enough to be able to see Gabby and nods,"Sure. Want to sit with me?" The crinkling at the corner of his eyes shows that he's smiling behind the book even before he sets it down on the table and *GASP* dog-earing the page he's on before closing it.
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Gabrielle wonders briefly if it's the closeness in their names that's doomed him to a life dodging Librarians."Yeah," she'll slide into the seat next to him, setting down her stack of books. She'll grab the first one on top and flip it open. It seems to be a list of names and accomplishments. From about 20 years ago. "Is Cillian mad at me or something? He was behaving weird yesterday." She'll look up from the book to Gabriel.

Gabriel gives Gabby a confused look before shaking his head,"Nah. We're just working on the treasure hunt Prof. Sykes has going on and I think his head was all wrapped up in that. And I think we figured out the first clue! Went to the Muggle Studies room yesterday and there's all this stuff on Shakespeare in there that's not normally there so I bet its part of the treasure hunt." Peering curiously at the stack of books Gabby has brought to the table he asks,"So what's all this about?"

Gabrielle nods, looks a little relieved."Ok, good. I couldn't figure out what I could have done…"she'll shake her head."Speaking of upsetting people," she'll give him a small glare, "Why did you ask me to do the radio box if Ophelia was already doing it. She about had a melt down in the hallway about it." She'll look back to the books, "It's….I think there's a guest speaker here who went to school with my parents…he mentioned something and then got a little weird. so, i want to make sure before I ask." She sounds slightly nervous at the idea.

Gabriel tilts his head to the side, which is starting to become clear is a habit of his when he's trying to remember things. After a few moments he shrugs,"I'll talk with her. I guess I forgot about that. I take it she's still too angry at you for it to be a good idea to suggest working together on it?"

Gabrielle shakes her head, "No…we got it worked out….She apologized." Gabby will look down to the book in front of her. And will then shrug and shake her head again, "It's ok. I told her she could do it, and I'd help her if she needed. We'll see." She'll flip a few pages and start scanning the book.

Gabriel grins,"Well good! But I still think you two should work with each other on it. The more people that help the more its a real House project. And it sounded like you had some ideas you were excited about. So what are you trying to figure out? Is the guest speaker you're talking about Ria's brother, or someone else?"

Gabrielle shrugs, "I told her, so even if I don't do it personally, hopefully it's get done. I think it would be nice for Mopsus if the drawing was raised." Gabby will make a yuck face at teh mention of the other Sykes, "No…He's a Charms lecturer, Dr. Tompson. He asked my name, and got a weird look on his face when I said." She'll shrug, "Maybe it's nothing, but I've never /actually/ talked to anyone besides my Aunts about my parents. It would be nice to hear stories, ya know?"

Gabriel taps the stack Gabby brought with her,"So I'm guessing these are records of the years your parents were here? Have you found out anything interesting?"

Nodding, Gabby flips another page, "All 7 years. I'm hoping he'll be close to their age. He didn't say, but he implied he was a Ravenclaw, so I'm start there." Glancing down at the book though, she's not even /in/ the Ravenclaw section. It looks like it's a list of Griffindors.

Gabriel frowns a little bit as is he's caught onto something in the conversation that's bothering him,"So… Your aunts haven't told you stories about them? Why not, I would think that they would want to tell you as much as possible…"

Gabby takes a deep breath, "I think it makes them too sad. Mother was the youngest….and I think they blame Father. I don't really understand. " She'll smile, "Look!" And she'll point to a name, Thomas Evans, Griffindor 1st year. "that's him!"

Gabriel grins and leans over to see the book,"How were his grades? What clubs was he in? Was you mom a Ravenclaw then?"

Gabrielle ' smiling, "Well…looks like he did ok, Dueling, flying…bet he liked Quiditch!"She'll laugh softly at the idea." Her face drops some when Gab asks about her mom's house, "No….mother wasn't Ravenclaw. Both my Aunts were though.It's part of why I argued with the hat so badly to be in Ravenclaw."

