(1937-11-23) Relaxation and Introspection
Details for Relaxation and Introspection
Summary: Elly and Edwin enjoy some of Reece's special beverage-enhancing potions.
Date: November 23, 1937
Location: Leaky Cauldron

Edwin looks to Reece behind the bar, "A round of whatever those fancy shots were for Elly and me here." As he watches the two venture off into the night. He gives them a little wink to wish them well. Still, the man doesn't plan on drinking them.

Reece gives Edwin a mellow smile. "It depends what you want, friend. Each shot was a little different." He's already pouring the drinks, but so far they lack the distinctive colours. "One is good for vitality. Another for alertness. Another will guarantee you sweet dreams." His eyes shift to Elly, and he gives her a wink. "For Elly, I think, a drop of relaxation." Producing a vial of cool, blue liquid, he dabs a single droplet into the shot glass, turning the drink the same colour.

Elly smiles ever so sweetly towards Reece and wiggles her fingers in a tired good-bye to the egressing couple. Then she returns to the bar and lays her head down on it once more.

Edwin looks to the drinks and nods to the relaxation. "Impressive." He speaks to the shots being prepared. "I didn't think you could do that with them but I should have supposed that you could." He laughs a bit as his brain works over what the drinks could do and he smiles a bit.

Reece chuckles, shrugging. "Potions and mixology are cousins, are they not? I like to bring the family a bit closer together. A drop for you, then? You seem like the sort of man that could use a touch of introspection." He holds up a vial of clear liquid. It is literally labelled: Introspection.

Edwin lifts a brow to this and tilts his head, "You think? Pretty sure I know what I want in the world." He looks to Elly a bit and then does a bit without the drop in a drink.

Reece shrugs, putting the potion away. "Introspection isn't always about what you want. In fact, it is usually about what you need. Only rarely are those two the same thing, though one can lead to the other." He slides the blue shot toward Elly. "This will help to ease your tensions, Elly."

Edwin thinks for a moment, "Then fine. Lend me some introspection." He winks towards Reece and smiles.

Reece shrugs, taking out the vial again (but first refilling Edwin's shot glass). "This will only open the door for you. You must step through and do your own searching." He unstoppers the vial and taps a drop into the glass. The drink shimmers like stars for a moment.

Edwin looks to the drink very curiously for a moment, watching the stars that appear and then reaches out and shoots it back right after he lifts it in a toast to Elly and Reece.

Elly lifts her own blue shot up and clinks it against Edwins before she takes the shot back and with a sigh a great deal of tension escapes her.

Reece smiles softly at Edwin. "It's best to just relax now. If your mind seems to be taking you somewhere, follow. Explore your thoughts and feelings."

Edwin settles the shot glass back on the bar and looks to Reece. "Interesting." As he tastes what is on his lips and smiles to see Elly relax as she does. A hand reaches over to rest on her shoulder as he smiles to her. He visibly relaxes, though. Breath coming in easy.

Reece quiets himself for the moment, letting Edwin follow his own course. He occupies himself wiping down the bar and organizing glasses, keeping his eyes primarily on Elly.

Edwin becomes very quiet and his eyes slowly close as he sits there. A hand comes up and he rests his head against it on the bar. His breathing is very slow and even as he does so, just disappearing into his own thoughts.

Elly smiles, "I like this, some quiet time wif me men. I love ye both, so." She gives another sigh and it seems to relax her even more so.

Reece smiles knowingly at Edwin's reverie. All it takes is a push in the right directly sometimes. Elly gets a warm look, and he nods reverentially. "Rare that we have such a somber moment here."

Edwin reaches over and rests a hand behind Elly's back and leans over to place a kiss on her cheek. He rests there for a bit and still is in his little self trip around his brain.

Elly reaches up to pet Edwin's scruffy cheek. Very at ease there with him as well. Her eyes are on Reece and they speak volumes of gratitude, adoration, and of course relaxation. "Somber. Aye. Shame. I try my best to always make it happy round 'ere."

Edwin speaks quite softly, "You make me happy." He almost whispers in his little dream and nuzzles Elly just a little bit. Then he starts to come back to the real world and his eyes open as he looks to Elly. He smiles softly and just reaches around her to pull her into an embrace, should she allow it.

Reece gives Elly an encouraging smile. "I mean only that it is calm and serious. Not in the sense of a grim mood. A poor choice of word on my part."

