(1937-11-19) Goblet of Rats
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Summary: Ria and Gabby finally have a talk in Classroom 2
Date: Nov 11,1937
Location: Classroom 2

Monday afternoon after Hogsmaeades always seems to be the worst. Everyone is grouchy, even if they didn't go. So Gabby is hiding out in her new location. She's pulled over a chair and has several books open on the table in from of her. Her back is to the door, and she's got her wand out and is practicing some charms.

Gabby's wand looks different…longer? Color's not quite the same?Something…different.

My oh my, where has Ria Sykes been off to as of late. No one has seen her, or really heard from her. And her own housemates have seen only shadows of her. Some rumors are starting to fly that someone stunned her and left in the broom closet, while others say she was expelled for stunning someone else and leaving them in the broom closet. Neither however are correct seeing as she's stepped into an empty classroom to get some work done. However upon seeing the back of another student studying she scrunches her noise with slight disdain, realizing someone's made it into an area she secretly likes to inhabit on occasion. "Oh, didn't expect someone here," she says gingerly by the door, not recognizing who it is.

Gabrielle pauses….is that? and she'll turn, the feather she'd been floating slowly making it's way to the ground. She stands there for a moment, not sure what to do. Taking a deep breath, "The Room's big enough, if you'd like," and she'll motion with her wand to another table. She sounds nervous, but isn't putting off the same scared vibe she had when they last saw each other.

Ria's brows raise in surprise when the student reveals her face, and she tilts her head curiously. "Oh Gabrielle. Didn't recognize you. Your…wand looks different." Those sharp green eyes narrow curiously at the thing. "Did you get a new one?" And though she doesn't seem to acknowledge it, she does take note of the girl's less frightened tone. It certainly comes as a bit of a relief to the Slytherin girl.

Gabrielle 's hand instinctually tighten on the wand for a moment, not to cast, more possessive than anything. she'll actually look at the wand, like she's trying to figure out what to say, "Uh…yeah. I did." She'll give a small nervous smile.

"Hmm interesting," Ria comments idly as she takes note of the changed wand. Eyes never leaving Gabrielle, she makes her way over to an empty table and begins setting her things up. "What happened to your old one?" Why does every question that Ria has asked so far sound like part of an interrogation.

Gabrielle also doesn't look away, but does move to lean against the table with her books so she can look at Ria. "My old one was…damaged." Her voice isn't even really nervous when she says this, more tired than anything else. Gabby will take a moment to glance at what Ria's putting out.

And the items seem rather mundane, nothing too special about them. Just books and rolls of parchment neatly tied together so they don't scatter about. "How did it get damaged?" Ria tries to ask nonchalantly, her polished fingers organizing the items. She frowns and frets over how she's set them, and moves them about again to reset them into a more preferable arrangment.

Gabrielle watches Ria organize while deciding on how to proceed. Finally deciding on her approach,she simple says "It was damaged when I received it." Gabby will then lean over and pick up the feather that's she let drop to the ground. She's not sure how she wants this conversation to go, but she's going to try. "It wasn't allowing me to properly do wand work." She'll watch Ria's face for any signs of emotion, good or bad.

Ria huhs in slight disbelief at that, chin turning up slightly. "Well that's rather hard to believe. Ollivander is known for his top notch quality. I've never heard that he's sold flawed wares." Despite her skepticism, it's not maliciously direct toward Gabrielle, even if it may come off that way. "Who deemed it damaged?"

Gabrielle 's jaw tightens, "not every wand comes from Ollivander's" Gabby will look down at the feather and set it onto an open Charms book(which appears to be a 3rd year one?). She'll look back up, eyes a little bit harder, "It was damaged. No one had to deem it."

"It was an assumption. Especially considering most wands now-a-days do," Ria shrugs, seating herself delicately onto her chair, fixing the skirt properly over her legs. "Right. Well. It seems perfectly fine when you've used it before. Would have thought that if it were damaged from the time you got it, you would have noticed a long time ago and replaced it. It's unsafe to practice magic with a broken wand, everyone knows that." She rolls her eyes subtly but throws out a dry, "But yes, you're the wand expert. What do I know?" Glancing over to the girl's books she does catch the charms cover. "Brushing up?"

Gabrielle will just look at Ria. And after a false start, "What…What are we doing here? Is this a game, or are we just being polite? Or can I actually talk to you?" She'll try to keep her face impassive, but there's definitely a nervous quality to it.

