(1937-11-28) Wearing Bob and Baseballs
Details for Wearing Bob and Baseballs
Summary: Bob the armor pirate crewman is invaded and Theodore is attacked by a baseball.
Date: 1937-11-28
Location: Armour Gallery
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Unnerving - that's the atmosphere that permeates this room. Empty suits of armor stand guard along every wall here, to either side of every door, across small islands in the middle of the room. All eras and nations are represented, including many that would definitely be unfamiliar to any muggle history book. From the shiny metal of Medieval knights to bamboo spikes of the warriors of the Chinese Dynasties, it's all here. Some of it is practical, some of it is ceremonial, some of it is downright silly-looking to some … but all the empty shells that once housed long-gone protectors silently stand watch around you on every side.

"Life! What is the meaning of Life! Tell me Bob, why be the babies cryin' everytime they take a tinkle, what makes the cats hack up their butt 'air when they're bored? It is all nonsense, lasses kissin' lads and lads kissin' lassies and lassies kissin' lassies and lads kissin' lads. Why does it all come to the lips? Why can't they just sniff each other like the hounds and then ask for a belly scratch!" The start of this Epic monologue is performed by the small Gryffindor student with the eyepatch who paces up and down the line of armor, gesturing dramatically with an arm and pausing from time to time to select a goodies from the blanket of food and tea he has on the floor. Just chips and chocolate pieces for the most part, even if there area few sandwiches. His satchel and burlap sack of other goodies sit near by with a wrapped up bundle of prop swords, all shiny and real looking. For now he paces and gestures with his sword, speaking to his 'friends'.

Gabrielle comes walking in with her normal arm load, along with an apple in her hand, "Cillian what are you going on about?I could hear you half way down the corridor. Is there something…."and she'll trail off when she sees the pile of swords. The smile also drops from her face.

The noise echos beautifully through the room full of armor, the acoustics of the room being quite suited to the performance of monologues from the great classics, or a pirate monologue or two. An impassive suit of plate-mail stirs after a moment, lifting its formerly inanimate hand up to lift the mask of the armor, revealing the face of the Fifth year Gryffindor, Jackson Potter. Jack looks around for a moment, blinking ferociously before he eyes settle on Cillian, "Trying to sleep here, mates." Recognition flashes across what little of Jack's face that can be seen, "Oh, I remember you. Anymore issues with the Fox twins lately?"

Gabriel leans over to peak out from behind the column he's been using as a back rest as he reads, just keeping Cillian quiet company, blinking a bit at Gabrielle and, more importantly at Jackson,"Hello Gabby… And Bob?? Cillian, why is there a boy inside of Bob? He's probably making him quite unhappy. Bob wasn't a bed last I looked…" His eyes drift down to the blanket eyeing the few sandwiches on it a bit greedily before asking,"Can someone toss me a sandwich? All this Charms studying is hungry work, especially with the Cap'n declaiming about romance."
From afar, Keenan sighs and shakes his head.

"M' 'aving a conversation with -" And then Jackson is peeking out of a suit of armor and Cillian is just staring for a moment before sighing. "Oi, you. Get out of there right now, no wonder Bob was so cranky, ye can't just crawl inside a person and nap." He hmphs and points to the armor with his sword before turning back to Gabrielle. "Did you come for supper? I 'ave…um, sandwiches and chips and such but there's a delicious new chocolate I got, its got caramel inside." Then he looks to Gabriel and arches an eyebrow. "If ye want yer supper, you'll have to come and sit on the blanket like a civilized person."

Gabrielle moth snaps shut and she'll shake her head at Jackson's entrance. the apple will be shifted to her other hand and she'll walk to Gabriel to offer him a hand up, "Hi Doc.At least he's not in Lilith…." If he takes her hand she'll help him up and make her way to the Blanket. Gabby will lift up her apple, "Yup. supper time and no one to eat with….so I came looking here…chocolate /with/ caramel, Really?She'll throw both boys a huge smile and then give Jackson a weird look, "How… why are you even in that?"

