(1937-11-23) Deliveries
Details for Deliveries
Summary: Keenan delivers books and magazine to Niamh, and the three (Gideon included) get a chance to chat.
Date: 23 November 1937
Location: MacDiarmarda Apothecary
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Niamh may not have liked looking at that page in the book, which made Keenan all the more interested in it. He'd pored over it after his sister went to sleep, and early the next morning he took it with him when he left. He promised Niamh before he left he'd see to it that Elijah got his potion, and the other people she had mentioned would be taken care of as well. He gave her a kiss on the forehead, and assured he'd take care of things, clean up the shop, and set everything to rights. And bring her herb books for her to read. And her latest Witches' Weekly. And …

It's quite late, though, now. Past evening into night, when he puts the key to the lock. Easing open the door, he looks a bit disheveled, which is nothing new. However, his face doesn't look quite so drawn as it did the night before or when he left this morning. Even though his gaze when he turns to look for Niamh is concerned, he seems, oddly, happy. "Aye, Niamh, Gideon, I'm back," he announces as he lets the knapsack drop to the floor.

Niamh's taken to cooking now.. something to keep idle hands busy. A couple loves of soda bread are on the table, as well as a pot of potatoes wth beef bones mixed for flavour and good measure added. And carrots. It's enough already to feed a good number of people, and she hasn't truly gotten started yet!

Niamh is on the couch, in her dressing gown, a 'before bed' cup of tea, with an empty potion bottle settled next to it. Keen'll recognize his own dear mum's container.. and this is definitely one of them. Raising her gaze up from an almost doze, she turns slowly, and smiles, "Keen.. welcome back.. ye are a sight.." and she was going to end for sore eyes, but she ceases, instead, repeating, "Ye are a sight.." Beat. "Did ye bring—"

The sound of water running in the loo shuts off with a groaning of the pipes mere moments after the door opens. A dripping wet Gideon bursts out, naked save for a towel wrapped around his waist, his wand held at the ready. At the sight of Keenan, he lets out a sigh of relief, soon followed by a rather embarrassed pinching of his lips. "Ah. I'll just go put some clothes on, then." As quickly as he emerged, he vanishes back into the W.C.

Keenan chuckles, his eyes glowing with fond amusement at the greeting. "Aye, there's a compliment fer yer dear brother," he teases, and reaching down to his feet where the knapsack lies he pulls out 'Witches' Weekly' and 'Herbalist Times'. He drops them on the coffee table along with a kiss on the top of her head, looking up when Gideon comes rushing out. Raising one eyebrow at the half clad man, he gives a shake of his head and moves over to the table. "Ahhh, I told Rue ye'd have a ton o' food already made," he says, his self vindication cheerful as he slices off an end of soda bread. "Mmmmm." Coming back to the couch, he flops down next to Niamh as he munches away at his snack.

Niamh rises at the approach of her brother, and takes the magazines with a happy smile at the kiss. "Aye, it was the best I could do at the moment," she teases.

Gideon's bursting from the WC certainly does gain her attention, and she bursts out with a merry laugh. Yes, he's out to protect her, and she dips her head, "It's your spell, my gaoler. Ye have me well an' truly kept." Niamh can't bear to tear her eyes away from the sight, not until he turns and walks back into the WC to get dressed.

It's back to Keenan, then, and she look quite pleased with herself. Following her brother's progress through to the kitchen and back, she's got her magazines in hand, and certainly not willing to give them up. When he returns, Niamh takes a seat, tucking her legs up again, curling onto the couch once more. "O'course I have food. By the time all's back t'normal, I'll have gained at least 2 stone."

Gideon hurriedly towels off and gets dressed, muttering to himself about being paranoid and showing off his nips to his girlfriend's brother.

