(1937-11-21) Chats by the Lakeside
Details for Chats by the Lake.
Summary: Some of the students get together to discuss the summer and OWLs.
Date: 1937-11-21
Location: Lake Shore, Hogwarts

For many weeks now, Ophelia has been studying with only minimal breaks (save of course for the date with Hephaesta last weekend). Today she's decided to take a breather and step outside. So, after classes, she grabs some bright green galoshes and her warmer cloak usually worn to Hogsmeade and heads down to the lake shore for a walk. Her hair is up, still, held in a twist with actual pins, and her expression, though tired, is light and cheerful.

With November wearing on, Mid-terms would be a big deal weighing on many a Ravenclaw mind. Jules, despite his rather lax view, would also become concerned. Of course, he would still take the time to take breaks, and relax a little. Today, he's nipped his cloak and has, likewise, decided to take a walk. Coming from the opposite direction, he looks toward Ophe as he closes the distance between himself and her, and as he does, he raises his hand to wave. His expression is likewise a little tired, but bright. "Evenin', Ophe," he calls toward her lightly, slowing his pace to lightly tilt his head toward her. "Nice out this evening, isn't it?" he asks her lightly.

Sitting by the Lakeside already, Seamus is currently sketching the lake with an owl caught in flight. It's obviously late in the night judging from the height of the moon. A tin of biscuits sits by him almost forgotten for the time being. A hufflepuff scarf lays wrapped about his neck as he focuses on the sketch humming a little bit to himself. There's a bit of a scratching sound as he uses his pencils upon the paper.

Ophelia smiles, glancing up at the sky when Julian asks his question, as though she hadn't yet noticed. "Yes, I suppose it is." She replies thoughtfully. "Out for a break as well?" She pauses to look around, noting Seamus and giving him a similarly head-tilting look.

Smiling a little, Jules nods, glancing toward the sky. "Yeah. I was considering going up to the Astronomy Tower to do a little observation… but then I kind of thought twice about it. Telescope's been making my eyes hurt a bit lately," he remarks, reaching up to rub his eyes. "Knowing my luck, I'm going to need glasses." Chuckling a little, he sighs, and then looks back toward Ophelia. "I was feeling a little couped up in the castle, anyway." When Ophe's attention goes toward Seamus nearby, he tilts his head a little… "Evenin', Seamus," he calls out toward the boy.

Turning a bit when he hears his name, Seamus calls out,"Hey Julian!" He sounds pleased to see the other boy. "Hello Ophelia." He says pleasantly as he stands up and tucks the pad away again,"I try and take breaks fairly regularly so that I don't have a breakdown." He says laughing softly,"The school does get a little oppressive sometimes when you have to deal with all of the pressure that they put on us fifth years."

Nodding, Ophelia offers a polite smile to Seamus. "Cavanaugh, hello." Considering his words as she turns to step toward the tree, she frowns a little. "Do you think so? I suppose. Generally I enjoy it, its only that I've taken on so many extra projects this year."

Deciding to follow, Jules shrugs his shoulders a little. "A little pressure's not a bad thing," he remarks lightly, "because at this point, if we can't handle it once we hit our NEWT years…" He kind of trails off, shrugging. He stretches his arms a little bit, yawning and sighing. "I just wanted to give m'eyes a rest. I've been going over and going over the same Numerology chart at least fifteen times in the last few hours," he admits lightly.

"Generally but it can overwhelm me if I am not careful… By default I'm not really someone who is used to people coming to them for answers. I've been doing a lot of that lately with the first and second years especially." Seamus says shrugging a little bit,"I didn't go to the Arts club because of the fact I thought it might be a little bit much with the other things that I've been doing with my OWLs and being appointed prefect."

Ophelia nods with Jules, scrunching her face a bit at the mention of Numerology. "Yes, I shall be eternally glad I saved my own eyes by avoiding Arithmancy myself." Her eyebrows then rise as Seamus offers up his reason for missing Arts club of late, "Oh? Well I suppose its been of so much use in my projects, I haven't dared miss it. But I will likely have to cut back on something soon." She sighs, finding a patch of relatively clean and dry-looking grass to sit down on.

"I'm not going to lie… I don't think I'll weep too much if I don't manage to get a high-passing OWL in it," Jules replies softly. "Normally, that'd be like a swear against our very being as Ravenclaws… but at this point… I dunno, Ophe." He just shakes his head and likewise moves to sit down, splitting the difference and sitting down to where he can face Ophelia and Seamus both. Glancing toward Seamus at his mentioning of become come to for advice, he grins a little. "At least you're not a bad guy for advice," he notes helpfully.