Jackson peers towards Cillian, shaking his head with an audible squeak, "I'll have you know that I'm here by mutual agreement with incorporeal occupant of this particular suit of armor. Cranky or not, this agreement is mutually beneficial to both parties." He turns his and Bob's head towards Gabrielle now, "You ask me why I sleep in armor, when you have particularly noted the path of destruction I have made through this school?"

Gabriel takes Gabrielle's hand with his right hand and snaps his Charms book shut with his left as he lets her help him to his feet then follows to the blanket,"Lilith would have probably gotten violent if a boy tried to climb into her, so I think you're right Gabby." Once at the blanket he sits down and reaches for one of the sandwiches,"Thank you Cap'n. And you, old man, what kind of payment did you offer Bob for him to let you in? And who says Bob is incorporeal? Bob is Bob."

Jackson smirks towards Gabriel, "Let's just say Bob enjoys a bit of a cuddle…" H

Cillian's fingers move to pinch the bridge of his nose before he sighs softly and shakes his head. "Oh…bloody…" He mutters softly under his breath and shakes his head. "Okay! Yes, come come, sit down, we're Pirates not vagabonds…we can be civil." Then he looks back to Bob, making his way towards the armor and he lets Gabriel speak before he offers. "Bob says yer steppin' on his liver and he'd like ye to vacate his premises before he removes yer fingernails. He learned the torture technique from Ping." A pause. "Also, now yer officially a prisoner of me crew, so come out of there and come to supper as we discuss yer punishment."

Gabrielle sits down next to Gab and snickers some when he refers to Jack as old man. She'll set her books down on the other side of her, and reach over to take a half sandwich, "Thank you Captain." She'll look up to Jackson, "You best do what he says…Ping's torture technique is nothing to laugh at." She'll throw Jackson a smile, "And I've heard Cillian treats his prisoners fair."

Jackson smirks towards Gabriel, "Let's just say Bob enjoys a bit of a cuddle…" He turns his head (squeak) to peer towards Cillian, having to use mostly his eyes due to the limited range of motion, "I'm sorry, Captain, but I will be holding Bob to his agreement of a safe place to sleep so as my housemates don't stab me in the back while I sleep, in exchange for cuddles and a bottle of 3-in-1 oil." He then blinks, peering towards Gabrielle, and quickly shaking his head. (Squeak-squeak.) He clears his throat, looking momentarily ashamed and adds, "That's not a good idea."

Gabriel looks suspiciously at Jackson as he slowly chews on a bite of sandwich. Putting his food down he gets to his feet and walks over to the Jackson-in-Bob and twists his head around so he can peak in through one of the weak points of that kind of armor. The armpit. With a sigh of relief he says, "Well, the old man isn't in uniform but at least he has an undershirt on. Bob isn't being completely violated."

Cillian's eyebrow over his bad eye raises a fraction before he sighs softly and shakes his head. "Yer in me house…so…lets ask father Ted if he'll mind you kipping a nap in his armor from time to time because he's big and loves to share his space." He cocks his head to the side and looks thoughtfully. "Also, there's a new recruit named Sully who'll let you share." He points to a metallic set of chainmaily armor. "He or She thinks yer cheeky." He's going over the options. "The fair Maiden is a witness here, yer violating the sanctity of me armor crew's…armor so ye can take the options or…" He lets it linger. "We'll be forced to Tea Mug ye."

Gabby raises an eyebrow at Jackson, not quite getting his meaning till Gab points out he's not in uniform, she'll blush slightly and look down to her lap, not sure if she should leave or not. When Cillian starts laying out the law, she'll glance around to see if he's left clothes somewhere, or was just tramping around the castle in his sleepwear(she hope it's sleepwear). She'll clear her throat and look up at Jack again, "It's..ah, it's true. You /are/ …violating his armor's…armor.I don't know what being Tea Mugged means, but it doesn't sound pleasant."

