(1937-11-18) NMitH Round 3: Seamus vs Mabel
Details for NMitH Round 3 - Seamus vs Mabel
Summary: In the Duelling tournament semi-finals, it's another very close result for the remaining challengers.
Date: Sunday, 18 NOV 1937
Location: Great Hall
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Mabel comes along into the Great Hall, along with, as it turns out, a few Ravenclaws, and gives a
wave around the place to anyone that's arrived yet.

Arriving into the Great Hall, Seamus has his robes off and draped over one arm. The silver haired lad
places the robes on to a chair at the Hufflepuff table. He arrived on his own, which isn't that

Gabrielle comes in, looking a little nervous. She'll have her books clutched to he chest,and will
stand there waiting for Gabriel. She'll throw Seamus a small wave is her looks her way.

Mabel gives Seamus a broader wave. She hasn't seemed as chipper as usual just lately, but seems to be
in fairly good cheer, in general. "Good afternnon, then, Seamus. Terribly sorry it's taken this long,
extra Quidditch practices and all. Just about ready, then?"

"Good afternoon Miss Hawker. Things always come up when we need to do so." Seamus says casually as he
shrugs slightly,"We shall have to make this a good duel so that the others can enjoy."

Mabel nods, and smiles. "At least if everyone's not off having butterbeers, I agree. Should we have a
few passes before bringing in any match-finishing charms, then, or just have a bit of fun?"

"Of course we can make a few passes before we try and finish things." Seamus says nodding his head a
bit at Mabel,"Give them a bit of a show."

Mabel smiles, and gives a bit of a bow. "Agreed, then. I do believe a little something to lighten the
tone would do some good." She rolls her shoulders a little to loosen up, before shedding her own
robe. "A bit of fun, then."

Hoban Hodgewick, Ministry official from the Department of Magical Games and Sports, waddles into the
Great Hall, hands resting on his prominent belly. He wears a fur-collared robe of velvet, and a fine
suit tailored to his rotund form underneath, complete with a silk cravat. Wispy white hair crowns a
mostly balding head, which gleams in the torchlight. "I believe there is a duel in need of a referee,
yes?" He announces as he trundles up to the dueling stage. "Pardon, but Mr. O'Riley was indisposed. I
am Mr. Hodgewick."

Striding towards the dueling stage, Seamus smiles a little nervously his behavior showing how nervous
he is. He hops up on to the dueling stage and approaches the ministry official. "Good day sir." He
says rather calmly, his voice wavering a tiny bit.

Gabriel makes his way to the front of the Great Hall and carefully sets down the box he's carrying on
one of the tables. Then he proceeds to cheer for both duelists indiscriminately.

Mabel ahhas, as the Ministry official comes on in, and approaches alongside Seamus, rather amiably,
really. "Pleasure, sir. Mr. Seamus Cavanaugh, I'm Mabel Hawker." She doesn't seem nervous at all,
perhaps as though she's a shade less cheerful than she's putting on, but says to Seamus, as she slips
her rowan wand out for inspection, "It'll just be a bit of fun, Seamus, just like practice."

Hodgewick steps onto the platform erected for the Master of Ceremonies, and nods in greeting to each
competitor. "Ah. Excellent. Alright, then Mr. Cavendash and Miss Hawkins, let's have a look at those
wands before we begin, shall we?" As Mabel is already offering hers, he takes it and looks it over,
pulling out a small wooden orb from his pocket. "Hmm…very well maintained. Excellent. Rowan, if I'm
not mistaken?" He gestures to the orb, incanting, "Wingardium Leviosa!" He nods approvingly as the
orb lifts into the air for a few moments before returning to his hand.

Getting out his alder wand, Seamus presents it to the Ministry official for inspection as well,"We
just need to make sure that it is well done. If you go easy on me I'll be very upset with you." He
says in a serious voice as he looks at Mabel. "It's Cavanaugh sir." He says rather simply to the
official as he offers the wand.

Mabel nods affirmatively to Hodgewick, and smiles to Seamus, "Go easy? Oh, there's been no need for
that all year, Seamus," she smiles. "Just let me know when demonstration-time's done."

Hodgewick returns Mabel's wand to her, "Thank you, Millie," and takes Seamus' next, nodding. "Of
course. Sorry, Shane. Ah, alder. Looks to be in good condition." He points the wand at the wooden orb
again. "Snufflifors." The orbs suddenly shifts and transforms into a mouse. He nods approvingly, and
quickly transfigures it back before it can dart away, and hands the wand back to Seamus. "Excellent.
Take your positions, salute, and begin."

Taking his wand back, Seamus shakes his head at the man being unable to get any of the names right.
He walks to his end of the platform, lifts his wand in salute and gets ready to begin,"You can make
that decision." He says simply, nodding his head.

Mabel nods, "All right, then," she says, taking a stance and flowing into an old-fashioned sort of
salute and bow, then, wand held before her toward the floor, nods and smiles.