Gabriel puts his elbows on the table and then props his chin on his hands,"Really? The hat wanted to sort you into a different house? Or did it not want to sort you into Ravenclaw?"

Gabrielle will look back down at her father's name, "It wanted me in a different house." she'll then start paging through to another section and will scan the names. "There," She'll point at a name, Jennifer Johnson, Slytherin 1st year.

Gabriel nods his head sagely, making the whole table wobble since its still propped in his hands,"Ahhh… So the hat wanted to put you in Slytherin. I'm glad it didn't" Switching his attention to the book he asks,"So what was your mother involved in? I wonder if Prof. Slughorn or Prof. Dumbledore were heads of house already by then? I bet that you could ask them for stories about your parents too."

Smiling softly,Gabby nods, "Well, it says Athletics club? Dueling…arts…." Gabby makes a bit of face at that."she'll look up, "If they haven't said anything before, I doubt that remember now."She'll shrug. "It's ok, I'm gonna see about this Tompson." She'll flip the book back to the Ravenclaws and start looking.
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Gabriel thinks about it for a bit, just watching Gabby search through the book. After a while he says,"Well… Maybe they don't want to bring up bad memories. Have you actually asked them?"
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Gabrielle shakes her head, but doesn't looks up, "It's…weird. I've always been made to feel bad when ever I asked my aunts. They only bits I know is when Aunt Iris would get into the Firewhisky. And then it was always so jumbled." she'll smirk, "Maybe if Tompson pans out, I'll think about approaching Slughorn. If I can get into his good graces, that is."

Gabriel hmms,"Why Prof. Slughorn instead of Prof. Dumbledore? You want to learn about your mom first? And why was it surprising that she was in the arts club? You have to get your artistic talent from somewhere, right?"

Gabrielle shrugs, "I'm trying to get my Potions up. I thin I"ve figured most of it out.I read /all/ the books I could find. So, I think I"m ready to maybe actually do /good/ in his class. I'd just like to have another class besides Divinations that I'm good in." Her cheeks are flushing some, in embarrassment. "I'm tired of them all thinking I'm stupid."

Gabriel leans back in his chair and nods,"So you want to kill two birds with one stone. Always a good idea to try and get extra performance out of your efforts. Is there a reason you picked potions specifically? Do you want to be a Healer too?"

"Potions has always /kinda/ made sense to me. I think it's like mixing colors a little. I've read all the way through 7th year, so hopefully that will help." Gabby smiles with a shrug."I never really thought about doing anything else besides art."

The two Gabs are sitting at a table in the corner with a fairly large stack of books. They're talking quietly.

Gabriel nods,"That's a really good comparison actually. I'd never thought about Potions that way but its probably because I can't draw a stick man without an example to look at."

Gabrielle laughs softly, "It's not that hard.I can teach you if you really want."

Akilina has not been in the library of really able to deal with books in mass since one tried to kill her earlier in the year. But here she is! Shuffling nearly tip-toeing meekly into the place of Books.

It was back to the books again today. Hefting his Ancient Runes book with him, as well as a couple of parchment rolls, he moves around, trying to find himself a place to settle in at and set up shop. Finding a table nearest to Gabrielle and Gabriel, he places his things down, raising his hand lightly to give both of the Ravenclaws a smiles and wave. "'Ey," he calls toward them quietly, settling into his chair…

Jackson walks into the library carry his bag of books over his left shoulder. He moves with purpose and direction, especially since he is carrying a steaming hot potions cauldron in his right hand. He moves stealthily, making it past the librarian without a hitch. He moves from shelf to shelf, looking at the tables spread out among them until he finds the one he is looking for. He heads towards the table with the two gabs, dropping his book bag next to the table with a nod and a cordial, "Hello." He reaches down, careful to keep his cauldron from knocking against anything.

