(1937-11-29) Meeting the Examiner
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Summary: Ophelia and Gabrielle attend one of the study sessions offered by Isobel.
Date: 29 November, 1937
Location: Examination Room
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Examination Room, Hogwarts Castle
Thu Nov 29, 1937

The large cathedral-like windows in this room provide plenty of illumination to work by at the rows of old fashioned wooden desks. Unlike the desks in most other classrooms in the castle the desks in the examination room only seat one person each. The rooms itself has low, wooden beamed ceiling but still feels open and spacious thanks to the ample lighting and the large size of the space. Towards one end of the room an open space has been left for the proctor's desk, which is raised slightly to provide a clear view of the entire room.

Contents: Ophelia Isobel
Exits: [N] Ticking Corridor

It's just past supper and students are all over the castle, some studying and others…well, are off about doing their own thing. In the examination room, which is rarely used except for end of year examining, there are only but a few students about at present. Every now and then, one calls to the single adult present, asking for her assistance with their studies. She, of course, is there to help, as was noted on the boards within the common rooms.

Isobel Strudwick lightly gazes about the room as a student asks her a question regarding herbology. "Ah, ya see, the aspen tree isn't really used for potions. 'S'far as I know, only for wand makin'. But it's good ta keep 'em nice an' watered. If ya get lucky, ya will get a bowtruckle livin' in it. Once that happens, well…they're tricky beasts. Ya wanna keep your distance, unless ya have somethin' ta appease 'em with." She nods, standing from her hunched position and slowly walking about once more.

Ophelia hadn't been sure what to bring with her, there were so many things she wanted to talk about. She'd ended up, therefore, with one of those stacks of books Ravenclaws are so famous for carrying around. The kind she could barely see over. The stack, now neatly organized into smaller ones by the class or project they are for, surrounds her little space at one of the tables. She's been trying to decide where her questions should start when she hears the woman answering another student not far off. Interest instantly caught, the little ginger's hand goes up, the light of potential knowledge to be saught shining in her eager eyes.

With her attention caught by the upheld hand, Isobel strides over to Ophelia and smiles. "Aye? What…can I help ya with, Miss…?" She smiles at the young woman, though she does seem to assess the stacks of books upon the student's table. "Ya've a lot ta cover there, haven't ya? Well, I suppose we most certainly've got ta get started then." There's a soft look upon her face as she continues to smile, and there's no judgement in her voice as she speaks.

Ophelia grins, a sort of sheepish pride on her face as Isobel notices her collection. "Yes, um. Oh, Ophelia. Summerbee. I was wondering, Miss, if you know much about Bowtruckles? Specifically about gathering things like woodlice and fairy eggs? A housemate and myself are going to go visit the nearby wandwood trees with Professor Beery, and I'd like to take some with me. But I've not actually ever tried to /find/ wodlice before… "

"Woodlice? An' fairy eggs?" Isobel things this over for a moment, appearing contemplative. "If these tree ya will be lookin' at are indeed wand worthy trees, ya might be a tad bit hard pressed ta find any fairy eggs. From what I understand o' the matter, from what I've been told," She takes a deep breath in and scratches under her chin, "Bowtruckles are quite fond o' eatin' fairy eggs. An' only wood from trees tha' contain bowtruckles are used for wands." She pauses for a moment, thinking for a moment. "But, I do believe if ya want ta find fairy eggs, ya'd want ta look under leaves, as that's where fairies lay their eggs. And woodlice…well, they can be found all over wood. Jus' collect each in their own separate vials, I'd say. An' do keep an eye out. If ya notice a bowtruckle, an' if it seems ta be hangin' out somewhere in particular, that might be food! An', as for dealin' specifically with bowtruckles…" She bobs her head left and right a few times while thinking before saying, "Well, have ya much practice with stun spells?"

