(1937-11-23) The Supper of the Noisy Ravenclaws
Details for The Supper of the Noisy Ravenclaws
Summary: Suppertime finds Gryffindors social, which is normal, and Ravenclaws without a book or study group in sight, which is… not.
Date: Friday, November 23rd, 1937
Location: Entry Hall
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It is a fall evening. The weather is warm and drizzling.

Entry Hall - Hogwarts Castle

The marble beginnng of the staircases leading upwards into the castle face the heavy oak doors that lead outside across a flagged stone expanse that could fit an average house. Looking up, one can see the staircases shifting from one landing to the next, on up into the shadows making it difficult to tell just how high the Entrance Hall really is. The torches in the walls do little to pierce the dimness overhead, but cast light on the suits of armor flanking the front doors and the many doors spaced at odd intervals leading to the Great Hall, Slytherin Dungeons, Staff quarters, and even a broom closet.

Perhaps the thing of greatest interest in this entry though, at least to the students, are the four large hourglasses housed in niches on one of the walls opposite the doors. One filled with sapphires, one with emeralds, one with rubies, and the last with topaz, these hourglasses keep track of the all important House points. The gems in the bottom half represent the points earned so far by houses Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin.

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Mabel sighs again to Ripley, just thinking Ripley's suggestion over. "If you really think it might help, I suppose. I'm not sure it would, though," she says, watching Christmas depart. "I don't know what's gotten into Jones lately, but I'm not particularly …enthused about this, either."

Maeve nods. "Well, part o' me is glad t' hear, but also, I'm nae happy, because it could have an effect on ye, Mabel." She turns to Ripley, and offers him a hand. "I dinnae believe we've met. I'm Maeve O'Brian."

Ripley gives a smile to Maeve, "Names Ripley Fox." He chuckles a bit and taks the hand, "Nice to meet you, ma'am." He gives her a little wink as he shakes her hand.

Mabel ohs, standing there with Maeve as they start making motions to join the dinnertime crowd. "Oh, I don't think it'll affect me in any way, really, unless perhaps it sours the whole tournament for the whole club. Hopefully not, really. I just think Jones may be pushing his luck, and seems to not realize quite the gravity of what he did in the first instance." She ohs, to Ripley, indicating the younger Gryffindor. "Oh, my manners. I hadn't realized you two hadn't been introduced. This is Maeve O'Brian, one of our newest Duelling Club members."

Maeve smiles. "Nice t' meet ye, Mister Fox, but please, dinnae call me ma'am. Tha's m' Ma, nae me." She doesn't say anything about the fact that her mother is a Muggle. "I've seen ye about. Ye're on th' Slytherin Quiddich team, are ye nae?"

Lois comes ambling down the staircase, expression distracted. The prefect is carrying a small stack of books tucked under one arm, and one eye is on the uppermost, opened halfway through. (The other eye is, of course, on the steps: the Sixth Year isn't foolhardy enough to walk down steps completely distracted.) Familiar faces, spotted out of the corner of her free eye, direct her path in the little group's… general… direction.

Ripley smiles wide, "I am, yes. Got a match coming up soon. Going to come watch?" He asks Maeve. And then he is looking about and sees Lois. He lifts a hand to wave to her.

Mabel nods. "I've rather been looking forward to it, really, despite all the distractions. Nothing like a little broom-time to clear the head, don't you think?" Smiles. "Bludger-time, perhaps a tick less so, of course," she adds, waving to her cousin, as well. Peers suspciciously at the single book on her arm, which seems to be a Transfiguration text on the verge of becoming tired of being more or less rectangular and tentatively becoming more rhomboid.

Maeve nods. "Aye, I plan t' be there, although I hope ye'll nae be offended if I root for Gryffindor." She can't help shrugging, but at least she has the grace to look apologetic. "Hello, Lois. How are ye this evenin'," she says, waving at

Maeve nods. "Aye, I plan t' be there, although I hope ye'll nae be offended if I root for Gryffindor." She can't help shrugging, but at least she has the grace to look apologetic. "Hello, Lois. How are ye this evenin'," she says, waving at 'Mama Lion.'

"Root for Griffindor all you want. Even when they lose." Ripley grins wide. "I wish them all the best with what we are going to bring them."

