(1937-11-19) My Brother's Keeper
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Summary: Cyril comes to stay with Cassius at Berylwood, and the brothers spend some time catching up.
Date: November 19, 1937
Location: Berylwood
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Outside of the estate the humming of a towncar's engine can be heard as it approaches the main house. The car pulls up to the door and vomits forth a very unhappy looking Cyril Malfoy. He instructs the driver to bring him his bags and walks towards the door that he wraps heavily against with a balled fist.

The door opens of its own accord. Or rather, with the magic of the house-elf standing on the other side of it. The elf bows his head respectfully, "Master Malfoy, welcome." He lifts a skeptical eye toward the driver. "A Muggle? This will not do. Please have him leave the bags on the stoop. I will fetch them when he is gone." The little creature steps back to permit Cyril entrance, and to get out of sight of the driver.

Cyril turns back to the driver and fills him in on the instructions, handing him some money and turning to enter the estate. He avoids the House Elf like the plague, and shutting the door himself, so that he can address him, saying, "Filthy creature, where is my brother?"

The house-elf dips its head as if grateful to be referred to in such a derogatory manner, or even at all, by a man such as Cyril. "He awaits you in the library. Shall I show you the way?"

Cyril sneers at the creature and says, "Hrmm, indeed." He murmurs to himself as he walks along behind the House Elf, saying, "Too wrapped up in politics to even great his brother in the foyer."

The house-elf sighs, "Master did not know for certain when you would arrive, and he is a very busy man. A very important man." House-elves. They're all bowing and scraping until it comes to defending their masters. "In here," he snaps his fingers, and the double doors into the moderately large library swing open.

Within, Cassius Malfoy is seated in a high-backed chair by a desk, perusing a large tome in his lap — one of several stacked on the desk beside him. When the door open, though, he glances up and gives his brother a warm smile. "Cyril, you came back." He sets the book aside, rising and striding on his long legs to greet Cyril with a brief, fraternal hug.

Cyril shoves the Elf aside by the head and steps into the library, having a look around and saying, "Cassius, your command of the obvious is surely a spectacle to behold. Somewhere there's a police force beating their breasts for having lost you." He returns the hug that is thankfully not as long as Eddie's.

Cassius chuckles, "Ah, how I have missed your attempts at wit. They are so endearing. Come, sit." He casts a sharp look to the house-elf. "Bring wine, and whatever my brother wishes." He gestures to another chair for Cyril as he retakes his own. "I'm very sorry that I couldn't see you when you first came. I was dreadfully ill. It wouldn't have done at all to expose you to it. So, tell me about your recent travels. Another war?"

Cyril sits down at the offered chair and digs something out of his pocket, saying, "I had to stay at a hotel, Cassius. Do you know how embarrassing that is for me? After two years of living in a Bedouin tent, you'd think my brother would open his home to me when I got back." He grumbles and flips a coin over to Cassius. It's a simple, heavy gold coin emblazoned with the head of a jackal. It looks quite old. "No wars this time. Providing security while the archaeologists dig up the treasure. Then I kill them and take it."

Cassius catches the coin, looking it over curiously. "Well, the next time I'll be certain to share my discomfort with you. But really, killing your employers?" He tut-tuts, shaking his head. "Uncouth, brother. I wouldn't mention that to Lin. I assume you've been to see her?"

Cyril smirks and says, "It's only uncouth if someone knows about it." He rubs at the stubble that he's accumulated and says, "Aye, I've been by to see her. We had a discussion about her pregnancy of all things."

There is a light *POP* as the house-elf Apparates in, levitating a tray with an assortment of beverage choices. When Cassius takes a wine glass, the bottle of Pinot Noir lifts up to fill it. "Ahh, so she's told you." He keeps his face impassive, other than an arched eyebrow of casual curiosity, opening the door for him to go on if he desires.

Cyril takes a wine glass and sneers at the House Elf. He looks over to his brother and says, "Yes, she has. I'm not a fan of her choice of a suitor, but then again Edwarlinda is hardly one to make good choices."

Cassius sighs, nodding with some resignation. "Quite so. The man is…" He pinches his lips. "Alas, I have promised Lin that I would not speak ill of him. Suffice to say that I believe she is making a terrible mistake." After Cyril's glass is filled, he gives the elf a dismissive wave, and the creature Disapparates.

Cyril takes a sip of his glass and says, "Indeed. It's a shame she couldn't find anyone from a prominent family. Her reputation has been tarnished from the day she was sorted into that dreadful house and this ordeal isn't going to help it any."

Cassius inhales deeply through his nose. It's clear that there is much he'd like to say on the matter. But it seems his promise to Edwarlinda stays his tongue. "So, what brought you back to us? Not on the run, I hope." He smirks, half-teasing.

Cyril chuckles and says, "Oh, no. Nothing like that. I simply decided I wanted some time off. I might even stay for a good while this time. If I settle down, I settle down."

Cassius sips his wine, nodding. "Well, you're welcome to stay here for the time being. You can have the guest house. Would you like a house-elf to tend to you?"

Cyril sneers at the notion and looks over at Cassius, saying, "I'd rather not have one of the foul creatures tending to me. I'm capable enough to do for myself." He rubs his chin and says, "But I shall be staying with you, yes."

Cassius shrugs, showing no concern over Cyril's disdain for house-elves. They are rather pathetic little things, after all. "As you wish. I'll see to attuning the Anti-Apparition Jinxes to you." Another sip of wine for dramatic pause, then, "Have you been following the political scene?"

