(1937-11-28) Common Sense and Pamphlets
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Summary: Plans are made for the newest push against the Repealment movement.
Date: 1937-11-28
Location: Leaky Cauldron
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This cramped, angular room is the taproom of the Leaky Cauldron. A long bar runs along one side of the room, plain wooden stools set out before it. Smoke from pipes and candles fills the air. The patrons of this curious little bar, many of them elderly, sit hunched over their mugs at the tables. Waitresses sometimes coined 'Wenches' bustle back and forth bearing trays of food and mugs of ale. Many of the people seem strangely out of place, dressed in cloaks and floppy hats, as if they stumbled out of another century. Notably absent is any modern muggle devices or electric lighting, or any sign of electricity at all. Still, the occasional muggle does find their way in here, usually declaring it to be 'quaint' and 'atmospheric'.

The morning is cold and fine mist seem to drip from the heavy laden clouds. Despite the weather the morning is filled with promise. Maudlin looking like she has yet to be to bed and dressed in a brown wool skirt and suit jacket makes her way into the Leaky Cauldron. She is carrying a briefcase. She pauses just inside of the door to take off her suit jacket and long wool coat. Beneath her suit jacket she has on a pink cotton blouse that adds a splash of color to her drab outfit. Draping both over her arm she goes to find a table. Finding one to her liking she puts her coat and jacket down. Her briefcase is stowed just underneath her chosen chair.

Gilbert walks in in a bit of a rush. Swirling his large gray cloak of in a move worthy any stage he lets it drape over one of the coat hooks by the door. Under the cloak he looks like a storm cloud in a dark grey suit coupled with a lighter grey shirt, a grey fedora that's hung over the cloak now, and accented only by his black shoes and tie. In the process of hanging his cloak he catches sight of Maudlin and make his way over to her,"Good morning Ms. Huntigton. You wanted to meet today?" Taking a seat at his table he motions to the bar,"Have you ordered yet? I'll be happy to put an order in for us if you have not done so yet."

"I have not ordered yet, but and I was about to. Black Tea, two sugars and milk in it, I have yet to find my bed. Oh and add toast to that order." She tells him. "You are correct I did want to meet with you. Do you have a moment now?" She asks him. "I think it is time for us to start campaign and printing pamphlets against what they have trying to turn their campaign into."

Gilbert takes a moment to memorize the order, looking up at the ceiling with just his eyes as he concentrates then nods once and gets to his feet,"I do have time. And I think that is a splendid idea. I will be right back." Walking over to the bar he talks to the person behind it, puts in both Maudlin's order and his own, then returns to the table. "So what did you have in mnd, exactly?"

"The Malfoy family contesting the bill since 1686." Maudlin says with a grin. "I was thinking that we should make easy to read and call it Common Sense. The more public it is the less likely they will try and take snipe at us. I have been thinking about this a bit and I have pulled old school texts on defensive magic. Just in case, this could get dirty."

Gilbert folds his arms over the table as he listens,"Similar to the pamphlets the Unity group has been putting out? That might be a good idea. Have you started thinking about content already>"

"A little bit but not a lot I got side tracked with my work. But I was thinking that perhaps reminding people why it exist and reminding people that we are not lord and master over the Muggles or the squibs. I was hoping that you would have more that you would like to add, and if we do not want to use a pamphlet then we can use a flyer." Maudlin says to him. "Honestly I was hoping more would want to add their two cents in so that has a feel that it has more support to it that many would think." She adds.

Gilbert puts his elbow on the table then rests his chin on the upraised hand as he thinks about the idea,"Hmm… I am not sure a flyer would have enough space. And thinking about the Malfoy side of the equation we might want to try and make contact with one of the prominent Pureblood families that oppose the repealment movement. First one that comes up to mind is the Sykes family, especially since Jocunda Sykes is such a prominent public figure. I am just not sure of their stance…"

"We will not know unless we ask, would you like the honor or shall I?" Maudlin asks him. "You are much more well known than I am. I am just a researcher, but if you would like I can." She tells him. "Also I was in London and ran into one of the Cyril Malfoy. He and I were talking to a lovely Muggle whom I need to take out for tea but you would have thought she had the Spanish Flu from the way she was acting." She shakes her head. "He would not even shake her hand. That I find bothersome. You cannot catch being a Muggle. It damn well angers me from the way he was acting. I also ran into Vanessa, sweet girl from my childhood."