"When is that match, anyway?" asks Lois, non-distracted enough to pick up on the general tone of conversation, non-interested in sport enough to have no damn idea. "Mabel, O'Brian. Fox. Keeping out of trouble, I hope?" Absently closing her uppermost book (which proves to be a upper-level primer on healing spells) she adds, smiling at Maeve, "Oh, quite well, thank you dear. You?"

Mabel smiles to Lois. "Hopefully," she says, to the staying out of trouble. "And Quidditch is next Sunday. I do hope the Lions boosters will be out in numbers?" she smiles.

Maeve nods. "I'm plannin' t' be there, definitely. I've nae seen a game, but what I've read of it fascinates me."

Ripley gives a nod to Lois and a smile, "Trying to." And then he waves and heads into the Great Hall.

Lois nods good-naturedly, shifting her books under her arm "Of course. I'm sure Gryff will win; we are the best team, after all." This is said very cheerfully, and pointedly, at the departing Ripley. Speaking of which… "Looks like it's about time to eat?"

Mabel nods, shifting her grip of the now-contentedly-trapezoidal textbook, "Famished, really. Do let's, then." She adds to Maeve, "You do seem like you might take right to broom-riding at least. I'll warn you that sometimes the Slytherin game has been known to be a bit rough. It's possible my parents might come see, regardless, though. As such, if your friend Sammie's around this coming week-end, well, she might like to meet them."

Maeve nods, as she stands up, and leads the way into the hall. "I cannae wait, an' I hope she'll be able t' come t' th' game." She nods at the thought of the game being rough. "Well, it's nae tha' different from hurlin' then."

Great Hall - Hogwarts Castle

Braziers that hang by chains from the beaks of griffin gargoyles that line the walls where they meet the high vaulted enchanted ceiling offer warm illuminating blazes. Four long tables are evenly spaced with the heads of the table at the north and south of the room. Each table has a cloth runner down the center and a plush rug underneath of the different House colors indicating to which house the table belongs.

The most westerly table is the Slytherin table. Beside them is the Ravenclaw table. The Gryffindor table is then between the Ravenclaw table to the west and the Hufflepuff table which is the most easterly table. One other table along the northern wall up on a dais for the Professors to sit at and look over all four of the other tables. Also on the dais is one lectern gilded in gold with an owl spreading it's wings at the top of the lectern. Candles line the tops of the owl's wings to illuminate anyone speaking at the lectern. A stool like protrusion comes out of the lectern as well as that's where the first years sit when they are sorted.

There are three sets of doors in the Great Hall. The main exit and entrance that leads to the Entry Hall is a large set of double wooden doors carved with vines and flanked by high stone pedestals each set with a small brazier above the stony 'H' carved in the pedestal. On the eastern wall is a much smaller door just next to the dais that's attached to the antechamber the first years come up from the lake through. Lastly one other door is set into the northwest corner behind the High Table.

As always high above within the obscured stone and wood cathedral like buttresses and crockets the outside weather is reflected in an illusion with all the sound and visuals of the weather, just without the actual effects of it.

Theodore tilts his head a bit, "Seriously?" He looks a little indignant. "You don't know me very well, I guess." He sighs, and gathers his things. "Guess I should go." He stands, preparing to leave.

"Try not to be hurt, Mabel," Lois is saying, as she walks in accompanied by Mabel and Maeve. "Or hurt anyone else. I know there are people who watch the games just to count broken bones, but it always makes me a little green, myself." The Gryffindor table is, naturally, her goal, although she flicks an eye over at the other Houses' enclaves.

Ajax rubs his temples and sighs, "Please. Just tell me you were joking?" His tone is rather upset, as though he's just discovered that Father Christmas weren't real or something. But he doesn't say anything to argue with Theo leaving or staying, either way.

Mabel nods to Lois, "Oh, I'll certainly be trying so, with that. Despite Mummy's protests, I always felt a little safer playing Beater, so, but it'll be useful experience, I'm sure. We've got a good pair of chaps at the bats this year, though, I've got all possible confidence." She may exaggerate a little there, but smiles at the fare on the tables. "Ah, most certainly time to tuck in."

Theodore stands there a moment, looking at Ajax hard. There's some kind of debate going on in his head, his face not at all hiding that there's a dilemma. Finally, he says, "It's not what you think." Then he turns to go.

