(1937-12-01) Gentleman's Agreement
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Summary: Keenan shares his suspicions with Gideon, and the two of them discuss plans for Niamh's safety and the 'no pry' rule.
Date: 1937-12-01
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Watching his sister go from the corner of his eye, Keenan takes a long sip from his whiskey. He notes her leaving the door open with a slight grimace. Getting up, he heads over to the kitchen for the bottle, so that he can keep the men's glasses filled. With his sister gone, his expression becomes a little more sober. "I didnae clean up that partial footprint from tha floor. I don' know if it'll help ye so I left it… but I found something odd," he says quietly as he leans forward to top off Gideon's glass. Settling himself on the couch, he finds a place somewhat closer to the Hit Wizard, so that he doesn't have to speak too loud.

Gideon gives the glass a slight lift of toast in thanks for the top-off. "It's good you left it. If we get a suspect, we can try to match his shoe to the print. We also need to shut off the Floo, and set up Anti-Apparition Jinxes. We dinnae want anyone coming in to try to cover anythin' up. I'll head back and do that tonight." He takes a sip of the whiskey before inquiring, "What did you find?"

Keenan takes another mouthful, swishes it, then washes it down. "Tha page that Niamh doesnae wanna look at. It has notations for an order of polyjuice. The name of the customer has been splattered, an' how many doses ordered. But there is a notation about leftover blonde hairs, an' tha customer changed their mind about a potion made with brunette hair." He pauses, swirling the liquid in his glass. "I looked all over tha shop, but I couldnae find tha leftover blonde hairs, or tha brunette ones. Niamh would nae be careless like that. She'd make sure they were carefully labeled and put away tae make sure they were nae accidentally used in something else."

Gideon frowns, nodding in concern over Keenan's discovery. "That does seem unlike her. That's too many coincidences." He sits forward, setting down the glass and stroking his scruffy chin. "Polyjuice…and missing extra ingredients for it. If someone wanted the potion for somethin' illicit, seems clear enough that they'd be tryin' to cover their tracks. Hence muckin' with Niamh's memory."

Keenan nods. "Niamh doesnae often make polyjuice, just for that reason. She doesnae care if somethin' is legal or not, if she thinks someone might use it fer tha wrong reasons, she simply says nae." He takes a sip. "Course, there's no polyjuice potion in tha shop either, so, maybe the person took tha extra hairs along with the potion… but why was it open tae that page unless tha person changed their mind about tha brunette hairs right then? She wouldnae needed tae check back on her ledgers if it was all done when tha person came tae pick it up. She'd just hand it over."

Gideon nods, brow tightly furrowed in through. "The name was blotted out. That alone could be the reason; to erase the record of him. This man could have threatened her to force her to do it. Or worse. A man willing to Obliviate an innocent woman is more likely to engage in even darker sorcery. But why the change in the order? Something changed his own circumstances."

Keenan shakes his head. "Name was blotted when Niamh threw tha ink pot at him. I'm thinkin' that maybe he didnae actually change his mind about the brunette ones, or maybe he wanted more blonde ones… I'm nae sure, but like I said, I think that book was opened tae make those notations." He pauses for a long moment, and then takes a good long swig. "Niamh mentioned a customer who ordered some polyjuice potions awhile back. Paid galleons up front fer them." He stares straight ahead.

Gideon nods, eyes flitting back and forth as he searching his own memory. "Aye, she said as much to me once. It was just a passing mention, though. Did she give you a name?"

Keenan nods. "Seemed fishy tae me at the time. She was at pains tae reassure me that it was all on tha up an' up, but that tha' Ambassador wanted it kept secret, so I wasnae tae mention it tae anyone. Not even ye." His brows are drawn flat across his forehead. "She was always so eager tae share everything else with ye, I thought it was odd that… if it was really that clean an' such, why wouldnae she tell ye? Shoulda listened tae my instincts."

