(1937-11-20) Chat by the Lakeside
Details for Chats by the Lake.
Summary: Julian and Seamus have a chat by the lake
Date: 1937-11-20
Location: Lake Shore, Hogwarts

It'd been a long Tuesday. Being assigned new Charms theories to study and getting a bit dirty in Herbology, Jules had been taxed. Staying in the castle is not going to be an option today. Having packed his bag and headed out tothe lakeside, he would set up camp, so to speak, and begin to work… camping out under a tree near the lake shore. The water is affected by the occasional breeze, but otherwise, aside from birds… it's peaceful and quiet. With a sketchpad in his lap, he works on sketching of a Bowtruckle. Rather, adding small touches here and there from memory… There ARE some other students out and about, but he's paying little mind, as they're so far scattered from him. If they do glide into his general area, though, he'll be nice, speak, and go back to sketching.

Finishing his homework for the day, Seamus needed a break from his own studies. Carrying his bag with his sketchbook in it, the silver haired prefect comes jogging out to the Lake shore. He breathes in steadily enjoying the moist cool air from the lake. "Hello Julian!" He says pleasantly as he settles down not too far from the Ravenclaw student,"What sort of sketch are you working on?" He asks curious as he relaxes just trying to look out over the lake and take it in.

Looking up as he hears a familiar voice directly address him, Jules flashes the other boy a bit of a smile. "Wotcher, Seamus," he responds, smiling still. As the other boy takes in the lake breeze, he grins a little, shaking his head and replying to the question… "Just a Bowtruckle, for Magical Creatures. We did some sketching and a little interaction today." Obviously, Jules' didn't like him… there's a bandage or two on his right hand from where he had grabbed his and tried to hold it. He holds up the hand, showing off the bandaging. "I'd be careful when you go. They may look cute and everything, but they've got some sharp points." He chuckles a little, shaking that off, and letting his hand drop, he glances toward the stuff the other fifth year has. "What about you, then?"

"Ah. I don't take magical creatures. I thought it wasn't for me." Seamus says laughing a little bit,"A lot of cute things are quite dangerous." He adds seeming far more relaxed than he was in the library. "I just came to sketch the lake. When I sketch it's usually either nature or someone. If you want I can try and sketch you. I did Miss Hawker the other day, and it turned out fairly well." His blue eyes flicker to Julian for a moment,"It is amazing to me sometimes how things go in classes."

Seeming to finish his sketch, Jules tilts his head a little bit, smiling and chuckling some, waving his hand. "I'm good. Thanks, though, Seamus. Maybe I'll take you up on the offer another time," he remarks lightly. The two boys are parked under one of the trees near the lakeshore, just hanging out and enjoying the afternoon. It's a bit cloudy, but otherwise it's decent. As Seamus talks about having drawn Hawker, and then shifting topic to classes, though, he tilts his head. "Mm. It is," he remarks lightly… and he raises an eyebrow. "Something happen to you this afternoon?" he asks lightly.

Gabrielle comes walking down towards the lake, she has her bag and ever present sketchbook with. Her hair loose and tucked behind her ears. She'll see the boys under the tree, and wave, but doesn't move to join them, as it looks like they're in a conversation.

"What do you mean?" Seamus asks tilting his head curiously at Julian,"Oh. Would you care for a biscuit?" He asks curiously fishing out his tin from his bag and offering it to Julian,"Hello Gabrielle, care to join us?" He asks turning his head a bit to Gabrielle and offering her one of the biscuits as well.

"Mm. I'm a little peckish." As the tin is offered up, Jules hesitates for a moment, before finally reaching for one of the biscuits… and after he has it, he places it between his teeth and holds onto it, busying his hands with putting a couple of his things away into his bag. Then he hears Seamus greeting Gabby… and he looks up from his preoccupation, biscuit hanging dumbly from his mouth as he raises a hand to wave. "mmp—" He stops himself, and reaches up, grabbing the biscuit after taking a bite out of it and lowering it… clearing his throat after chewing and swallowing. "'Ey, Gabby." He waves again, now, smiling a little, flushes with slight embarassment over trying to talk like he did.

"And my remark was pointed at you," Jules remarks idly toward Seamus. "Y'talk like something kinda good happened to you during class, s'all."

Gabrielle will shake her head, "No.I"m actually on my way to try to find Ogg…she'll make a bit of a face, "I wanted to talk to him about Railan…" She'll glance down to the biscuits and smile, "Maybe on my way back?" She'll give both boys awarm smile and startert heading towards the grounds keepers area.

"I'll see you later then." Seamus says chuckling softly, and shaking his head at Julian,"Nope. This is my normal way of speaking." He says shrugging at the question,"My classes are pretty standard. Nothing good, nothing bad happened. I did lose to Miss Hawker in the duel the other day, which means that she will face Mr Proudmore and probably end up losing that duel. I cannot see him being too easy on her." He says casually.

"Mm." Continuing to chew at his biscuit and watching Gabrielle take back off, he frowns a little bit. "Well, that was -smooth.-" He pops the remainder of his biscuit in his mouth and quietly chews it up, stuffing some more things into his bag. As he relaxes again, though, he nods. "I was there," he remarks idly, smiling. "Hawker was pretty tough. Surprised me. She obviously bought her best possible game to the duel." He rubs his nose and nods… "Proudmore'll be a bit more of a tougher opponent… but if she is able to keep herself going like she did yesterday, and absolutely not give up…. I think she'll do well."