Maeve sets down her harp case, and is about to sit, when her attention is drawn, unwillingly, to the dispute between Theodore and Ajax. However, she quickly remembers it is none of her business. "I'm thinkin' I may try out for th' team next year.

Ajax slumps in the seat, staring after Theodore, and makes no move to follow. He just sits there looking dejected. Well, apparently this has put something of a damper on both their evenings.

Lois's attention is likewise drawn to Ajax and Theodore, and she hesitates before sitting down. The urge to go over and meddle is writ large across her face. But she'll be good! "Hm? Oh," she gives Maeve an amused look, "another sport fanatic, are you? Well, practice enough and you may pull it off… I'm sure Mabel can give you some pointers." Taking her seat, she reaches for the potatoes. "I'm useless on a broom, personally."

Mabel smiles to Lois, "I'm sure you'd be quite the graceful flyer if you ever took the time with it, coz." she says to her less-athletically-inclined cousin. And nods to Maeve, "We'll see if we can't get you a little extra time, during the year or over the summer, perhaps. You seem at least to be quick enough of eye and such, might well make a fine Seeker, even."

Ajax notices he's being stared at and stands up, shaking out his shoulders. He quickly heads out of the room, striding off to return to the tower and hit the books—apparently, this has killed his appetite.

Hogwarts at suppertime: an organized chaos within the Great Hall, as students start to pile in and find their tables. The Gryffindors are already well represented, dishes and jugs being passed back and forth. Near the Gryffindor table end nearest Ravenclaw, Lois, Mabel and Maeve are sitting, in the midst of conversation.

"Huh," Lois says, quietly, to her tablemates. "Wonder what that was about." She mulls it over a trifle longer than she probably should; it might just be to have something to think about that isn't sports. But the prefect finally rejoins the conversation, smiling good-naturedly. "I doubt it, Mabel. Don't you remember what an ordeal flying lessons were for me, First Year?" She gives a slightly theatrical shudder. "Never again."

Mabel laughs slightly, making a noncommittal tilt of her head about what may have bothered Ajax, saying, "No telling, really." She oohs, "Ah, a fish soup, that smells lovely." She adds to Maeve, "Lois has never styled herself athletic, you see. Of course, I understand that for some first-years, the brooms are their favorite part."

Maeve grins as she settles down, and immediately grabs for food. "Oh, aye. I'm lovin' classes and brooms club wi' Madame Hooch!" She does smile sympathetically at Lois. Everyone's got their poor subjects. For Maeve, it's Potions, and, apparently, for Lois, it was Broom flying.

Ruby is sitting at the furthest edge of Hufflepuff table sipping some cider and reading his Transfiguration text. His plate ignored for now even as a few of his table mates pass bowls and gobblets back and forth before his face. The fifth year as studious and quiet as ever.

Lois brushes the matter away with a hint of amusement. "Less competition for you lot at the broom closet, I suppose! But apparating is far more dignified, for my money." Her mouth twitches. "Though I suppose dignity isn't the priority, for Quidditch players…" She spears a hunk of potato on her fork, and takes a bite.

Ophelia slips into the hall sans book (gasp!) and searches out a seat for herself. Her hair is wound up around her head in a braid, keeping it out of her face for the many hours of class and studies earlier today. She's looking as tired as she has been of late, the circles under her eyes just a little more prominent than usal, the look on her face the glazed one that usually accompanies her intensive study sessions.

Not too far behind Ophelia, Jules follows after her, bookbag slung over his shoulder, having just left a study group. Moving along the table rows, he finds himself a seat near some other fifth years he knows - including her, and the Gryffindor upperclassmen he knows. Settling in, he unhefts his bag and sticks it under his feet, letting it remain there for now as he begins to load his plate up, apparently hungry. He'd pass stuff along, of course, but after he's got what he's wanting… he goes to town. He notices Ophelia's gaze, and he blinks… "You're gonna run yourself aground, Ophe," he tells her lightly. He's one to talk, though… he's developing that raccoon-eyed expression, as well. Albeit less prominent.

Mabel smiles, to Lois, "Well, I do intend to Apparate with dignity, but one mustn't take these things for granted." She winks. "I suppose there's always the Morris, failing that." She ladles out some of the fish soup, and takes up a couple of rolls. And adds to Maeve, "Madam Hooch certainly will teach an enthusiasm for flying, though. And don't let my cousin fool you, brooms are perfectly-becoming for a witch to ride."