Jackson narrows his eyes at Gabriel as he is approached, and seems appalled as his armor is lifted, "Excuuuse me!" (Squeeeeeeak) He frowns deeply towards Gabriel and replies harshly, "It's a damned sight lucky you didn't lift the leg, mate! You'd be getting a preview of the next few years of your life." He looks back towards Gabrielle and adds, "If you're lucky." He shoots Gabrielle some waggled eyebrows and a lascivious wink.

Jackson continues to Cillian, "I don't particularly fancy those options, Captain. I'll continue to hold Bob to his original agreement. Father Ted's armor is dreadfully uncomfortable, and Sully is just a little too tight in the crotch, if you catch my meaning." He then shrugs his armored shoulders, a horrible grinding sound coming from the armor as he does, "I don't know what Tea Mugging is, but I'll have you know that I stayed awake during Transfiguration this week and I'll happily turn it into a particularly slow lizard. Possible a gecko."

Gabriel scrambles to kneel behind Gabby and cover her ears, narrowing his eyes at Jackson,"Oy! What kind of talk is that in front of a lady? And geckos are quite fast lizards. Have you ever tried to catch one? I think you were probably thinking more of a Gila monster but then those are poisonous so if you turn the Cap'n into one of those he'll just bite you. Then what'll you do?"

Gabrielle blushes from what Jackson said. She makes an annoyed face, and will bring her arms up like she's going to swat Gab's hands away. She then stops and doesn't. She glances first up over her shoulder where Gab would ,then over to Cillian and Jackson. While flushed her face is rather a controlled blank.

"…" Cillian's lips press together in a thin line as he narrows his eye and is just quiet, staring at the armor very closely before he moves to where the leg is before he slams the butt of his sword against the codpiece/crotch area of the armor…vibrations are amazing even as he's tugging the leg up. "I'll have ye know in me future, I'll not 'ave…" WRENCH. "A winkie…that small, thank ye very kindly." Gabriel's protecting Gabrielle, see, this is team work. "Protect the fair maiden!"

Jackson groans as he is knocked in the codpiece with the butt end of a sword, and not in the good way. When he opens his eyes back up, it's to glare at Cillian, "Do that again, you mickey little butt wart, you won't have a winky at all when you're my age." He then adds, "I'll cut it off with my wand!" He hiss through gritted teeth for a moment, the gauntletted fist curled up, but then hung limply at his side, "I'm going back to sleep. Please keep the noise down." He lifts his hand, closing the face plate of the helmet.

Aaaannd, curiosity takes over. Gabriel holds his hands over Gabby's ears for one more moment before getting back up to his feet and approaching the occupied armor. Standing on his tip toes he reaches up to politely knock with his knuckles on the side of the closed helmet then asking in a voice loud enough to be heard even if the visor isn't opened,"But wait. You still haven't explain /why/ you're sleeping inside Bob. And why would your housemates stab you in the back while you sleep? And what was that path of destruction you were telling Gabby about? and why are you so foul-mouthed? And how come you're confusing Gryffindor with Slytherin?"

Gabrielle , eyes flashing, stands up, "You!" and she's pointing to Cillian, "Don't you EVER do that again!" she'll stomp over to the three boys obviously angry, "You have no /right/ to yell about someone's language….and then do /that/!"And she'll turn towards the armor, "And You!" She'll actually poke a finger at the armor's chest plate, "Don't you threaten /either/ of them. Or you'll have to deal with me, understand?" She's actually shaking, she's so angry.

Jackson reaches up, turns the knob to open the face plate and says, "Ok," before slamming it shut again.

Cillian's eyebrows raise as he just stares at people, head tilting from one side to the other as he processes things for a few moments, tapping a finger against his lips and shaking his head as he moves towards the picnic area and he starts to quietly pack things back up, a thoughtful expression on his face. "Yep, at 14, me life will be ruined…I'll be like all the older students…the joy and stuff will be all gone…I've got…to get me will prepared."