Gideon sighs, his eyes flicking toward the bedroom door. That will be a conversation for later. "Aye. So an Ambassador wanted Polyjuice Potion? Wait…an Ambassador from the I.M.C.? Or from another country?"

"Magnus. Troy." Keenan says the two words quietly, still staring straight ahead.

Gideon shifts his gaze over to Keenan. "I dinnae ken this man. He's British, then? What do you know of him?" At this point, Gideon rises and goes to his hanging longcoat, from which he produces a small ledger and self-inking quill. Time to take some notes.

Keenan shrugs. "He's an ambassador. He was at the MacCurry Mansion warming, which probably means he's pure blood. He's Miss Max's cousin, in fact, so that ups tha likelihood. Yers truly happens tae have a long acquaintance with tha new Mrs. Macnair, so I was one o' tha few, of tha only, less than pure blood in tha lot." He takes a drink. "Other than that, I know little o'him."

Gideon smirks a little at the notion of the Irish half-blood rubbing elbows with rich pure-bloods. "I'll have to ask you about that party over another drink sometime. But, did you meet the man? What can you tell me about him?" He flops back down on the couch, book open and already jotting down notes.

Keenan smirks. "I found tha tour o'tha house much more interestin'," he informs Gideon. "He was seated near us at dinner. Everything ye'd expect from an Ambassador. Conversational, smooth, interested in everyone around him. Wheels turnin' in his head when he heard ma Irish name." Another sip and a shrug. "In short, nothin' tae make him stand out from any other pure blood o'high rank."

Gideon nods, writing as Keenan speaks. "I'll see what I can find in his record. But he's an Ambassador, which means a lot of bureaucracy getting access to that. I may need to-…" he cuts himself off, glancing sidelong at Keenan. "Just dinnae mention to anyone I'm lookin' into it. Least of all Miss Max."

Keenan shakes his head. "Nae. I wouldnae. It would be cruel tae her tae mention I suspect him of anything… apparently he's one o'tha few in her family that she actually talks tae. If it turns out tae be nothin', I wouldae given her cause tae doubt her cousin fer nothin'." He leans forward, resting his elbows on his knees, with both hands cradling the glass between them. "For her sake, I hope I'm just jumpin' tae conclusions. An' we don' want tae say anythin' tae Sloan. He's always had a soft spot for Niamh… I don' wanttae think what he'd do tae try an' find out fer sure."

Gideon arches an eyebrow at the mention of Sloan's soft spot. "What about Eddie? Will you tell her? Her family's got better connections to that world. She could be an asset in learning more about this Troy." He leans back on the couch, the wheels in his head turning.

Keenan shakes his head. "Nae. I have a feelin' that Lindy'd be tippin' tha family off. I don't think she'd believe such a man could be involved in anythin'. Unless ye come up with somethin' more'n'ma hunch. I'm still lookin' tae see if I can find another polyjuice entry that's labeled with his name, as it wouldnae do tae be accusin' a Ministry Official without proof, but so far, I've found nothin' tae prove tha idea wrong." He sighs. "O'course, when she gets her memory back, she'll tell us fer sure."

Gideon nods curtley. "Meanwhile, I'll get those records, one way or another. If we can find the potions themselves, or these missing hairs, we'll have a stronger case. But you're dead right. Accusing any Ministry official is serious. Accusing an Ambassador could have serious consequences if we cannae prove it."

Keenan nods. "Dinnae forget tha footprint. I don' know if Lovegood noticed tha footprint, but he was sniffin' around like some sorta… hound. Said somethin' seemed off before he asked about Niamh, an' ye." He sighs. "May have one problem, though. I did tell Miss Max that I was pretty confident I'd be able ta cure Niamh an' she'd be able ta tell us who did this tae her. If it happens tae come up in conversation with her cousin, an' he is guilty… he may make a move tae cover his tracks before she can remember."