Gabriel's eyes light up and he grins a big mischievous grin at Mabel as soon as she's called Millie.
"You go Millie! Give it your best!" The mistake with Seamus' name doesn't seem to tickle his fancy
quiet as much,"Don't take it easy on her Seamus!"

As par for Seamus' course, he begins the duel by casting one of his shield charms. He's watching
Mabel intently trying to figure out what she's planning with this situation.

Mabel has started out slightly-defensive, as well, shifting posture as she flows through one of those
old-fashioned blocks she favors, perhaps toward something a little more offensive, altering her
position a step to one side in the process.

Perhaps a bit unusual for Seamus, the silver haired prefect is quick to attack this
time,"Rictusempra!" He says forcefully as his wand unleashes a silver light directly at his opponent,
dark blue eyes focused intently on his opponent.

Mabel's incantation, rather than another 'Declino!' is another of her favorites, 'Ventus! Sending a
gust of wind toward Seamus' wand-hand, which doesn't prevent the burst of tickling magical feathers
from making it to where she is. Mabel's not one for high-pitched squeals, but she comes close as she
starts making 'Eek!' sounds and trying to shake clear of feathers as she zig-zags back a step or two.
Hodgewick pats his belly as he watches the duel, nodding approvingly at the clever use of spells on
both sides.

Gabriel giggles as he watches the normally composed Mabel act like a little girl being, well,

"Protego!" Seamus says lifting his wand to create a shield against the incoming hex. He's not sure
about his plan here. His blue eyes focused on Mabel as he considers where to go next,"Shall we go to
end this now?" He asks curiously.

Mabel laughs a while longer after her rather-squealey 'Mimble-fingers!' bounces off Seamus' shield…

That's as well, whether her rather sillier-than-usual choice of spell was influenced by the continued
ticklings. Well, perhaps she needed that, but she'll pause long enough to wave away, or dispel, the
last of the feathers, if Seamus pauses long enough, there, and says, "Oh, I suppose we might do. It
doesn't seem to be my day for playing about," she smiles, and makes a bit of a bow of assent.

Hodgewick arches an eyebrow at the discussion between the duelers. But he shrugs and says nothing.

It's their duel, after all.

Standing off to side, observing, is Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor, Galatea Merrythought.
She smiles quietly as the duel progresses.

Mabel wheels an arm to tap the air in Seamus' direction, "Pluma Pondus!" she calls out, the
Featherweight charm bounding off Seamus' Shield charm, and she gives a smirk, as she follows through
into holding the wand out before her, still some residual mirth from the rictusempra on her face,
"Good, good, Seamus."

"Protego!" Seamus says firmly as he makes a defensive gesture with his wand, bringing up his shield
again as he looks at Mabel. It seems like he's beginning to get a grasp of Mabel's dueling style. The
charm gets stopped by the shield.

Gabriel is NOT watching quietly. Instead he's cheering both people on stage on, making sure to
interject a Millie somewhere every once in a while, which sends him into gales of giggles every time.

Well Seamus does intend to try and end the duel. His wand is quick as he sends a stupefy directed
directly at Mabel, but when she uses her shield charm, and it comes bouncing back at him, Seamus is
only barely able to get out of the way of his own spell.

Mabel seems to get one of those lights in her eyes as Seamus, perhaps in Gabriel's assessment of the
situation, throws a fastball, Mabel's "Protego' just angled to send the Stunner directly back. she
takes a couple of fencing-style half-lunges forward….

"Stupefy!" Seamus says firmly, his wand makes a fast movement with his wand trying to hit with his
spell but his wand ends up being knocked slightly off. He's trying his best to end this duel right
now apparently.

Mabel wheels her wand up and around in a swirling motion toward Seamus, this time raising a bit of a
whirlwind toward his wand arm, "Oh, no you dont- Ventus!"

Mabel keeps up, meanwhile, her little whirlwind, with a broader sweeping overhand motion, one of her
little specialties, …a weather jinx… "Tempestas!"

"Stupefy!" Seamus calls out as he tries to get Mabel again, the storm though hampers his ability to
get the spell through. He looks like he's getting into this though, the wand moving quickly.

Hodgewick tries desperately to keep his wispy hair from flying every which way, but to no avail.

Seamus wanted to put on a good show and they're doing it. Gabriel is so engrossed in what's happening
on the stage at this point he's even stopped cheering and is just watching wide-eyed.

Mabel, for her part, just loves dodging Stunning spells, it seems. And now she gets to bring her
sea-legs into play, leaning into the storm a wee bit, "Steady on, Cavanaugh? Ware sheets!"
Mabel is seemingly, having a grand old time in the little storm she's raised, her cry of good-natured
warning followed by an "Incarcerous!" wheeling off like nautical lines spinning through the air
toward the erstwhile Hufflepuff…

Despite the lashing storm that makes his silver hair wet, and blows strongly around them, Seamus'
wand moves quickly,"Protego!" He says simply the shield springing up and blocking the nautical lines
so that the latch on to nothing. While the winds are causing a nice blow right now, the silver haired
Hufflepuff seems to be standing his ground and letting the winds rage around him.

