(1937-11-17) Greenhouse Heart Attacks
Details for GreenHouse Heart Attack
Summary: Scooby Doo moment in the Greenhouse.
Date: Nov 17, 1937
Location: Greenhouses

His favorite sort of weekend. Hogsmeade! People are gone doing their … weekend thing. For Kiefer, it's gotten old pretty quickly. These weekends come more often than he remembers. Or is it just that he wasn't paying attention the past few years? Ah well, either way, he's glad that the masses have emptied the castle, leaving behind underclassmen and those, like himself, who favor a less crowded place. And so of course he's made plans on spending some time in the greenhouse. He wears his robe, though the clothing beneath is casual. Baggy overalls with the straps hanging down, and an nondescript undershirt. He enters and plops down a satchel of stuff, making his way towards a rack of tools. He doesn't even bother to look around. Who'd be here on a Hogsmeade weekend, anyway?

Gabrielle stops humming…did she hear something? Ever since she found Aristotle here, she's tried to keep an ear open, "Hello?" She'll not get up, not really expecting a response.

Kiefer blinks. Someone's here? He's grabbed a spade and he holds it in one hand while peering deeper in the greenhouse, eyes squinted a bit. "Has someone taught their plant to talk? That'd be a miracle.." he says, moving further in, searching for the person. Or the talking plant. Whichever! "Maybe a charm. That's more a likely. But who'd waste a charm like that on a plant? It'd be far more entertaining if put on a cat or frog or owl.."

Gabrielle sighs, maybe Aristotle did get back in. she'll start to dust off her hands and stand up Stretching for a moment with her eyes closed, she's not relishing the idea of chasing the fox around again. Or the idea of him getting Kiefer's plants all riled up….crud. she'll start making her way around the greenhouse, taking the long way so she can check some of the places he hid before.

Alright. No one's answering. That's a … good thing right? Maybe. Or maybe Kiefer's going crazy and is hearing things! He lowers the spade down, continue to walk forward cautiously, not sure if he should be being so cautious or not. Step. Step. He sees someone! Maybe. He thinks he saw a shadow of something behind a row of pots! "Who's over there?? I see you! Or … I saw you. I think I saw you."

That's….not Aristotle…."Hello?" Gabby will start walking towards the voice. for some reason the Greenhouse seems a bit more ominous that usual. Gabby will round the corner.

Kiefer stops. Then walk again. Then stops! Maybe he should get his wand? Naaah. That sounded like a person. Not a monster. He furrows his brows, approaching that same corner which he is about to round…and ALMOST runs right into Gabrielle. "Ah!" he says, startled enough to jump back again, avoiding the near collision.

Gabrielle yelps as well, and brings her fists up in a fighting position. She immediately drops them when she sees Kiefer "Oh Merlin! You scared me!" she'll take a step forward, "You ok?" She'll give him a glance , then close her eyes and start giggling, "Oh gods….you jumped /so/ high!"

Phew! It's just Gabrielle. Kiefer exhales a breath and slumps a bit, shaking his head. "I scared you?" he says with a snicker, his skin still feeling tingly with surprise. "Ha! You can't talk about how high I jumped … and I didn't "jump". I just…er…stepped back," he says, straightening up again. "You jumped right out of your skin!"

Gabrielle laughs, "Really? Are you still in shock? Do we need to go see the nurse? I don't think you're remembering correctly! You were all the way over there, "she'll point to the corner, well a bit further than he actually was, to make it seem he jumped further. she'll giggle, "I think it curled your hair!" she'll laugh again and flip her hair out of her eyes.

Kiefer glances to the corner that she points to, then returns his gaze to her with an amused look. "Don't make me seem more mad than I already am," he snickers while stabbing the rounded point of the spade into a pot of earth. The comment of his hair has him glancing to the unruly strands that frame his face, brows raising in mock shock. "Is that what happened? Quick, bore me to death so it'll straighten again. Give me an arithmancy lesson!"

Phoebe comes skipping though the greenhouses with a grin on her face. She turns the corner and her grin widens as she sees Kiefer, and approaches with a wave to him and Gabrielle. "Hiya!"