"If Lovegood was there, he saw the footprint. Trust me." Gideon frowns a bit at the news about what Keenan shared with Veruca. "Best you dinnae mention anythin' else about the case to her, or anyone. But if she does say somethin' to him, he'll have to act. It might just scare him into the open. But it's a gambit."

Keenan nods, lifting the glass with one hand to take a sip, the other hand hanging lazily from his knee. "I was… wantin' someone tae talk to. I only told her that someone had tried tae use a memory charm on Niamh, an' that she seemed to have disrupted him, so it gives me more hope that I can get her memory back easier. I dinnae if she'll even bring it up at all… she's a very private person, Miss Max. Even with her family, I imagine. But it's possible… if it does drive him tae act… what exactly will that charm do that ye're wantin' tae put on Niamh?"

At Keenan's question, he produces a top-like object from his pocket. "It's already on her. This here is the Tracker. It's a bit like a Sneak-O-Scope, but attuned to her. If she's in danger, this will glow and vibrate. Also, whether she's in danger or not, we can use it to get an idea of her location." He rises, beckoning Keening to follow him to the kitchen counter, where he has a map of London (including the wizarding parts) laid out. "Spin it on a map, and it'll focus in on where she is, and follow her if she moves. It won't work while she's here, because of the Fidelius Charm. But you'll know it didn't work because the top will eventually fall. So, whoever is staying with her here should hold onto the Tracker."

Keenan nods. "So, it will nae be able to identify tha danger, just that she is in danger?" he asks, following Gideon over. "Too bad it doesn't just automatically body bind anyone who tries tae lay a finger on her." The protective big brother comes out as he drains the last of his glass and sets it down on the counter. His palms brace on the surface, but the fingers curl under in fists. "So, we take shifts stayin' here, aye?"

"Aye, that's the plan." Gideon nods, giving the top a spin. Indeed, while it makes a few wide circles around the map, it eventually gives up and topples over. "As much as I want to be here with her at all times, I have to be out there trying to sort this thing out. Besides, if Lovegood really is lookin' for me, I'd better see what it's about he does somethin' stupid. I dinnae want him on this, Keen. I cannae trust him any more. Nae that I think he'd do anythin' to put Niamh at risk. But we need people we know are goin' to be at our backs, nae vanishin' when we turn around."

Keenan nods. "As I said, I'd dinnae answer anythin'. An' if ye're not wantin' him tae know, that's good enough reason fer me. Just treated him like any other nosey parker. Just tha basics an' buzz off, lad." He gives a nod to Gideon with one of his amused winks. "Never did like tha' pryin' kind. Maybe it's tha Irish in me, tha's suspicious of anyone's not Irish. Ye say's little as possible an' give 'em tha brush."

Gideon snorts, smirking at the man. "Aye, I've noticed that about you, me bein' the pryin' kind and all." He sighs, leaning on the countertop. "We cannae help it, you know. Men like Lovegood and I. For different reasons, I think. He's got this need to understand everything in the bloody universe. Me…it's learned. Like you, I'm suspicious, so I have to know the truth to see if my suspicion's warranted."

Keenan nods. "Niamh ever tell ye about our da?" he asks lightly, his eyes still on the fallen top. "We learned then that ye could be mindin' yer own business, an' ye'd nae be safe from bein' accused. So ya keep yer head down, an' tha least said about yer business, tha best." His arms flex him closer to the map, then they straighten. "Think in tha beginnin' I wanted tae become a healer because I wanted tae find a way tae succeed fer ma father where muggle medicine failed. Except, he IS a muggle. There're just some things ye can't do with magic for a muggle. But in time, I realized it's what I am. A Healer, whenever, wherever, however, I just do it." He pushes away from the kitchen. "Speakin' o'which. It's about time I started doin' some Healin' on ma little sister."

