(1937-11-19) A Treatment Ahead of Schedule
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Summary: This scene takes place shortly before the incident with the vials at St. Mungo's. After two dizzy spells which resulted in near fainting, Magnus finally decided to bring Rhyeline to St. Mungo's. And somehow Annie catches wind of it and rushes to the scene.
Date: IC Date
Location: St Mungo's
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It is a fall day. The weather is cool and overcast.

Spell Damage - St. Mungo’s Hospital - London

This area of the hospital has been set up for a double purpose. At the beginning of the ward are multiple stations ment to deal with transitory cases that only need the attention of Medi-wizards or Healers for a few hours. These stations have a small adjustable bed and a rolling chair and a stand with all the necessary tools to deal with any kind of temporary damage caused by misfiring or misused spells. The back of the ward has been designed to resemble a boarding house with individual rooms for each patient. These rooms are separated from the primary ward by a set of double doors securely locked by multiple charms. Over the doors a large wooden signs reads:

"Spells Damage Ward. Long Term Care Wing."

During the night this ward is illuminated by the ever present light globes floating around the ceiling.

After leveling a not-insignificant amount of angry derision towards Jonothan (not quite the meeting with the healer that he'd pictured), Magnus has been left waiting in the hall of the hospital. The ambassador is leaning against a wall outside of the door that the healer and his charge had disappeared into; the tall, gaunt man - currently dressed in a black peacoat and grey suit - is clutching a small, unlit cigar in one set of fingers and turning it over methodically. His pale eyes occasionally flick towards the doorway as he passes the time.

Finally once he's done with getting his patient stabilized and ready for visitors, Jonothan finally opens the door,"Ambassador Troy, you may enter if you wish. I've managed to get her stabilized for the time being. Hopefully next time she'll follow the directions." He adds chuckling softly.

Rhyeline’s gaze remains downcast after having been gently reprimanded by the healer. Hands folded in her lap, she remains sitting upon the examination table where Jonothan had placed her. The healer’s potion seems to have worked its wonders. Though the curse still lingers within, she doesn’t seem quite as weak or pale as she has been recently. Her heart beats at a steady, strong pace once again. As Healer Greengrass invites the Ambassador in, she wouldn’t lift her gaze.

"Thank you. My apologies for my earlier behavior," Magnus returns, his expression cool but very polite; he slips through the door when it's opened for him, and after looking down briefly at where the young witch has been placed to recover, turns back to the other man and extends one of his hands. The other slips into his pocket with the cigar. "You're Mr. Greengrass, I presume. I'm sorry we didn't meet under better circumstances."

"You are not the first nor the last person who was concerned about someone and ranted at me." Jonothan says laughing a little bit,"I am indeed Healer Greengrass. "Sorry but if we allowed people in when we're trying to do this it would mean having to answer your questions and work hard to figure out exactly what was going wrong and also to fix it. It just leads to a bit of a mess." He says rather simply, before turning to look at Rhye,"I want you to follow my instructions a bit better next time." He says in a firm voice,"My instructions were for your health remember?"

Rhyeline peeks up at the healer as he turns and once more directs a firm admonishment to her. A small, meek nod is given. For the moment, the girl seems to have lost the calm, careful poise she often cultivated when around the healers. “Yes, sir. I will be more careful in the future. I promise.” For just a moment, her gaze flickers to Magnus and then quickly she lowers her gaze to her knees.

Magnus nods in response to the healer's explanation, his lips curling into an easy smile. "Of course, I understand completely. I owe you my thanks for nursing Miss Diderot back to health. Her services are extremely valuable to me." During the instant that Rhyeline looks over at him, his own gaze flicks over to meet hers, then goes back to Jonothan. "Is there any possibility of obtaining some restorative potions for use outside of the hospital for her? Costs are not a concern."

"To be honest given the complexity of the potion that I give her, most of the restorative potions might conflict." Jonothan says shaking his head a bit,"I can try and create a potion that can be taken daily outside of the hospital to try and mitigate even further but not really something to cure her. I developed the potion I'm giving her weekly. So it will take time before I can get her something that would support her health further, which I am doing."

As the Ambassador shows such concern for her state, offering to cover all costs involved, the pink warmth of her cheeks deepens. “I’m alright,” Rhyeline says quietly, not looking over at either of them. “I will just be more careful not to over exert myself. I don’t need to be treated more than once a week.”

There's a noise in the hall, the squeak of a shoe, and then a reasonable, level voice comes, not raised but still insistent. "Of course I'm going in there, she's my sister." Another voice comes, one of the attendants, "No, it's alright, let her go." With that granting of passage, the door opens and Annie steps into the room. There's a frown on her face not usually seen, and her eyes go right to Rhyeline, paying no attention to anyone else in the room. As her brows draw in concern, she steps toward her friend, "Rhye, what's happened?"

