(1937-11-16) Hippogriff Rescue
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Summary: R.C.M.C. agents Camilla and Kaylee investigate reports of mistreated hippogriffs on the Proudmore Estate.
Date: November 16, 1937
Location: Proudmore Estate
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The Proudmore Estate is, in a word, massive. The grounds themselves stretch for miles around the actual manor. The house is a sprawling, three-story affair in the Tudor style, complete with golden flags flying from the roof bearing the Proudmore crest — a regal lion's head with a mane of flame — and their motto: Solum in victoria dignitatem et superbia ("Only in victory come dignity and pride").

Outside of the main estate are several other buildings, including a guest house, a carriage house (which looks much newer than the other buildings), and a stable connected to a large paddock. A number of servants can be seen around the grounds. Several gardeners maintain the shrubberies and flower gardens, labourers work the orchards to the west of the house, and an older man hauling haybales into the stable.

Camilla arrives with Kaylee who's she's asked to provide back up at what is supposed to be a rescue and retrieval mission. Debriefing briefly at the gates before they enter. "The plan is, you handle Mr. Callus Whippet. He is a Squib and has been working for the Proudmore's for many years. He is negligent with the Hippogriffs and if we are going to do this with careful finesse, we have to focus on Whippet as the target. Here are the service papers for you to serve him to allow you access to the stables. Would you like to handle the squib or the Hippogriffs? I need to handle Proudmore myself, but I'm very grateful to have you here to give me back up. Mr. Proudmore is to be treated with kid gloves. He thinks himself very easily able to have our jobs, unfortunately he might be right. So, are you ready?"

Kaylee has no problem giving Camilla a hand, especially when someone is possible causing animals grief. She has hold of the papers and is looking them over before she smirks a bit. "I think I'd be better off with the Hippogriffs. Cause if this guy gives me issues it might not be pretty. Just what will these papers let us do for the 'mission'?" Well everyone knows how Kaylee can get temperamental after all. "Most likely a good thing ye be dealing with Mr. Proudmore." At the part of someone having our jobs a faint glance is sent towards Camila and she lifts a brow slightly. "Our jobs?" She ponders if she might have missed something here. "Aye I be ready. Its just a job right?" A faint breath is taken while she peers at the gates once more.

Camilla chuckles in a rich low sort of tone. "Trust me honey. If I had my way the gloves would be so off. Those papers allow us to remove the creatures from the property to take them to a medical facility where they can be given a check-up and officially be deemed mistreated or falsely accused. What I need you to do is just get them all collected, calmed and ready for transport." When Kaylee voices that the animals are more important than their jobs Cami can't help but lean over to give the fellow animal lover a hug. "Right you are. Now…let's save some lives." Taking a deep breath she takes up her own set of the official paperwork to head for the gates and wait to be allowed entrance. She's playing nice and politic and polite…for now.

Kaylee hums softly and nods. "Alright, not a problem there." She can be calm, really. At the hug she chuckles osftly and gives Camilla one back. "Aye, indeed lets." With her papers in hand she follows after the other, a hand brushing across her shirt a moment, half checking her wand. This should be fun.

Gaining entrance via the gates is easy enough. The Proudmore Estate is no fortress, and their Ministry identifications earn them quick access (and likely a quick alert to Mr. Proudmore, as an owl is soon seen flying from the gate toward the house). In the distance, the old man is shouting something incomprehensible toward the stable, shaking the lash in his hand.

Camilla double times it with wand in hand but held so it's pressed up again her inner arm. "Sir, please step away from the stables. Stand over next to that statue and remain calm." She juts her chin towards the stable doors. "Quick, let's not give them a chance at covering anything up." As for Camilla she makes a b-line right for who she's guessing is Whippet. Brandishing the files so that he can see the very official Regulation and Control of Magical Animals insignia on the back of the folder and the taps under her badge with the corner of the folder indicating it's the same thing. "My name is Agent Fawley, I am with the R.C.M.C. Please state your name and relationship to the animals within this property."

Kaylee follows along after Camilla and glances over the area as they go, she catches sight of the owl going towards the house. "I think they know we're here." Meaning all of them here at the estate it seems. The man is catch sight of, her eyes widen at what he is doing and she is quick to follow after Camilla. "I suggest you stop whatever yer doing now." This stated with a thin tone while she eyes the stables trying to see what he is yelling at within the stables. Her wand is also in hand, gripped tightly at her side; she'll let Camilla do most of the speaking it seems. "I'm Agent O'Dwyer, same department." Which means if anything is going on in that stable that isn't good there could be a problem here.