With a muffled voice, Jackson responds, "No it won't." He reaches up, popping the face plate up again, "If anything, I can assure you that the fun doesn't stop at 14 years old. If anything, it has only just begun." He glances towards Gabrielle for a moment, shrugging (squeak) his armored shoulders again and then continuing, "You're taller, allowing you to get into more trouble, but also into more comfortable sleeping attire." He blinks, frowning, then seems to have come upon a point, "Girls are no longer icky, allowing for thus more trouble. Not to mention a lot of confusion and accusatory looks from your mates you share a room with." He grumbles for only Gabrielle to hear him, "Help me out here."

Gabriel frowns up at Jackson, not really paying a whole lot of attention to Gabby since /he/ didn't do anything wrong,"But that doesn't answer any of my questions… Unless you did something with one of your mate's girls and that's why they want to stab you in the back… And then that would explain why you think you need to sleep inside Bob… But it doesn't answer what path of destruction you were talking about or why you can be so foul-mouthed or why you're thinking Gryffindor people are Slytherin's since only Slytherin's would be tabbing people in the back…" then with a slight blush he mumbles an addition,"With a few notable exceptions."

Gabrielle ,finger still on the Bob's chest plate turns to look at Cillian, and then back to Jackson when they talk. She'll sigh, and step away from Bob/Jackson to kneel down next to Cillian, "Cillian, look at me." She won't continue till he does. "Jackson's an idiot,"she'll raise a finger in his direction to shush him if he makes any protest, "But he's right. Things …they get worse…but they also get better. It's all about comparisons. Last year wasn't so bad for me. I didn't have as many problems….but I didn't have any friends either. I wouldn't give up you or Gabriel for any amount of peace. And, sometimes, even the complicated stuff is good." Gabby will glance at Gabriel, to make sure he understands he's part of the good too. She'll briefly make eye contact with Jackson, but it's not clear what she's trying to convey.

"Seaman Gabriel 'ere will handle yer interrogation, Mister Jackson." Comes the soft response from Cillian as he folds his picnic blanket neatly to slide into the burlap sack along with the bundle of chips and the wrapped up sandwiches and his lips press together in a line before he shakes his head and peers into his tea cups before packing those away as well. He pauses, biting his bottom lip before he continues his clean up process. He's listening of course, glancing at Gabrielle when she makes her request and then looking back to his cleaning and he is quite meticulous. "Gabriel, I shall leave 3 bars, 2 chocolate caramel nougats and a licorice twist for ye to use in takin' care of the Fair Maiden and the prisoner." And he sets the candy items out, lining them up neatly on a square napkin before he shoulders his satchel.

Jackson seems a bit relieved as Gabby continues talking to Cillian. He rolls his eyes at being called an idiot, but looks back towards her anyway. The looks she gives him is not missed, and while he's not quite sure what she's attempting to convey, a blind man can discern the meaning of the look that he returns to Gabrielle:
He has an itch on his back that he can't quite get to in this armor.
He grins as Cillian continues on, glancing towards Gabrielle and giving a quick nod, "Just one licorice twist, Captain? They happen to be my favorite and may in fact coax me out of Bob even quicker." He looks towards Gabriel, nodding his head with a wild grin, "To answer your questions: No it doesn't. No, I didn't. Not precisely. Wait and find out. Who the bloody hell cares, and which exceptions might those be?"

Gabriel takes a moment to glance over at Gabrielle and give her a beaming smile when she said she wouldn't give him up then returns his attention to Jackson. as he hears the comment about the licorice twists he walks over to Cillian and leans over to whisper something to him. However, the whispering stops as Jackson asks his last question. At that point he goes blank for a moment as the picture of that specific Slythern makes it way through his brain then he goes absolutely red as he scrambles to get his Charms book, clutching it to himself so that his face is completely hidden from the nose down,"no one…"

Gabrielle sighs, not getting the response she was hoping for from Cillian, but isn't going to push it. Her anger seems to be mostly gone, and her shoulders will drop some. She'll glance over at Gab and roll her eyes, "There are jerks in each house, trust me."