Maeve nods, grinning, until she sees Ophelia. Quickly, she swallows the bite of food she just stuck in her mouth, and hops up to go over to the Ravenclaw girl. "Oph! Ye look terrible. Are ye gettin' enough sleep?"

"I didn't say they aren't ladylike," comments Lois, with an amused wrinkle of her nose. "I just say I don't look dignified on them. Mostly because I'm usually hanging upside down, screaming…" Maeve's comment re: Ophelia's appearance draws an immediate, interested look. Oo - meddle opportunity?

Ophelia glances up from serving herself a helping of shepherd's pie, "Maeve? What- oh, yes. Um. Well, I try. Its just, you know, study season." She grins wearily, chuckling at Julian, and pats the seat beside her, offering it to Mave. "You first." She murmurs to her housemate, before asking the Gryffindor, "And how are your studies going?"

"Oho no. See, unlike the rest of my study-addled house, -I- know when it's okay to take a leisurely stroll 'round the lake to clear m'mind," Jules remarks, shaking his head a little. "I refuse to let myself develop a stomach ulcer before my sixth year. No, thank you. I'll pass on that." Passing some potatoes toward Ophe and Maeve both as they pass him, he quietly munches on his own meal, sipping at his goblet of juice. "You could benefit from a walk or two," he adds toward his housemate, before looking over to some of the Gryffindors… and giving them a small wave. "Wotcher, Hawkes, Pym."

Maeve smiles. "They've been goin' well." She turns back, and grabs her plate, and moves over to the Ravenclaw table at Ophelia's invitation, with a slightly apologetic look to Mabel and Lois.

Mabel smiles, teasing, as she exchanges some familiar teasings with Lois, and has a glance back to Ophelia, with a bit of a concerned nod that doesn't linger in case it's awkward, and looks around the hall in general, as she works on her soup. then turns to nod to Julian with a little smile.

She's a late-comer to the hall, the redheaded Prefect. Eibhlin makes her way in, sans her usual stack of homework and book-like things. Instead she just has one book with her as she wedges in a space across from Ophelia. This enables her to intercept a roast and dump some of the meat and gravy onto her plate.

Ophelia laughs. Accepting the potatoes, and adding some rolls when they also come her way, and passing them over to Maeve when she's done. "I'll have you know I've never had so much as the slightest twinge of a stomach issue, thank you." She giggles, waving tiredly at Eibhlin as she glances over to see what Maeve is looking at and offers Mabel a curious smile.

Lois lifts a hand in greeting to her incoming colleague in prefecting, her usual good-natured smile on her face. Maeve's move over to the Ravenclaw table is subject to a few stray glances now and again - perhaps just to make sure her wandering little lion cub doesn't get up to any mischief over there.

"Stress leads to those problems, that's my point." Munching on a bit of the roast he had gotten already, Jules just shakes his head, lightly spinning his fork in his fingers. "And then there we are. We wonder why our stomachs are going all -wonk- on it. Ah, the joys of growing up," he remarks sarcastically with a bit of a whimsical sigh, before he just rolls his eyes a little. He glances up when the red-headed Ravenclaw Prefect makes her way in, and he actually smiles a little toward her, giving her a small little wave. "'Ey, Evie," he calls toward her lightly.

Ruby finishes his meal after a first year spills soup on his lap. Easy enough to clean up but maybe the Great hall was the wrong place to study? Wondering to the staff table to talk to Dumbledore for a moment. Once the man laughs and Ruby gets his answers he heads off between the Gryphendor and Ravenclaw tables. Passing a few fifth years he's seen around and offering a friendly wave.

Maeve smiles to Eib as she settles down, and nods, then turns, as she sees a stray Hufflepuff. "Hey? Why dinnae ye join us. We're nae gonna bite." She grins to both Ruby and to Julian, neither of whom she knows.

Mabel gives a nod to the fellow sixth years he comes along. "Oh, good evening, Lovegood. It's been a while." She adds to Lois, "The fish soup is just lovely," finishing her own, and moving onto a bit of heavier fare: that shepherd's pie, in fact. Smiles a bit about Maeve.

"Ophe," Eibhlin asks of her housemate as she continues to pile up her plate. "Have you seen my notes for Runes? I /swore/ they were on my trunk.." Her current book is balanced in her lap, away from the threat of food. Julian's greeting gains a furtive glance, but she finally mumbles one in response.

