(1937-11-30) Happy Birthday, Ria
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Summary: Lucian throws Ria a private birthday party.
Date: November 30, 1937
Location: Club Room

Lucian leads Ria by the hand into the Club Room. It took some cajoling, convincing, and possibly threatening, but Lucian managed to get someone from Domestics Club to bake a small chocolate cake — just enough for two people. Whoever made the cake is long gone, but the chocolate-frosting slathered dessert awaits them on the long table the club uses for their culinary creations. "Happy Birthday, Ria." He draws his wand, aiming at the cake's seventeen candles. "Incendio," and the wicks light up, casting flickering illumination in the dim room.

As soon as classes ended, Ria ditched the school uniform for her favorite simple green dress and a nicer pair of shoes because dammit, it's her birthday and she will dress the way she desires! Taking the help and advice of Dorea Black, she was convinced to wear her hair down for the evening and so she follow Lucian down the hall to the club room. But her brows raise upon seeing the candles light up the poorly lit room. "Oh Luc…," she can't help but break into a rather bashful smile for its been a while since anyone other than her family has done anything special for her birthday. Eyeing the frosting with predatory eyes, her smile turns into a teasing smirk when she asks, "If you made this I'm not sure I can trust it…"

Lucian snickers, shaking his head, "I wouldn't dream of poisoning you with something I tried to make." He leads her to the table, taking out a chair for her. "You look beautiful tonight, Ria. I love your hair like that," he says, smiling bashfully. Once she is seated, he takes a chair beside her.

Ria snickers at his reply, swiping a bit of the frosting onto her thumb so that she can suck on the tip of it. "Hmmm…," she says thoughtfully and pops it out of her mouth to nod her head in approval, "Tastes alright so far. Hopefully its not one of those slow activating toxins." Her free hand goes up to her hair idly, almost as a shy reaction to his compliment and with another coy smile and says, "Thanks. It feels … weird." In all her years at Hogwarts, it's uncertain if anyone has seen Ria with her hair down. Not even when she sleeps, that's what all the Slytherin girls say. Pausing she looks at the flames of the candles for a moment before quietly asking Lucian, "What should I wish for?"

Lucian takes a deep breath, suddenly looking a bit anxious. "Anything you want," he says, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a folded piece of parchment. "That's what this is," he unfolds the paper hesitantly, suddenly quite visibly embarrassed. Upon the parchment is written the words: Redeem for one wish, for Ria Sykes, to be granted by Lucian Proudmore. Almost as soon as it's opened, he starts to fold it up and put it away, "I'm sorry, this was stupid." Thank goodness the Domestics Club had No-Drip Candles on hand, or with as long as this is taking, this would soon be a very waxy cake.

The warm smile spreads easily across Ria's face when she reads the parchment in the dim light and immediately she reaches out for it with her polished hands, only to have him retract it. "Hey, it's definitely not," she pouts slightly, plucking the paper back before saying, "That's some serious currency you're carrying. I get one wish for that. Anything I want." There's something slightly devious in the way she smirks and looks admiringly at the simple yet profound gesture. "If I need you to do something that faces almost certain death, this will be my ticket. Thus, it's very important," she pockets the parchment and looks warmly back to Lucian, running a hand over his cheek before planting a long affectionate peck on his cheek. And after some more thought, she leans forward and blows all seventeen candles out, leaving the room dim and slightly smokier.

Lucian's brow goes up in surprise when she indicates that she likes her cheaply wrought gift. But it brings a smile to his face, seeing how important it is to her. "I mean it. Anything you want. I'll make it happen." Somehow. With the candles out, he pulls over a pair of plates, forks, and a serving knife. "Do you want to cut, or shall I?"

Impishly, Ria twiddles her fingers together as she smirks at his promise to grant her wish. "Excellent, I'll have to think of something very good then," she nods and pat the pocket where the parchment was slipped into. After sliding into a chair that was pulled up for her, she sits back and relax, content to let Lucian serve her. "I want you do to it," she says crossing her legs and saying, "I haven't seen Kaiden all day, but I met up with him at midnight last night. I got him a quidditch ring since he got captain, and he loved it." There's a certain way her face lights up, as if she's truly happy to make her twin happy. "X picked me up a really neat hair pin he picked up on his travels I'm assuming, and Jo said my present is waiting for me at home. She's good at gift giving so I'm pretty damn excited."

Lucian takes up the knife to cut her piece, watching for her nod when it's big enough. "You know, I managed to have a conversation with Kaiden the other day. I mean a real conversation. He didn't even try to push me." He takes a small slice of cake for himself, as well. "He's a decent bloke when he's not looking for a fight." He gives her a wry, teasing smirk.
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It's quite a while before Ria gives the nod. In fact, her piece ends up being a full quarter of the cake, and she seems ever so nonchalant about how whopping the piece really is. "He has a heart of gold that he likes to think with rather than his brain sometimes." Despite the off-handed compliment, all would know that's a very deep and thoughtful sentiment coming from Ria. "What did you two talk about?" she asks curiously, adjusting the bracelet around her wrist and gently rolling her sleeves up to partake in cake.