The man whirls to face the approaching women. His craggy face seems fixed with a permanent sneer. He doffs his cap, wiping sweat from his balding head before replacing it. He gestures at them with the lash, which is still rolled up in his hand. "You can't be 'ere! Go on! This ain't fer nosy Ministrals ter come mussin' up my bus'ness!" Within the stable, it isn't difficult to see the majestic creatures tethered in their stalls: Hippogriffs. One, in particular, turns about and cranes its neck out to peer at the newcomers.

Camilla licks her lips, "Regulation Fifty-nine, under the mandate of 1873, Agents of the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, must by law investigate any manner of report or tip that there is an abuse situation. Which there has been, so sit down, be still or you will be arrested for obstruction of the law." She reveals her wand to point it towards a bench by the earlier mentioned statue. "Agent O'Dwyer, please secure the creatures." To the one that's poking it's head out gets a bow, but her eyes are kept on the 'Caretaker'. She sounds a little like she's coughing and clearing her throat as she greats the Hippogriff.

Kaylee has no problem letting Camilla rattle of the laws. Her gaze is narrowed on the man before them and she doen't look at all afraid of that lash he has hold of. A slight wave of her hand is seen that is holding her wand. "I suggest ye don't threaten us. It won't end well for ye in the least." A slight nod is sent towards the bench. "Go sit down. Now." The Hippogriff that is looking out is seen and she offers a bow to it as well, making sure to not look at the animal within the eye, though with her gaze fully on the man it shouldn't be a problem. She takes a moment to wait and see how the Hippogriff takes her greeting before moving forward closer towards the stables.

The caretaker blinks, stunned for a few seconds as he processes all of the legal mumbo-jumbo. "Oi…no need ter geh excited. Nobody's threatenin' nobody. Bloody 'ell, jus' doin' me job." Eyeing their wands warily, he does as ordered, moving toward the bench underneath the prominent stone lion statute.

The hippogryph tilts its head at Camilla when she makes the odd noises at him, and barks some sort of reply, lifting its head proudly. To Camilla's ears, the reaction is obvious: a challenge for dominance.

Camilla moves over to the investigating Hippogriff. While Kaylee goes for the more submissive side of thing. Camilla holds her ground. She remains respectful, but she steps closer to allow who she's assuming is the leader of the Proudmore Herd to get her scent that is also mixed with a more familiar scent. She raises her head and makes a cooing sound towards the Hippogriff to let it know that she's a friend and is here to help, not to usurp. But she won't be bullied. "Kaylee, tend to the others inside, I've got to speak to this proud handsome fellow."

Kaylee leaves Camilla to work with he Hippogriff that firs got their attention. She is off to check on the others, bows offered to each she comes across, she she waits to make sure they are ok with her greeting before she is off to check on another.

When Kaylee gets into the stable, she finds that the other hippogriffs respond to her bows with bows of their own. But there is definitely something wrong. These proud creatures are too easily impressed by her…some even seem skittish and fearful. The one exception is the obvious head of the herd, whose attention is still on Camilla outside. He stands in challenge, his feathers ruffling in agitation at these newcomers. When Camilla approaches, he squawks a warning, then snuffles at the air. His head tilts curiously, and he warbles questioningly at her.

Camilla's body language is only friendly and a bit as if the Leader's mother Hippogriff would behave in manners and stance. She continues to approaching the Leader, so that he can get an even better scent. She's pretty safe from harm of getting clawed because he's in his stall so she's able to get close enough, but stays out of beak nip range and bows again. Again some clicky almost owl sounds if owls tried to sound like horse whinnying and chuffing. "<Here help. The human gold boy sends me. Take to better place.>"

Kaylee continues on thorugh the stable, her gaze drifting over the hippogriffs and she frowns at the sight of them. She pauses at one stall of one that is skittish and makes sure her bow is accepted before letting a hand press against the stall door. "Ye poor thing." Is murmured softly. None of this is right, an if it was up to her she would be out there at the moment giving the man that takes care of them a swift beating.

The man in question sits outside, scuffing his boots on the ground and grumbling about uppity women.