Lois comments, belatedly (being distracted by a Gryffindor Second Year - and also because her player only just backscrolled) to Julian: "Wotcher, Edwards. All well?" Mabel's comment makes her cousin's mouth twitch, just a bit. "I'll take your word for it. I've never been able to like fish soup…" She's sticking with roast beef, potatoes, and peas: reliable, stomach-sticking fare.

Huh. Letting his fork kind of hang there in the air for a second, Jules' own eyebrows furrow for a second - until a convenient distraction presents itself. "Oh! Hey, Lovegood," Jules greets Ruby idly, smiling a little and gesturing lightly. He notices the books the older student's carrying, but makes no light on the subjects, "c'mon and siddown." He then glances toward Maeve, blinking and smiling a little at the Firstie, giving her a small nod. Good Firstie, best Socialite.

Ruby blinks as he's addressed and his cheeks take on a bit of color. "Really? Me, join you?" Looking around as if to discover the punchline of the joke or find out if the invite is sincere. When there doesn't seem to be any deception he smiles and takes a seat. "So your for the unification and collaboration of the houses as well, Mable wasn't it? I mean we'll all be working along side one another outside of school one day so why the competition?"

Ophelia frowns, "Runes? Hmmm…. they weren't on your bed? I thought I saw something there when I dropped my books off. Do you want me to help you look after dinner? I have to go up anyway, evenings is for homework now."

Hearing Lois, Jules glances toward the Gryffindor prefect, smiling pleasantly. "All's well on the western front," he calls back toward the girl, giving her an affirmed nod. Then, he regards Mabel, tilting his head. "Oy, Hawkes," he calls, "you guys ready to give it to those Snakes?" He's got a grin on his face… Of course. Quidditch.

Gabrielle comes in, sans sketchbook, or anything is her hands, which is odd. She'll glance around and give a quick wave to Mabel as she walks over to the Ravenclaw table and grabs a roll , but doesn't sit down. "Has anyone seen Ajax?"

Ruby looks at Jules and smiles a crooked little smile. "Hi Julian. How have your classes been? Any troubles?" Though when the boy starts in with competition he falters a bit. "Snakes… Awe they have had a good run this year havent they? I really stopped paying attention after I tried out." Again with the reddening cheeks.

Lois tosses Julian a good-natured salute. "Good, good -" Any further comment she might have made is cut off by overhearing Gabrielle. "He was here a bit ago," the prefect calls over. "Speaking with Theodore Dupont. But he left rather quickly."

There's a brief call of greeting to Lois, Eibhlin only just now noticing the other Prefect keeping an eye on her Firsties. This causes Evie to glance down the Ravenclaw table. Behaving, for the moment, thankfully. Her nose wrinkles at Ophelia's response with a little sigh, "They weren't. I bet I caught them between some other books again." She has one book with her - one! - and it rests upon her lap currently. Gabrielle's entrance earns… well, suddenly Evie finds her plate -fascinating-.

Ophelia starts to eat, offering another tired wave to Gabrielle. She glances up thoughtfully at the question, eyes narrowing when Lois makes a 'related' comment. "Ah, no, not since class? Why, did something happen?" She glances from Gabrielle to Lois, tired enough that her worry is only that, without the angry overprotective fire that she'd so recently exhibited.

Gabrielle will tear a small piece of the roll off and nod to Oph in greeting, "I got this one. Where would he be?" she'll nibble on the piece of roll, not having ate yet. She seems to have a bit of energy. she's moving slightly from one foot to the other.

Mabel ohs, as Ruby joins Maeve, and smiling a bit amusedly over a cup of juice, that she raises regarding the matter of the upcoming Quidditch match. "That's Maeve O'Brien, Lovegood, not another Mabel, Lovegood. I do think the Houses will still stand afterwards, but do relax."

Maeve reaches for a serving spoon, and gets herself a huge slab of shepherd's pie, careful not to let the filling spill out, as she covers the top of it with gravy. She smiles as she sets down her plate, and offers her hand to Ruby. "It's nice t' meet ye, Lovegood."

