(1937-11-19) Give Jack "The Talk"
Details for Giving Jack "The Talk"
Summary: Gideon comes to have a man to man talk with Jack about his intentions with Elly.
Date: November 19, 1937
Location: Leaky Cauldron

As with every pub, last calls are given, and received with much grumbling as it means that soon enough, all will be turned out into the London weather. Some come specifically to get out of it, and others.. well.. each have their reasons to find themselves in the Cauldron near closing. As it is now officially the busiest time, that is, refilling everything, Jack is at the fore, a 'real' apron round him rather than the frills he'd been given the week before. He's at the tap, running brew after brew as Mick serves.. and when the empties need to be collected, it's Jack at the fore, doing it, getting the countertop wiped down so as not to have to do it after closing. Things to do..

When Inspector Gideon comes in, he veers away from the bar, instead choosing a corner table where he can wait patiently for things to settle down. His steely gaze tracks Jack, and should the young man ever look his way, his expression remains stoic and emotionless, only the slightest nod given that says: It's time.

And another wipe over the top as Mick looks towards the newly arrived, his tones gruff, "Ye missed las' call, lad," before he turns about to finish his own work before the 'Cauldron shuts down for the night. Jack looks up to hear Mick's words, and his mouth opens, and closes again, dark eyes narrowing in witness to the Inspector's own steely gaze. This.. probably won't be good. At all.

Twisting about, Jack's cockney rises, "Oi, Mick-guv.. min' if I take a step an' 'ave a chat? 'aight back an' finish up the finishin' up. Promise." He nods meaningfully towards Gideon, and for a moment, the elder Dodderedge looks between the pair before he grunts and turns back, "Don' be long."

Jack is undoing the apron and pulls it over his head, setting it down before he goes to reach for a jacket and scarf. It's put on.. slowly, each button taking the utmost of care…

Gideon just nods, "No worries, Mick. Just getting out of the cold." He waits patiently, and when Jack comes into view without his apron, he shoves out the chair opposite him, eyes flicking expectantly toward it.

"Whu', n'outside?" Jack exhales in a sigh and unbuttons it again.. just as slowly and puts it back before heading towards the chair. By this time, he's got himself set, and he's got his 'devil may care', cheeky smile easily in place. "Inspector," and he overpronounces the center, harsh-sound of the word. "T'what do I owe da pleasure?" Taking a seat, he leans back in the chair in a casual pose, his arm leaning on the back.

Gideon arches an eyebrow at Jack. "What, did you think I was here to kick your arse? Hades, laddie, I just want to talk." He leans forward, folding his hands, and levels a heavy stare at Jack. "So. What the devil are you doing working here?" Right to the point, this one.

"Aye," and Jack leans in, puts his arms on the table, clasping his hands, and his head ducks even as he looks up. "Ministry's no' comin' frew for the cleanouts. 'Ad one too many dust-ups fer wha' there wuz, an' 'Is Majesty is waitin' on delivery of aeroplanes, so we's ain't got nuffin' t'train up to." It'll come soon enough, next month.. but.. "'An, Mistah Dodd'ridge was so kind as t' see my way t'food if'n I drove the lorry for 'im t'market. Fings got up.. an' up.. an' now, a' 'is beck an' call."

Gideon's eyes shift toward Elly as she works, then back to Jack. The skepticism is painted all over his face. "Oh, so it's nowt to do with her, then?"

Jack looks back, and there's the lopsided smile again before he leans over, his attention returning to the steely-eyed Inspector, "Pretty fing, ain't she? Can't beat the view.. comin' an' goin'.. 'Opin' she's go' a soft spo' fer me." He exhales and sounds a preening peacock, "An' I'm pre'y sure she do."

Gideon's namesake manifests, as his gaze turns from steel to adamant, his lip twitching as Jack objectifies Elly. His hand suddenly darts out, gripping Jack's shirt firmly by the collar and twisting to bunch up the fabric. He yanks to pull Jack close as he leans forward, half-standing. "You listen to me, you cocky little lowlife," he growls through his teeth. "Elly is fine girl. A good girl. You show some respect, or so help me I'll give you some soft spots you will nae recover from."