Ria raises her brow in initial confusion, her head tilting once more. "Well, I came to get some work done. Though seeing as I'm sharing a room with you, I figure that it would be polite to make conversation, yes." This much she will admit but with a shrug she says calmly, "Gabrielle, you've given me the impression in the past few days that you do not wish to speak with me. In fact, you explicitly asked me to stay away from you. I'm merely respecting your wishes and following the cues you give me. Nothing more nothing less." Folding her fingers together over her crossed legs she adds, "I've already told you that you can talk to me if you so desired. So really it's up to you if you trust me enough to share anything. Though I've done anything against you personally to betray you." Well except for ratting to Gabby's prefect but that was out of duty! "Are you saying though that you'd like to speak now? Because free to do so. We're in private."

Gabby's face hardens some, “So…a little of all three then… ok.” she’ll glance down again at her wand and set it on the table next to her books. She’ll hope onto the table, legs dangling. It makes her look a little younger than she is, “I’m sorry I hit you. I shouldn’t have. If it will fix things between us, you can hit me, or have Lucian hit me, or whatever.” Weirdly enough, she sounds like she means this. “You /do/ say some horrible things….but I knew that. . It’s a known risk being friends with you.I shouldn’t have let it bother me so much….” She’ll place her hands in her lap and look up at Ria agan, “ I /didn’t/ want to talk to you at first, I was so mad. …but then, I was taking cues from others, “she’ll shrug not elaborating. “I don’t think your concept of private is the same as mine.” she’ll smile a little sadly.

"I'm not going to hit you," Ria says flatly and as she turns back to her opening her books to the proper pages she adds, "But apology accepted." Fingers flipping through the pages, she explains herself, "While I don't believe I say horrible things, I do speak frankly and I realize that my delivery isn't always the best in a given situation. But I strive for honesty, which I believe is the best thing you can give someone." Peering up from her work she glances sidelong at the Ravenclaw, "People will lie to you, Gabrielle. They'll water things down and give you half truths that make it harder for you to move forward from anything. But I don't do that, and those who choose to be my friend understand that." Picking up her quill she says, "However, I don't blame anyone for ever getting angry with me. What was bothering you that day?" She lets the question linger in the air, and her tone while not friendly is not assertive, and would likely give Gabrielle the impression that she didn't have to answer if she didn't desire.

Gabrielle tilts her head, "You've just lied to me right now….. Warren came to me. He's not very subtle, I don't know how he hasn't gotten expelled yet for the stuff he does." She doesn't sound mad, just tired.

Corner of Ria's mouth crinkles into a frown. Caught. "Ahh did he now. Did he rat me out or did you find it out with that smart little head of yours?" she continues to search through her book without a care. "Yes Gabrielle, I did lie about that, but I have no regrets over it. What I found was worrisome and I did my duty by telling your prefect. Did he merely talk to you? Or instruct you to seek further help?" Though her ear perks up at the last bit and her gaze again rises from the books, "Stuff he does?"

"So…it's ok to lie if you don't have regrets about it?" Gabby will just shake her head and move on. Let Ria wonder about Warren. "I don't need further help. It's fixed." She'll glance down a her wand and take a deep breathe, "I"m not suicidal. If I was, I'd be way smarter about it that anyone is giving me credit for. The problem is fixed, everything is supposed to be better." She'll look up with a small , almost brave smile, "So…I"m trying to make things better…."

Ria shrugs casually and leans back in her chair to think about that question. "It's not up to me to tell you when it's okay to lie and when it's not. I'm not you're mother. I'm simply telling you that I have no remorse about telling Warren about your situation." And turning to Gabrielle she looks her straight in the eye, "Suffice it to say, I could have told Professor Mopsus about your situation, and you may not have not have been given a chance to fix things by your own accord." The way she says it, one would almost suspect Ria's expecting a 'your welcome,' but she leans forward to begin scribbling something on a parchment. "Anyhow, just because you don't wish to off yourself doesn't mean you're not a harm to yourself. I'm glad to hear though that things are improving or at least you're trying to. You looked like death the past two weeks. I'm guessing you've found people you could confide in somewhat then?"

Gabrielle face freezes when Ria mentions her mother, but she tries to smooth it back out then she looks up. Gabby is /not/ going to thank her for only ratting her out to /only/ her house Prefect. As she watches Ria start writing, "Yes… although I only had to tell someone because things got so bad with your brother. And then Chris went mad and…" She'll look down to her lap and sigh, "I shouldn't have told Chris. He couldn't handle it. I'm sorry her did that to Lucian." She sounds honestly upset about what happened.