Keenan shakes his head. "Nah, I'll help ye eat it all.. we'll gain a stone a piece," he reassures his sister. He lays his head back on the couch when Gideon returns, the easier to direct the words to the man behind him. "Aye, Lovegood was askin' after ye. Wanted tae know where he could find ye, said he's wantin' tae have some words with ye." Another mouthful is greedily consumed, although he doesn't /quite/ finish his bite before he continues his chatter. "He also said he wishes ye get well, soon. Didnae tell him /what/ was wrong, just that ye weren't feelin' yer best an' were stayin' with Gideon so he could pamper ye."

He kicks off his shoes so that he can plant his feet comfortably on the table, crossing right over left. The bite is finished, swallowed. "Oh, an' Miss Max offered tae mind tha shop fer ye while yer away. Nothin' complicated, nae goin' into ledgers an' such. Just keepin' it open tae sell the stuff from the shelves."

Niamh's gaze flickers back and forth from the WC to her brother, and back.. and forth. She nods at her brother's words, a curious cant to her smile coming. "Eli's wantin' to speak with him?" That's interesting, though.. it shouldn't be. Partners and all.. but..

"Did ye give him his potions? They were set under the counter for him.." and Niamh pauses, her eyes glazing briefly, and she takes a quick hissed breathed in. "Under the counter.." and she looks, shifting her position, to face her brother fully. She opens her mouth to say something, and.. it's lost, and she looks frustrated, shaking her head. Instead, she responds to the offer, "'T'is okay, Keen.. but I don't want another in the shop, workin'. I need t'be able to vouch for all, an' I'm sure she's a wonderful lass, but.." Pausing, she exhales, "I don't know her, an' should somethin' happen, it's my name." She sets the magazine down, and reaches for her brother's arm. "It's naught on her, but she's nae family."

Gideon re-emerges, now fully dressed save for shoes, though his hair is still damp. "What this about Lovegood?" He scowls, shaking his head. "I've got nothin' to say to the man. He has his work, I have mine," he states with finality. The smell of the bread lures him over to the table, though he remains standing while he munches.

Keenan shrugs tae Gideon. "As ye wish, just passin' it on. Thought it odd he was askin' me if I knew where tae find ye. Ye courtin' my sister doesnae make me yer keeper, last time I checked." He takes another bite of the bread, and gives Niamh a wink. "'Course I gave him his potions, ye little ninny," he tells her. "It's part o'tha reason I went to tha shop today, aye?" He watches her carefully as she tries to remember something, but he doesn't push it, when it doesn't reach the surface. Instead, he smiles so broadly that he may have created a new dimple or two. "Aye, she is a wonderful lass, an' I never expected such an offer, but it's fine. 'Twas a kindness of her, but I'm sure MacCurry keeps her plenty busy." Then he takes another bite, his toes wiggling in his socks as he contemplates something… whatever it is, he's certainly enjoying the subject matter.

Niamh takes her potions, and her responsibility at the Apothecary very seriously. It's not a shop, in her mind, like some others. This has direct life and death consequences, and there are herbs there that have been around for a hundred years.. and they're nothing to mess with!

Niamh smiles at the re-appearance of Gideon, and she raises a hand for him to take and join her, them, on the couch. "He's askin' after ye. It's a kindness, at least, that should be reciprocated, aye?"

Niamh grins at her brother, and her brows rise, her tones teasing. "Ye, Keen.. are in .. infatuation. I can't remember a time ye were like that. Even Evie didn't affect ye so.." One of the many.. and she's not even sure she's gotten the name right after all those years. "Or," she dips her head, her words taking the merry lilt, "Ye've been spendin' time with her, an' she's gotten to ye!"

Gideon brings his bread over to the couch to take Niamh's invitation. "I know what his 'kindness' brings. He can leave me a note at my desk if he needs to update me on something." Though it'll probably just end up in a waste bin. He arches an eyebrow, looking between Keenan and Niamh, curiosity getting the better of him. "So, who is this Miss Max? The woman you've been seeing, I gather?"