Elly allows for the embrace with Edwin and smiles over to Reece. She extends her free arm that's not rubbing Edwin's around her towards Reece. Inviting him in on the snuggle fest she's out to enjoy.

Reece isn't inclined to lean over the bar for cuddle time, but he does momentarily take Elly's hand, giving it a soothing rub along a particular crease in the muscles, encouraging the relaxation potion to do its work.

Edwin leans in to Elly's ear and whispers something to her. His voice very low and his eyes open as he does so and as he finishes he pulls away and smiles to her.

Elly perhaps not the reaction that Edwin was expecting, but she melts into a giggle fit. She's blushing brightly waving a hand at her cheeks. Beaming at Edwin she wags a finger at him. "Rename ye Laurence loverly!"

Reece arches an eyebrow, chuckling along with Elly's giggles. He's clearly curious at whatever was said, but not about to pry.

Edwin gives a little laugh at the giggle and nods his head, "That's what I get for quoting Shakespeare and trying to be romantic." He shrugs his shoulders and looks to Reece. "You do your best and sometimes you just don't get the reaction you expect." He grins and winks, not at all upset about it all.

Reece shrugs, nodding in agreement with Edwin. "Life is full of surprises, and thank the stars for that."

Elly is still giggling as she points towards Edwin as she tells Reece, "Gilly's gotten ta Edwin 'gain. Dis time it worked more in'is favah." She giggles and leans over to give Edwin a kiss on the lips, soft and sweet. Then she taps the bar and pretends to be one of those annoying impatient customers. "Bartender. Another!"

Edwin takes the kiss and the smile on his face grows more soft. He chuckles at her words and looks to Reece, "What this time, good sir?" As he taps the bar as well, arm still around Elly to keep her close.

Reece laughs softly. "I think just liquor this time. Mixing potions in the belly should be done with great care." He fills their shot glasses once more.

Elly has of course heard about what happened at St. Mungos and talk of potions mixing in the belly makes her look a little green as her imagination fills in the blanks. "I fink tea'll suit."

Edwin looks to Reece, "Tea, my good man." As Edwin does reach forward and take the shot that was in front of him.

Reece grins, and takes her shot for himself. "Ahh. Very well. I'll brew up something special. A blend I learned in Hong Kong. Very calming. It should compliment the relaxation and introspection potions nicely without putting you to sleep." He smirks at them as he moves away to manage the tea.

Elly has been awake for two double shifts at Mungo's and also for several hours filled with worrying about the babies at Mungos when she head what had happened. Then every other day since she double shifts. "I fink tha a waking up potion would put me to sleep righ now. Don' know how I con still be awake right now really.'

"Maybe you should head to bed?" Edwin speaks. "Take your tea and go get cozy in your bed. I'd offer to tuck you in but I think your da might not like that." He shrugs, "or you can make some other arrangements and I can keep you warm while you sleep." He winks.

Reece is occupied preparing the tea (which, thanks to the wonders of magic, will be ready soon).

Elly gigglefits again and reaches out to swat Edwin and raise a finger to her lips before glancing pointedly towards Reece. "Ye best nae be naughty. He knows Kang-du and fings."

Edwin looks to Reece and smiles to the man, "What? Nothing wrong with what I said." He chuckles a bit, "I promise to be a gentleman. I'd sleep on the couch and just be there if you needed me." He winks.

Reece returns soon enough with two steaming cups of tea. He arches a skeptical eyebrow at Edwin, but says nothing.

Elly giggles and reaches up to cover up Edwin's mouth. "Gen'l'men con' claim they are an' speak wif winks so soon followed." She kisses the back of her fingers over his mouth and then takes up her tea. Then she waves good night to Edwin and skirts around behind the bar. Reece is given a soft kiss on the cheek too and then heads into the kitchen sipping her tea.

Edwin smiles to Reece and pats the money he left on the bar, "Keep the rest as a tip." As he pulls himself up and smiles to watch Elly walk away. "She's beautiful." He muses and chuckles, "Good night to you sir." As he places his hat on his head and begins to walk out towards the entrance to Diagon.

Reece nods in agreement with the man. "Wondrously so. Good night, sir, and thank you." Announcing last call to the few remaining customers, Reece starts to close the bar down for the night.

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