Gilbert looks up to thank the serve as their orders are delivered. Before answering Maudlin he tucks into his bacon and eggs, clearly hungry. A few bites into it he waves his fork in the air,"Well, I think we should stay away from making comments on the specific people involved with the Unity movement, even thought I would have been angry about someone treating a Muggle that way as well. Our platform should always be based on information and the desire to educate people, not on trying to beat anyone else. But gathering supporters is definitely a good idea."

"Saying the Malfoys have been opposed to the idea of the Statue is fact and something that has not been fabricated. She points out. They have been angry about their loss of power over the Muggle world. They had strong ties with most of the aristocracy of the Muggle world. Unfortunately the aristocracy has been slowly dying since the last Great War." Maudlin says to him as she picks up her tea and takes a sip before she starts to eat her toast. "I do see your point. I think most of those who will be supporters of the Secrecy Statue are going to be those who have Muggle or squib ties. It will be interesting to see if that family wishes to throw their lot in with us. But we will have to see."

Gilbert takes a few more bites of his food as Maudlin is speaking,"Mentioning that fact as part of an abbreviated history of the Statute I think would be fine. What I am truly worried about is the talk about Muggle domination being attached to anyone specific. After all Cassius Malfoy has been very careful about staying away from that rhetoric up to this point and putting words into his faction's mouth would only decrease our own credibility." After taking a drink of his pumpkin juice he continues,"Sadly I think we will see two kinds of people opposing the Statute. Those that truly have Muggle welfare in mind and understand this is possibly one of the worst moments for full disclosure and those members of Wizarding society that are extremely prejudiced against Muggle, like this Mr. Cyril Malfoy you were just describing. And the sad reality is, even if they are doing it for the wrong reasons we will still have to welcome their support."

"That we do and I agree with you as you know. Okay, so we should do a synopsis about the Statue and the history of the Statue, then give the cons of repealing and explaining that this is just not a good time in both Muggle World for us to do this. I know that one argument they are using is that we need to help the Muggles to prevent another World War. Especially with what has been happening over in Europe." Maudlin says to him with a nod of her head after she takes another sip of her drink. "We need to publish something before we end up with more issues that we can shake a stick at."

Gilbert smiles,"Sounds like a reasonable plan. I think the most important points in the synopsis should be the Inquisition and the Salem Witch Trials. Fear-mongering for the sake of fear-mongering is not a good tactic but in this case its just the reality of the issue. Then we might also want to make sure we offer possible, practical solutions on how to help avoid another outbreak of war among the Muggles without revealing ourselves and while still maintaining an ethical set of behaviors." There he stops to think, tapping his lips with his fork. "I will send Ms. Sykes an owl and invite her to meet us here for dinner, that way we can both make the approach."

"It was the reformation period that caused us the most issues. Entire towns were burned to ash." Maudlin points out. "That is a delightful idea and we also need to point out that it is not just England that needs to take a stand and produce solutions, it has to be solutions on a border scale. The war is not here yet, but the issues are happening on Continent itself." She takes a bite of her toast. "Alright, we can do this. Let us see about Ms. Skyes and go from there. Perhaps if we get more supporters from other families we can each draft a section of the pamphlet?" She is moves to take a sip of her tea.

Gilbert thoughtfully chews on his latest bite of breakfast then slowly starts shaking his head,"I think that we should keep the people working on the pamphlet to a minimum. Too many people working on it might dilute the message or transmute it into something that does not quite follow the principles we want to put out there. Actually, I think you should be the principle author given that it is your idea after all. And it might be good to come up with a nom de plume that we can use for any printed material we put out. As an extra layer of protection for the authors and so that anyone can write without ruining the unified image of the platform."

"Perfect, the name should be Common Sense, as it calls to me like a Siren at the moment and the name signed to it should be something, you all need to read over it and suggest changes once it is written. Better to have a few sets of eyes looking over it." Maudlin tells him. "In the meantime, I need to contact someone and you should contact Ms. Skyes." She smiles again as she drinks more of her tea. "I think we can do this, but we do need more support." She puts her tea cup down.