The head hippogriff narrows his gaze at Camilla, hearing her words…or rather, her beast sounds and the intent behind them. He squawks again in understanding, and gives her an awkward bow, as much as he is able sticking his neck out of the stable. Inside, Kaylee finds the frightened hippogriff trembling under her touch. It is cowed, but permitting her to invade its space. Upon its stall is a roughly-hewn wooden plaque with the name: "Princess." On the leader's stall, the plaque reads: "Dragon."

Camilla comes fully over to Dragon and her wand is used to very gently and slowly thread out a very soft lead rope so she can fasten a lead around the his neck. She gives him a tender soothing stroke and then after she's sure Dragon is calm and welcoming of her finally moves to swing open the outer door to his stall to let him out. "<Hairless old human hurt?>"

Kaylee doesn't really try to pet the one named Princess, her hand is there though, near for it to take in her scent. When she is sure the animal will permit her touch it is soft and slow. "It'll be alright." She murmurs softly. "I promise." While she may not be able to talk to the hippogriffs like Camilla, she has always had a way to calm and help relax animals before.

Whippet sits upright, as Camilla opens the stall door. "Y' daft woman! Don' let 'im out! 'E's a nutter, 'at one!"

Dragon gives a hostile bark toward Whippet, which is all the confirmation Camilla needs (too bad Beast testimony doesn't hold up in court). Princess' curiosity battles with her fear, and she starts to come a bit closer to Kaylee. But at Dragon's bark, she and the other hippogriffs all stand at attention, their eyes going to their leader. The sudden agitation in the stable is palpable.

"Mr. Whippet, calm yourself," the voice comes like a gravelly purr. "These are Rangers. They know how to handle Beasts." A man attired in simple-but-expensive robes strides past Whippet, approaching Camilla and Dragon fearlessly. Though not physically imposing, there is an undeniable presence to the man. His deep blue eyes are squinted just slightly, like a predator focusing on its prey.

Camilla smiles with great relief to the approaching man. "Mr. Proudmore, at last, someone reasonable to speak with. That man there, I'm sure you are unaware has his license to handle these magnificent creatures of yours on probation. He's done your good name a dishonor. It is my pleasure and duty to collect these creatures, nurse them back to health and provide for them through the investigation of that man." She points towards Whippet with her wand. "All expenses will be covered. They will be in fine shape in no time, and once that is accomplished I will happily bring them home for any event you should need them for. I hope that you will agree that this is what's best for everyone involved, Beast and Human alike." She's continuously very professional and polite with the Head of House focusing all guilt on Whippet entirely. Taking all cost and care for the animals off the Proudmore's shoulders and also allowing him to keep his trophies that will be even more magnificent for being in her care to parade about when company is over.

Kaylee smiles and murmurs softly to the hippogriff once she is allowed to touch her. "There ye go, Princess. Such a lovely name too." Her tone is low and soft all the while and her other hand moves to unlatch the stall up until the bark from Dragon which has her attention going towards what is going on at the other end of the barn. Her pale gaze narrows as she catches sight of the man that that has appeared. The sudden change over the barn is picked up easily. Kay is quiet while Camilla speaks, letting the other ranger take control of this situation without a problem, especially when it comes to keeping calm and talking.

Actaeon Proudmore maintains a visage of perfect serenity, save for that keen hunter's gaze, as he listens to Camilla explain the situation. He nods along with her, until she mentions taking the hippogriffs away, at which point he simply crosses his arms and tips his chin thoughtfully. As she finishes, he looks sideways, not even directly at the caretaker. "Pack your things, Whippet. You're fired." The stunned caretaker just blinks silently for a moment, disbelieving what he's hearing. But Actaeon takes no notice. It is Camilla that interests him now. "There will be no need to remove the hippogriffs. I am well-versed in their care. I shall simply see to them myself until I find a better caretaker. Thank you for your attention to this matter, Ranger Fawley, Ranger O'Dwyer. I shall be certain to commend you to your superiors." As he steps closer, every hippogriff in the stable goes rigid, including Dragon himself. This is not the tense fear of the man with the whip. To the eyes of the Rangers, this is the Beasts' instinctive caution when in the presence of a superior predator.

Camilla manages to not look smug when Whippet is fired. "I understand, Mr. Proudmore. We wouldn't want to make a spectacle. Have Mr. Whippet's inabilities reflect poorly upon you. But these creatures are in need of medical attention. Your creatures deserve the best attention, my Grandfather always spoke very highly of the Proudmore's dedication to the proper treatment of their animals. I think perhaps that under the negligent care of Mr. Whippet a Bundimun infestation has occured in the barn and so the hippgriffs are to be moved temporarily to new quarters while the infestation is handled. If this is still not to your liking we will simply have to stay on the premises ourselves and I'll take them discretely one by one to my medical facility to care for them there."