Smiling Gabby will shake her head, "No..I think I like it curly. I should have scared you months ago!"She'll tuck a lock of her own hair behind an ear, "What are you doing out here.Thought you were going to Hogsmeades for more candy?" Gabby will glance over to Phoebe, and smile, "Hi!"

Kiefer with straight hair would look terribly emo. And probably girlish or something. Wild is curly is definitely more his personality! "What am I always doing out here?" he answers, sounding amused. "And I am giving Hogsmeade a break. It's a lot of the same thing after the first few times. You know how they say too much of a good thing spoils…uh, something? I think I've experienced that. Hogsmeade has lost its shine, so I'll be staying behind til it starts to glitter again." His eyes drift to another voice. A younger sounding one. "Hey Phoebe," he greets to his housemate.

Next year. Next year Phoebe will get to see the glitter of Hogsmeade for herself! For now, though, she does not let it daunt her. She instead comes over. "Hey. How're you doing?" she asks with a beam of him, with a little nod to include Gabby in the question.

Gabrielle will laugh, "Well, he nearly…spade me to death," and she'll motion towards the shovel in the dirt and then will lean over and loudly whisper, "and he yells like a girl too." She's obviously teasing, as she's smiling and there’s a twinkle in her eyes. She'll turn back to Phoebe, "How are you doing?"

"Well enough for someone who hasn't started anything yet," Kiefer replies to Phoebe. "But I shall. Eventually. I've come to work, not expecting any company, so I'm pleasantly surprised. I think the greenhouse is going to be the most popular place on campus." …. Or not! Gabrielle is given a look that's practically ruined by the grin that soon makes its way through. "I don't recall screaming, and if I did … it would've sounded very manly, thank you."

"Sooner or later?" says Phoebe with a laugh, and then she grins. "I got Exceeds on my herbology project," she says. Hence her good mood, and also why she's here at the greenhouse! "Manly like a.. mandrake. So it's good you didn't scream, really."

Gabrielle just shakes her head…nothing like a Mandrake, but she does make a motion with her hand showing the "distance" he jumped."He jumped…backwards, this far." It's a little bigger than what she pointed out to Kiefer the first time. She's trying really hard to /not/ start laughing again.

Someone did well on their project? A project that deal with Herbology? Kiefer beams! No … no, he positively glows at that! "That's grand, Phoebe! An Exceeds? Ah, and you hardly needed any help. Actually," he paues, thinking back, "I don't think you needed any help! Not from me, anyway. That's fantastic. You know, many people don't take Herbology seriously enough. Some don't care if they get low marks because they don't think it's a worthy subject of importance. Thank you for seeing otherwise!" He rounds to Gabrielle. "Did you hear? She got an Exceeds Expectations!" he reiterates, just in case she became deaf in the past minute. Now everyone has reason to be happy today!

With the glowing between her and Kiefer, these plants are going to gain an inch of height. Phoebe grins, nodding. "Oh, I probably picked something up from you anyhow." He's just dripping with herbal knowledge, after all! She grins happily, and then hmms to Gabby. Jumping around… "…why?"

Gabby, who by some miracle, really /hasn't/ gone deaf recently, just nods to Kiefer with a slightly surprised face and turns to Pheobe, "That's really great.Especially in Herboligy. It's a vital field. " Gabby just shrugs at the jumping question, that silliness is over apparently, "It's Keifer, who knows?"

Vital field! Kiefer likes that, oh yes he does. He nods in agreement to Gabrielle though ends up beaming at the both of them. "Learning through osmosis?" he comments to Phoebe, laughing a little afterwards. "And pay Gabrielle no mind. I did no such thing. She's, what we say 'fuori di testa'," he says, making the univery "crazy" signal of twirling a finger around his temple and crossing his eyes. He snickers after, fixing his face. "Ah…wait. Today's the first day of the Hogsmeade weekend, isn't it?" He lightly slaps a hand over his forehead. "I need to go. My library book is due today, and if I don't turn it in before three, I'm pretty sure I heard the librarian say something about tar and feathers.." It is over two weeks past due!