Eyes widening, Ophelia shakes her head. "I haven't… worked as much on my… um, action spells?" Cheeks turning pink with mild embarassment, she pulls a parchment sheet and a quill from her bag to write down what Isobel has to say, circling the bit about 'separate vials.' "I've been rather focuing more on my books. Are…stunning spells a good idea? We're hoping to find a tree to help care for, as part of our Herbology project. Would it not make the Bowtruckle angry, if we go more than once?"

"Oh, nothin' terrible, Miss Summerbee. An' I'm Professor Beery would be able ta take care o' it. He's a good professor. It's merely tha' bowtruckles are…arenae friendly creatures when they feel their tree is in danger. Though, o' course, wood lice an' fairy eggs are useful things ta placate 'em." Isobel chuckles softly. "Without wood lice or fairy eggs, though, a good lil stunnin' spell will do the trick, I'd think." She offers a little shrug. "The bowtruckle might narry be happy at constant intrusions on its tree. But, if ya oft bring it food, ya might jus' be able ta take care of a tree an' a bowtruckle!"

Ophelia hurriedly scribbles 'stunning spell' under the notation about separate vials, underlining it. As Iso bel goes on, she brightens, offering the woman a wide smile. "Thank you, Miss!"

"O' course! I'm more'n happy ta help!" Isobel responds in turn. "An' if ya need help practicin' any stunnin' spells, be sure ta ask. I can help ya practice 'em." She wiggles her nose a little. "Anythin' else I can help ya with?"

"Mmm…" Ophelia glances over her other stacks, frowning in a moment of indecision. Which to chose? Ah! "Have you ever been to a Triwizard Championship before?"

"I cannae say I've been ta one've the tournaments b'fore. Though I'd like ta watch one o' them this time around, if I can manage it." Isobel chuckles. "It's quite the tournament. Why do ya ask?"

"I'm putting together research on previous tournaments for our champion." Ophelia explains, pulling the stack of relevant books (mostly biographies of old champions) over to the center. "And while biographies are somewhat helpful, they are also often mistaken, being from the point of view of the champions themselves. I was hoping to get an account from someone who had seen a championship before."

"Ah. Well, I wish I could've been of more help for ya in tha' area. I can state ta ya the usual jibber-jabber 'bout how the competition tests a champion's mind, body, an' soul in all their three tasks, but tha's about all I'd be able ta do." Explains Isobel, offering up a tiny shrug of apology. "I can tell ya 'bout a very creepy bogart a friend o' mine has, though that wouldn't be o' much help, I'm afraid."

Ophelia nods, though she doesn't look upset by the lack of information. She blinks, as Isobel goes on, then her eyes widen. "He has a Boggart? Why wouldn't it help? I mean, if he can learn to conquer his fears like that won't it help him in the tournament, too?" Her eyes are shining again, the knoelwdge she could gain overriding for now the impossible fear that meeting a Boggart for real would inspire in her.

"Oh, the person I know isn't in the tournament. It's someone I know at the Ministry." Isobel says with a chuckle. "Annoyin' creatures, boggarts. An' the thing boggarts turn inta around him? Well, gives me a slight fright too! Whenever he sees a boggart, it turns inta an acromantula. Ever heard of 'em, the acromantula?"

Ophelia shakes her head, frowning. "I don't think so, no. What are they?" Shifting, she gives Isobel her most attentive eager student look, quill poised to write notes on whatever it is the woman will teach her about.

"Rare creatures." Isobel starts off. "Least they're rare 'round these parts. Intelligent. Or…well, they can speak like humans, from what I understand o' them. But…they're giant spiders. Huge! Oft larger than you or I. Somethin' I consider a bit frightenin' m'self." She shakes her head at the thought. "I'd hate ta have ta deal with one m'self."

By the time Isobel has paused in her 'lesson' Ophelia's eyes are wide enough to look nearly cartoonish. Slowly, she nods, murmuring, "No wonder he is fearful of them. I should imagine I would be as well… "

Isobel says, "Mmm. Yes. Ver much so!" Looking about the room, Isobel doesn't see anyone else attempting to gain her attention for the moment. As such, she draws her wand and, silenty casting a spell along with a quick little motion, a single chair appears. Dragging it next to Ophelia's desk, she says, "Now, what else do ya need help with? Or rather, what other questions do ya have for me?"