"I try and provide adequate advice." Seamus says nodding his head a bit,"For me I have dueling club which has provided me a good chance to practice my Defense Against the Dark Arts, and domestics club is just as useful for my spellwork." He says with a hint of a smile,"If you can find the balance then you won't need to do it." He pauses for a moment before he says,"I /will/ get high marks on my OWLs." He sounds a bit uncharacteristically forceful when he says that.

Chuckling at Julian, Ophelia tucks her legs up comfortably. She glances from boy to boy, regarding each thoughtfully for a moment as they speak. "As I intend to." She replies, "But why the sudden interest? Is giving advice to firsties changing your perspective?"

After lamenting over his own woe with Arithmancy, Jules sort of settles in, listening at Seamus for a moment and tilting his head. He raises his eyebrows. "You know.. It's kind of interesting, sitting around and talking about this," he remarks lightly, "because it puts things into perspective. In the sense that it kinda… shows us, as young men and women… What we're working toward." He hrms to himself slightly, thinking about that.

"Hm? I think this term has really put things in perspective for me. I think if I don't do well on my OWLs I've not lived up to the expectations of Professor Beery and also Headmaster Dippet." Seamus says shrugging a little bit,"But I also want to do it to prove to those who have obsessions about blood purity that they have no basis when it comes to me." He says shaking his head a bit,"I think people like Nott focus too much on it."

"Hm." Ophelia nods a little, then chuckles. "Its certainly opened my eyes a bit to what it will mean to do what I want. But… do you really think the purists will change? I mean, not that you don't have the ability to prove you are capabple. But… " She frowns as she tries to find the right words, "Well, so many of them don't seem to concern themselves with what a person says or does."

"We're starting to come into our own," Jules continues. "We're… becoming what we will be." He just shakes his head. "Gah, listen to me an' my rantin'." He waves a hand lightly, crossing his legs slightly and sitting Indian-style. As Ophelia and Seamus get on purist remarks, his nose crinkles. "Magical talent is magical talent," he remarks, "no matter how you paint it and no matter what kind of blood you've got in your veins. I mean… Look at Claire," he remarks idly, "she's an absolute smashing Witch. Muggle-born." After mentioning that, he shrugs. "I would've never known the difference in what her bloodline is, either."

"I think purists do tend to close their eyes against what is real in an attempt to cling to shades of something that never was." Seamus says shrugging at this. "Magical talent /is/ magical talent." He says firmly, as he settles down,"I think that people tend to get confused with blood purity and magical talent and they aren't the same thing." He says casually as he folds his legs."Claire is a smashingly talented witch. Probably far beyond my level."

"Is she?" Ophelia hadn't known, either. "I've not paid much attention to it myself, as you say talent is talent." She draws up her knees to consider Julian's other words with a tiny sigh, but keeps to the new topic. "We tend to cross paths often, but I've spent very little actual time with her, I didn't know she was so good. Perhaps I should see if she'd like to join one of my study groups."

"Seamus has a point," Julian replies lightly, nodding, "people confuse talent for blood purity. They have nothing to do with the other… because even the purest of Pure-blood families have been known to spurn squibs every blue moon." He just shakes his head. He then glances toward Ophe, smiling a little. "She'd probably like that to some degree. But she's about as busy as the rest of us," he adds, "especially with the Qudditch team." With that, he falls silent for a moment, rolling his neck. "Speaking of things to be busy with… how're you coming along with your research for Fox?"

"She's very good. So far she managed to go toe to toe with Proudmore and make him struggle. I don't think that there are very many students that can do it." Seamus says shrugging a little bit,"Least when it comes to dueling. Now what her noncombat skills are like I'm not sure. I am looking forward to trying to learn how to cast without having to speak. It just is a way of spellcasting to me that makes sense. Not having to shout what we're doing. I've seen some of the sixth years trying to do it and failing miserably and looking like they're having… issues." He says thinking of the faces of some of the sixth years when they practice their nonverbal casting.