"Aye, she's told me a bit." Gideon nods, listening curiously. "I take your point about keepin' your head down. Still, as you say, a man can stand accused even when he's broken no law…or when he's done right in spite of the law. It's good to have allies he can trust to stand by him in those times." He pockets the Tracker again, returning to the couch to nurse his drink further. "If it's all the same, I'll catch a few winks while you're here." He does look positively haggard. Sleep has not come easily since this business began.

At some point the boys had moved from the couch to the kitchen in their softly spoken discussion that hardly carried to Niamh's door at all. It was their intent that NIamh didn't hear their discussion so as not to worry her further. After it seems that they've talked themselves out, Keenan gives a nod to Gideon, and then heads towards Niamh's door. "Rest yerself. Ye're goin'tae need it tae keep up with ma sister." He gives the man another grin, then knocks on the woman's partially open door. "All right, Niamh-lass, time tae face tha music," he teases good naturedly just before pushing his way into the room.

Niamh's wrapped around a pillow, her eyes closed, but from the tenseness in her back, she's not sleeping, though she wishes that it was the case. She hadn't heard a good portion of the conversation, though the give and take of the voices were caught. Irish lilt and Scottish brogue. As the door creaks open, she lies stock still, her breath catching in her throat. She knows the footfall, and the words really don't surprise her.. at the least. It's the briefest of nods against the pillow that acknowledges the words, her own tones low, "I know.."

Keenan pushes the door open a little more, then closes it softly behind him when he's inside the room. "Gideon's sleepin' on tha couch, since I'm here tae be with ye. He needs some sleep. An' ye…" he gently tugs the pillow from his sister and pulls upright into his arms. He holds her comfortingly against him. "Ye need tae not worry tae much, Niamh-lass. We're gointae take care o'ye, an'ye'll figure it out in time." He smoothes her hair with one hand as he speaks.

Niamh rises pliantly and wraps her arms around her brother, her manner and mien.. all dreading what she, well.. doesn't know what will come of it. "I feel like I should just put on a shawl an' retire t'Cornwall.. rockin' in a chair, lookin' out on the water," she teases. Isn't that what is done for the insane? Put them somewhere quiet where they won't hurt anyone! She nods soon after, forcing a smile for that courage she knows she's got to pull from somewhere. No.. from Keen. Her brother's here.. just like he always was, and will be! Nodding again, she takes a deep breath and looks up at him, her smile strengthening. "I know ye will, Keen. Always have. Ye an' me against all comers."

"Och, lass, it's not that bad," Keenan protests when Niamh talks of retiring. "It's nae like ye don't know how tae make potions anymore, or 've forgotten what day it is. Ye just have a little bit missin' that we're goin'tae find fer ye. Now, I don't want ye tae worry tae much tonight. I don' want ye tae even try tae remember anything. All I'm goin'tae do is calm yer mind, try an' stop things from tumbin' around in there, so that they can lay themselves all straight where they should be, whether ye can see them or not. Then we'll start tryin' tae look at them, all right?" He looks down to see if she understands and is ready to give it a try. "It should help calm yer nerves."

A quiet chuckle sounds and bright eyes look into her brother's blues. "Ye sound like me. S'what I did for Elijah.. an' once for my fair gaoler out there." The potions mistress. Niamh does nod, trying to relax; though the stress, and strain is still settled around her shoulders. "I wan' t'remember, so I can go back to work, Keen. I've got things t'do, an' I can't do them here."

Keenan nods. "Ye don't have tae remember tae get back tae work. Ye just have tae settle yerself back intae order." He pulls his wand from his sleeve. "Now, close yer eyes, an' just try tae no think for a bit." His long fingers cradle the sides of Niamh's head, setting it nice and straight on her shoulders. Then he circles his wand around her head and touches it to her forehead between her eyebrows, and on the back of her head just below the occipital bump. "Cranius ordinem" he commands gently with the last touch, and then slides his wand away. His hands return to her head, and softly massage from underneath her hairline and back around to her temples. "That should help ye," he says quietly and kisses her forehead. "Now sleep, Niamh-lass. I'll he here tae watch over ye."c

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