Jackson frowns as Gabriel attempts to beat feet away, "Hey, is of those arseholes for hats giving you a hard time?" He attempts to move after Gabriel, but finds himself still firmly held still by the support structure that keeps the armor standing. He grunts after a moment, then adds, "Oh, sod it." He reaches up, shutting his face plate once again.

It has been a busy day in the armory. Suits of armor, a Gryffindor on his knees, laying out licorice twists and bars of chocolate in orderly lines now, a Ravenclaw hiding his face with a charm books and of course a lovely fair maiden hovering near where the Gryffindor is lining up candy. Knee Gryffindor: Cillian - Other Ravenclaw: Gabriel and the fair maiden is Gabrielle as they all prepare for dessert ala candy.

Gabrielle will glare at a suit of armor for a moment, then shake her head and sit all the way down on the ground. she doesn't look very happy at the moment.

Theodore wanders into the armory. He looks around, notices Gabrielle before anyone else, and he smiles, "Hey Artie." He looks at Gabriel and gives him a nod, and then furrows his brow just slightly, "Why are we all here?"

Once the red has died down which Gabriel has started to learn is clearly easy to tell is there because his face feels all weird and hot he lowers the book again and turns to Gabrielle. He's about to speak when Theodore walks in the door which completely distracts him and all that comes out is "Ajax's distraction. Dandy…" in more of a mumble than anything else.

Not more than a minute behind Theodore, another Slytherin comes hurrying in. Apparently, her older housemate is her target, because even as she's entering Nicki is calling out, "Mr. Dupont!" A handkerchief, folded and pristine white, is waved in her hand. "I've got that handkerchief you lent me!" She could have waited to give it back to them in the common room, but since she saw him and had it on her, she decided not to wait. She stops near him, and then noticed the others in the room as well. As her eyes fall on Gabriel, she smiles, "Hallo, Gabriel!" Gabrielle and Cillian also get cordial greetings, a little more subdued since she doesn't really know them as well.

When Gabby hears her nickname, she looks up and smiles warmly to Theo, "Hi Theo!How's it going?" The smile will drop from her face when she hears Gab mumble and will start to stand, not sure if there's going to be an issue or not. She'll not to Nicki, but wait to see what Theo does.

Cillian looks up from where he's organizing his candies by type, obviously having been distracted by his task to look up and blink for a moment and then he sees Theodore and his eye widens as he carefully gets to his feet, wielding a licorice twist…all long and black and…whip like. "Ye beautiful slimy little toad!" He narrows his eyes. "How dare ye show yer face after breakin' our sacred oath!" Then he sees Nicki. "Ah, another lady. Gabriel…see that the lady gets a comfortable seat and there's still some more chocolates in me sack." He gives a small bow before turning back to Theodore. Grrr.

Theodore looks over his shoulder at Nicki, "Handkerchief? You got me mixed up for someone else, doll." Then Gabriel makes his comment, and he turns, his face red with anger, his fist balling and he begins to step towards the much smaller first year. "What did you just call me, you stupid little troll?"

Gabriel lowers his book all the way down and is about respond to Theo when he notices Nicki. All the belligerence leaves his expression to be replaced by a momentary redness which is then immediately covered by the Charms book again. Then Cillian kind of comes to the rescue so he kneels down to start looking for more candy in Cillian's bag. Its only just coincidence that he ends up right behind Gabby in the process. From behind Gabby he can be heard saying,"Come over here Nicki. Cap'n Cillian would like you to have some chocolate while you enjoy the show." He speaks!

Gabrielle , ignoring Cillian's out burst, and trying to save Gab's life, tries to catch Theo's eye, "Hey, we need to talk anyway. Care to walk?"