"You'll have to ask him," Lois tells Ophelia, with a small shrug. The prefect hesitates a moment, taking an absent forkful of peas - before the urge to meddle grows a little too strong to resist. "I don't think it was altogether a… good conversation… but he didn't storm off in tears or something…"

Ah, jeeze. Julian immediately steers clear of this one. As Ruby speaks to him, he glances toward the older boy, shrugging his shoulders. "No more or less than usual," he comments lightly. Jules will let the other girls prattle on, and he grins toward Mabel idly, before tossing Eibhlin a bit of a glance. Glancing between her and Gabrielle for a moment, he blinks… but decides to shrug it off, giving Eibhlin one more glance… "If you can't find your notes, I'll let you glance at mine, Evie." At that, he goes back to eating, getting him a good slice of that shepherd's pie as it comes around. And Maeve gets a bit of a nod as she's introduced… "O'Brien," he comments lightly, grinning a little bit.

"Ahm. Possibly just in the common room, if… if something happened with Dupont." Ophelia looks up at Gabrielle worriedly, though she nods and accepts the girl's offer to handle it. "Possibly the bridge? Its hard to say. Um, let me know if you have trouble finding him, alright?"

Ruby looks from Mable to Maeve and back. "Begging your pardon. Ruby Lovegood, tis a pleasure to meet you. Everyone calls my Lovegood due to the feminine nature of my name but I dont mind it so much if you call me Ruby." Than turning to the proper Mable he beams. "I am relaxed."

Gabrielle nods to Oph, "I will." She'll then grab an apple off the table, and wave to everyone, "Later!"She doesn't seem to be excluding anyone from the wave, but does seem to be rushing out, with her apple and half roll.

It's Gabby's departure that signals Eibhlin's relaxing. She exhales slowly and reaches out for a pitcher to pour herself some juice. She does hazard a glance to Julian. "I… I should be able to find them, but… I'll let you know if I don't."

Mabel just smiles a bit, at Ruby's pronouncement. "Quite." Of course it's a school setting where last names are the most common address, but a little genial eccentricity. Gabby gets a wave, then, and she comments to Lois, "One simply can't follow the show without a program, wouldn't you say?"

As the departure of Gabrielle occurs, Julian just kind of watches her go, a hand in his hair and scratching lightly. "It never ends," he whispers to himself softly, just shaking his head a ittle bit. Shaking his head, he hears Eibhlin, and glances toward her, blinking. "Sure." He watches her for a second or two, before glancing down to his plate, seemingly poking at it with his fork and kind of muddling in his Shepherd's pie.

Ruby waves to Gabrielle as she leaves than his attention is back on the group at the Ravenclaw table.

Ophelia turns back to the table when Gabby is gone, frowning as she notices Eibhlin… relaxing. What happened? "Evie? Are you alright? Look, if its about your notes, I dropped mine when I took them up earlier, maybe I picked yours up with them?" She leaves her own dinner while she waits for Eibhlin's answer, hoping she isn't the cause of the trouble.

Lois raises a hand in farewell to the departing Gabrielle, looking vaguely satisfied: there, the prospect of a helpful meddle. To Mabel, she tosses a quick grin. "Merlin's beard - don't I know it!"

Maeve nods. "All right, Ruby." As Gabby leaves, and Eib relaxes, she sighs, nodding in agreement with Mabel and Lois, then leans over to Ophelia. "Are ye and she at least gettin along all right, Oph?"

"No, no," Eibhlin says, glancing after Gabrielle again. "I… I asked her to do a reading earlier. She started talking about how I ought to do more things unrelated to schoolwork and I thought someone must have told her to try to convince me to join a club." Like so many others have. "And… I accused her of slipping that in there. It set her off." There's a small shrug.

Glancing toward Ophelia, Jules glances up as she recounts the earlier incident in the Common Room. Rubbing his nose a little, he makes a small noise, going back to quietly eating… but ultimately, he feels compelled to speak. "She took it a little badly, to say the least," he remarks, taking a sip of his juice and sighing some, rolling his neck. "It just… never seems to end."

"Didn't help that Bennet was making himself into the world's largest prat in the process," Jules notes, lightly waving his fork a little. "I think that's what set Gabby off the worst."

"Gabrielle?" Ophelia glances at the doors, sighing. "I see. I think… she must have a great deal of anger in her, she gets mad so easily at people. If you don't want to join a club then don't." She then shakes her head at Julian, "It really doesn't, this year. Bennet? What did he do?"