The old geezer's quick, Jack'll give him that.. and before the youth can move to get out of the way, he's caught up, and half-lifted from his seat. There's distinct surprise on his face, and he makes a *grrk* sound as the breath escapes his lungs. "Jus' sayin'.." and his voice is strained. "'Er da's gone an' gi'n me d'righ' t'step ou' wif 'er.." Beat. "She's m'bird.."

That was the wrong thing to say, Jack. Gideon yanks him again, and for a moment it looks like he's about to headbutt the young man. But he stops short, just getting close enough for menace. "The last thing she needs is some two-bit thief bringin' trouble into her life. She's got trouble enough as it is!"

Gideon's perfected his 'menacing' look for a great deal longer than Jack's, well.. hasn't really perfected anything that might even be remotely useful against an angry Hit Wizard. There's that split second of fear that runs past those dark eyes, and as the pair almost meet, he's got that sound that rushes from his lungs again. He raises his hands to lay them on Gideon's to get himself a little respite from the almost stranglehold the man's got on him. "I'm.. I'm strai'.. As' anyone. Dey'll tell ye I'm strai'." At least I THINK so! "I'd n'give Ells trouble."

Gideon sneers, releasing Jack and settling back into his seat. His glare hasn't softened one bit, however. "You, straight? Tell me another one. Men dinnae change overnight, and don't try an sell me that you did it for her." His eyes shift briefly toward Elly again. "She could do worse…she has done worse…but she could do a lot better, too. So you'd better be serious about goin' straight. You hurt her…anyone from your past hurts her…you even disrespect her like that again…and I'll come down on you so hard you'll wonder that you ever knew how to walk." They don't call him the Hammer for nothing! "We clear, laddie?"

Jack coughs as he's let go, and as he falls back into his chair, he pulls the collar away to get a couple good, deep breaths. It also does wonders to calm him, even a little, as his heart is pounding in his chest. He brings a hand up to wipe his mouth, at his nose, and takes the moment before, "Ain't easy, Inspector," Jack begins, "..fings don't work ou' righ'.. an'.." Of course, with the reminder that there are others in his past that could possibly have a problem with his newly established.. start in life, he shifts his jaw. What can he say to that? "Won' let naught' 'arm a 'air on tha' pre'y li'l 'ead o' 'ers.."

Gideon slowly calms himself. "See to it," he commands. After a deep breath through his nostrils, he speaks in less of a bark. "Look…I know you. I know you have some kind of honour about you. That's the only reason I'm nae tellin' Mick everything I know about you and tossin' you out on your ear. Elly deserves a good man. So dinnae screw this up."

"I like 'er, 'Spector.. I do. When y'came in da ovver night, I swear I fought I was done for. No room, no food, no work. Mick.. 'e's put a roof over me 'ead, warm bed. Food in m'belly. I'll no' do nuffin' t'mess dat up. An' in returns, I work fer 'im. Lorry. Bussin' tables. Servin' drinks. No cash.. nuffin's dere.. dat's all 'Is Majesty's job." In other words, at the moment he's not got a shilling to his name. Or a sickle. "An' she fancies me. She's da one tha' tol' me t'speak wif her da about seein' 'er. Seems dere's anovver bloke what's sniffin' 'round too, though.. so I'm on bestest."

Gideon growls the moment he mentions "anovver bloke." He shakes his head, "Edwin Collins. Bloody idiot. See that you guard her against him, as well. He's dangerous." Gideon rises, nodding curtly to Jack. "This is your chance to change your life, laddie. I hope for everyone's sake that you can. If your old 'friends' come sniffin' around, you get word to me."

"'Aight.." and Jack nods as he rises from his seat, a hand rubbing at the back of his neck. He looks around; closing time, and there's only a few lingering people that will eventually get pushed out the door. "Doin' m'best.." Man can only do so much, however, with the hand he's dealt! "G'night, Inspector.." and he turns about to go back behind the bar to finish cleaning before the doors are locked for the night.

Another long day at the office and Edwin makes his way in to grab at least a to go to take home. He pulls his hat off and sips into his seat at the bar, "Too late for a bit to take home?"

Gideon is on his way out when Edwin comes in, and gives the man a hard look when he passes. The look continues on to Jack, giving him a nod before he continues on toward Muggle London.

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