(1937-11-25) Hogwarts Quidditch 1937-38, Game 01 - Gryffindor vs Slytherin
Details for Hogwarts Quidditch 1937-38, Game 01 - Gryffindor vs Slytherin
Summary: The first Quidditch match of the year.
Date: November 25, 1937
Location: Quidditch Pitch, Hogwarts
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Having arrived to watch the game and looking fully healed Conall moves to find himself a nice seat. Excited for the game perhaps. Despite the loss that the Slytherin team had.

Akilina is in absolute awe, even with the team just shuffling about getting into their readying positions. This is her first Quidditch game ever and she is excitedly bouncing a little on her spot at the Ravenclaw Bench. This of course has her at war with her thick and heavy glasses that continuously slide down her little nose and bop her in the lip or chin if they manage to slide off completely. "Oh I simply just don't know who to cheer for!"

Maeve's also attending her first match, and she sits down in the front row of the Gryffindor section, watching eagerly, a grin on her face easily bigger than the tiny Gryffindor…

Claire is hyper focused on the pitch, and has even brought a quill and parchment with her. Enemy research, you see. "Root for Gryffindor," Claire advises her housemate. "A quick, low scoring game is better for us in the rest of the season."

Speaking of tiny Gryffindors, Kimiko is right up front by Maeve, and ready to cheer the team on! She's got scarlet and gold pennants (plenty to hand out to others), a handmade sign that says "GO LIONS!" on one side, and "WELL DONE, GRYFFINDOR!" on the other, and of course, her unfathomable house spirit.

Akilina nods to Claire and claps over her head, "Gryffindor! Win quickly!"

Conall smiles as he looks to the pitch as well as glancing around at those present in the crowd. Seeing the excited people and perhaps the curiously excited ones that get to see a quidditch match for the first time. "Why not both? Or just being happy and excited whenever something happens." He offers to Akilina. Though Claire's suggestion makes him grin. "Ever researching, aren't you?" He offers to Claire and stretches his right leg a bit. Himself seeming to mostly enjoy a nicely played game without actually holding too much for either side. Then again, he might just be hiding which side he is cheering for at the moment.

Kimiko takes up Akilina's cheering (but misinterprets the full message), rising to her feet and shouting: "Gryffindor! You can do it!" She waves her pennants in both hands, bouncing excitedly.

On the pitch, As the quaffle goes up, Donovan streaks in, inverting for a moment as he rolls the broom, one hand on the wood the other reaching out to grab the quaffle he then tucks it under his arm and rights his broom.

Kimiko screams excitedly, waving her pennants. "Well done, Gallagher! Woooo!"

On the pitch, Soleil is certainly out of her depth because when Hooch blows her whistle after the opening speech about fair play and good sportsmanship a squeak escapes the girl when Donovan has the quaffle and is zooming past her before she could even extend her hand to try! Clinging to the broom she looks towards Ripley wide eyed for further instruction.

On the pitch, Ripley wrinkles his nose as Donovan comes up with the Quaffle. He looks to Soleil and gives her a hand signal that she should know.

Maeve glances over to Kimiko. "Now, am I rememberin' right? It's ten points fer a goal wi' th' Quaffle, and a hundred an' fifty for th' team who's seeker catches th' Snitch?

Claire shifts her papers slightly, making it harder for anyone to 'accidently' see her notes. When spoken to, she darts a quick glance over but is reluctant to look away from the pitch for too long. Her voice is pleasant enough when she greets the Hufflepuff. "So many new players this year. I can't believe Slytherin, getting rid of Theo. And now he's off the team entirely? It's madness."

Kimiko nods excitedly to Maeve. "That's right! So if either Seeker can catch the Snitch before the opposing team gets fifteen goals, their team will win. It's sort of like two games in one, racing each other."

Conall nods his agreement with Claire, "It is indeed. Not sure what happened." A small shrug at that. "I think a lot of the people that graduated made it become a need to gather new players." He suggests. Glancing towards the Gryffindor audience as the rules are explained. Perhaps not really hearing all of it because of the cheering of the crowd. Glancing back to Ravenclaw girl instead. "Though I wouldn't underestimate any of the teams though. I think it will still be tough games." He tells her, and anyone else nearby.

On the pitch, Donovan drives up the pitch, taking a swift twist and meeting up with Mabel in formation. The two Gryffindor's aiming for the northeast hoop.