Watching the silent spell casting with interest, Ophelia bites her lip to think. "Do you have much skill in Herbology? Its…the OWL I'm most worried about." Looking down as she admits her weakness, she shifts the biographies out of the way and tugs a couple of Herbology texts over, "Most specifically, is there a hands-on portion to the test, or is it only written?"

"Nothin' wrong with havin' a bit o' trouble with a subject. An' after all, I'm here ta help with it." Isobel nods. "After all, who better ta help ya, outside o' your teachers, than one o' those who are gonna be testin' ya?" She grins. "Yes, I've some experience with Herbology. Took it to the NEWT levels. An' yes, there's a hands on portion o' the exams. There's nae but a few classes tha' only have the written portions." She explains in a soft tone. "What do ya need help with, as far as Herbology?"

Nodding, Ophelia glances up with a shy smile. Then sighs. "I just… it just doesn't seem to work for me. The plants… they don't live well, with me. My last few year-long projects only lived because I had partners. That's why I'm trying for a wandwood tree this year, I hoped that if it was more related to my own subject…"

"Havin' trouble with the plants, eh?" Isobel raises an eyebrow in enquiry. "Well, that's nothin' ta really be ashamed o'. Plants aren't for everybody!" She responds gently, in a supportive tone. "Are…ya interested in wands, then?" She figures from the reference to her 'own subject'.

Ophelia nods emphatically, "I want to make them. I'm sixteen now, and I thought perhaps Ollivander would consider making me an apprentice as well, if I did well on all my OWLs. Since he has another apprentice already I think I shall have to truly impress him to gain a second spot."

Isobel sits in a chair next to Ophelia and her desk full of books. "Doin' well in your OWLs is certainly important. But it's also important to know where you need ta study most for the career ya want. For wandmakin', yes Herbology is important for the subject. Knowin' your magical trees an' the correlation b'tween type o' wood an' core. Some cores don' work as well, as I'm sure ya know if ya've read up on it. Some, like mine, are more rare. I've got an oak wan, pliable, at eleven an' three-quarter inches, containin' an Augurey feather core." She states quickly and clearly, as if it's something that goes through her mind constantly. However, I'd most definitely suggest keepin' up on your Charms as well."

Gabrielle will come sneaking into the room, back to the ladies, looking out the hallway, like she's trying to not be followed. She has her arms /filled/ with book, and when she turns around and see the two, she stands there for a moment looking surprised. "Oh!I'm sorry…I didn't realize this room was being used!" Her hair is pulled up in a messy bun, with locks falling out, and her Ravenclaw tie is crooked.

Ophelia's head tilts, the information about Isobel's wand triggering her interest instantly. "Are you a Hufflepuff? I always thought Oak would be a good wand for a Hufflepuff. Or perhaps a Gryffindor. Did you know our Champion has the sa- Gabrielle!" She waves, simultaneously gesturing the other girl over (making for a ratehr awkward motion), "You should come meet Miss… ah… " Blushing, she realizes that she's forgotten the name, and glances back worridly to Isobel.

"I was a Hufflepuff durin' m'time here at Hogwarts, yes." Isobel says with a little smile. "I admit, I know all but naught of wandlore. It must be quite interestin', though. Perhaps ya'd like ta teach me about it at some point." She chirps away, though her attention gets drawn to Gabrielle. "Ah, hello there, Miss. I'm Isobel Strudwick. We're havin' a bit of a study session here, if ya'd like ta join." She motions to her and Ophelia, as well as a few other students sitting around at various seats within the room with their heads in books and parchment.

Gabrielle with all the books in her arms, "Oh…uh…if that's ok?I don't want to intrude, "She'll actually be looking at Oph for this. She doesn't need the girl to get mad at her again."It's nice to meet you Miss Strudwick. I'm Gabrielle Evans,5th year." Gabby will wait to get the ok from Oph before approaching.

