(1937-11-20) You Own What You Make
Details for You Own What You Make
Summary: Kaiden and Phae finally make up, and maybe even start a real friendship.
Date: November 20, 1937
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Kaiden is doing that 'idly wandering about' thing that he likes to do after classes have concluded for the day. His robes drift along behind him as he looks around the room, eyes finally settling on the hourglasses with a grumble.

*Click, whirrr…click, whirrr…* The familiar mechanical sound echoes through the corridor, heralding Hephaesta's approach. She limps into the entry hall, a satchel pull of clanking spare parts hanging heavily from one shoulder. She comes to a halt at the sight of Kaiden, breath catching. Her eyes shift to the hourglasses. "Hufflepuff got a big boost. Congratulations." She tries to sound encouraging, but there is a crack in her voice that rather ruins the effect.

Kaiden looks over his shoulder at Hephaesta and says, "Aye, we did. It's still not good enough. It'll jump up there once we've won our first Quidditch game, though, I guarantee it." Nodnod.

Hephaesta comes to stand by Kaiden, and gets a slight smirk. "Well…your first Quidditch game is against Ravenclaw. I hope you won't mind if I don't make it easy for you." She lifts her brow hopefully to him.

Kaiden looks over at her and says, "I'd expect nothing less, Hephaesta." He puts his hands on his hips and his eyes remain on the giant hourglasses as he says, "How are things going?"

Hephaesta's lips curl up into a more confident smile. "Well, I think. I…I wanted to thank you for the kind things you said at the dance. I hoped that it meant that we are…better?"

Kaiden shrugs at Hephaesta, "Yeah, I guess we are. Though, it's not like we were ever really close friends or anything." He slides his hands into his robe pockets and looks over at her.

Hephaesta winces a little at that. "But…we're still cousins. We're family. That means something. Doesn't it?" She worries at her lower lip, her smile fading, that that glimmer of hope still in her eyes.

Kaiden nods to her and says, "Yeah. Of course it means something. It means that if someone ever tries to hurt you, that they're going to have to deal with me." He shrugs and quirks his lips.

That earns half a smile at least. "Well…I'd like it to mean more. I like you, Kaiden. I know I've said awful things…and that just wasn't at all like me. But I think you're a really good guy, and I want us to be friends. If…if you can ever truly forgive me."

Kaiden looks over at her and furrows his brow saying, "Chin up, Hephaesta. Never go around asking for forgiveness like that. It's weak. And besides, I forgave you a long time ago."

Hephaesta smiles in relief, and hesitantly steps forward in the hope of a hug. "I know I did wrong. I don't think it's weak to admit that. Dada always says, 'You own everything you make, good or bad.' But, thank you for forgiving me."

Kaiden will willingly accept the hugs and give her a soft pat on the back, saying, "Those are words to live by, indeed." He breaks the hugs and slides his hands back into his pockets saying, "Well, I'm…I'm gonna go see if I can't find Briar. There's some things I need to talk to her about.

Hephaesta nods, smiling with renewed affection and hope. "Okay. She seems really great, Kaiden. I think you two are wonderful together."

Kaiden smiles as he walks off and says, "Same goes for you and Ophe." He hums as he walks towards the kitchen passage.

Hephaesta's beaming smile lights up the hall when he gives an apparent stamp of approval to her relationship with Ophelia. With a stumbling hop to her step, she makes for the Great Hall for some celebratory studying.

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