On the pitch, Donovan sees the bludger coming out of the corner of his eye, hit by Ripley, he shifts his broom up and around, doing a quick barrel roll to dodge the malicious leather ball. Then SlyChaser attempts to steal from the tall lion, but the snake's flying is no match for him, he drops down under him and the Slytherin flys by above him.

On the pitch, Bludger2, hit by Alphard goes crashing toward Garrett, who manages to hit the bludger up and over to the Slytherin Keeper Llewellyn taking a solid hit by the iron ball.

On the pitch, Mabel, having followed through the starting formations with Donovan, starts breaking right, once Donovan's been the attention of both the bludger and opposing chaser, Quidditch robes streaming behind as she calls out some jolly "Tally-ho!," making herself open for a pass, perhaps, just to give poor Llewellyn, and doubtless, those Bludgers a little something else to thing about.

On the pitch, Colton has flown above the bulk of the game and sits but not at ease, eyes keeping keenly out for the Snitch that remains illusive. He does however take just a moment to spare to wave to the Gryffindor Crowd and then pump his hands up in the air to urge them to cheer on and louder!

On the pitch, Soleil is still clinging to her broom looking at Ripley still rather wide eyed. Highly questioning why she joined the quidditch team to look cool for an older boy at this point she just sort of sits there blinking at her Captain trying to remember what exactly that hand signal is supposed to mean!

Kimiko leaps her feet, clapping and wolf-whistling!

Loudly, Kimiko says, "Gooo, Gryffindor!"

Loudly, Maeve says, "Aye. C'mon, Lions. Ye can do it!"

On the pitch, The third Slytherin Chaser is hot on Donovan's tail and makes a bid to steal the quaffle right out of his hands! He pulls up sharply in order to avoid running directly into the bludger hit at the Gryffindor, and falls behind.

On the pitch, Ripley looks to Soleil and shakes his head and sighs before he just yells, "Get the quaffle!" He laughs a bit and then swings around to head for the bludger and give it a solid knock towards Donovan. Noalan moves over to guard the nearest gaol from any way that Donovan may try and score. Llewellyn moves up into the air to try and get a better look about. Ripley spins his head around to see Alphard knock the bludger, "Nice shot!" he yells out and then his own arms thrust into the air for cheers.

On the pitch, Christmas bides his time, watching the game unfold on the far side of the pitch. He'll edge his broom back and forth as he waits for the quaffle to make it's way back down to his side of the pitch.

On the pitch, Colton spots the Snitch! He does a barrel roll to chase after it, but it manages to keep it's glittering round butt quite some distance ahead of the Shelta boy. Who's saying quite colorful Shelta things after it! He does spare a wink to the front row of the Gryffindor section as he zips after it.

On the pitch, Donovan advances on the nearest goal post. The Quaffle held at the ready to toss.

On the pitch, Garrett speeds down the pitch to provide defensive back up to his teammates.

On the pitch, Mabel is breaking off from before the scoring area… hand out as though to receive a catch, but rolling up back behind Donovan to stay out from the scoring area, for now.

On the pitch, Trying to keep tabs on where players are, Angelus heads to sit close to a Slytherin player.

On the pitch, Soleil looks like the hand maneuver Ripley's been trying to signal to her and the shout is a bit lost in the roar of the crowd so she just goes flying towards the goals. That's what she was told to do after all. Fly towards the Gryffindor hoops. But something's missing…drats. She doesn't have the Quaffle! Or is it all a rouse!? Because she just gives Christmas a very pretty smile and bats her lashes as she comes over to chat with him in the scoring zone. "Lovely day for a Quidditch Game, isn't it?"

Akilina hmmms, "It's outstanding that that seeker for the Gryffindor team can keep an eye on anything with all the winking and posturing."

Conall chuckles at Akilina's words. "I suppose it takes a lot of training." He suggests rather light heartedly.
Loudly, Akilina says, "Less winking! More winning!"

Akilina wrinkles her nose her glasses again thumping her chin before she states, "It's like a turkey mating ritual out there, not a game."

Conall grins, "Well getting the crowd excited is part of it I suppose. But I agree, there's a limit."

On the pitch, Donovan barrels the quaffle around and then launches it at the goal Noalan is guarding, attempting to get it past the Slytherin keeper, a groan as Noalan manages to block and then catch the quaffle.