Ruby waves to Gabrielle as she leaves than his attention is back on the group at the Ravenclaw table. His attention plays over to Eibhlin and offers a reassuring smile. "Awe, we all fight with our friends. Just close your eyes, take a deep breath and picture them in their undergarments… or was that for tests?" Scrunching his eye brows up. "Maybe its picture them with a kitten that helps? Everyone likes kittens don't they? or something fluffy…"

"Making his usual cracks about Divination," Eibhlin says with a long sigh. "And half the time you don't know if he's joking and… I don't think Gabrielle was in any state to take a joke." She pushes at her food somewhat before she finally begins eating, but nearly chokes upon a bite of roast at Ruby's… advice. In fact, she's turning bright red.

Mabel smiles to Lois, and pours out a bit of gravy, before looking back. "Well, I'm certain kittens would much enhance a number of situations we may find ourselves in, at that."

"He was just short of outright making fun of her work with tarot cards and Divination," Jules remarks after Eibhlin's comment, picking at his Sheperd's Pie. Taking another bite, he savors it for a moment, before continuing on. "I tried to talk her down a little bit," he remarks idly, "and offered to let her do a reading on me sometime, to even it out a little." He glances toward Eibhlin, tilting his head… "She thinks you were making fun of her, too, to some extent." He immediately raises a hand at that, "Just… don't ask me how. I don't get her train of thought… even half the time." He glances toward Ruby for a moment… and just -smirks.- However, Eibhlin's cough gets his attention, and he turns a little red himself. "Evie, y-you okay?"

Glancing amusedly at Ruby, Ophelia shakes her head once more. "I sort of think Gabrielle fights with everyone, a little. She doesn't seem big on jokes, either." Chuckling, she takes a few bites of her own dinner, frowning when Julian explains further and glancing up, which helps her to see Eibhlin's sudden redness. Her eyes narrow suspiciously, but she says nothing, and just eats for now.

Lois pauses, fork midway to her mouth, to stare at Ruby. The prefect gives an awkward little cough, nodding at Mabel's comment. "Yes. Erhm, yes. Kittens for all!"

Maeve smirks. "Well, I've already got mine." As the Gryffindores would know, her cranky little cat being seen around the dorm and tower quite often.

Eibhlin coughs a few times and thumps at her chest to fully dislodge the food. "I… I wasn't making fun of her," she finally gasps out, grabbing for her glass to take a long drink of juice. "I just… it seemed too…" She doesn't go into detail, leaving it at a small shrug. Once her breath recovers, the red begins to fade from her features.

"I prefer tabbies or calico's, they keep botruckles at bay better than most." Ruby reaches for an apple himself and a knife to slice bits off with. "Divination eludes me, its a talent I just dont poses I'm afraid, though no less meaningful than potions or charms." Julian gets his attention out of the clouds and back in the now. "Is it too spicy Eibhlin? I noticed the house elves have been stuck on peppering things lately." Than he smiles and it looks as if another idea has hit him. "Do you know the best way to relieve access pepper?

There's a quiet little chuckle from Julian's side of the table at Ruby, and he just shakes his head a little bit, quietly nibbling a bit more at his pie. He can't help it… that was a bit funny. Eibhlin almost choking, not so much. Ophelia's frown is also noticed, and he gives her the quirk of an eyebrow. "I can see the gears turning, Ophelia," he remarks toward her quietly, across the table. Knicking himself a roll, he takes a bite out of it, and quietly chews…. "What's up?"

Mabel ahs, saying in a conciliatory tone, "Oh, Miss Evans is just of one of those artistic dispositions. I suppose that sensitivity extends to the divinatory arts, and …some people's impressions of them. Tilts her head to Ruby. "Pepper? "

"Hm? Nothing." Ophelia glances from Julian to Eibhlin, firm in her resolve not to say anything. She turns her attention decidedly to Ruby, letting her frown become one of confusion, "What's access pepper?"

There's a furtive glance given to Ophelia… and he follows her glance as it goes to Eibhlin. He blinks, and begins to redden a bit in the face. And suddenly, Jules is eating faster than ever, seemingly intent on getting his food down.

Eibhlin rounds in on herself a bit more. A familiar gesture, perhaps, to her housemates. She eats, emptying her plate in preparation for the desserts to be revealed. While waiting, the book in her lap is lifted to read. It's an Ancient Runes text.