Lucian mostly stifles his smirk at the enormous slice of cake. Not that he expected any different from the chocolate addict. "The tournament, mostly. And boxing. Briar was there, too. We made up…I think. I guess that helped him to be a little nicer. I just hope it lasts. I hate fighting with your brother. I know how much he means to you."

Ria scrunches her nose almost instantly at the mention of Briar and with a chin up slightly in defiance she replies icily, "Yes, well that makes sense then. It's not hard to control someone when you've got a hand straggling their you know…parts. But it's good to know she's at least using it for something good." Yet another off-handed compliment from Ria, though this one doesn't seem as nice. She does manage to smile warmly at Lucian though saying, "I'm glad, Luc. I know how you feel about blood ties. I don't expect you bend to my views about it, but you getting along with my family is important to me. The others, well…they'll come around. We just need to give it time." Before diving into her monstrous cake slice she pauses with fork in hand and asks, "Uhm, there wouldn't happen to be any milk would there?"

Lucian can't help the grin and quiet laugh at the jab at Briar. Mean or not, it was funny. He gets up to check the icebox for milk. "If it was only blood that made you care about Kaiden, it would be different." Eureka! He discovers a bottle of milk. It might even be from something resembling a cow. Fetching a pair of glasses, he returns to the table and pours. "But it's deeper than that with you two. There's real loyalty there. As for the others," he sighs worriedly as he sits beside her again, "What if they don't?"

"There is," Ria agrees with slightly sheepish grin and adds, "I can't explain it Luc. I just feel like a part of Kaiden sometimes. I get small senses of what he's feeling or thinking. When someone's been part of your life like that, it feels unnatural to shake them off." She shrugs but her face brightens instantly when he pulls out the cow and pours her some milk. "Oh, the best! You're simply the best!" she grins excitedly and now feels like she can dig in. Taking a chunk of the cake she dips it into the milk before sighing and groaning in sweet sweet relief. "Merlin, there's no way you made this," she grins and goes for another piece. Pausing however, she glances back over to Lucian and with a slight frown and says, "Luc … I can't guarantee who will like you and who won't and who won't even make an effort. But I can tell you that I'd never split with you because someone in my family doesn't approve. I love my family, but you're just as important to me too. I'll just have to find a way to deal with any negativity coming from that direction." Putting her fork down, she moves her chair over to place a hand on his knee and squeeze, "I love you. So please. No frowning tonight. It's my birthday."

The frown has vanished the moment she says the words "…I'll never split with you…", turning instead into a broad, adoring smile. "That's all I wanted to hear you say. It's…been a fear of mine. Sorry to get so serious on your birthday." He leans in to kiss her cheek (knowing better than to come between her mouth and her cake…that's just suicide). "So, what else do you want to do for your birthday? The night is yours."

Ria leans into the kiss with a cheeky smile, licking the chocolate off her lips. It's a smart move, separating her from chocolate is dangerous. "All is forgiven," she replies playfully, swinging her legs to and fro happily on the chair like a little girl enjoying her favorite cake on her birthday. With her fork in her mouth she thinks about his offer and takes a moment to ponder what she really wants. When she comes up with something, she washes the cake down with some milk and extends a her arm forward waiting expectantly for Lucian to take her hand in true ice princess fashion. "I want to dance," she says simply, corner of her mouth wrinkling into a smile, "Come now and show me what Medusa Malfoy taught you."

Lucian grins his approval. Now that's a wish he'll grant for free. He rises, taking her hand and bowing over it, placing the softest of kisses on her knuckle. He rises only as she does, and guides her out to a clear spot of the room. "We'll have to imagine the music." He clasps one hand in hers, placing her other on his shoulder, and his just above her hip. "Ready? One-two-three, one-two-three, One-two-three…" He starts the steps, taking the lead in a relatively simple waltz.

Okay. So. Ria is definitely not at good at this as Lucian is and while she can follow along, not having music certainly throws her off. And even with his wonderful leading she manages to get her legs to twist around in awkward ways that make her step on his feet and then fall forward against him with an 'oof!' A rough face plant. Right in Luc's chest. 10 points. Definitely the snakey girl's shining moment.

Lucian chuckles softly, kissing the top of her head, "At least you didn't drop me on the floor this time." He takes the opportunity of having her so close to curl his arm around her back, keeping her pressed against him. "You've got to stop trying to lead. Just…trust me."