On the pitch, Mabel is whirling back somewhat over the pitch, looking to see about covering the followup play, and when Ripley lines up on her with that bludger, performing a loose version of a split-S, gaining a bit of altitude and staying in the field of play, the Comet swooping a little to avoid the flying iron. "Cheerio, Mr. Bludger!" she says a bit amusedly, glancing which way it might decide to swing back.

On the pitch, The Third Chaser peels off Donovan as the Gryffindor makes for the hoops. When Lan stops the goal, he flashes the younger boy a double thumbs up. He searches for an opening to receive the rebound from the keeper.

On the pitch, Noalan darts into position just in time to deflect the ball into the ring and prevent the Gryffindors from scoring. He sweats a little at how close that was, a moment later he manages to snatch the Quaffle up before it can be recovered by anyone else. His eyes hunt the field, trying to decide where to flee or throw to.

On the pitch, Angelus stays close to his mark. He's all prepared to ruin his chances of catching any passes, yes. He frowns in disappointment at Noalan's save. "No using wands to cheat, Noah!"

On the pitch, Colton goes from cursing at the Snitch in Shelta to cursing at the birdies and stars that are distracting him from the snitch when the bludger comes out of right field and gives him a good knock to the shoulder blade.

Kimiko gasps, her hands going to her mouth! "Oh no!" She rushes to the barricade, eyes worriedly following Colton.

Conall let his eyes follow to see Colton getting hit as well, rising to his feet. Perhaps knowing too well how it can end if one isn't careful. Though that is perhaps part that makes it a bit interesting. Studying the Gryffindor seeker.

Loudly, Conall says, "Hang in there!"

On the pitch, Soleil twirls her black tresses around her finger as she sits and watches the game. "So Christmas, how was your Christmas? I got a very nice new vials set and quite the replenishing of new stock." Now Soleil's usually very subdued and sophisticated so her going on and on about Christmas must mean that she's been possessed by her cousin, Polly. All of this lending to the idea that it's all a ruse…or maybe she's just really nervous and gets extremely chatty when she's nervous?

On the pitch, Mabel rises up into an even higher perspective, pacing the angle betweeen the moving Slytherins and her edge of the field, staying above the boundary to set up her next play, calling toward Angelus "Ready for it!

On the pitch, Donovan circles the hoop, hoping to come up behind Noalan but the Slytherin has managed to escape him. He prepares to fly after the Quaffle.

On the pitch, Angelus sticks close to Walthorn, keeping him in check. So when he suddenly loses sight of him and slows down, he frowns and shakes his head.

On the pitch, Noalan immediately heads out of the press of Gryffindor players once he has the ball firmly in hand. He catches his brothers taunting as he flies past, but can't spare the time to say anything back. He desperately looks down field for someone to pass this bad luck charm that is the quaffel to.

Loudly, Kimiko says, "Go team!"

On the pitch, The match started off with a thrilling inverted capture by Gryffindor Chaser Ghallager. His race toward the hoops was stopped just short of completion by Noalan, who rebounds the quaffle to Junior Slytherin chaser Soleil who makes a mad dash down the field only to be stopped short of a point. Mabel recovers and slips one in the far south hoop past the Slytherin keeper. The snakes rally, and the Slytherin chaser is again stopped short of a goal by Christmas. Play continues with several turn overs, notable among them is a vicious blow by Alphard to Angelus causing him to miss an otherwise easy pitch at the hoop. The Lion's star chaser Ghallager is stopped short by a brilliant play by Noalan. Another bludger from Garrett strikes Soleil stopping the Snakes hope for a comeback. Hawkins makes a drive but is again repulsed by Noalan. Really, the keepers are the stars of this fight, both of them performing exceptionally. Angelus makes another run on the keeper, it's a spectacular shot, and Noalan pulls out all the stops to keep it from entering the hoop, Can you believe that backwards drop he managed? Keeping the score steady at 10 to 0 for the Lions. Garrett gets another great shot at Slytherin chaser Walthorn. Causing him to miss an otherwise easy shot on an unguarded hoop. Captain Ripley of the snakes takes a shot at Donovan which he flys around to make the Lion's second goal of the game. Taking the game to 20 to nothing. Soleil makes another run for the hoops but is stopped by Christmas' daring three toed sloth save. Hawkins takes her third shot but is again stopped by a brilliant play by Noalan, who knew the kid could bend like that. Christmas saves another throw by a slytherin chaser just as Colton catches the snitch, winning the game for the Lions! Gryffindor 170 to nothing!

Loudly, Conall applauds the game!

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