"Well that's actually the reason I'm starting them." Ophelia replies to Seamus, "So that we can try to condense our studying and get more out of the time we have. Hm?" She blinks at the question, then smiles, "Oh, well enough I think. I've made a few decent lists thus far, and am waiting on some more books from my father to cross-reference everything once more." She leans back to look at Seamus, asking after he's spoken, "Seems a good goal. I've had little need for combative magic myself, so I've not started on it. But it sounds like a great advantage for the dueling club."

"I was going to ask, perhaps y'may need some help pouring over some of that research? I wouldn't mind lending a hand to you or him," Jules remarks, "because, after all… He's going to be representing our school on an international scale. That's a pretty big deal," he remarks, "and I'd like to have a part in making sure Hogwarts' best foot is put forward." He begins to smile a little, chuckling. "That… and maybe I can loan some more of my knowledge to the team. I've got pretty steady skills in my potions making and my Charms and Transfiguration work," he explains lightly. "And… really, some of the Triwizard events come down to brute -common sense.-" He pauses, then, raising his eyebrows at Ophelia.

"I honestly believe that learning how to defend yourself is important. I don't think everyone needs to know how to attack with magic, but I do believe that most should know how to properly defend themselves." Seamus says smiling at Ophelia,"Getting used to Shield Charms can help people. If things go bad with all the anxiety running around, being able to cast a proper one would be incredibly useful, not just to protect yourself but those who haven't learned to do it." He says in a serious voice,"I haven't been asked for my help for the TriWizard Tournament, so I have spared it very little thought."

"Generally they do, yes." Ophelia agrees with Julian. She chuckles at Seamus, looking slightly embarassed as she admits, "I actually /asked/ him to let me help, you see. I wrote him a letter explaining all the things I thought made me a good choice. And he accepted my letter, which means that if the research I offered is good enough, I'll get to go. If you like, Julian, you'd be welcome to come along. I'm working out a schedule for all my different study topics, once I have it perfected I'll let you know when I'll be doing Tournament research."

"That works for me," Jules replies lightly, stretching slightly and yawning a little bit. "We'll work something out and get things hammered down well." After that, he glances toward Seamus, nodding a little. "You know my take on this, Seamus," he responds lightly, giving him a bit of a look and rolling his neck. He then glances up into the sky… overhead, an owl passes, and he grins a little. "I'm kinda glad I broke away from the books for a little while, now."

"It's a nice change. When you spend a large amount of time with your nose in a book, you lose track of the beauty that surrounds us." Seamus says smiling and making a gesture towards the Lake and other natural wonders that surround the school. "I think that he would be wise to bring along members of your House. No doubt you're are all far more clever than he is and capable of finding… inventive solutions for him."

"That's what summer's for." Ophelia turns to watch the water. "And yes, I intend to suggest a few members of Ravenclaw to him, as I believe he has not chosen his entire group yet. Though I've not spoken to him in over a week, so that may have changed."

"Well, count me in. Like I said, I want to make sure the school's represented the best it can be, even if that means having to back someone from Slytherin. If he weren't the best choice for our school to represent us, the Goblet would've never spit his name out," Jules remarks gently, shrugging his shoulders. "And I have faith in that much." He grins, then, and glances at Seamus, nodding… before glancing at Ophelia and rolling his eyes a little, before laughing… "Summer -used- to be good for that. Most of us will be looking at internships the next couple of summers, I surmise… So, it may not be a bad idea to take the moments when you get them."

"I'll be probably working for my Aunt's friend's restaurant." Seamus says shrugging a bit,"I do not think that I would be good at all for the Ministry." He says shaking his head a bit,"Not sure what I would even be qualified to do there and I don't think I have the… stomach for handling working at St Mungo's." He continues thinking it through outloud,"We'll see what will happen. I don't have that level in confidence in him. I am not sure on his skill level."

"You know… " Ophelia pauses, hesitant, before venturing to say, "Is it any different, thinking Slytherin's are generally bad people? I mean, different from thinking the same about those who aren't pureblood?" And then she sighs again, this time just a little louder, and gives her galoshes a briefly glum look. "So you want to work for the ministry?"

With classes finally being done for the day, Arian decides he needs a bit of fresh air before dinner and studying commence for the evening, He strolls around the lake shore, twirling something in his fingers idly as he whistles. When he spots the group of students, he pauses for a moment. Then, he picks out Ophelia and waves, approaching her. "Who wants to work for the ministry?" he asks.