"My brother?" Ria tilts her head. She's truly confused now, given that she's been MIA in the past few days and she hasn't caught up with Kaiden recently. "What's Kaiden have anything to do with this?" But her eyes narrow instantly though at the mention of the most recent duel, this time venomous and it takes much effort for Ria to control her anger. "Yes, that was rather stupid of him to do so, considering it could have killed Lucian. Or anyone in that room for that matter," she replies sharply and tensly.

Gabby nods, "Kaiden and I…it's ok now. But it was bad." She'll place her left hand on her right forearm for a moment, "I agree. What Chris did…it was stupid and reckless. And I personally don't think he should be allowed to duel anymore…." She'll take a deep breathe, hoping sharing this will help some, "I told him we couldn't…be. I couldn't be with someone who'd do /that/ to someone." She'll look at to Ria, bracing herself, almost like she's expecting to get yelled at.

Ria rolls her eyes and says, "Gabrielle. You're rather terrible at answering questions aren't you?" After all, nearly every question she's posed has gone practically unanswered or the reply didn't make sense at all. "I asked: What does Kaiden have anything to do with this?" But at the mention of Christmas, she shrugs, "So you left him? I mean … I absolutely loath the boy for pulling such a dumb move. But that's what it was. Some people do terrible things intentionally and other do it by accident. I doubt Jones has the brain power enough to do it with purpose." She doesn't sound preachy, but rather just spouting an observation.

Gabrielle 's jaw tightens slight, although briefly that scared look comes back in her eyes, "I was /trying/ to not cause further drama…you brother scared me, and has since apologized." Gabby will shrug, "I don't know if left is the right term, as Chris never officially asked. But I can't…Not with what he knew, and he still did that." She'll swallow and her hand tightens on her arm some.

"Well how did he scare you? And what for?" Ria digs for a further explanation to get a fuller idea of the situation. She's barely aware the Kaiden even knows the girl, and is unsure of what business he has with her. She's further confused about that latter bit with Christmas. "Okay, well I have little to no clue what went on with you two. What he knew and exactly how what he did ties in with that….I don't know what you're talking about," she shrugs but says, "All I know is that you seemed rather happy with him at the Halloween dance. Happier than I had seen you in the previous weeks. Thought he was a good thing in your life."

"He…heard about what happened between the two of us. He wasn't happy that I hurt you….I think it''s best if you ask him. I don't want to cause any more drama. If he wants you to know,he can tell you. He's apologized and we're ok now." Again, she seems more tense when talking about Kaiden that when talking about anything else, even Chris. "I think the problem was that I wasn't a good thing in /Chris's/ life." She'll smile a little sadly. "He's not one to deal with other's issues well…" She'll laugh softly at her own luck , "and I'm queen of issues. So…it was doomed to not work well."

Ria ahh in understanding, resting a hand on her own cheek in thought. "I see, well that suddenly makes sense then. Though I'm not surprised," she says dryly. But she does add, "Doomed? Unless you're a seer or particularly gifted in divination that's a very final conclusion to reach when it sounds like you didn't even give it a try. Like you said, he never officialy asked. Did you put him to the test or did you simply come up with that on your own?"

Gabrielle lets go of her forearm, and glances at her bag on the table. She'll smirk softly, “I’m actually pretty good at divinations…"And then shake her head, obviously steeling herself to say something. "My parents burned to death in a fire when I was young. I don't deal with fire well…and Chris threw it at someone because he upset over me. I don't think I need to test him. I gave him a try when I told him about my parents…." She sounds sad, but not traumatized by the fact that she's not with Chris. She does flex her right wrist once though.

Hmm. Well. This is awkward. Ria tenses up slightly at the divulging of sensitive historical information, unsure of what to say or how to react in such situations. "Oh. Well. I'm sorry then, Gabrielle. Had no idea," she gives her awkward, business-like condolences. She's trying here. She's trying. "That's understandable then. Yes, hrmm…I know someone who quite fearful of fire as well. So I have an idea. In any case, you're better off then. Though I doesn't seem like I need to tell you that. You seem rather okay with it."

Gabrielle nods, it's not like people /should/ know. "It's ok. It would even be different if he /didn't/ know. But I told him…. and then he didn't talk to me for two weeks, "she'll shrug. "I think maybe I'm better off on my own for awhile." She'll sigh, and then laugh softly, almost relieved at the almost normal conversation they're having, " Putting my name in the Cup was the hardest thing I've ever done. I just kept thinking, why couldn't it have been a Goblet of Rats or something?"She'll laugh again, "If…If whoever is afraid too needs someone to talk to…" she leaves the offer there.

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