Gilbert tilts his head a bit to the side,"Common Sense… I like it. And the subtitle could be The Full Disclosure about the Statute of Secrecy." Pushing his now empty plate off to the side he takes another sip of his pumpkin juice before saying,"We definitely need more support, that is what this is all about in the end. Do we have beau in the picture now Ms. Huntington? I am frankly surprised you are single." The question is asked in a teasing tone but the last comment is clearly frank and a statement of fact.

"Beau in the picture, absolutely not," Maudlin says to him in response to his question. "For example I have yet to be to bed. I have been working all of yesterday and today. My lover is my work." She grins as she says this. "There is a reason I am single." That last bit is said with a good-natured laugh. "I am surprised you have not tied the knot. I am glad you and Ms. O'Dwyer are going out. It is good for you." She points out. "I hoped that answered your question."

Gilbert leans back in his chair now that he's finished eating,"Well, that is indeed a shame. If it was not for said Ms. O'Dwyer I might be tempted to do something about it. As for why I have yet to tie the knot, I have yet to find the right woman for that kind of commitment."

"That is very sweet of you to say that and do hope she turns out to be the woman for you. She is very sweet and has a sense of humor." Maudlin points out. "She also supports what you are doing?" Another smile is given before she takes a sip of her tea. "It is not that much of shame, perhaps in time once I have made more headway I will be able to focus my attentions on meeting someone for the time being I am content."

Gilbert tosses an arm over the back of his chair and just looks at Maudlin for a moment over the top of his glass as he drinks some more pumpkin juice then asks,"We have never actually talked about that. What is this work that takes up so much time it does not allow for romance and some of the other better parts of life?"

"It is just my research, private at that. Nothing that is interesting to anyone but me, I had been in a relationship at one time. We got very serious, but it was broken off due to a conflict of interest. They were not keen on the fact that my stepmother whom I call my mother is a squib. I refuse to break off ties with my family. The person was killed later in the line of duty. My work allowed me to have that partnership, but I realized that after the drama had unfolded that my work is a much better lover. There is no judgment. I am very loyal to my father and mother and my sisters and brother. I have desire to break off ties or ostracize them." Maudlin explains instead of explains what she is researching. "That and I am know I am a bit eccentric and hard to live with." Another smile. "For that matter I hope you do not mind me calling you a friend and hopefully a good one."

Gilbert snorts and quickly slaps a hand over his mouth before he spews juice all over the table in mirth,"I thought the friendship was a given at this point." And switching moods with that smoothness born from all those years acting he adds,"And I am sorry to hear about his fate but I think you did absolutely right. Family should come before anyone else, especially someone that is being so gauche as to try and make you choose."

"Good, from now on I am just going to call you Gilbert or Gil." Maudlin laughs. "Did I mention eccentric." She then grows serious. "It hurt but I know I was right. Thank you, it is good to hear it from another who is not family. Then again it is not something I share with everyone. But sometimes the fates have a hand in people's lives for a reason." She shrugs her shoulders and switches the subject. "So common sense, I think I can have something done in about a week."

Gilbert arches an eyebrow accompanied with a smile,"You are calling yourself eccentric with me around? Quite the optimist, you are. And I think a week is a fair estimate for how long the pamphlet should be taking. How are we planning on distributing? And perhaps we can send it to Mr Kogrod to see if it can be published in the Daily Prophet… Actually, that might even be a better idea than trying to publish it ourselves. Unless you know a publisher that will do the job for cheap?"

"Honestly I was going to try and live off of toast and tea for a month to get it done. That way I know it got out there. The Daily Prophet is a brilliant idea. I know of one publisher and it is not cheap but I can do it as long as you do not mind picking up my bar tab at least once during that month." Maudlin tells him honestly.

Gilbert grins and shakes his head,"I would not mind doing it more than once. Or perhaps it would be better if I pay for the printing if the Prophet will not do us the favor. How about we get together again in a couple of days and see where we are?"

"Just pick up my bar tab once during the month." Maudlin cheerful says. "So in three days we will get back together. I will let you talk to the Prophet and Sykes." She smiles as she finishes her tea and takes out the right amount of coin to pay for it. Time for me to go. "It has been a good break. I will see you soon and keep in touch Gil." She offers him a wink as she rises to gather her things.

Gilbert stands to help Maudlin out of her chair,"It a plan then. I look forward to it."

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