Ophelia just keeps waving Gabrielle over, "Did you miss the sign?" She asks amusedly, "Miss Strudwick," Another glance at Isobel, to check that she pronounced it properly, "she's offering advice on the OWLs. She'll be one of the examiners!" From the light in her eyes to the excitement in her voice, its clear Ophelia thinks of this as a real treat.

"Aye, of course. I suppose it's easy ta miss some o' the signs. I know I had quite a hard time rememberin' ta look at the Common room board back when I was goin' ta Hogwarts." Isobel says with a soft and kind smile. She gives Ophelia a little nod of encouragement to indicate that her name was said correctly. "I figure, it's a hard enough time as is tryin' ta study for the OWLs an' NEWTs, I might as well help. Goodness knows both students an' teachers have a hard enough time as is!"

Gabrielle will give Oph an 'of course I missed it' look. And then she'll glance at Miss Strudwick again, when it's mention /who/ she is, and there's a bit of a panicky, staring at your own executioner kinda look that crosses Gabby's face. "Oh!That's….great.Very nice of you….I'll just…set up… over there."And she'll randomly look to an empty seat.

"Oh, come and sit with us!" Ophelia insists, pushing out a chair next to her. "Miss Strudwick was just telling me about the classes to study for what we want to do. Miss Strudwick, do you know anything about the portrait painters? Gabby's an exceptional artist, I think she'd be just spectacular as a portrait painter."

Smiling and nodding, Isobel says, "Please, do feel free ta come an' join us. It doesnae do any harm ta." She chirps away. "An'…" She glances between Ophelia and Gabrielle. "Well, depends on the type o' art ya want ta talk about. For example, the more muggle style o' art an' paintin' doesn't do much, matched with magical artwork. In the magical world, o' course as you both'll know, people and animals can move around an' have personality an' can talk an' all. In muggle artwork, they cannae do a thing. They cannae talk, they cannae move. They jus'…stay there."

Gabrielle forces a smile and sit down next to Oph. In the stack of books are two obvious sketch books.One Oph wold recognize at Gabbys' and the a second one that she's not seen yet. The other books are all Charms and Herbology books. Gabby will nod, "I'd love to do moving portraits, but for now, I'm working on the basic talent." She'll look down at her pile of books and blush some. Gabby will frown a bit, And then look up to Miss Strudwick, "Although i wouldn't say that muggle just stays there. I think it takes more talent to capture a true moment like they do, to tell a story with just that, than a moving painting." She'll glance back down, slightly worried that she may have over stepped her bounds.

Ophelia glances at the stack, smiling when she sees the sketchbook. "You should see her work, its lovely." She offers, bypassing any arguments on muggle vs wizarding art. She reacehs for the other sketchbook to show the examiner, asking curiously as she does so, "Did you get another new sketchbook?"

"I could tell ya a bit about the magic, the charms an' such, behind magical paint, but I can also tell ya 'bout muggle artwork." Isobel says with a little nod. "Or, well, tell ya my memories o' what I've seen. I'm muggle born, grew up in a muggle village." She explains. "I'd love ta see some o' your artwork, if that's okay. An' if ya want any help with bein' pointed in the right direction o' people ta talk ta, just ask me an' I'll be more'n happy ta help!"

Gabrielle 's blush does not go away with the praise, and she'll nod, but then quickly, "NO!Not that one….That's not mine, "she'll give Oph an apologetic smile and grab the other book and slowly hand it to Strdwick. Inside are sketches of random people, pets and locations around the school and Hogsmeade's. Gabby has sketching at level 7, so the technical aspect is pretty brilliant, but in some, it's obvious there's something missing. Like a spark.She'll ask, "I have always been told it was a potion…like what is use don moving pictures…Is it a combination of that and Charms?"Gabby sounds a little worried, as that's /not/ what she's been planning on. She'll nod, a bit sadder, "Yes…please. I suppose I need to talk to someone…." As the older woman flips though the book, Gabby will lean over and whisper, "It's Chris's." She sounds a little worried as she says that.