"I see," Magnus says. He looks mildly disappointed with that answer, and his smile has thinned out a little, but he's clearly keeping himself in check. "If you can keep working on it, I'd appreciate it. And, as I said - I'd be more than happy to compensate you for the additional efforts." He glances sidelong at Rhyeline without really looking at her when she declares that she's fine. "You've fainted twice in the same day," he says curtly, then looks back at Jonothan with a chuckle. "Perhaps you could let me buy you a drink at the Cauldron at some point in the future, if you won't—-" That's when Annie bursts in. The man looks over at her and quirks a brow. "Miss Taylor."

“I didn’t faint… just… got dizzy,” says Rhyeline quietly. Her gaze only lifts when she hears Annie’s voice outside and as she bursts into the room, the girl blinks in surprise. “Annie? Nothing. Nothing, I’m fine. I just got a bit dizzy and-“ she hesitates, “- the Ambassador brought me in early to see Healer Greengrass.”

"Miss Diderot's condition has improved for now." Jonothan says casually as he looks at Rhye and steps aside a bit further away from the door and looks at Magnus,"Ambassador, I have no intention on stopping my research for something to help with her condition. I wouldn't be a very good Healer if I stopped." He says grinning a little bit as he looks at the Ambassador,"I'd have to work it with my wife Ceri so that my son has a babysitter."

Annie's attention remains only on Rhyeline for a moment, and it doesn't really look like she's buying the 'I just got dizzy' line. Her words to the girl are gentle as she steps up and takes her hand, "Darlin' Rhye, why do I think yer not tellin' me everything?" Then she looks to Magnus, her smile grateful, "Thank yeh for lookin' out for her, Ambassador." The Healer's words bring the frown back, and Annie wonders what else Rhyeline has been less than direct about in regard to her health.

Magnus doesn't object any further to Rhyeline's description of the little episodes - technically, she's correct - but he does give an exasperated sigh and direct his attention back to Jonothan. "Of course. Let me know, then," he says with a small nod before directing his gaze to Annie. The librarian gets a small bow, just as she had the last time they'd met, and he shakes his head. "Not at all, Miss Taylor. I'm just glad that Miss Diderot hasn't been seriously affected." He looks over at his assistant for another brief moment, his expression neutral.

Rhyeline sits apart from Magnus and Healer Jonothan in a small examination room in the Spell Damage ward. As Annie takes her hand, the girl subtly clings to it. “I am though. That’s all that happened. Just got a bit dizzy. There’s no need to worry.” As Magnus directs a glance over to her, the young witch’s dark gaze flickers up and meets his before she quickly looks back to her friend and then down at her hands.

Almost before Magnus is done speaking, Annie's attention slips back to Rhyeline, very much like the sister she claimed to be to get in the room. "Have you been exerting yourself?" she asks the smaller witch. Being in an examining room with the others, she has no view of the big powwow going down, and since her attention is all for Rhye it's unlikely she would be interested in it even if they were in the same room.

Magnus casts a single glance at the hushed discussion between Annie and Rhye, his gaunt features conveying interested focus - but at the sight of motion through the window of the small room, he glances out towards the hall and observes the goings-on with an arched brow. The ambassador frowns, reaching up with one hand to rub at the line of his jaw, and nods towards Jonothan. When he speaks, his voice is considerably lower - difficult for the two women to hear. "Is something going on outside, Mr. Greengrass?"

“I’m alright, Annie,” murmurs Rhyeline, lowering her gaze. “I just-“ she hesitates “-probably didn’t sleep enough. Or something. It doesn’t matter. I’m feeling better. “ Then as Healer Greengrass excuses himself, Rhyeline nods with respect and says, “Thank you very much for your help.” Peeking up at Annie, she bites her lower lip a moment. “Can we go home?”

No Rhyeline, you can't go home, no one can go home! The vote is unanimous and every Healer in Charge lifts their wand and then say, "Quarentanos!" There is a flash of their wands and the whole Hospital starts to sparkle in all the joints and seams and there is an almost suckling sound as all windows, exterior doors, vents, and even a crack or two in the walls seal up tight. There is no Apparating in or out. The bricks of the Floo Fireplace shift much like the gateway to Diagon Alley and seal off access to the fireplace. Full and complete quarantine!

Rushing from the mental ward an orderly pants and exclaims breathlessly. "They gone! Vanished! Bit's o'm jus started disappearin'!

Master Healer Hawke of Trauma steps to a little tube from a box on the wall by the front desk and sets it against the pommel of his wand and his charismatic calm impeccable bedside manner voice comes over the Hospital 'PA' System after he places the tip of his wand to his throat. "Attention please. Everyone remain where they are. Saint Mungos is now under quarantine. Please remain calm. More information will be forthcoming, we promise."

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