"I am unsure of how she will do against Proudmore. Compared to me, he's far far more skilled." Seamus points out seriously,"And considering the fact that she had a hard time with me, she probably will have an even harder time against him. Plus, after his match with Christmas Jones, he's probably going to be out for blood from Gryffindor House." He adds as he thinks this through,"I mean did you /see/ his duel with Claire? It was much more impressive than my duel with Hawker."

"Claire's also a knock-down, drag-out duelist," Jules remarks idly, "and plays for keeps. As good of a friend she is, I gotta realize that, and she's not picky about when and who she draws blood on in cases like this." Leaning back against the tree, though, he considers the situation, and shrugs a little. "I'll be realistic, then. Proudmore'll probably walk away with the win," he remarks lightly, "but he'll have to earn it. You and Hawker were proper with one another to a certain degree," he remarks lightly, "in that neither of you used anything that'd directly harm one another - just throw eachother's games off."

"She'll bring a tougher game against a tougher opponent," Jules summarizes, smiling.

"Well it's sort of against the rules to try and actually /hurt/ the opponent. THat's why Jones got disqualified." Seamus points out shrugging a bit,"However, the finals are going to be something of bride. Do you /really/ think that any Slytherin is going to not play for keeps? Add in that Hawker's a Gryffindor and that's a recipe for disaster." He says shaking his head a bit,"I'm sure she'll try her hardest." He says considering it,"I would have liked to try and duel Proudmore. I know Miss Nott wants to duel me. I wouldn't mind teaching her a lesson in manners. I cannot believe she made that comment about my family."

"You gotta let that stuff roll off you," Jules remarks lightly, "because you know she's just trying to goad you - a Prefect, no less - into drawing a wand on an upperclassman for, as I'm sure she'll claim, no apparent reason." Shaking his head still, he reaches into his robes, taking out a small hard bit of candy and popping it into his mouth. Letting it rest under his tongue for a moment, he ponders his words… "You're not the only one who wants to teach Nott a lesson. Something is goin' on between her and Claire… and it worries me that it's gonna drive Claire to do something… rash." He just shakes his head, sighing. "If you need a Second for a duel," he comments idly, glancing over… "I'd be happy to volunteer. I wouldn't mind getting the chance to give Claire a good hex or two." He takes out the small bag of candy out of his robes, shaking it. "Want one? It's a Lemon drop," he explains, "m'dad sent 'em to me via m'mum's owl."

"I would never draw my wand outside of the Club." Seamus says blinking a little bit at the very thought of drawing his wand,"Claire would be far more dangerous." He says before taking the lemon drop,"I like these." He says as he pops the drop into his mouth. He considers all of this for a moment,"I think that everyone in the club does need to work even more heavily on our defensive magic just in case Miss Nott decides to go after them and given her aggressive style…"

"My defensive magic isn't -great,-" Jules responds lightly, "but I like to think that my dueling ability is pretty well-rounded. I could probably hold her off until help arrived. That is, if there's help coming." Also, Jules kind of just glances at Seamus, tilting his head. "We live in awkward times, Seamus," he remarks softly, "and while it's kind of a… appaling idea to me, as well… there may come a time when we have to defend ourselves. And not necessarily against Nott. But someone like her," he tells him softly, shaking his head. "I don't like it either, Seamus, don't get me wrong. I don't think turning your wand on another person is worth the effort unless it's necessary. But… when someone's got you cornered and is trying to actively hurt you… or -worse,- what else can you do?"

"I am not bad at offensive but I do focus on defensive magic." Seamus says nodding his head a bit at Julian,"We do live in awkward times. The better we can do defensive magic, the better we can protect ourselves if someone attacks her." He says sighing deeply,"That's why I began doing the dueling club. Being a Muggleborn, I know there are those who look down on me and figured knowing how to protect myself…." He trails off as he speaks.

Jules smiles a little. "My mum's not much better off than you. She may be a pure-blooded witch," he explains, "but she had me by a Muggle. Even worse, she didn't marry him. At least… not yet." He stops, though, shaking his head. "So, to be fair? Nott probably doesn't look at me much different than she does you, either. I'm scum for having a muggle dad. You're scum for having muggle parents. God, how stupid does that sound?" He laughs a little, shaking his head. Jules has always had a lacksidaisical view of bloodlines and purity… "Magical talent is magical talent. It doesn't matter who possesses it," he remarks lightly. He begins to lift himself up, slinging his bag over his shoulder. "I'm gonna head and grab some dinner, I think. Wanna walk with me?" He thumbs back toward the castle, smiling.

Standing up and putting his things back into the bag, Seamus nods,"I know. There are many like myself and you here at Hogwarts that earn her scorn for something as silly as how we were born." He says frowning a bit at the thought,"I guess being muggleborn, I've got a different view on it." He says sighing deeply,"Sure. I'll walk with you." He says as he brushes himself off,"Personally, I think most of the purebloods I've met that focus on the purity of their blood tend to be rather… inept."

"Inept isn't the word," Jules replies softly, "it's complete and utter ignorance… Xenophobic, if you will. Fear of change." While dusting himself off, Jules shakes his head… and once he finishes dusting himself off, he waves his hand. "C'mon. Let's go get some dinner and drown these depressing thoughts in some pudding." The joke is light enough… but the situation won't simply change over a joke. He continues to talk to Seamus actively as they head up toward the castle… Two friends from significantly different walks of life. Stranger things have happened.

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