(1937-12-01) Late Night Lawmen
Details for Late Night Lawmen
Summary: Elijah questions Gideon about Niamh.
Date: December 1, 1937
Location: Law Enforcement, MoM

Gideon hasn't been seen in the office much for quite a while. He's checked in every few days, sometimes by owl, but otherwise, his desk has remained empty. Tonight is different, though. It's late, meaning few personnel present, and this marks the second hour of his visit to the records room, poring over old files.

Elijah has also been spending a great deal of time less at the office. He's taken a few personal days to help Miranda get moved into her shop and is completely out of the loop on anything that's gone down over the past two weeks. It pays to save up vacation days, apparently. He walks into the office, a cup of coffee in his hand and moves to his desk where he sets it down and slides his jacket off, taking a look around. He glances to Gideon's desk and 'hrmm's curiously, his eyes darting around before finally resting on the door to the records room.

Gideon has his wand between his teeth, the end lit up with a Wand-Lighting Charm to better see in the darkened room. His fingers flip rapidly through a file drawer, finally snatching up the one he wants, flipping it open. His eyes furrow tightly as he reads, obvious agitation growing.

Elijah appears at the door behind him, leaning against the frame with his arms folded, "Out late, Inspector Gideon." He looks around the room and says, "Something's not adding up for me, Adamantus. It's left me quite intrigued."

Gideon glances over at the door, his wand suddenly in his hand, but merely angling the light, not pointing threateningly. "Lovegood," he growls. "I don't have time for your puzzles." He goes back to the file, eyes scanning the information within.

Elijah produces an apple from his pocket and says, "It's not a puzzle, Inspector Gideon. I've left those behind. I just have a question for you." He takes a bite from the apple. Munch munch munch. "Where is Niamh? Keenan's story didn't add up."

Gideon shakes his head. "Dinnae ask, and dinnae bother lookin'. You will nae find her." He sets the file down on top of the cabinet, then produces his casebook and quill to copy a few notes from it. "I realize she's your friend, and that's fine. Just trust that she's safe."

Elijah takes another bite of the apple and says, "I want to help, Gideon. Something bad has happened. People like Niamh don't just get sick. Her brother works at St. Mungo's and she can make her own potions. Plus, she's as stubborn as you are and wouldn't stay home if she was." He steps forward and says, "Then there's the ink stain on the floor of her shop…"

Gideon chortles derisively. "Oh, aye. 'Help.' You're a fine helper. Always there to lend a hand…except when your partner actually needs you. I think I'll stick to the help I can rely on, ta." He snaps the folder shut, and offers it toward him. "You want to look it over now? Or after you've memorized it's position in the drawer and I leave?"

Elijah rolls his eyes at Gideon and says, "Look, I know I've messed up, Adamantus. You don't have to keep throwing it in my face. Though, I'm not going to apologize for it, because apologies don't get things done. I'm just putting it out there that I would like to help you out by tracking down whoever hurt her, because I know she means a lot to you." He looks to the folder and says, "I could care less what's in it unless you want my help."

Gideon shrugs and slides the file back into its place. "Easy enough, then. I dinnae want your help. Nox," and the light from his wand goes out, leaving him in darkness. "You're a good Hit Wizard, Lovegood. But you're a crap partner, and I cannae put Niamh's safety on the line knowin' you might not be there when we need you. Better that you stay out of it."

Elijah shrugs at him and says, "Fair enough." With that, he turns and walks back to light his lamp and sit down at his desk, where he pulls a file out of a tray to begin pouring over.

Gideon emerges from the record room, shutting the door behind him. Without another word, he strides right past Elijah's desk, and out the door.

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