Gabrielle looks up and narrows her eyes at Jackson. She'll look over to Julian, "Hi"

Gabriel reacts to Gabrielle's movement and looks up at about the same time she does then looks at all the people suddenly near the previously quiet out of the way table,"Oh! People! Hi." Leaning over the table a bit he peers into Jackson's cauldron then looks up at him,"Umm… You know is Madam Patil catches you with that in here she'll be maaaaaaaad, right? And what are you making anyway? And how are you keeping the cauldron hot without a fire?"

"yeah, Potter, that doesn't look like the best idea in the world." Jules' attention was caught almost instantly by the cauldron as he blinks at it, his head turning up from his Runes translation to peer at it. As Gabrielle replies to him, he turns his head toward her for a moment, flashing her a cheerful smile for a moment before returning his attention toward the cauldron… and he just tilts his head. "Two really good questions," he notes toward Gabriel… "and why here, of all places? Why didn't you just go down to one of the potions labs in the dungeons? I'm pretty sure Madam Patil would be more than willing to let you take whatever book you need out…"

Jackson nods to Gabriel, "Yes, I know. Madam Patil will be quite put off by this, but the way I figure it, I've got about 10 minutes before she smells it given she works in the library all day around moldy books. The muggles call it thermal dynamics. Things that get hot tend to stay hot." He then looks towards Julian, "Look, I'm pretty good with bad ideas. Let me do what I came here to do." He looks back towards Gabrielle as he drops to a knee, "I'm really sorry for jumping off a cliff and scaring you." He reaches into his bag, pulling out a block, then another, arranging them on the ground to set his cauldron on. He looks back up to Gabrielle, "To make it up to you, I've made you a Scottish love potion down in the dungeon during last period." He opens the lid on the cauldron, showing off a soup that is still simmering, "The muggles call it cock-a-leekie soup. I think I do a fair job of it…"

Gabrielle raises an eyebrow, "It's called /what/?" It's hard to tell if she's upset, or amused.

Akilina has still barely made it inside of the library.

Gabriel scrambles out of his chair to kneel next to the cauldron (good thing he intentionally picked a table outside of the librarian's desk line of sight) and peer into it, even taking a little sniff. Then he peers up at Jackson with a look of disbelief in his eyes,"Since when do Muggle know how to make love potions? And besides, if you want to win Gabby's hand, shouldn't you be doing it the old fashioned way, flowers and candy and time and all that. I warn you, she does have pirate bodyguards." When did Gabe start channeling Cillian?

Jackson blinks, "Cock-a-leekie. Look, I didn't name the damned soup. Most of what the muggles call things are silly… Fellytones, autobovilles… I'm surprised more of them don't hang themselves with their own tongues." He reaches into a bag again, pulling out a few bowls and spoons, "It's chicken and leeks. I've brought enough bowls to share, in case you were studying with someone." He looks back up to Gabrielle and shrugs, "Look. It's soup, I'm sorry, you'll like it I think." With that, he begins ladling soup into a bowl by wand. He sets it in front of Gabrielle, offering a spoon as he looks towards Gabriel, "It's not an actual love potion. And really, think of what you just said. Winning Gabby's hand? That's disgusting, not mention I'm sure she would not want to be parted with said hand." He shakes his head with a wild grin, "Get with it, mate."

Akilina spotted Jackson passing her by with the cauldron. She doesn't know where he went with it as they are hiding, but she is noticing that Patil has begun sniffing the air. When the Librarian starts to get up to investigate Akilina lets out a bawling crying sound. Lower lip trembling! She crosses her eyes and looks through her glasses at such an angle that it hurts her eyes enough that they start to tear up without being painful. "The books! Oh GOD! The Books! Ms. Patil, help me!" Her voice rings out and of course Patil abandons the scents to go calm down the very vexed firstie.