"Oh! Sorry!" Ophelia pulls her hand back instantly, releasing the sketchbook with an apologetic wince. The smile from Gabrielle helps almost instantly, and she smiles back, blinking as the other girl explains. With a nod, she lets the subject go for now and turns to Miss Strudwick again. "I've always been curious as well, though my own artistic work is limited to wood at the moment."

"Ah, aye, potions." Isobel says as she flips through the pages. "Ya've got an amazing technical proficiency here, Miss." She says with a quick glance up at Gabrielle, though there seems to be emphasis on the word 'technical'. "Potions have ta deal with the paint tha' permits the livin' portraits an' such. But I believe it's charms that allow for impartin' the personality in the human subjects o' artwork."

Gabrielle nods, and sighs softly and a bit embarrassed.She knows the art is lacking. She'll glancing at the Charms books in her stack. "I guess it's good that Charms is at the top of my to-do list then."She'll put on a game face and reach for the book on top. Which happens to be a 3rd year Charms book.

Ophelia nudges Gabby, tilting her head toward Isobel while looking a the book. "You should talk about it, then. She knows almost everything, Gabby, she told me about how to work with a Bowtruckle and about the Herbology OWLs and she even knows a little about wands! Do you know much about charms" She turns to address the question to Isobel, "My friend Ajax is a whiz at them, but I find I have to study a bit more."

"Do nae be downtrodden though, young Miss." Isobel smiles widely. "Let me go 'bout askin' around. See if I cannae find an artist for ya ta talk ta. Maybe send your work ta. An' they can advise ya an' help ya. I'm not an artist m'self, but I can appreciate the desire ya have for it. I do know tha' with most anythin', it will take some time. Bu' that shouldnae be off puttin' for ya." She says in hopes of keeping the girl's spirit of the arts alive. She nods to Ophelia. "Aye. I do know charms. An' for all we know, I'll be the one testin' ya both in the subject come time for your tests." She says with a little playful wink.
Isobel has disconnected.

Gabrielle will give Oph strained smile, and then nod to Isobel, "I'd appreciate it very much. It's kinda hard to find books on it …even here."Gabby will then hide behind her 3rd year charms book in embarrassment.

Ophelia smiles, albeit nervously, "Oh? Well then I promise to work my very hardest!" And she will, too. Glanceing at Gabby, she offers a curious smile, but doesn't notice the year of the charms book. "I can get you a few, if you like. My parents have a small collection, people often think wandlore is all about charms so they get them as gifts."

"I do nae think I got your whole name though. Miss…Gabrielle…?" Isobel tilts her head. If she seems to worry about the year of book that Gabrielle is reading from, she doesn't show it. "I'm more'n happy ta give ya all the help ya need in the areas ya need, just keep that as a reminder." She says softly and kindly. "An' do nae worry at all. If I didnae want ya all ta pass your exams, I'd narry be here ta help ya with 'em. I want ya all ta pass."

Gabrielle says, "Evans, Mame."Gaby will say over her book, "Thank you. I'll try to remember to come to more of these study sessions." she'll look back down, and be gripping her book tighter than necessary."

Ophelia nods, "I'd like to learn more about the charms exam as well. But, um, would it be alright if I brought in a younger student next time? Or is this purely for fifth and seventh years?"

"Well, Gabrielle Evans, I'll check around ta see if I cannae find ya someone who's an artist ta talk ta in more detail." Isobel says in a thoughtful tone, her mind already working to think of someone. Her attention then turns to Ophelia. "O' course. Ask me as much as ya want or need 'bout charms. Both o' ya." She glances between the two girls. "An' we can practice 'em as well. Do nae be afraid ta get 'em wrong, either. Gettin' 'em wrong is all 'bout the learnin' process."

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