Kaylee hums faintly as she glances towards Whippet at the talk of him being fired, someone still needs to stick him in a stall and let the hippogriff's take back some revenge on the man. As Proudmore goes on about taking care of them himself she looks towards the man. Her pale gaze is quick to move over the animals within the stalls around her, and she frowns at the reactions that this man has caused them to have. "I do not think they will be acceptable." Her gaze flicks to Camilla while she says this. "These animals need to be given certain care during this time. The mistreatment that has been done to them means they are in need of a specific hand in tending to their troubles." One far far away from this place in her book. "The papers we have brought along will explain everything that Ranger Gray has just told ye of course." Her tone is firm though still professional over this matter. At the talk of them staying on the premises she merely nods, agreeing to what Camilla has said.

Whippet stands up now, having gathered a bit of courage, "Y' can't do this! I've given y' years! I'm too old ter get anudder job!"

The man's protestations are cut off by a raised finger from Actaeon. "You have until morning to be off of my property, Mr. Whippet. Don't embarrass yourself further." His irritation doesn't fade much when he looks back to the Rangers. "I understand your concerns, but your assistance in this matter is unnecessary. I assure you, I will spare no expense bringing the best and brightest in the field to see to the health of my herd. But the Beasts will remain here. You are, of course, welcome to look in on them during this process. I understand that the Ministry must have its documentation." As Actaeon strolls nearer to the stable, Dragon warbles nervously. Proudmore's appraising gaze settles on Kaylee for a moment.

Camilla has tried, very hard to do things that would best suit everyone involved. Up til now she's tried her very best to work with the man. But she knows a predator when she sees one, especially when Kaylee receives that look and Camilla is no prey. "Mr. Proudmore, you unaccommodating attitude is only proving to me that perhaps Mr. Whippet isn't the only person whom needs investigating in this matter. I have done everything I can to work with you. But if you insist on doing things the hard way than I am very sorry, but I will be taking these creatures to the rehabilitation center as mandated by the law in section Creature: Welfare page 30 paragraph 14 in the paper work that is in Mr. Whippet's possession. I wish I could thank you for your cooperation. I hope for your change of Heart. Agent O'Dwyer, please tether and collect the rest of the herd. We will then investigate every other magical creature on the property and access wether or not they will need to be brought to the Rehabilitation Center as well." Cami, don't play. Originally she was here for just the Hippogriffs, but Proudmore pushed her too far and so now, the whole property is under investigation. The way she stands and looks to Proudmore is a 'you don't want to see how far you can push this' she's very willing to broaden the scope to /all/ of his properties if he continues down this obstinate road.

Kaylee eyes only narrow at the look she is given by Mr. Proudmore, she is not backing down, or even blinking until he has turned away, or at least until the looks towards her are over. A faint huff escapes her while she seems to grind her teeth a moment; she is not prey either and knows how to fight back when there is need. Her stern look, and narrowed eyes stay while she watches Proudmore as Camilla brings up the law and papers and she waits until this is all said, before a nod is seen. "Of course." With this said she goes about pulling out certain lengths of rope from the pocket of her coat, she came with her own supplies for turning into make shift halters. Her attention is back to Princess, and she goes about slowly undoing the stall door while murmuring softly to the hippogriff as she goes. "I told ye it would be alright." Her movement are slow, nothing done quickly as she doesn't want to startle the animal while she slowly makes her way into the stall to attempt to put the halter like tether upon it.

Actaeon turns slowly to face Camilla, sending Dragon into a panicky trot to keep the hunter well in his sight. "Miss Fawley, you have just made a drastic mistake. I'm sure you imagine that once my beasts are in your possession, that you can do as you please." All the while, he wears a quiet, self-assured smile. "You operate this rehabilitation center yourself, do you not? In Hogsmeade? I'm familiar with it. Do you think yourself immune to the scrutiny of the Ministry? Go ahead and push me, Ranger. I'll own your farm and that center before Christmas."

Princess eyes Kaylee warily, but she hasn't forgotten the woman's kindness. Her feathers ruffle a moment, but with Kaylee's patience and soft words, the hippogriff takes a few tentative steps forward, head bowed subserviently. It's a sure sign of abuse to any expert in the field — such a proud creature, reduced to cowering before a friendly stranger.