Gabrielle starts to smile some , but looks up at Akilina's cry, "Oh damn."She'll stand and grab the bowl and her books."You're still an idiot, " to Jackson,but there's a twinkle in her eyes. She'll grab her stuff and start to leave. "Don't get everyone into too much trouble." And she'll walk out, back to the Librarian.

Gabriel waves to Gabby, watches her leave for a moment then turns back to Jackson,"Well, at least whatever is going on in the front bought you more time. I'll have some of the soup if you don't mind. It actually smells good. But you promise its not a love potion that'll make me fall head or heels for you right? I'm waaaay to young for that. And besides, bacteria!"

Jackson returns to his feet, watching Gabrielle gather her things until she chides him merrily. He offers her a grin and replies, "Maybe, but I can bloody cook can't I?" He grins towards Gabriel, nodding his head, "Of course, mate." He crouches by the cauldron again, wanding out some more soup into a bowl. He offers it to Gabriel with a grin, "It's soup. All I can say beyond that is, if it tastes a bit off, I was brewing Instant Death in Potions yesterday. Don't worry, I think I scrubbed it well enough."

Akilina puts on the water works especially when her housemate is passing by with soup! She clings to the librarian, pulling her slightly to make sure that she doesn't spot Gabby passing by with a bowl of soup! "They'll eat me!" She sobs into Patil's arms.

Gabriel doesn't bother with a spoon and instead drinks the soup straight from the bowl, only stopping to quickly chew on the bigger pieces of chicken or vegetables. Once he's done he puts the bowl down on the table and looks at Jackson,"That was pretty good, thank you. But I think we need to hide all this, I don't know how long that distraction up front is going to last. and does that sound like Moscovitz? Why is she so scared of books?"

Jackson nods his head, "You're quite welcome." He inches along the bookshelf, glancing out into the main area where Akilina is putting on the distraction. He looks towards Gabriel, "We need to act swiftly. I'll go for Madam Patil, you get Moscovitz and bring her back here. You can ask her yourself." He grabs another bowl from his bag, ladling soup into it and setting it on the table along with a spoon. He looks back to Gabriel and cautions conspiratorially, "I don't know if you have ever extricated someone from a conversation before, but you must take her by the shoulders, turn her, and the give her a little push. It must be done smoothly and directly by the shoulders. Do go in as if you are going to cop a feelski, that won't work until her Third Year. Understand?"

Akilina continues to bawl and sob and sniffle. "The books…the BOOKs! So many of them. They'll eat me! My arm! It still hurts!"

Jackson glances around the corner again, ladling Gabriel's bowl full again, "Bring her back here, offer her a bowl of soup, try not to feel her up. Got it?" He doesn't wait for a response. He merely puts the lid back on the cauldron and nods, "Good. You're after me." He picks up the cauldron by the handle, moving from out behind the shelf. He walks towards the librarian and left obliques away, turning towards her and calls out, "Oh, Madam Patil. There you are. I know you are the staff member responsible for the Domestics Club. Will you give me your honest opinion on the soup I made during Potions today?" This doubtlessly garners an odd look towards Jackson, who promptly twitches his head towards Akilina, the high sign for Gabriel apparently.

As soon as Madam Patil is distracted by Jackson Gabriel pops out from between the stacks and follows instructions to the letter. Very chastely grabbing both of Akilina's shoulder he starts directing her towards his recently vacated table and the bowl of soup there for her. As he guides her he mumbles,"How's it Moscovitz, Jackson just left something for you at my table back here. It really good."

Akilina blinks at Gabriel and then when she's pressed deeper and deeper into the library she starts to wail again and digs her heels down and does her very best to squirm away and get out of the library. Evil evil books!!

Gabriel's eyes open a little wider in surprise as he lets go of the other firsties shoulders as soon as she starts to dig in her heels,"What's the matter? Quiet down or your going to have Patil on us again and she won't be happy if she sees you bowl of soup back there. And it was really good soup. Wait… You're not afraid of /soup/ are you?" But he receives no response as Akilina just scampers out of the library as soon as she's let go.

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