Keenan raises his eyebrows at the exchange about Elijah, and takes another bite. An eyebrow is raised as Niamh tries to remember a name from his past. "I nae get 'infatuated' with any o' tha women I've been with," he tells her. "Or with Miss Max. I don't know what ye're talkin' about gettin' tae me, but I'm intendin' tae spend some more time with her."

Pulling apart his bread he answers Gideon's question. "Miss Veruca Pierce. She's an executive assistant with Macnair Manufacturing. Quite a lovely woman."

When Gideon takes up her offer, Niamh leans against him, a casual gesture.. and a comfortable one. "He may seek ye out, Adamantus. Least ye can do is make your goodbyes an' intentions known?" Apparently there's been conversation? She turns back to her brother, and offers something of an explanation, and she realizes as it comes out of her mouth that it really isn't much of one. "Adamantus an' Elijah aren't on the best o'terms at the moment, as ye well can see."

She exhales, and her smile turns briefly grim before she devotes more attention to her brother's words. "Aye, that's exactly what I mean then. Spendin' more time.. needin' t'.." Niamh doesn't mind, she really doesn't! Her eyes narrow slightly, though the good humour doesn't leave, "The name doesn't sound like a good Irish lass, Keen.."

Gideon nods to Keenan, "Good on you, then. I'm sure she's a fine woman. Sounds industrious. MacCurry's a big company." He smirks and gives Niamh a playful nudge of his elbow, "Aye, Gideon's not an Irish name either, love."

Keenan chuckles. "Good is nae exclusive tae Irish lasses," he teases back to Niamh. "She's got a mind o'her own like a proper Irish lass, though. Can't help but admire that in her, an' she's an independent one. Don't suppose ye've got any whiskey or such in this little hideout?" he asks Gideon as he plops his feet on the ground and stands up. "An' I gathered as much on Lovegood. He seems tae like sneakin' up on people. Right creepy at times tae be honest, if ye ask me."

"It's nae Irish, but it's nae English either," Niamh rolls her head back and grins impishly at the Scotsman. "An' I have no need t'teach ye the finer points of cursin' in Irish." She's not being shrewish, honest! Her tones are good natured and merry, enjoying a poke at her brother's expense.

Stretching her legs way out as Keenan rises to his feet, Niamh's warm smile is given to her adored brother, and she nods. "Independant is good. That way, ye know that she wants ye because she wants, an' nae needs." Though, there's a lot to be said for needing! "I'll look forward t'meeting her."

Gideon shrugs at Keenan's commentary on Elijah. "Sneaky can be good in our line of work. I can handle creepy. What I cannae handle is unreliability. He's a good Hit Wizard, just a terrible partner." He wraps an arm around Niamh, the banter and conversation helping him to relax a bit more. Though surely it'll just take someone else entering or an odd sound to set him on edge again.

Keenan raises his eyebrows at Niamh as she makes 'excuses' for not having a good Irish lad at her side. "Aye, we will need tae teach Miss Max tha finer points o' cursin' in Irish," he agrees mildly with his sister. "I'm sure be a quick study." He finds a bottle with an 'ah ha!' and opens it, his next search being for a glass.

Pouring out two glasses, he brings one back for the other man in the room, since good Irish lasses don't drink whiskey… All right, he brings back three glasses of whiskey. "I'm sure ye'll meet her soon enough. She seems interested in seein' how a real family gets along. I get tha feelin' that she's nae had a close relationship with… anyone, includin' family." He hands out the beverage. "It's okay, Niamh. I'll try some work on yer head later. Tha whiskey shouldnae muddle it too much. Unless ye've gone soft datin' this Scottish bloke an' can't handle yer liquor any more."

"Aye, see?" Niamh leans back in the gentle, protective arm. She nods, "All the same, he should be told so he's naw barkin' up a tree, thinkin' he's found ye." She can feel Gideon relaxing, taking that respite from sentry.