Phoebe laughs, and nods. "Soaking it up! Like… water. Into the roots of plants!" See? It totally makes sense for the subject matter. Then she glances to Gabrielle, and offers the other girl a bit of a shrug… then back to Kiefer, and she nods. "Yeah. S'why it's so quiet."

Gabrielle will reach over and slap Kiefer on the shoulder, "I'm standing /right/ here. Have the decency of calling me what ever it was you did not to my face…or in english. "She doesn't sound mad though, and the hit wasn't very hard at all." You need to go then, Patil doesn't mess around," there's a serious tone, like she's dealt with the Librarian before. she'll smile at Pheobe when she shrugs, cause boys.

Kiefer does not want to be tar and feathered! And it seems very likely that that was not an empty threat. He leaves the spade in the pot. He'll be back for it later. "I'll see you two soon! Er, stay away from the trio, by he way," he says, pointing to his flytrap plants that have been moved to their own little unoccupied corner. "They've been irritable lately. I need to check their soil's acidity. I think it's a bit off." He grabs up his bag, gives a wave, and is off! … Now, where'd he leave that library book?

Phoebe hehs, and nods to Kiefer. "Good luck!" she says, and then nods at his warning about the plants and giving them a good look (from a distance). Hmmm.

Gabrielle sigh softly as he leaves, and will turn to look at Phoebe as she wipes her hands on her robes, "You going to be in here awhile? I'm weeding, "And she'll motion with her head over in a direction. She'll smile, "I just like to know when I hear something that it's not the Triplets taking foot and coming after me."

Phoebe giggles. "I don't think they know how to do that. But then, what do I know?" She shrugs. "Well, I don't really have anywhere to be. I can stick around a bit, sure!"

Gabrielle laughs and will start walking, "Knowing my luck, they'd adapt. All Kiefer would find would be a fat Trio."

Phoebe laughs. "Which, he'd probably appreciate, until he couldn't figure out how to duplicate it." She grins, strolling along with Gabby. "So what've you been up to lately?"

"Oh…he'd be so frustrated." Gabby giggles as well. "Not much. Working on school stuff. Mostly potions." She'll look to the 2nd(?) year," besides Exceeds, what have you been up to?"

Phoebe nods. "Fair enough." She shrugs a bit. "Oh, the same sort of things, mostly. Spent a lot of time on that project getting it all right."

Gabrielle smiles, reaching the spot where she was weeding. "I actually /did/ want to go to Hogsmeades, but it's no fun if you have no one to go with and no money."she'll shrug, "So, instead, I'm getting this stuff done, so I can draw later. /Really/ want to try to get out of the artist block." she'll start weeding again, carful to grab what she needs.

Phoebe tilts her head. "You don't have anyone to go with? But don't I always see you hanging out with… uh… some of the others?"

Gabrielle shrugs, "Hanging out and going with are two different things…. I adore Mabel, but watching her be fawned over the whole weekend isn't my idea of a good time." Again, she smiles, she doesn't seem mad about it. "It's ok, I spend a little bit of time with Railan this morning…I don't think that kid has /anyone/ to talk to. And then I'm getting all this done. So tonight is me and my sketchpad."

Phoebe ohs, and nods. She smiles, then. "That seems like a nice way to spend an evening."

"Yeah, I think so." Gabby does glance once at the Trio and her smile drops some,not scared, a little sad. She'll go back to weeding.

Phoebe tilts her head curiously at that moment of sadness, but doesn't ask. "So what're you thinking of drawing?"

Gabrielle shakes her head, "that's the problem …nothing is coming to mind….It's like that part of my brain is empty." She'll shrug. "I'll force myself to do some thing. I'm just not feeling anything…."As she says the last sentence, she'll again make a bit of a frowny face. "you know what, I"ve been here for hours…i think I'm done." She'll smile at Pheobe, "You'll be ok here?"

Phoebe nods. "Maybe you should just stare out the window and draw whatever you see. No matter how dumb it looks." She shrugs. "My dad does that sometimes when he's stuck for ideas. Of course, usually he gets bored and goes off to invent something instead, but it still works." Then she laughs. "Sure, I'll be fine. It's nice here."

Gabrielle nod and smiles agin, "Maybe I will try that. Thanks!" She grab her stuff , clean up her mess and leave.

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