Camilla lifts her chin, "The center is a Ministry sanctioned establishment, and it is the best place for these very sick and abused creatures. The mistake was yours in hiring that imbecile and then thwarting my very generous offers of compromise Mr. Proudmore. I think that you will find that the center and the farm are not for sale. If you continue to threaten an Agent of the Ministry I will call the M.L.E myself and see that you learn once and for all not everyone can be bought or bullied. Now, return to your home or I will have you arrested for obstruction Mr. Proudmore. Good day." Camilla stands between Dragon and his now (far as Camilla is concerned) Former Owner in a protective way, to show the magnificent beast that she is a friend and a fierce one at that.

"I would not suggest threatening her." Kaylee says from the stall while she lets the slender cottony rope slowly slide across Princess head and then down upon the animal neck. A hand softly moving to brush and pet across the lowered head if the hippogriff if allowed. Her tone is firm yet heled at such a level to not try and spook the animal she is with. "If ye have done no wrong then there is nothing for ye to worry about. The more ye fight us the more it makes us /both/ think there is more to this whole thing other then yer little scabbie arse of a so called caretaker." With the lead upon the hippogriff she leads her out of the stall and sends her pale narrowed gaze towards Proudmore. "I do suggest ye do as she asks. It was done nicely after all, the least ye could do is show us the same respect that we have shown ye since being here Mr. Proudmore."

Once the lead is attached, Princess follows obediently, even cooing softly under Kaylee's soft ministrations.

Actaeon isn't quite so tender. "Respect. Respect is contacting me directly if you believe there is an issue. I know how you R.C.M.C. types prefer to do things. Underhanded until you think you have the advantage, then you gloat and flaunt. But no matter. Everything is for sale, Ranger Fawley, and please do contact the M.L.E. It has been some time since I've spoken with Commissioner Ogden. I'm sure he would get a good laugh at this talk of 'threats'. I do not threaten, Rangers. I promise. Your vaunted idealism will not protect you or your farm. Think very carefully before you push this any further. Good day to you both." With that, he whirls on his foot, and strides back toward the house. The further he gets, the higher Dragon stands, gradually resuming his role as the mighty leader of his herd.

Camilla looks more and more relieved as Actaeon distances himself. "Isaac Scammander and my Grandfather built that rehabilitation center together. He's in for quiet the surprise if he tries to take this over our heads. What an idiot." To Whippet she points. "You, go fetch all logs and ledgers and every scrap of paperwork you have on the care of these creatures. Especially the dire neglect of one infant hippogriff that ended in it's demise. You will give full testimony for what atrocities have happened here. For your cooperation you will be hired as a stable muck raker. Though your license to handle these creatures is revoked." Dragon is turned to and bowed to once more before he's lead to the very large (yay wizard space) back of a truck where the rest of the hippogriffs and injured or sick creatures they might find here will go. She then personally escorts Whippet to gather the things and take any testimony.

Kaylee shakes her head as she hears Proudmore, and is glad when he is finally leaving the area. "Stupid little silver spooned.. *grumblegrumble*." It is most likely better off that the rest of what she had to say is not actually heard for none of it was good in the least. She leads Princess on towards the truck, soft murmurings offered while they go. "I'll take care of getting the rest of 'em loaded up." This said to Camilla as she is Whippet are going to take the paperwork.

Mr. Whippet stares blankly at Camilla for a moment as her orders process in his mind. "Wh-…yer want…aye…AYE! I've yer word, den? I've got me a job? Y' won' get nuthin' from me if I ain't got no job!" He continues to protest and demand assurances as he leads Camilla back to the servant's quarters.

Dragon barks demandingly, standing firmly outside the truck rather than entering. But soon enough it becomes evident what he is doing, as he squawks at the approaching Princess, who suddenly hurries her steps to follow Kaylee's lead into the truck. Dragon stands guard, a proud sentinel overseeing his herd as they are loaded up to be taken to safety. He may not entirely understand what is going on, but he clearly understands that these human women are friends. As Kaylee loads the last of the hippogriffs, and Camilla returns with an a ledger in hand (and an excitable Whippet insisting about how she's promised him a job), Dragon bows low to the both of them. Then, after snapping his beak warningly at Whippet, the powerful beast steps up the ramp into the truck to rejoin his herd.

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