"Like I said - I have faith. If Fox is gonna be the one representing us in the Tri-Wizard Tournament, he must not be -that- bad," Jules remarks, "but I guess you're right… generalizing because there -are- a few bad eggs in the bunch is a bit the same," he concedes, nodding alittle thoughtfully and tipping his head toward Ophelia. At the question, though, he gives a shrug of his shoulders. "My mother's pushing me to do some internship hours with the Ministry," he admits lightly, "but I dunno where I want to really land. She works for the Magical Accidents and Catastrophies Muggle Liaison Office," he explains, "but that doesn't really seem like my kind of thing."

"I try not to generalize people. There are good people in Slytherin. I've met a couple. Not too many associate with me but I think that's because generally my association does not give much benefit to them." Seamus says shrugging a little bit,"I think you'd be more of a Mysteries type." He says grinning at Julian, before he decides to speak to Arian,"It was just the three of us dicussing what will happen over the summer. I doubt that I will be."

Ophelia frowns at Seamus, as though he's confusing her immensely. She shakes her head while looking up to wave at Arian, "I'm not entirely certain what he's on about, but yes Julain had just brought up the possibility of summer internships. Seamus seems to think he'll be working in some restaraunt, and I'll probably just be trying once again to see if Ollivander will take me on." Her tone suggests she thinks that she is as likely to be accepted as Seamus is to be accepted into the Ministry.

"Mysteries. Hah!" Julian actually laughs, a hearty guffaw. "I doubt I've remotely got the grades or the mental aptitude for it," he responds half-heartedly after finishing his laugh, and he shakes head, glancing toward Seamus with one of those 'are you serious?' looks. He looks back toward Ophelia and blinks a little bit. "Again? You mean you've applied to work as an apprentice under him before already and he didn't take you?…" He just kidn of stares, scratching the side of his head. "You're one of the best in wandlore that I've ever met, Ophe," he remarks quietly… "What more could he possibly want?"

"You have the mental fortitude for it." Seamus says moving to pat his friend on the shoulder,"I am sure they'd take you if you applied." He says matter of factly,"And yes. I have been learning to cook for years from him. Now I'm old enough to actually work in his restaurant." He says grinning a little bit, like it was something that he was looking forward to doing."And I'm sure that you will be able to do an apprenticeship with Ollivander if that's what you're wanting to do."

"I go every year. I wasn't not old enough yet." Ophelia says, eyes on her galoshes as though she speaks to them rather than the boys. "And he already /has/ an apprentice. He doesn't need another." Sighing,l she tries to smile, "I really should start considering joining my parents."

"There's other wand makers," Julian remarks softly, raising his eyebrows lightly and watching Ophelia start to wilt any. "I wouldn't stop until I got what I was wanting to do," he adds gently, "because giving up and just going with the flow is just too boring. Have you considered other wandmakers abroad? You could write them," he explains lightly, "and go down that road. And don't give up on Ollivander, either… keep wearing him down." Reaching over, he lightly nudges Ophelia in the shoulder with his fist. "Don't let it get you down. There's always other ways." As he regards Seamus, he shrugs. "Maybe," he remarks gently, "but… I dunno if that's really what I want to do, either."

Gabrielle and Mabel come walking into view, obviously deep in conversation. A large owl can be seen flying above them. Gabby is dress for the weather, with her knitted hat on and she's smiling at Mabel, "Well, I think I'm going to need to do something a bit more…unique to get Slughorn's attention."

"Having an apprentice does not preclude him letting you intern there for the summer." Seamus says shrugging indifferently,"Is there something that you do want to do post Hogwarts?" He asks tilting his head a bit to one side as he looks at Julian trying to decide if his friend is trying to hide behind modesty or what he's really doing.

Mabel hrmphs a little to Gabby, a Gryffindor-colored scarf and a just-jaunty enough black witch's hat sufficing for the weather, in her case. "Attention? Whatever for? Slughorn's a dear old chap, All you need do for attention in class is *ask,* and outside of class, ask less. I might have given up on Potions years ago if he weren' so dashed good at teaching it, and you're just crackerjack."

"And tell me." Ophelia glances up to grin wryly at Julian. "Where did you buy your wand? And your friends, where did they get theirs? No, if I am going to be a wandmaker, I /must/ study from the best." She just shrugs at Seamus' insistance. "Perhaps. I'll go again of course, during the summer holiday."