At Theodore's response, Nicki looks down at the cloth in her hands with a light frown. "I could have sworn." Her eyes cut to Gabriel, and he gets a warm smile. "I'd love to, but I have to go for a study group. I'll look for you tomorrow, so we can make plans to see the puffskeins when they're here on the weekend." And, as quickly as she hurried in, Nicki hurries out.

Cillian just gives Theodore a look when he mentions the word 'stupid' and shakes his head. "Ah come off it, ye heard me." He stomps his foot. "You know our little arrangement? Well somehow word got out about it and now I can't help ye have time to flash your smoldering good looks about, because it might be 'wrong'." He frowns. "How could you? And if you didn't then who did? Because I'll have ye know, I'll help ye even if they clap me in irons you fudge block of a sunbeam." He scowls. "NOW Do you want licorice or chocolate?! Cuz if ye say neither I'll tie yer knickers to yer nose hair and and and…and…" A pause. "Do you even have nose hair?" He tilts his head to the side and tries to peer up as he stares at the older boy.

Theodore gives Gabriel a shove, "You watch yourself, troll," when Gabriel basically ignores him. Then he turns to look at Cillian, and his head tilts, his brow furrowing. "What?" Then he looks at Gabrielle. His teeth grit together, and he growls, stomping towards the door to go.

Gabriel topples over sideways since by the time Theo reaches him to shove him he's already kneeling behind Gabby, searching through Cillian's bag. Which also means a good chunk of Cillian's carefully packed goodies go spilling out along the floor as Gabriel lets go of the bag to try and keep his balance. As soon as he hits the floor the small Ravenclaw pops back up to his feet, a baseball leaving the robe pocket where its usually stored and only passing momentarily through Gabriel's hand as he throws it at Theo,"Oy! You big bully! Why the hell are you pushing me around for?"

Here we go again. "You!" Pointing at Theo, "Don't you EVER touch one of them again.Or you'll have to deal with me, understand? I've knock two Slytherin on their asses, I don't have a problem with making it 3." She'll turn towards Cillian, "I /told/ you I was going to help him. You're making this worse!" And then finally to Gabriel, "And you! What is /wrong/ with you? Stop saying things like /that/! " She'll then yelp as the baseball flies past her, "STOP IT! what is WRONG with all of you?!?!"

…okay, that's not good! Cillian's eye widens as Theo's all…attacking the smaller boy and his fellow classmate with a shove and he drops his licorice, staring to run towards Gabriel when he notices… candy and treats being toppled and he's a bit too slow, really, a ball goes flying and eep, that's probably a detention worthy attack so Cillian's lunging for Gabriel as if to tackle him to the ground. "Dun do it mate! He's not worth it!" And then with Gabrielle… yelling and he just shakes his head, panting softly. "Pirates keep their balls to themselves…"

Theodore throws his hands up over his face as the ball hits him with a thump. "Ow! Bloody hell!" He scowls at Gabriel, preparing to leap at the kid when Gabby goes ape shit adult on them all. He stands there, his cheeks red, his fists balled, rocking on his feet ready to pounce, looking between all of them. "You're all Gryphon shit crazy, you know that?" He begins to back away to the door, carefully, attempting to leave before any more of whatever all this is happens.

OK, Theodore is one thing, Cillian and Gabby a completely different matter. As soon as Cillian lands on him and Gabby starts yelling he just flops and lays there,"Well, /he's/ the one that came in shoving and pushing and what's wrong with saying he's a bully when he's acting the bully. Only thing I know about him is he's Slytherin's Quidditch Captain and Ajax's distraction and I did /nothing/ to merit getting shoved around and making me spill all of Cillian's goodies and why am /I/ getting yelled at??"

Gabrielle stands there, in front of the two smaller boys. she's shaking , and it's not clear if it's adrenaline or she's mad or scared. She'll glance at Gab, and then back to Theo, but is addressing Gab, "He shouldn't have shoved you, but you shouldn't have called him …anything before that."
Long distance to Theodore: Gabriel grins,"Glad to hear that."