Ruby doesn't push his secrets onto others and slips off the bench seat. "I'm supposed to help my bunk mates study for our potions test." He munches his apple and heads toward the exit.

"But /what/ is access pepper?" Ophelia humphs as Ruby just ups and leaves without explaining, and frowns at her dinner. She takes a few bites, annoyed, and glances up at Eibhlin after a moment to ask, "They in there, perhaps?"

Has Julian been starving himself? From the way he's absolutely harfing down what's left on his plate, it'd seem that way. No, he's just burying his embarrassment in food.

"…" Eibhlin takes a moment to flip through the book before glancing over it at Ophelia. Her eyes are mournful. "Not here." She reaches for a pudding that appears as another plate is emptied, securing it for herself even if she's not halting her reading just yet.

Ophelia offers Eibhlin a sympathetic grimace. She starts to eat faster herself now that dessert is arriving, hurrying to clean her plate before all the best things are gone. Julian, though, is on a whole other level. "You in a race or something?" She asks him between bites, frowning at the boy almost worriedly.

Mabel hrms, thinking a moment, flipping through the Muggle shipping paper at one hand. "Possibly an import company, actually. Though I've never asked if that'd have anything to do with the supplies here at Hogwarts."

— He's gone so far as to pick up his plate. Julian is -going- for the Gold, it'd seem. Once he's spoken to, though, he lowers his plate with that odd 'Deer Caught in Headlights' look on his face… and he remembers to chew, swallow, and take a bit of a drink before responding. "I — uhm." His redness hasn't gone away. He clears his throat, though, shaking his head. He just kind of balefully stares at Ophelia for a moment, lettins his gaze head toward Eibhlin for a moment. Then he goes back to eating, trying to make himself a little less noticable by slowing down…

"A shipping company? Strange name." Shaking her head, Ophelia watches Julian. First, she is confused, though as he glances at Eibhlin her eyebrows shoot up, a look of understanding corssing her face. Oh, dear. "Ah, yes. Um. Anyway I think you won. Dessert's on."

The glancing? Not noticed by Eibhlin. She's got her nose in her book at the moment. "I hope I didn't leave my notes in one of the books I returned to the library," she finally pipes up, brogue edging on the lower tones with the sudden, sad realization that she may have done just that.

Mabel smiles. "Sounds a bit like a Yank concert I may have heard of… When Eibhlin pipes up, she says, "Well, if so, it's likely you know where they are. Or, the librarian might let you cast a Summoning spell.

"—aha, smashing." Jules decides to snag one of those puddings coming out, and he quietly slides it in front of himself, looking at it for a moment before gently waggling it's bowl with a finger. His color's steadily returning to normal as he begins to take a spoonful, quietly beginning on the pudding… and he listens in on the conversation… once his bite's down, he glances toward the front of Eibh's book, speaking to it as if speaking to her, since she's buried in it: "The offer still stands," he remarks. He then glances to Mabel, considering that… "That could be messy," he remarks… "Imagine if you try to use the incantation… 'Accio notes!' And then, suddenly, you're caught up in a paperstorm."

"I'd have to remember which books I took back and…" Eibhlin exhales at length in a sigh of sorts. "I'll go tomorrow if I can't find the notes tonight." She pauses as Julian restates his offer, lowering the book to look towards him. "I.. it's… but they're my notes. It's just… not the same, y'know?"

Ophelia grabs two desserts, as the sugar is helpful for the late-night sdudying. Once she has both a slice of cake and one of lemon meringue pie, she settles in to eat, chuckling at Julian's imagery. "Well if you don't find them, I'll go with you to thelibrary if you like. I need to go pick up my next set of research books for the tournament anyway."

Mabel laughs, a little, on the Accio question. "Best to have very specific notes in mind, really. If not state them out loud," she says, helpfully." She seems to lose interested in whatever she was looking for in the newspaper, though, and looks to finish her own supper.

"I get that," Jules remarks lightly, shrugging his shoulders, "because my notation style's a little different from y-" He suddenly pauses, spoon full of pudding at the corner of his lips as he lets it fall back down to his bowl. "-Evie, you didn't mix them into your Arithmancy papers, did you? Because you had a huge stack that you sat down beside you on the coffee table you and Gabrielle were using for the tarot cards." Lightbulb: on.

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