(1937-11-30) Happy Birthday Kaiden
Details for Happy Birthday Kaiden
Summary: Briar gives her boyfriend his birthday cake and present she made.
Date: November 30th, 1937
Location: Hufflepuff Common Room

After a day full of classes, Kaiden finally gets to return to the Common Room and revel in the fact that it's his birthday! Well, it's Ria's birthday, too…but she's far less important than him. The Hufflepunk steps out of the dorms after dropping his book haphazardly on the floor and pulling his robe off and makes his way over to the couch where he flops down, kicking his leg up over the back of it and smiling to himself as he looks at his shiny new class ring that Ria bought for him. It's got his name on it and everything!

When Kaiden plops down there's a very rude flatulent sound that comes from under the cushion. If it's investigated it's a whoopie cushion that reads, 'Whoopie! It's your Birthday!' As he's reading it, down from the girls dorm comes Briar with a cake for two held before her covered in sparkling yellow sparklers. She's singing the American Birthday song on her way down at the top of her lungs.

Kaiden pulls the whoopie cushion out from under himself and raises an eyebrow at it before, finally, the culprit arrives and he tosses the thing onto the table next to him. He raises his eyebrows at her before his whole face lights up with joy. CAKE! He sits up quickly on the couch and says, "Be still mine beating heart, for a siren doth approach."

"….toooo YOUUUUUUUUU!" Briar cuts herself of at the end with her free hand dramatically doing the conductor's end spinny hand thing. With a shit eating grin Briar then places the cake down on the table in front of Kaiden.

Kaiden beams brightly and claps, saying, "Oh, what presentation!" If she tried really hard, Briar could probably get the trademark in on singing happy birthday to people at restaurants or something. Nah, that'd never work. He looks at the cake and says, "Did you make this?"

Briar nods and grins and sets the cake down, it's of course done in his favorite color for icing with his favorite sort of cake and also of course his favorite fruit done into a sweet jam to go between the layers. "I did. I hope you like it." Sliding the cake closer to him she settles in right next to him and leans in to kiss him rather deeply. "Happy Birthday."

Kaiden happily accepts the cake AND the kiss! Who wouldn't? He wraps an arm around her and says, "Well, come now. It musn't sit there un-cut and one obviously wouldn't expect the birthday boy to cut his own cake." He smiles cheekily at her and waits.

Briar blinks, "Of course you're supposed to cut your own cake! You make a wish with the first slice." Duh. She nudges him and passes him the cake slicer that was on the platter.

Kaiden groans, "Ooookaaaay, if I have to." He picks up the slicer and hovers over the cake with it, his eyes turning to Briar as he thinks of a wish. A smile reaches his lips and he cuts out two slices of cake, picking one up to hand to her, because everybody knows that the best way to eat cake is with your hands.

Briar puts plates on their laps but she's all good with getting messy by eating it with her hands. But before she gets her hands too messy she reaches behind her to pull a present out from under her belt line. Again it's his favorite color wrapping paper and she sets it down on the table and then digs in.

Kaiden is having himself a high ol' time eating the cake that was prepared by his wonderful girlfriend…but a plot sneaks to his mind. He looks around to add to the sneakiness of it and takes a dollop of the icing on his finger before drawing a long line of it from her forehead to her chin, a shit-eating grin popping up on his face. Ooo, a present!

Briar stares at him as he smears icing down her face. "Keep it up if you don't want to see what 17 years and a day looks like mister." She playfully narrow her eyes at him, but there is a hint of 'don't you dare use my cake as ammo.' She cleans off her face and uses her foot to push the present even further away from him.

Kaiden beams at her and smooches her on the forehead, taking a little bit of the icing with him. He licks his lips and sets the mostly-eaten piece of cake on the plate, nudging his head in the direction of the present saying, "Sooooooooo…what's that?"

Briar hmms innocently like she has no idea what he's talking about. She wiped her face clean and then looks over to the present, "Oh that? It's a present for my boyfriend. He should be back any minute." She smirks and finishes the remaining nibble of her cake licking and sucking on her fingers to clean them off.

Kaiden sucks his fingers and grin at her, saying, "Oh, well I would hate to intrude, so I suppose I should just show myself out." He stands up and straightens out his vest, humming to himself.

Briar smiles and moves to drag the cake closer to herself. "More cake for me then." She winks up at him, "Have a good day."


Kaiden grumbles as his brilliant plan didn't work and says, "You're supposed to be like 'No, Kaiden, don't leave! I love you forever, here's your present!'." He smirks and sits back down on the couch, wrapping his arm around her shoulders.

Briar laughs, "Oh is that what I was supposed to do? I much prefer calling you on your bluff. It's much more fun." She tucks in against him and reaches to nab his present and finally offer it to him. Inside of the present is a jacket. What looks to be a handmade leather jacket with Native Beadwork down the sleeves and over the shoulder and down the chest, with a lot of fringe work. "I did the beadwork and pockets and fringe and attached them to a jacket I found."

Kaiden murrs happily as she tucks in against him and takes the present, unwrapping it slowly as he's working with just the one hand. He finally gets it open and pulls out the present, smiling warmly, "Oh, gosh, Briar, I love it!" He stands up and takes his sweater off over his head, sliding the jacket on and striking a pose, saying, "How do I look?"

Briar grins as she looks him over, "Savage." The word is said like the highest of compliments. "Never sexier." It's true she does look like she could just pounce him right this minute and ravish him without care for the rules. "My man." She says very proudly.

Kaiden runs his hand back through his long hair like any male model would and walks over to her to pull her up by her hands and smile at her, saying, "Screw Kaiden Sykes: Quidditch Captain. Kaiden Sykes: Briar's Man is the best title I'll ever have."

Briar is drawn up and happily slides herself inside of the jacket hands going around his ribs. "Damn right it is the best title you'll ever have." She smirks and then grins and then comes in for a kiss. "I love you."

Kaiden smiles and accepts the kiss, breaking it to say, "I love you too, my beautiful Briar." He squeezes her tightly and rests his chin atop her head, sighing in content and rubbing her back.

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