Cillian just eyes Gabrielle for a few moments before sighing and rolling off of Gabriel, laying on his back and taking a deep breath and then another deep breath. "M' Promoting ye to Master Gunner now, for the crew. Dun let me down." Then he wipes his hand over his face and shakes his head as Gabrielle talks. "He didn't even call him nothin'…" He peers at Gabriel. "Did ye?"

Theodore just shakes his head, "You're all insane…" He looks at Cillian, "You aren't a pirate." Then to Gabriel, "I'm not Ajax

Theodore just shakes his head, "You're all insane…" He looks at Cillian, "You aren't a pirate." Then to Gabriel, "I'm not Ajax's distraction, and I ain't no dandy." He tosses a quick look at Gabrielle, and then storms out.

Gabriel only lifts his head from the ground to call out after Theo,"I didn't call you a dandy!" No denial about calling him Ajax's distraction, but that one is true after all. "And Cillian can be anything he wants to be. And if you talked before shoving you wouldn't have been hit by a baseball /and/ we could have fixed all this /and/ you would have had some candy."

Gabrielle cringes. she'll make a quick glance to check to make sure there's nothing too wrong with Gabriel, before looking to Cillian and then finally back to Theo. She's either preparing to leave and let them all kill each other, or getting ready to dive in front of Theo if he decides to go for blood.

"Yes yes, I love you too Mister Theodore." Cillian mutters before looking back to Gabriel and arching an eyebrow. "Well said Master Gunner, well said indeed." Then he eyes Gabrielle for a few moments and slumps back down. "Well. I'm knackered."

Gabriel gets up to all fours and crawls over to his baseball. Picking it up he stores it in his robe pocket again and then crawls back over to the spilled goodies and starts helping pick them up,"I tried to get him to talk. See, almost every Slytherin is sociopathic in one way or another…" He stops there remembering that if he keeps going he's going to go red all over again.

Gabrielle will stand there a moment, tying to calm down. She'll then turn around and kneel next to Gabriel and grab his arm and start checking where he caught himself when he toppled over, "You're ok?", she'll ask quietly.She'll check the palm of his hand and then his forearm . She doesn't really have any knowledge of what to look for, she's just upset.She'll not make eye contact with either boy.

"Its sicopithic I think…" Cillian pauses. "Or mebbe yer right, anyways. I thought he was alright, Mister Theodore that is, a good sort of snakey bloke but dunno what's wrong wit' him lately." He crawls over to help put the goodies away, chuckling softly to himself. "This has been a really weird…supper." He eyes Gabrielle and quirks an eyebrow. "…ye do know yer the fair Maiden aye? And the girlfriend? /We/ are supposed to take care of ye and make sure yer okay."

Gabriel doesn't object to being fussed over, letting Gabrielle check him out and actively showing her his hands and forearms,"All fine. It wasn't that far of a fall. I just hope he's OK. I didn't think and baseballs can cause really bad injuries…" He actually looks like he's feeling guilty about it now that his mad is over. He doesn't bother to correct Cillian about the big word but does no to agree with him."That is has Cap'n, that it has."

Gabrielle is still shaking some, and now it's clear she was scared. She's still not look either boy in the face, " Theo is having an awful time. And weather you meant to or not, you pushed the wrong button. He's really….confused, and you saying /anything/ about Ajax isn't going to help." she'll stop fussing with Gabriel's arm, satisfied it's not broken or anything. she'll sit there for a moment, not sure /what/ to do then she'll reach over and start to gather her books.

Cillian is quiet for a few moments before he eyes Gabrielle and sighs softly. "I dun wanna turn 14. I refuse."

Gabriel grabs one of the new caramel-filled chocolates and offers it to Gabby,"Where are you going? You haven't tried one of the Cap'n's new treats yet. So what's wrong with Theodore that's making him be such a bully over nothing?"