Hoban Hodgewick nearly topples from his platform when the deflected ropes are caught by the wind and
flung toward him. He grumbles as he regains his balance, earning a look of sympathy and a chuckle
from Professor Merrythought.

Considering the nasty weather that's going on right now, Seamus decides to stay on the defense for
the time being,"Protego!" He says the shield coming up in time to protect himself against any
incoming spell or buffering winds.

Mabel waves her arms, both, this time, in the wind and rain that she still seems to be almost
encouraging with her wand, but this time the charm is another call of "Pluma Pondus!"
The Featherweight Charm bounces harmlessly off of Seamus' shield.

Mabel wheels her motion into another Shield charm, as Seamus takes the safe option and does likewise.
"Bracing, wasn'tit? she smiles, and moves…

The storm finally subsides, vanishing almost as quickly as it appeared, leaving every head of hair in
the room a windblown mess, and scattering a poor Ravenclaw's essay pages to every corner of the hall.

The storm definitely makes it difficult for Seamus to do much. "Protego." He says making a defensive
move with his wand,"I am not sure bracing is the correct word for it." He says standing there his
hair windblown and damp.

Mabel ohs, then, in motion, "We'll have a hot tea, then, "Expelliarmus!"

"Stupefy!" Seamus says his stunning spell narrowly missing but unfortunately he's not able to react
well against Mabel expelliarmus.

The arc of light from Mabel's spell wraps around Seamus' wand, yanking it from his grasp. Hodgewick
lifts his pudgy hands into the air. "The duel is decided! Victory, to Miss Maggie Hawkwell! And a
very well fought contest to you as well, Mr. Callendish."

Gabriel just clamps since both of the duelists did a good job and he likes both of them so there's
really no reason to single either of them out.

Mabel whoos, eyes a bit wider as Seamus's quick Stupefy only misses thanks to a bit of footwork and a
matter of inches: once again, it's a very close finish for Mabel, who does let out a slight whoop
about the near miss. This last bit, it takes the official's announcement for her to fully seem to
realize it's done. She has a breath and both eyebrows go up toward Seamus. "Now, that was
outstanding, Seamus." There's a heartfelt bow, there, and she claps her hands, looking out for the
little audience to recognize that fact.

Likewise, Jules lifts his hands, nodding in approval as he watches the conclusion to the duel. Trying
to pat down his own wind-swept hair, he carries on, grinning. "Good job, guys!" He claps still, happy
to see it didn't end too badly.

Professor Merrythought claps her approval, smiling warmly to Mabel and Seamus. "A fine duel, well
fought on both parts with wit and honour. Twenty-five points to both of your houses."

"The outcome was what was expected." Seamus says in a serious voice to Mabel. He puts his wand away
and begins putting on his robes again,"I told you that I would not go down easily. However, you are a
better duelist. This was never something that was debated." He says casually, his eyes looking at
Mabel,"This duel is just a good vindication of your talents."

Hodgewick steps down from his platform, but Seamus' words draw his attention. "Don't disparage
yourself, Mr. Castleby. You acquitted yourself marvelously. This duel was by no means certain. No
offense intended to Miss Hawthorne, of course."

Mabel raises an arm to give the DADA professor a wave, as she looks over, while having a moment to
survey any collateral damage. She smiles to Seamus. "Actually, I disagree. I think it's just a matter
of time, and not much of it. I couldn't get a dashed thing through, could I?" She smiles, and claps
Seamus' shoulder. "I've just got a year on you, is all. If that."

"A year means that you have learned more about magic. There is much that you would be able to do
including Silent Casting, that I cannot do because I have yet to learn how." Seamus says shaking his
head a little bit at Mabel,"I am not saying I am a poor duelist, merely that my skills are not on par
with your own."

Mabel nods, and smiles. "I mean to say I do think you'll be club champion before you know it, when
it's your year. I was hoping to save some of that for Proudmore, to be quite frank," she grins. "A
hot butterbeer, then?"

"Actually I have other things to attend to right now. I still have several essays that I need to
complete before the weekend is over, including my essay in Defense Against the Dark Arts." Seamus
says smiling weakly,"I really don't need cheering up. I'm perfectly happy with how things went."

Hodgewick smiles to see the two discussing things so civilly after their duel, and waddles out of the
hall, soon followed by Professor Merrythought. But in their place comes Caretaker Pringle, carrying a
bucket and grumbling. "Bloody tournament…Great Hall's a wreck after every duel…water
everywhere…" He seems in a foul mood (as usual), and students leaving the hall steer well out of
his way as he comes to clean up after the Tempest Charm. Drawing his wand, he incants,
"Aguamundatis," and the water on the floor starts lifting into floating droplets, which collect into
a stream that flows into his bucket at the direction of his wand.

Mabel nods, "Well, I thought it worth celebrating, but another time, then, Seamus. Perhaps it would
be polite of me to offer a bit of deck-scrubbing after all that." Ah, the lure of the sea. Not felt
equally by all, perhaps.

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