(1937-11-18) Project Eagle Radio Continues
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Summary: Gabriel, Gabrielle, and Mabel talk about Raillan as they work on various personal projects.
Date: 1937-11-18
Location: Classroom 2
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Classroom 2 Hogwarts Castle
Sun Nov 18, 1937 ((Fri Nov 02 20:04:42 2012)) (Ground Floor N. Corridor)

This is a partial log. Mabel, if you have the beginning of the scene and would like to add it that would be awesome. :)

Gabrielle kinda zones out as she starts sketching from a photo she has. She'll work in silence for several minutes,Then looks up, "Do either of you know Railan?"

Mabel ohs, "Passingly, for a Housemate, I suppose. His family lives fairly near to me, actually, though."

Gabriel stops winding his copper wire for a moment, now having three of the crystals, on violet, one purple, and one blue, lined up along the top of the tube,"Railan? I don't think I know the name? What house is he in?"

Gabby looks back down at her drawing slightly frowning, "I had a rather lengthy conversation with him yesterday…He's 2nd year Griffindor?"She'll look to Mabel for confirmation. "He just seemed very lonely. I think that was the longest conversation he's had outside a classroom all year. He told me he didn't have any friends." she'll keep working on whatever it is she's drawing. Which, thinking about it, she hasn't really been drawing much lately, so, that's good.

Mabel nods, in confirmation, with a sad little frown at that. "He seems a pleasant-enough sort. Honestly, we haven't spoken very often. It's all too easy to lose track of the younger students that way, though, I'll see what I can do, there. Did he mention any reason why? I'd thought we'd invite his family to floo around for our little holiday gathering: it's been too long."

Gabriel considers the two of you curiosly before saying,"No one looses track of me." then going back to his winding. If he follows the same patter he has been the next little crystal is due a cradle in about two more loops.

Gabrielle smiles fondly at Gabriel, "No…No we don't. But not everyone can be as great as you.Doesn't me we shouldn't be kind though."she'll turn back to Mabel, "I think he's just….eccentric enough that it's hard to talk to him. He was very nice and sweet. I just think lonely. He follows Ogg around.."

Mabel nods, just saying to Gabriel, "Quite." To Gabby, she says, "I suppose he might, at that. Ogg's rather in his family's profession, really. They run a game preserve over near Cardiff, you see. I'm sure there must be some others his own age who share an interest in creatures." She pauses. "I rather fancied hippogriffs at that age, I recall."

Having put two more little crystals in their cradles, a green and a yellow, Gabe rejoins the conversation,"Oh, I wasn't saying we shuldn't be nice. I'm all about nice. I was just saying that people have to do a little from their side too. And there's lots of people that like animals too. Elspeth and Nicki come to mind." At the mention of the Slytherin girl his face goes all red and his head snaps back down to pay attention to hiw wire winding once again.

Mabel nods. "Well, then, perhaps I'll point the fellow your way." She adds, to Gabriel, "Actually, I expect you two might get along just swimmingly." She adds to Gabrielle, "Thanks for bringing all that to my attention. I hadn't taken the lad for a shy sort." She glances at a little watch of her own. "Actually, I think I'd best be getting on for the next round of duelling."

Gabrielle nods, "Do you think I should go? I want to support you and Seamus, but I think I should Chris some space…."

Since the spool of wire and the tube are currently attached and the work is not complete Gabriel carefully puts both of them in his box then starts putting away the tools and the crystal,"I'll come. And I'll be happy to meet Railan too. Come on Gabby, you shouldn't cut yourself out from being with your friends because of a silly boy."

Mabel nods, and smiles. "Theres plenty of space in the Great Hall, at least."

Gabrielle will nod, although she doesn't look completely convinced, and will grab her stuff as well.

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