Gabrielle shakes her head no to the candy(proof that something IS truly wrong!) and say to Gabriel, "You /did/ call him a dandy. You mumbled it."She'll be focused on her book gathering. She'll glance around , looking for something, and then sigh. "I'll check on him later, make sure his head's ok."

"He did /not/ call him a Dandy! He said the word Dandy but he didn't say it at the boy…" Cillian defends his crew if nothing else. "And I can't believe ye'd tink Gabriel would do somethin' like that and not own up to it. I-its like ye 'ave no trust in us at all…" He sighs and shakes his head. "But that's fine…we're just firsties." He rolls snatches up a piece of licorice and gnaws on it.

Gabriel nods in agreement with Cillian again, "I said dandy as in 'this is dandy'. I wasn't calling him anything. Well, except Ajax's distraction. Which was completely true last time I checked." He flops to the ground laying down flat so he can look up at Gabrielle's face and hopefully making her look at him even if just for a moment. "And why are you mad at us? We didn't do anything /and/ we tried to fix things afterward. I explained and everything."

Gabrielle pauses, trying to think back clearly to the moment of the mumbled word.She'll close her eyes and take a deep breathe, "It wasn't clear. If both Theo and I thought that's what you were referring too…"She'll shake her head and look at Gabriel, "And it would be like it someone was poking at you about Nicki. Would you like that?" she'll sneer down at her books, not really at the boys, more the situation, "And you think I don't trust you? You know what, if that's how you feel, fine." She'll unconsciously grab her right forearm for a moment, and then shake her head and start pulling her books to her chest before she rises.Probably not the most graceful way to get up…

Cillian just watches Gabrielle's reaction and he blinks and…blinks again before just staring at Gabrielle and then back to Gabriel and then back to Gabrielle. "I…am so confused right now."

Gabriel takes advantage of Gabrielle saying no to the chocolate and pops it into his own mouth. After all, he's already touched it so its all contaminated and stuff. Mumbling around his chocolate as he shakes his head slightly, making it roll side to side along the floor, he says,"Why would anyone poke at me over Nicki, she'safriend, justafriends, andnothingbutafriend…" Yup, exactly. "And he didn't say we don't trust you he was /asking/ if you didn't trust us anymore." Turning to Cillian he asks,"Is she going to walk out without talking about it? Why is it that all the bigger kids do that? They just get mad at each other then walk away without talking and figuring things out? Think I can be a healer is I stay at 11 too? I'm sure we can find a potion that'll keep us from getting any older…"

Gabrielle will turn and finally look at Gabriel. Close to tears, she'll say "I did trust you. They you both went insane, like every boy does. And you hit armor and threw baseballs at people's heads. Gods, if I wanted to be around that I'd have stayed with Chris!" she'll glare down at Gab, " I'm sitting right here!Don't talk about me like I can't hear you!"

"You cannot control what people do, people have the right to feel and fight and cry and love and live however they want. That's never gonna change, and and if ye can't accept folks for who they are…" Cillian does tear up a bit, distractedly wiping at his cheek as he takes a deep breath. "And yeah Gabrielle, that's what they always do…they dun wanna talk it out usually, but…mebbe we'll find somethin' to help." He just watches Gabrielle. "We love ye Gabrielle no matter how you act or what you do or say…whether ye go crazy or are being sweet. Just remember that."

Gabriel nods again as he continues to completely agree with Cillian then throws a low blow, probably without intending to do so, "And we /all/ make mistakes, boys and girls. Everyone has their violent moments at times the important thing is what happens after the moment." Offering up another piece of chocolate he finishes with,"But Cillian's right, we love you no matter what."

There's a flood of different emotions that cross Gabby's face, although that /started when cillian was talking. She'll pull her books tighter and stand up, "I…need to go." She's looking rather upset.And will start walking out the door.

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