"Well, I bought mine from Ollivander, yeah," Jules remarks idly, but he shakes his head. "But where do students from Durmstrang or Bauxbatons buy theirs? Ollivader may be the best in -this- part of Europe, that is to say in the United Kingdom… but he's certainly not the only -great- one in the world." As he explains, he continues to shake his head, chuckling… "Just don't give in. You've got the perserverance to get what you really want." Glancing at Seamus, he blinks at the other Fifth year's glance, and he quirks an eyebrow. "I just don't really know, to be honest. There's a lot of promise," he remarks softly. "I've honestly considered going abroad… but it seems like a bad time to be considering that." He is, of course, referring to the actual Muggle side of things in the world…

"But the first thing we need to do is survive our OWLs." Seamus says laughing a bit at that. "Until we get past that I guess there's little point in any sort of considering that we will have the skill level necessary for anything." He says sighing deeply,"I might travel for a while after Hogwarts. There are so many recipes to learn throughout the world that it might be interesting to go to various cultures and learn their cooking."

Ophelia shrugs a little, looking generally unconvinced. "There are. But… well. I should be ending my break, I have some woodwork to look in on." She starts to stand, noticing Gabrielle and Mabel as she does. The two girls are offered a small smile and wave, "Hello. What are you needing from Professor Slughorn?"

Gabrielle rolls her eyes abit at Mabel, "Because /none/ of the teachers think I'm any good besides Mopsus. I really want to impress …someone, and Potions is my best shot." Gabby will look up at the group and wave. "Hi everyone!" She sounds like she's in a good mood. She'll look to Ophelia and give her a smile, "I'm just trying to decide what potion to do for Slughorn for Extra Credit."

Mabel waves with a little smile toward Ophelia as she and Gabby come along. She thinks. "I think Professor Slughorn is perhaps most interested when one can accomplish things he's suggested one might not. He likes to think he can…" She waves her hand in the air, "Inspire us to acheivement. Whether or not that's ever been true in my case, I've always found him a favorite teacher. So positive, don't you know. I'm sure he must have laid some hints before you that way."

As Ophelia gets ready to go, Jules sort of looks a little down-put. Just shaking his head a little, he begins to stretch a little. He glances toward Seamus, tilting his head. "I never knew you liked to cook so much," he comments lightly, chuckling a little bit. He just shakes his head again, and as Ophelia gets up to get ready to go, he looks toward her… "'Ey, remember to let me know when you want to work on the research," he tells her, "and I'll be there with bells on." Then, the approach of two others… Gabrielle and Mabel. Raising his hand toward the two other girls, he stretches again, but otherwise remains out of their conversation… except for greeting. "'Ey, Hawker, Gabrielle."

"Who do you think makes all my biscuits?" Seamus asks grinning at Julian,"Cooking is to me one of the best things in the world." He says chuckling a bit,"Did you think that QUidditch and Dueling were the things I focused on the most?" He asks curiously. "Slughorn isn't that impressive a teacher. I mean he's not bad but he tends to take credit for more than you'd think he actually did. I will say he knows his thing though. I doubt they'd hire anyone who wasn't very good at their subject. I personally think Professor Dumbledore is one of the better teachers. I love his class."

Ophelia nods, eyebrows lifted in interest. "Hmm, veritaserum, perhaps? I think… Evelyn is particularly good with potions, you might ask her as well." She tilts her head at Mabel, thinking about but not commenting on her words, and nods to Julian's reminder. "I won't. Don't worry." Then she head off toward the castle, glancing back to wave and give Seamus another odd look.

Gabrielle shakes her head to Mabel, "he's not though. I've not really….blossomed in his class where he can see. So, he's had no reason to take notice, or drop hints, other than i should try to do better." Gabby will give Jules a smile and a nod back. Gabby will laugh at what Seamus says, "Well, I can only do some much extra credit at once. I'll work on Transfigarations after Charms…which is after Potions. Gabby will nod at Oph's suggestion, "That might be impressive…but would probably get me in trouble…."

Mabel hrms, thinking a bit, as her owl comes in for a muffled landing on her outstrectched arm, before starting to almost delicately pick his way on talons that might be able to pierce her through, to relax on her shoulder. "Well, perhaps if you're even *thinking* of veritaserum, it might take a bit more in that regard. It's easy enough to take Dumbles for granted, but I'd scarce have got so far as I did in Potions as itis. " She thinks. Frowns a moment, then says, "Oh, ah, why are you particularly wanting to impress Professor Slughorn for a start, anyhow?"