Cyril nods and looks over to Cassius, standing up and walking about the room. "Yes, I have actually. I'm proud of you, Cassius. Never thought you'd get to where you are now. I only hope that you can maintain, of course."

Cassius scoffs in mock offense. "You never thought? I'm insulted." No, not really. "I have been on a steady rise for years, brother. The Unity Movement is the natural evolution of my course. Actually, I had rather hoped you might lend some expertise to the cause. After all, I'm sure that you have a closer finger to the pulse of the rising tide of Muggle war."

Cyril smirks and pulls a book from one of the shelves, looking over its cover before turning his eyes back to Cassius, "It's not really all that fair to talk about the negatives of war if I'm the one that's starting them, is it?" He slips the book back onto the shelf and continues wandering.

Cassius chuckles. "It's not the ones you're starting that concern me. It's the ones the Muggles are going to start. This is no little skirmish between desert tribes, Cyril. This could be another Great War. Likely worse than the last one, and wizardkind will suffer for it."

Cyril nods to him and slides his free hand into his pocket, saying, "Well, tell me what I can do, Cass." He sips at his wine and looks his brother in the eye, awaiting an answer.

Cassius sets his wine glass aside, and stands upright, accentuating his tall, slender form. "You know warfare. You are worldly, and have seen many things. You have expertise that the voices of the Segregationists do not. We'll be holding more rallies soon, to spread the message about Unity, and why it is necessary. I would like your voice there, to speak about what you know, and what you can see coming." He tilts his head curiously. "You do agree that this is coming, yes?"

Cyril sips his wine and nods, saying, "It takes a blind man to deny what's in front of him, Cassius. Of course it's coming. Although, I'm not so sure about speaking at a rally. Words have never been my strongest weapon."

Cassius lifts a hand, "Don't worry about that. I'll prepare the crowd for you. All you must do is speak honestly about what you've seen, and the signs of war you can recognize. Make it genuine. Audiences love sincerity, especially when it's awkward."

Cyril nods to him and says, "Fair enough. I'll expect a cheque, of course. I do not do pro bono work." He sips his glass and starts wandering around the room again.

Cassius chuckles, apparently taking that as a joke. "Paying you to do this would be a political arrow to my knee. Cyril, I want your help in this, but only if you believe Unity is necessary. This isn't some angle I'm playing. I believe in what I'm doing."

Cyril seems absolutely baffled by the concept of not having some angle. But then again this is the man who starts wars so that he can end them for money. The older Malfoy shrugs and says, "Fine. I'll do it. I can't promise it will be good, though."

Cassius shrugs. "You can practice on me. I'll tell you if it's good, and what to avoid. Alright, enough about politics for now. Let's move on to something more volatile. Family. Have you been to see Mother and Father?"

Cyril shakes his head to his brother and says, "No, not yet. I imagine it's something I'll have to do very soon, though." He shudders. Never really did care for the folks that spawned him.

"No doubt they'll soon be aware that you're back, if they aren't already." Balaurius and Desdemonia Malfoy raised no fools, for they are no fools themselves. "Cousin Zephyr has moved into the neighbourhood, you know. Just down the street with his new wife."

Cyril nods and sets his glass of wine on a table, saying, "I'm sure they knew when I'd be back before it was even a thought in my head." He rests his hands on his hips and says, "Well, isn't that nice. Any other relatives living around London?"

Cassius shrugs, "Here and there. No one of great consequence. Obviously, Aunt Lucianna and Uncle Joseph will be around now and then to visit Zephyr. You know where Lin is. Medusa is off at school. There are, of course, the Blacks…though I've lost track of how far back the family trees intertwine."

Cyril chuckles and says, "I shall have to make the rounds, then, it seems." He rubs at his chin and says, "I shall also have to see about finding some eligible women. You seeing anyone these days, Cass?"

Cassius picks up his wine again, leaning against the desk now. "Here and there. As it happens, there is a lady I've grown quite fond of. Though it may get awkward, with her involvement in the movement. Romance and politics are strange bedfellows, after all."

Cyril nods to him and says, "Aye? Well, out with it. What's her name?" He moves over to have a seat in the chair, a bit of a hitch becoming evident in his step as he walks.

Cassius chuckles. "You don't believe me, do you. Her name is Eden Eibhon. She works as an Obliviator now." He tilts his head, frowning in concern. "Are you hurt?"

Cyril smirks and says, "Oh, Eden? I graduated with her. That's lovely." He waves a dismissive hand and says, "No, no. Everything's fine, Cassius. No need to get all worried and such."

Cassius tut-tuts again. "Of course I worry. You are my blood. In any event, yes, I'm glad you remember her. You should see her now." He smirks knowingly. Eden was quite the pudgy, bookish thing back at Hogwarts.

Cyril chuckles, "Oh? I trust she's not quite as thick as she once was, then? Of course not. That would be bad for your image." He stands up and straightens out his coat, saying, "Get my bags sent to the guest house. I'm going to have a look around town."

Cassius chuckles, shaking his head. "Cyril, you are welcome to stay here. But do try to be civil. This is not one of your sand-filled Bedouin tents, and I am not one of your desert tribesmen." He smiles graciously, but there is understated coolness in his gaze.

Cyril begins walking towards the door, saying, "Well, obviously not. You're much too skinny and pale. Speaking of, I'm going to get you in a gym sometime, Cassius." And with that, Cyril is gone, no doubt off to paint the town red now that he doesn't have to carry his luggage around anymore.

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