"I can't help it. I always lead everything," Ria winces and rubs her nose as she regains her footing. The arm around her back helps her with that task, though it does put a rosy hue on her cheeks how close she is against him. Or maybe it's because she's embarrassed that she feel. Or perhaps she's red from the impact herself. "There has to be a record player around here somewhere," she turns around briefly to search the room for one. And spotting the bell of a rather large phonograph in the room, she pulls out her wand to let a record fall into place and the sweet sound of a slow Audrey Taylor song comes into play. Not exactly a waltz, but certainly better than silence. "There we go," she puts away the wand and smiles triumphantly at Lucian. Replacing her hand back in his she offers, "Shall we try it again?"

The dance turns a little less formal, which helps to avoid those issues of who is leading whom. Lucian places both of Ria's hands on his shoulders now, curling his to link behind her back. Slowly, they sway together, letting the sultry tempo of Audrey Taylor wash over them. It's that prom date moment when the entire prom vanishes…only they really are alone in this instance. "You are the most beautiful creature in the world. I am madly in love with you, Ria."

Ria lets her arms be placed on his shoulders, slowly swaying along with the steady beat and velvety voice of the singer. And she too feels the stillness of the moment and wishes things could stay frozen in time. Silently, she runs her eyes over the features of Lucian's face, trying very much to ingrain the image before her into the depths of her memory. But Ria's concentration breaks only at his voice and she blinks once to take in the weight of those words. Her mouth opens briefly to say something back but she stops, feeling that anything she could say wouldn't be enough. So instead, she wraps her arms around his neck to pull him down a bit, while she rises to give him a slow and deep kiss inspired by how overwhelmingly in love she was feeling in this still moment.

Lucian's tightens his arms about her, until the dance is little more than a lightly swaying embrace. He kisses her back, lost completely in the touch of her lips. Time slips away, and only when the song's final notes play out does the moment of silence let reality drift back in. "Wow," he actually blushes! "Could you be any more incredible?"

Ria sighs into the kiss after being squeezed just a bit tighter and when he kisses her back she feels like she's being carried far far away from there current time and place. That is until the end of the music brings her feel back down to the ground, and Lucian's word's make her flush an equally bright red hue. "W-what did I do?" her widen nervously as she covers her mouth with her hand. Is that good thing? A bad thing? She doesn't know!

Lucian laughs, eyes dancing merrily. "You fell in love with me, and made me the luckiest bastard in the world." He smirks at his little double entendre. "Hey, don't worry. You're amazing. You are…perfect." His hand goes to its favourite spot at her cheek, fingertips tracing lines through her hair.

Ria snickers softly when she catches the pun, still somewhat red from her head being in a haze. Closing her eyes lazily, she leans her head into his touch in the kitten like manner she always falls into when he's being affectionate to her. "Mmm. No, you are," she whispers quietly and smiles, "There's nothing else that could have winded down my birthday any better than being with you." She snakes her arms around his waist to simply pull him close while she rests her cheek on his collar bone, "I really wish there was no dreaded curfew or that I had patrol or something. It's going to be terrible saying good night to you later."

Lucian grins with a bit of mischief in his eyes. "So…sneak out with me. I'll trade patrols with someone. I know a few good spots to hide out." He usually takes his Prefect duties much more seriously. It seems that only when it comes to Ria does he start abusing his power. What an awful influence she is.

Ria covers her mouth again in slight surprise, and her eyes scan over to the door worried that perhaps someone was eavesdropping and heard his plot. "Are you…are you sure?" she whispers and bites her lip, "I mean we could get into serious trouble for that and I wouldn't want you to lose your badge too. Not on behalf of my birthday…" And even with all this uncertainty, there's a slight glint on her eye that seems to say 'yes, I very much want to do this.'

Lucian shrugs, then nods. "You know why I wear this badge? Because Slughorn gave it to me. I never asked to be a Prefect. I think he figured it would be good for me, or for you. I mean, it's fine. I'll do my duty to the house. But you're more important to me…and I don't want to say good night, either."

Ria presses her lips together, nervously at first but then it twists into a sheepish yet sly smile. She sighs and nods, "Okay, fine. Merlin, this is so risky…" But she does giggle though and run a hand through the subtle waves in her mostly straight hair. She eyes the chocolate goodness still on the table. "Leave the cake and milk here. I want to be able to come back to it later."

Lucian chuckles, pressing his forehead to hers. "Alright. We can bring it with us tonight. If we get caught, I'll just tell them you were trying to stop me from raiding the kitchen or something. As long as we don't run afoul of Peeves, I think we'll be alright. I'll always be alright if I'm with you." He goes in for another kiss, feeling quite amorous at the moment.

"Very impressive plan," Ria raises her brows, pretending to be impressed with his alibi, "I think my terrible terrible influence is finally catch on to you. This is excellent." She reaches up to pinch his cheek proudly, but she's easily scooped up into the kiss taking a minute to savor it before pulling her head back with a sigh. Eyes not leaving his, she smirks keeping her forehead against his and whispers, "See you later tonight then, Mr. Proudmore." And with that she slips away from his grasp to cutely strut her way over to the door. Pausing only to wink over her shoulder at him, she eventually skitters back off to the common room.

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