"I try not to worry about extra credit. I'm mostly just worried this term about getting together the knowledge that I'll need for my OWLs. I want to get as high a score on them as I can possible get." Seamus says seriously, before standing up finally,"Anyway ladies, if you'll excuse me. I promised to help a group of first years that are struggling with their Transfiguration homework."

Gabrielle will just nod to Seamus and Jules, "Talk to you later!" she'll turn to Mabel, "Well…I wanted to ask him something…but it's rather personal. And I want to make sure he's in a good mood when I do ask him. And from what I've heard, having students impress him puts him in a good mood." She'll smile and laugh some."and again, I"d like for there to be more than one professor that thinks I'm smarter than a second year!"

Mabel hrms, a little, waving as others head off, and waiting for a little more privacy. "Gabby, sometimes if you need some manner of help, the way to go about asking for some isn't to try and prove you don't need it, first. There's different professors here, but I do wish you'd understand you belong here as much as any of us. If you don't think you can ask straight-out of Professor Slughorn, you could ask someone else, don't you know. But even then."

Gabrielle jaw tightens slightly, although it's not clear if she's mad, or embarrassed, "It's not that simple….Slughorn ….I believe Slughorn may have known my mother, and I'd like to ask questions. No one on staff has ever approached me offering my stories. I just want to make sure he's ok with me first before I ask him to go remembering something from 20 some years ago." she'll not make eye contact, but look out over the lake.

Mabel ohs, "Ah. I see. Well, I think I might do. It's never seemed needful or proper to bring up personal or family matters, I'm sure he'd find my own a touch awkward if I did… Blast, I'm rather silly, aren't I. If your mother was at Hogwarts,' some others' parents must have been as well."

Gabrielle will smile softly but not look away from the Lake, "Mother was a Slytherin. So I'm starting with the head of their house…although I should probably make sure it wasn't Dippet at the time…."

Mabel nods. "Well, my Mummy was in Gryffindor, and had me rather young, but Aunt Edyth… Well, there's near always been some Yaxleys in Slytherin. It's rather a constant. The point is, someone must know, and the better foreknowledge you have, the better chance of impressing Professor Slughorn, I'd bet on it."

Gabrielle nods, "I think the guest lecturer for the 7th year charms may have known my parents. He became rather quiet when he heard my last name. Aunt Irene says I look like mother…I know he was the same year as they were." She'll shrug, "I'm trying to also get into /his/ lecture…maybe I can get him to talk to me about them."

Mabel hrms, when Gabby mentions people going quiet at mention of her mother's name. The owl on her shoulder swivels his head with one of those 'And now my lady boss begins to get it' sort of looks for Gabby, wherever those come from. "Well, quite possibly, then. " Mabel says, "This gentleman lecturer might notice the resemblance and volunteer some information, if you're ready for that. I don't suppose you might get him to sample a nostalgia potion in the process?" Apart from that, it'd be as well to ask some of my relations here and there. Trouble is that one can't just send Earhart with a number of questions if one's trying to be just so discreet."

Gabrielle will finally turn and look at Mabel. she'll chuckle slight, "Yeah, it's gonna take some time. It's ok, I've waited this long.'she'll shrug, "I did learn they were both in Dueling club." She'll smile a bit, "I wonder if they ever dueled each other? Maybe they fell in love during a match!" Gabby will roll her eyes, knowing how silly that sounded.

Mabel smiles a little, "Oh, well, that's very likely." She seems to be joking mildly about the current Duelling Club, but just nods, more slowly. Thinks a little while, looking out on the water. "Perhaps if you resemble your Mummy so, you might see what clues that resemblance itself brings you?"

Gabrielle will tilt her head, "You mean, see how people react to me? Put on something green and talk to them?" She'll smirk with teh last question.

Mabel smirks, "Well, I find that looking sharp in green may not be quite enough for a sometimes-unsubtle sort of age, but it might be a start of it."

Gabrielle laughs. "I'll check my wardrobe." She kinda chuckles as she /knows/ she has nothing green. "i think I should be getting back…I've got a few idea for which potion…and if I can figure it out…I may start. If it goes well, maybe i can send on for Leander….i mean, I'm sure he'll have plenty of help, it would be just one less thing for anyone to worry about."

Mabel hrms. and nods a bit. "I do suppose such things might come in handy, whatever colors we may be wearing, or perhaps not-being-seen in."

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