Watching Keenan cross the room, Niamh knows he'll find the whiskey, and the sound of discovery makes her laugh. "Bread, potatoes an' whiskey. What sort o'place do ye think I have.. no whiskey," she scoffs. "I might be insulted if I didn't think I might have been daft enough t'have forgotten it." The two glasses are poured, and she clears her throat at his hesitation, and beams when that third is done. Holding her hand out expectantly, she listens to Keen's explanations and looks sympathetic. "They tend not, more'n'not, I'm beginnin' to find. She'll find that it'll be somethin' of an adjustment. The noise, an'.. the noise."

Gideon snorts at Keenan. "Soft? I'll go soft drinkin' this water you call whiskey. I've got to toughen your sister up on proper Scotch." He gives Keenan a smirk, probably the first time he's given the man a real smile or bit of good humour.

Keenan nods his head half way to Gideon. "Aye, I've heard o'that rot gut ye call 'Scotch'," he replies. "Good enough bite, but it's nae got taste or a smooth finish. May's well be drinkin' straight from tha still." He dutifually hands out the glasses, at least, to Niamh but then pauses at Gideon. "However, if this whiskey isnae good enough fer ya, I wouldnae wanta force it on ye. I can drink it instead."

Niamh lifts her glass with the necessary wish, "Slainte" before she takes the first sip. She pauses after the first, her eyes peering over the glass, shining brightly in the pair's bantering. She'll not interrupt, but instead, take that second swallow, a little deeper than the first, and still doesn't stray far from the glass' edge.

Gideon holds out his hand for the glass. "Give it here, laddie. Even Irish whiskey is better'n no whiskey at all. But next time, I provide the drink, and we'll see who's soft." To Niamh's wish, he offers his usual, "Failte," whether he's got his drink in hand or not.

"Slainte," Keenan toasts after surrendering the glass to Gideon with a chuckle. He settles back down on the couch and takes a sip. "Aye, Gideon, nae worries. If it's been distilled, fermented, or otherwise created fer tha purpose o'inebriation, Lindy'n'I've drunk it at some point." He doesn't mention the times they've carried each other up the stairs. Now that there's silence again, there's that little, preoccupied smile about Keenan's lips once more.

Niamh giggles at Gideon's response to Keenan's teasing, and she looks between the pair. Content is a perfect word to describe the lass, and she's not inclined to interrupt the pair in their drinking and bonding. Another sip, is taken, and she grins broadly on her glass. "He's always been a bit more'n I. Someone's gotta keep their head in case mum needs explanation."

Tapping her foot against her brother's leg, Niamh offers a quick 'psst'. "By the by.. an' I'm glad ye brought my books.. an' the magazine. Thank ye for that."

Gideon nods in appreciation for Keenan's explanation. "Now that I can respect." He tilts back the whiskey, and shrugs in concession. It's not bad! "Och, let us know if you need anythin' else, love. I know it's got to be a bid maddening bein' stuck here."

Keenan blinks over to Niamh, and nods. "Course," he says. "Least I can, since I'm gonna havetae start doing tha not so fun stuff later. So… drink up, Niamh-lass. How long ye think ye want tae keep her here?" He looks over to Gideon after he takes a sip of his whiskey.

Niamh finishes her glass of whiskey, and leans forward to set it upon the small table. "It is a bit, but I'm only now wond'rin' how my shop fares." So she's not terrified to go back. Only .. concerned. It's in her eyes, still. "The magazines will help, as well as the books, an'.. mum's potions," which she's had a little while ago. Leaning forward, she gains her feet, and turns around to give Gideon a brief kiss, her fingers running through his short hair on the side of his head. "Turnin' in.." before she looks to her brother. "Ye .. not lookin' forward t'that bit, Keen.. if ye must know. I'd rather ye sit an' drink with Adamantus," and she favours the Scot with a fond look, "An' find your ways t'sleep." She leans to kiss her brother on the forehead. "I'm nae goin' anywhere, so ye know where t'find me." And with that, she takes the magazines and heads into the bedroom, leaving the door open.. just a little, before turning down the bedsheets and climbing in.. ready to read before slumber takes her.

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